Monday, August 29, 2011



My Brother The Deer Hunting Enviromentalist.

by Author Ann

My brother has been shooting at animals since he was 11 and skinning fish since he was 4.

His house? It looks like a natural history museum for deer parts.

He tells folks that he only shoots for for the table. Even donates deer meet to folks down on their luck.

This hunting for necessity doesn't explain the two huge bear pelts from an organized bear hunt.

His oldest child is the same.

Talks about hunting all the time. Goes all over on hunts with his dad.

Someone even wanted to pay for them to go on a safari to Africa.

Together they father and child bond while looking for signs of horney deer.

And people here say, "What a wonderful thing!" 

(They're talking about bonding over hunting and shooting animals.)

Have you ever looked at a life white tail in the eyes?

I have.

Then there's his youngest child.

This child is amazing.

He told his dad that he didn't want to hunt. Wasn't his thing his little kid voice said.

But they pestered until one day

He went with them to deer hunt and he shot a 10 point.

First and only deer hunt he ever went on.

First and only deer he ever shot.

That deer was a beast. Huge.

The oldest couldn't believe the younger's luck.

But the youngest said, " That's enough and maybe even too much for me.."

Afterwards he told them that would be the end of hunting for him. He'd rather ride is dirt bike.

To my knowledge? He's never gone back.

If you talk to my brother, he'll tell you all about how he cares for those deer who's heads are on his wall. He'll tell you that he takes care of the environment and how shooting those deer are important to the "circle of life". He'll tell you about how Bambi is some character in a kids movie.

But if you ask his youngest? He'll tell you that Bambi is a metaphor for all living things and how we should care for them by being kind.


Dogs barking. We're told that we have coyote problem. We're also told that we have a mountain lion problem.

I'm told that if  that mountain lion attacks my dogs and I shoot it? I can get arrested for harming a protected species.

I'm also told that if I shoot a coyote that's attacking my dogs?, I'm fine to do so because it's considered a danger to my pets..

Me? I'm just hoping that we all survive.

This is one crazy world.





"...been to the desert on a horse with no name it felt good to get out of the rain..."

Sons and Daughters of Panarchy

Unicorn pandemic and tales of panarchy?
Flame throwing tanks and nekkid peace nicks?
All ending up around a pheonix fire?
Tales of paying forward and random kindness.
All for tickets that cost more -
More than rent.
More than a weeks groceries.
More wear and tear and cost of fuel to get there only to find that the only cars allowed are in the art work.
All on a piece of land with the same name as a security contractor in Iraq.

c anne ford  8-29-11,  from Sons and Daughters of Panarchy. A Collection of  Stories and Poems the New Millenium

It's the first night of Burning Man,

No, I'm not there. This was written at home.

I'm actually at home reading about how the Food Bank is planning for the increased need for their services.  I read that Burning Man has been a for profit festival that charged from 200 to 300 dollars a ticket to get in. Once in you are asked to "pay it forward" by being helpful to one another.  While I'm reading this I'm thinking how with one dollar Food Bank can buy groceries. Imagine what they could do with the price of a ticket and the cost of fuel to get there and how folks are flying in airplanes and then taking the pledge not to use fossil fuels while there. I'm reading that people attending Burning Man are asked to do acts of kindness. Then I read that theres been a 30 percent increase this year in the number of people using Food Bank.

I think about the folks who lost everything in last spring's tornado and how Food Bank helped.

And how politicos and capitalist flew private jets to a conference about solving environmental crisis world wide.

Decided to have my own party in my heart. Cost of a ticket?  A hug.


Hugs and kisses,

Auntie Slacker ...




Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hugs, Got stuff to do.
New Yorkers?

Give them a hurricane and they'll make it a party.

Ya' gotta love 'em.



I read the Vogue for the articles.

I really do.

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "I don't care what you read and what tha heck does that video have to do with reading Vogue?"  Then you delete and perhaps delist me on Twitter.. As you're doing so you may  also   be thinking that I read Vogue like you might read Playboy."

To you I say?


The video has absolutely nothing to do with reading Vogue other than I got side tracked AND I couldn't find a good copy of  Angel is a Centerfold by J Geils Band.  I could, however, find a perfectly excellent video of The Three Stooges' dancing to Whammer Jammer. I thought that it was actually a song about the Crimson Tide (Univ of Alabama)'s foot ball cheer. It was not but  the J Girls Band did record  both the Angel IS a Centerfold and Wammer Jammer so I posted it.

Hope you don't have power loss.

Any typos are due to I haven't gone to sleep and I'm too tired to bother with it.

Going to sleep now.


Author Ann