Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Gentle Readers,

I have to go for abit. No - nothings wrong. I'm fine. So's my family. I've just got a lot that I need to do this week and if I get on the computer, I'll spend my time writing and looking instead of getting my work done. That's the sum of it.

Anyway, while I'm gone, I thought that you might like to read a book that I just finished. The book, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, was written by Fannie Flag in the late 1980's and is about an area that I know well.  Ms. Flagg is from the south just like I am and she's captured the "music" of the language and the environment of the old south in a truthful but not hurtful way. The story is about two different times in Birmingham, Alabama and about the town folks of Whistle Stop.  It's a good story and at the end there are recipes for fried chicken and biscuits and beans and well not only will you hear the words, you can try the food too. Since there are folks reading my blog from different  parts of the world, I thought that you might like get a taste of where I'm from. Next to the book, The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kid , there's not a more gentle book about hard times.

Yes, I know,  there's a movie adaptation of both, but read the books. Okay?

I kind of wish that I was able to swap the stories of where we each are from. Thing is I've just about given up finding out who reads what I write. But- I haven't given up on writing the words that you'll read. It's just that I'll be gone for the next week.  So get hold of the book (or books) and give it (or them) a read while I'm gone.. I imagine that you might find it online or in your local library. When I get back I'll tell you about what I've been up to.

Enjoy the puzzles,



Note. It's been raining and Fried Green Tomatoes... is the book I've been reading in the rain. We're in the hot season of the year. The sky gets so hot in the afternoon "she" can't stand it so she cries in her sorrow and we get rain. Can't do much outside.  I crawled into bed and read and read. I love reading while it's raining. The air gets still and then cool. A breeze comes up. The sound of single rain drops turn into a kind of white noise. If I could, I'd read all afternoon in the rain on a porch like the one my PawPaw built for my MawMaw. There I'd sit out on the glider where you could smell the Russian Olives and ozone. After a while, the sound of the rain seems to disappear into a kind of white noise and there's just the story and my imagination. This afternoon was a treat. I wish that you could have been there. :)
This last part's for Newt if she ever reads this.

And for something I'm told is old school southern -

Fa so la singing from north Alabama.  My dad tells the story of being a kid, years and years and years ago,  standing in the town square and hearing folks Fa So La singing. Also known as "shape note" singing, the notes are in geometric shapes rather than the quarter, half, and whole note notation that we use today. Each note in the Fa So La scale is given a name from the generic scale of  "do", "rae", "me", "fa", "so", "la",  "te", and "do" that are sung instead of words. (Although I noticed that in this song there was first the Fa So La singing and then the melody with lyrics. Go figure. )

I'm told it's of this place where I live.

Gotta go. Hugs 2u, Ann,



Keep calm


Carry on.


Please note.

I'm not really an RSA fanatic.  I like the LLS and some of the Youtube clips suit what I'm writing about. I watch and I'm entertained and I can riff on what I see but the world is big.

CF is NOT the center of my universe.

.That honor goes to my son.

.Carry on.







and that is what I really like about the LLS.

It's not what they have.

It's what they do - or rather have done - with what they have.

There comes a time in life when you realize that not everything you face is in your control.


How you deal with it is.

I'm not overly fond of the sexual inuendos or the vaudvillian "Wink, wink, nod, nod."  but I am always delighted with the cerebral nature of the show.  It's the times, when the thrust and the parry are blunted with humanity, that I smile and laugh out loud.

Any lout can return an uncomfortabble situation with  mindless anger but only a quick mind can return it with sharp humor.

That's worth a begrudging admiration.

Do'tcha think?


Just sayin'.

The next cryptoquote goes with the twitter that got you here.



Dogs are a barkin'. Got to go see who's here.





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Honey, you gotta' love a man who can dance...

LOL. It wasn't until I saw this video that I actually believed that Mr. Ferguson has had some kind of dance training.


It was the first time that I wondered who this guy is in real life.

And well the thought did occur - I mean you'd have to be stone cold frigid not to wonder - because I've seen guys dance that don't have - well- something - who couldn't get up on the horse much less ride.... I did wonder.


. Hi ya. If you read 12dots you know ...
contains the Zen moment but honest it would be tough to find another more illuminating moment.






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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Forgot how much I really liked this song.

Hmm Howdy. Hope things are good with you Gentle Reader. It's still hot. It's still trying to rain every evening (not complaining as we really do need the rain and afternoon or evening rain works except for the problems with not burning off so maybe an early morning rain might work -- LOL I love a good run on sentence. Anyway.
Things are good.

Pup got to go see the space shuttle launch. Had a great time and saw a bit of history. He's happy.

I'm reading a new book that I got from the Dollar General. If you don't know what a Dollar General is, it's like the old 5 and dime stores only now everything costs a dollar or more. It's got 365 things, that if you do them, should make you happy. #3 says that aromatherapy is our friend. I agree. I honestly think that's why God created The Bath and Body Works. To lift our spirits with lovely sent. In case you are wondering, I smell like a conbination of White Citris (lotion) and Japanese Cherry Blossom. In other words, I smell lovely and spirit is suitably lifted.

It's on sale (75% off), sold online, and I love a present.

Just saying,

Hugs and smooches,


PS Why yes I am writing. Gone low tech with paper and pencil. I miss the speed of recording, the spell check, and the ability to cut and paste but some how I'm surviving. It's just easier. I do check in on the Twitter. Follow me there and I can DM.

. Hi ya. If you read 12dots you know ... to click  for Zen moment.