Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You know if NewtnLexi were here I'd be getting encouraging words about my tai chi and Zen experiment. Definately wouldn't be getting all this static.

I'm back out the door for a bit. Plenty to read.

There's tai chi and pups to feed.



It's raining.

It would be nice if it were raining men.

I'd even take cats and dogs.

But nope.

Just rain.


Dear God, I know that you're busy. What with famine, flood, wars, and other natural and unnatural disasters, you've probably got your handsful. But I was wondering, since you are the God to brought us the Duck Billed Platypus, Dick Chaney, AND Larry King? Could you please help me find other writers and videographers to write this with. I would just be tickled pink to help craft the humor that could result from this epic battle between good and not so good. Come on God, surely the higher up who developed Robot Chicken and Homer Simpson would like to see what can be done with this. I know I would. Hugs, AuthorAnn .

12dots' disclaimer

This is 12 dots and a blot, a writer's journal.

A fiction writer's journal. (And poet)

Like it's predecessor, fact and fiction co exist here.

If you do not know which is the fact and which is the fiction?

Do not ASSume.


New part:
I know that this isn't easy to understand but this blog while it contains fiction isn't designed to deceive you or anyone.  I do however write fiction in this blog and I don't want it to cause ANY misunderstanding.

I really and truly do not.

Happy reading.



I hear that all journeys begin in the same way.

With one step.

I'm thinking that it's not the first step that is important.

It's the second one.

I could use a coach.


Think I'll go back to bed and think on it.


"The question?

Can an out of work, writer, mom, and general slacker be "One Tough Mudder."


I'm going back to bed to think on it.



Ah no. Can't I just do some kind of 1K fun walk?

"Whoa ah oh oh. Changing is hard. ..."

Ahhhahahahaha. LOL.


"...I'm a writer.

That's ONE of my jobs..."

Unless you ask WB and he'll say my actual job is to be some kind of voodoo Pin cushion that people can try to prick because their own life isn't exactly good. So they try to kick me instead.

That's his opinion.

When I started my experiement with the Zen moment, I didn't realize just how powerful the experience would be for me. That feeling of doing things for the joy of it. Waking up and saying to myself, "Now what can I do to reach my goals of..." and then doing them (remember all legal and moral) has been life changing.
For so long I've made my way in life thinking, "and is this okay with". I'm not being selfish. I do still consider other folks feelings but now I have this separate kind of self. Which is what FINALLY got me to say, "I'm going to take Tai Chi." Now the Tai Chi folks my philosphically (sp?) think that self should disolve. For me? I'm becoming aware of self.

LOL, wake up.

Anyway it's good for me. I go. I learn. I can't think of any other than tai chi when I do it.

And I'm reconnecting with my body.

There will be alot of "I" and "My" pronouns in the writing to follow. I will promise not to become boring narcissit (again sp).

Also should work on spelling.

Love and kisses,


PS. The celibacy thing isn't working for me.

And I miss David.

And I miss Newt/Lexi.


I miss going to the theater.


It's still rainy outside. Woke up stretching like a cat and diving back under the covers.

Since I've yet to figure out how to exercise and write on the blog? I'm going to have to sign out for a bit.
Back later.



Hugs by the way. The thing I most miss about my old blog was the back and forth through time memory. I also miss chatting with Newt and hearing about Lexi.

And while I do love, love, love my dog? It's not exactly the furry face that I'm looking to wake up with.

LOL And that's when ... I've been coming to the place where I can say good bye to a memory. "Getting on with going forward" sounds like a cliche. Maybe its more "time to make a decision" or "perhaps you should stop procrastinating and just go say hello and find out what's next"?
Ireland is a long way away and he did say that he'd never talk to me again.

Maybe time has softened his heart. I don't want to keep "locked" in this memory box". "Whoa a oh oh. Changing is hard."


It's rainy and cool. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed covered in one of those soft polar fleece blankets. Domi is curled up in a ball. After weeks of heat it's as if someone FINALLY fixed the airconditioner and now it's lovely and sleepy and I'm thinking that if I could? I'd crawl back under the covers and read a book. Yesterday I was up at 4am washing clothes, feeding animals, cleaning pens, etc. Today? Well thanks to yesterday's industrious (spelling again) spurt, I've a kind of slack day.
The only thing missing is a good conversation in bed.
The kind that is about anything but bills, what Pups going to do, chores, etc.

The "R" word.



I'm thinking that the this road trip is necessary.



Dear Gentle Reader,

I was watching clips of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on the Youtube when I came upon a Karen Gillan interview which led me to a youtube with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at Comic Con which led to a teaparty in the Tardis interview which led to a vid of how to make a Tardis bird feeder (starring Matt Smith) which led to the video above.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to make a vat large enough to hold the required amount of flour batter so that I can run across it.

So what's up?

I'm also still working on the tai chi.

And I'm thinking of going on a road trip.

With my dog.