Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello Goodbye Good morning, Good night (writter @ work)


"Step this way. Mind the curb. Now if you'll just wait here..."

St Peter to the new guys in Heaven's waiting area

It's realitive. That Jung thing. No it's not all about sex. Sometimes it's about pi.

We seem to belong to a world in which there's more we have alike than different.

So what seems eirely similar is just random but related by who we are as people.

In other words? It's random and things that look related probably aren't really.

Now if that makes sense, I'll just be going...Time to go ... Got to get some sleep..

It's coincidence.

Breathe easy.

Live your life.

Happy day.


Here's some music



Writing in the dark... (cont)


"She may get weary..."

I know that it sounds odd but I kind of like the idea of writing here in the dark. Quiet. No one reading what I have to say. It's an odd relief from the responsibility of being responsible. No worry about having something important to say, I can just say stuff. Write in private here in the middle of the Internet highway.

Lovely and oddly satisfying.

Okay of the versions I've heard, from Randy Newman, the Animals, 3 Dog Night, and Tom Jones?

I like this one the best...

LOL I know that no one reads this but just incase?

Hope you have a wonderful day.



Monday, August 9, 2010

I think tonight's Late Late Show was taped alot earlier.


and ...

I'm thinking these guys are constipated.

Only one of the above statements have anything to do with the video.

It's not the one about the LLS being recorded earlier...

Heat wave "to do" list...

It's really hot now.

The idea of doing anything other than taking a cool shower and a nap under the fan is just a bad one.

I think this must be what having hot flashes and menopause is like.

I've gotta go pee.

So I've gone to buy a hammock...

Happy reading.



I was asking this lady in the parking lot...


"What would you think if your significant other gave you a treadmill for your anniversary?"

Her reaction was exactly like mine.

"They think you're fat."

Not the kind of romantic anniversary type reaction a person might be hoping for.



Alittle help. I used to get hired as Cupid. It's been a while, but maybe this will help.

Step one.

Sit next to them on the couch.

Step two.

Hold their hand.

Step three.

Look at them and tell them that you think they are the most beautiful person you've ever seen.

Step four

They may think you've lost it. Tell them that it does feel abit weird but that you didn't want them to go another minute without knowing how much you love them. You may be clueless about some things but not about this.

Step five

Kiss them on the cheek. Anywhere else and they'll think you're horney and just making a pass. You might be but reign it in. This is about emotional stuff not hormones. At least not about your hormones.

Step six

Offer to rub their feet or take them out with their friends. This last bit is good. Be the designated guy and take their friends out on the town. Dance with them all fast but save the slow dancing for the person you love.

Step seven.

Almost at the end.

The next morning? Have flowers delivered and let them sleep in.

That's it for now.

Unless they asks you to, do not get them a treadmill.

If you want to show them you care about their health? Take them for a walk on the beach or send them to a spa.

Even the most independent person, appreciates a little tenderness.