Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well it's (almost) a new year...


I was reading the stats for this blog when I noticed that the second most viewed post on this blog was

Yes, I am serious. The most read blog post for 12 dots is

I was going to post the link to it on Twitter but I'm pretty sure that it's more than 144 characters.

It's also about sex.

I'm not sure but that might be why there are so many characters in that addy.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry, merry, and happy too


I know that this isn't the most likely of Christmas carols but - well - Christmas is about hope and people.

I've been lucky.

There have been some lovely days. Good mornings that have been pure bliss.

Then there were the other days.

The dark ones after my son died.

One morning in particular. I remember saying to myself, "Get up." I didn't want to get up. So there I stayed. Drained of all but the pain of loss.

"Get up."

I'm not sure if those words were mine or if there was some higher force telling me that if I stayed in that bed? I might founder.

So I got up.

Life is interesting and good now. The pain will always be there. Some days it's a small ache and still there are days when something will come up bringing back the pain fresh. Now I know to get up and walk. Go call someone. Give the hug that I need to someone.


This Christmas is the first one that I've actually felt what I thought I'd lost long ago.

The wonder of Christmas.

It's been a long road to this.

And to think that it all started with a laugh.

Merry Christmas to all and a blessed coming year.




Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep the water in the tub...


I started not to write anything for a year just to see if anyone noticed but...

then I thought about it and decided to say hello.

Happy holidays and hugs.

This was a really good Thanksgiving.

I didn't cook. (We got take out turkey and dressing. It's was great.)

I cleaned. (Yup, I did. So did WB.We're organizing the kitchen.)

We didn't fuss.( I didn't secretly resent the fact that I was in the kitchen cooking while WB etal watched the parades/ball games.)

The weather was beautiful.


We both went to look at the antique store. (I did. WB followed along going quietly. He wasn't complaining and I think we actually had fun.)

Yesterday? WB cooked chili. He hasn't done that in a long time. It was great and I have hope that it will once again become a ritual of winter time.

Everything was really good until...

That evil woman in the sparkly pants sashayed out of her Mercedes right in front of our car. She had two bedazzeled snow flakes on each butt cheek and she was smiling and batting her obviously fake eyelashes at WB. Then he all of a sudden wanted to go with me into the book store.

He was just evil too.

At first, I was going to tell him to stuff it and stay out in the car but I heard my momma say, "Well that's not going to help anybody. Let him go in. Ms. Sparkly pants cant afford that MB all on her own. She's got a sugar daddy she's not about to give up. Go on and let him give it a try. She'll shoot him down in two. Then you can hug his neck and tell him about "couples" gym class."

So that's what I did.

LOL Later on in the car when I asked he he got a second look at "Ms. Sparkly Pants" and he said kind of disappointed, "No, I couldn'[ find her anywhere." So I batted my own eyelashes and said, "Ah, that's too bad. You know she looks familiar. Maybe you should go with me to "couples": gym class. I think she goes to the same gym." And I smiled and hugged his neck.


Thanks Mom. Finally some advice I could really make use of.


Hope that you have a good week.




Love, from me, WB, Pup, the pups,the finch, the squirels and that "sparkly pants hussy with the bedazzles butt cheeks" in the book store parking lot


Friday, November 5, 2010

What is your color?


And what is mine?

Sitting here in the dark.

It's as if someone flipped a switch and now after months of heat? It's winter.

How is that possible? I don't know.

Outside it's in the 30's. This afternoon it was 80 degrees. It's atleast a 45 degree drop in temperature. Where this summer the skies had clouds, tonight is clear. I can see the band of the milky way. The stars are bright. Very close. I remember reading about the stars that you can see on a clear night from the Rocky Mountains. How they seemed to be hung like lights from the garden arbor. I've been told about how there's nothing but stars in the sky and in the water if you are sailing on a clear night in the Gulf. I'd like to see those stars - someday.

Right now, the view from the front porch is good.

What is your color?

Where is your heart?


It's the end of a very looooong week.


My dog's depressed.

She's sitting here in my lap wound up in a ball.

You're probably wondering to yourself, "Why - oh why- is Writer Ann's dog depressed? I'm worried. This is probably some really sad story involving vets and shots and expensive vet type surgery. The kind that's way expensive. Oh no!"

You're wrong.

It's not about "... vets and shots and expensive vet typ surgery. The kind that's way expensive..." Which is good because my dog hates going to the vet. Sure this would depress her but it's not why she's unhappy.

You see there's one thing that she hates more than her vet shots.

The cold.

The temperature dropped 50 degrees last night and she's a short haired dog who's made for Miami in the Winter. She really and truely hates cold weather. Last night, when I put her in bed with me, she crawled under the covers and sighed. I'm pretty sure that if she hadn't needed to pee she'd still be there. Hibernating.

Cold weather and this election?


I'm going hole up here and watch a video.

Maybe something inspirational.

Midnight Cowboy.

Have a happy.



Commercial break (the "pretty" version)


It was difficult to avoid. Either you had the folks re enacting Sally Field's "you like me" Oscar speech or you had "doom and gloom". I heard that Obama left the country and went and inspected a "super" dooper, no longer top secret war bunker in India (yep, in India).

As for me?

I got all "dolled" up and went to movies. A comedy.

I went out to eat at my favorite restaurant. Ate good food and watched CNN pundits discuss the future of politics in America with the sound off.

We laughed. (Nothing is funnier than watching a bellicose CNN pundit arguing about politics with the sound off, unless, of course , you're also watching one of Fox News' bellicose pundits with the sound off. Which is what we were doing.. )

It was funny and we laughed.

I watched TV's Craig Ferguson which was also funny and we laughed.

And then?

I took to my bed.

No, I wasn't in an election induced depression (or denial depending on what side you're on).

I took to my bed because it was cold and being in a warm bed with a happy being or two made me happy.

I know my dog was really happy.

For those folks who feel that their side lost and are abandoning all hope for "universal health care" do not despair. There is an old custom that has served many a person well in their times of troubles. "Take to your beds" you warriors of the political. Not in denial or in despair. No, take to your beds with something warming to drink, a good book/movie, and someone to snuggle with. Do it with friends in front of the fireplace or the tv set.

List all the good things in your life.


Go out in the world and go out to eat.

Laugh out loud and tell each other how glad you are that they're there with you.

Say all the great things out loud and just smile when someone gets in your face about your choices.

Might take a few tries but you'll get it and so will they.

Then gather all those good things, give 'em a hug and give the naysayers a bemused look when they're busy telling you how to live.


And never forget the words of Hannah Murphy

"Having fun is the best revenge."

It really is and - well - nothing pisses you freenemies more than the sight of you looking good and having fun.

Trust me.

Hugs and hang in there,

Writer Ann


If you can't laugh at it?

Then wallow in it.

Make despair an art form. Do it with an artistic flair. Do it with a sly wit. Give like minding people a refuge in your solace. Make them and you laugh though the pain.


Everybody wants to rule the world but few of them want to listen.




Comercial break...


It was difficult to avoid. Either you had the folks re inacting Sally Field's "you like me" Oscar speech or you had "doom and gloom". I heard that Obama left the country and went and inspected a "super dooper, no longer top secret war bunker in India (yep, in India).

As for me?

I got all dolled up and went to movies.

Then I wacched TV's Craig Ferguson.

And then?

I took to my bed.

No, I wasn't in an election induced depression (or denial depending on what sid you're on).

I took to my bed because it was cold.

For those folks who feel that their side lost and ae abandoning all hope for "universal healthcare" do not dispair. There is an old custom that has served many a person well in their times of troubles. "Take to your beds" you wariors of the political. Not in denial or in dispair. No, take to your beds with something warming to drink, a good book/movie, and someone to snuggle with. Do it with friends infront of the fireplace or the tv set. Go out in the world and go out to eat.


And never forget the words of Hannah Murphy

"Having fun is the best revenge."

Hugs and hang in there,

Writer Ann


If you can't laugh at it?

The wallow in it.

Make dispair an art form. Doom it with an artistic flair. Do it with a sly wit. Give like minding people a refuge in your solice. Make them and you laugh though your pain.

All together not..

"Those were the days my friend...."


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day...



For what it's worth. I don't think that this is a Republican vs Democrat or a "Conservative" vs "Liberal" problem. Nope. I think it's actually a comment on the perceived disconnect between the people in office and the people they represent. And? I believe it's economic. LOL That's not a unique view is it. More than a few times I've heard that if the economy was doing good? Folks wouldn't have near the reaction to what's going on "...inside the Washington beltway..." They'd be too busy complaining about how Christmas ads were coming out too early and how we'd not even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet." There'd be grumbling about how expensive things were getting to be but still nothing this angry. We're "marinating" in a soup of angry. Not sure how things are going in your world, but here it's almost nonstop about how bad the economy is. Then there'll be a commercial about how if we're truly to enjoy Christmas or our lives in general we need to buy this thing that costs way too much. Then we're told that because we can't buy this thing our life must be terrible and we should be angry about it. Next thing you know there's shouting and "Throw the bum outting" and well you end up with the lady at the home store mad at you because you asked (in passing mind you) what the score was for the college ball game that day.

LOL, hello? Do you even know my name?

Know what? I'm thinking that this is economic in more ways than one. It's trying another way to get us all to buy stuff. It's trying another way to get us to watch or listen to yet another commentator. Doesn't matter what side you're on. I just wished they'd talk about the issues and then find the answers. It may be supposed to motivate us to do something BUT all this yelling is just pizzing folks off.

It's not helping to find the answers.

I'm going to ignore it and vote for the candidate that actually will represent me during the upcoming election cycle. It's not always easy but if I try really hard?

I'll get what I need.



Everybody Wants To Rule The World...



For what it's worth. I don't think that this is a Republican vs Democrat or a "Conservative" vs "Liberal" problem. Nope. I think it's actually a comment on the perceived disconnect between the people in office and the people they represent. And? I believe it's economic. LOL That's not a unique view is it. More than a few times I've heard that if the economy was doing good? Folks wouldn't have near the reaction to what's going on "...inside the Washington beltway..." They'd be too busy complaining about how Christmas ads were coming out too early and how we'd not even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet." There'd be grumbling about how expensive things were getting to be but still nothing this angry. We're "marinating" in a soup of angry. Not sure how things are going in your world, but here it's almost nonstop about how bad the economy is. Then there'll be a commercial about how if we're truly to enjoy Christmas or our lives in general we need to buy this thing that costs way too much. Then were told that because we can't buy this thing our life must be terrible and we should be angry about it. Next thing you know there's shouting and "Throw the bum outting" and well you end up with the lady at the home store mad at you because you asked (in passing mind you) what the score was for the college ball game that day.


You know what? I'm thinking that this is economic in more ways than one. It's trying another way to get us all to buy stuff. It's trying another way to get us to watch or listen to yet another commentator. Doesn't matter what side you're on. I just wished they'd talk about the issues and then find the answers. All this yelling is just pizzing folks off but it's not helping to find the answers.

I'm going to ignore it and vote for the candidate that I actually will represent me during the upcoming election cycle. It's not always easy but if I try really hard?

I'll get what I need.



And the video that is supposed to go with the election post.


Sorry. This is the video that is supposed to go with the next post.

Didn't want to risk having the election post "deleted" so I added the video separately.

Happy election day.


Everybody wants to Rule the World...


Unfortunately not all of them are qualified to do so.


I've been listening. Some of what I'm hearing would be funny if it were a play (maybe a farce). But it's not and that's disheartening to say the least. So instead of trying to get, you , the reader to agree with my political choices? I'm going to say one piece of advice that's carried me through...

"This too will pass."

What I've seen about this election has been less about issues and more about a growing anger with no real place to direct it. LOL. I think TV's Craig Ferguson said it best when he said he was glad to see the World Series because we could stop being mad at each other and start being mad @ baseball. I can relate. This weekend we were at a homestore when I asked the clerk (in passing mind you) if she knew the score on the two state college football teams. Her response was so filled with tension and anger that I had to wonder if I'd kicked her cat. Honestly? I'd never seen this person before and I'm not paranoid. There was no way I could have made her this angry. "How could this woman be so angry with me? I don't know her name nor does she know mine." was what I was thinking as she scowled at me. Yes scowled. There's no other way to put it. I stopped and asked if she were okay. There were comments about management and how things would change come Monday. There was that anger. The one where people were just mad.

In the South, if this were summer, I could blame it on the heat and the humidity. After 6 weeks of intense heat, folks start getting touchy. No matter why you're angry you can reliably blame it on the heat and go find somewhere to literally cool off, but not this time of year. This isn't "summer heat" angry. This is different. This is "My life is not going..." -- no -- this is "My life is crap at the moment and there's no specific person or thing to blame so I'm going to blame it on anyone who's around me at the moment" anger. It's been coming for some time. Personally I think it's what started the French Revolution.

Lucky for us we have elections and not monarchs. Thanks to the US Constitution we have a kind of peaceful revolution every four to six years depending on the branch of government. Long before we get to the point of the French Revolution, new groups, like the Tea Party, emerge. France during the years leading up to the French Revolution didn't have that luxury. Where they kept getting more and more angry until the populace revolted, we have peaceful elections. Again, lucky us.

My only problem with this is that when people are this angry the mantra, "Throw the bums out" can result in a kind of "voter's remorse". The problem with this is that unless they do something impeachable, unlike "buyer's remorse" it's a long 2, 4, or 6 years before you can send the new "bum" back.

"Throw the bums out." isn't a new phrase.

So is "Don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water."

Everyone wants to rule the world.

Not to be discouraged if your guy or gal doesn't win. This is America. Lucky for us there's always another election just 2, 4, or 6 years away.


Everybody Wants To Rule The World...


Unfortunately alot of those folks aren't qualified.


Dear Blogspot,

Once again your blog ate part of my post.

It's bad enought that the Stats part of the blog stopped working but when part of my post gets eatten? Well that's just wrong.

And defective.

Could you please fix the stat section so that it works? Oh and quit eatting my posts.

Thanks ever so much.

The writing team of 12dotsandablot.




There have been election years where I've gone to the polls and thought, "I've got no clue." Then I'd vote the best I could while holding my nose. After a little while, I finally figured out that there really was a best choice even when the two choices weren't so good.

For the last couple of cycles I've been saying that the time for a new political party to emerge had come. You'd see it in the polls. Folk wouldn't want either candidate. Then the 2004 Democratic pre-primary meeting came along. Not much happy there for the presumed nominee but the room went wild for the fella from Vermont. His message rang loud and clear. In his opinion and in the opinion of many in the room both parties had forgotten the rest of the country. It was time to stop telling folks what they should want and listen to what they needed. When the crowd went wild? Admit it or not, in the subconscious folks knew Howard Dean was right. It was later after he'd lost the primary bid and was made head of the Democratic Party that he began a 50 state strategy giving money to not only the well known in heavily favored Democrat races but also to those states thought to be

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Lady? Can I borrow that phone?


"If you could go back in time and see yourself coming? Where would you tell yourself to be going."

Me? I tell myself to go try.

Post script:

I dunno. Is it someone talking on what looks to be a cell phone? Yes.

Is it someone who was actually at the premire of Charlie Chaplin's movie?
Ah well now that's different. With the technology that's out there? It's very likely to be a hoax.

Would be nice to time travel. I'd have a few things to say to the me in the early 1980's and in the 1990's. Something like, "What are you thinking. You're young. You're reasonably good looking. Go have fun. Your folks will be fine. Go see that Irishman. He likes you and you like him. So what if it lasts or not. At least you'll know. Besides, the folks her are going to take advantage of you and treat you pretty badlly. So go on. You'll be fine. You've got two feet and a good mind, use them.

Oh and Ann?
Write. "

LOL. The Map of the World... LOL





You deserved it...


"He hit me."

"No, he shoved you. Big difference."

"No, he hit me. He meant it. Why are you taking his side?"

"Because you're used to money and you have nowhere to go. Besides that, it was your fault. You shouldn't have yelled. Personally I think you deserved it for being such a little snit. Go back and say you're sorry and get over it. You really are making way to big a deal about this."

"Please, I need to come home for just a couple of days. To figure out what I'm going to do."

"Uh no, we talked about this already. No child of mine is going to be a "boomerang kid". You're just going to have to growup."

She didn't know what disturbed her more, the fact that that she was being blamed for something that wasn't her fault or the fact it was her mother saying it.

Alice never did understand why her mother was always taking his side about things until she tried to come home. When her mother first made the comment about "boomerang kids" Alice was dumbfounded. But this time she spoke up, "This isn't the same as coming home because I got fired or can't get a job. This is being hit. This is being disrespected - " as she said the words her voice began to rise. It just made her angry that her own mother would think that this was okay."

"See, you're getting angry again. So you had a fight. Happens. You're not the easiest person to live with."

"Did daddy? Did he hit you or rough you up?" she was afraid to hear the answer but she needed to know. Maybe it would explain her mother's reaction to this.

"Your father? Oh no. He loves me. I don't think I could get him mad enough to raise a hand. No and never. But we're different so it's not the same. Now go home, put on something nice, and apologize. Hey you'll have make up sex. Now then your father will be home in acouple of hours and I've got supper to cook. You're going to have to go now because I've got a lot to do."

With those words she was dismissed. As she sat there in the car, keys in her hand she began to cry.


from novel The Things We Do For Love by c ann ford 10-29-10 all rights reserved by the author


Thursday, October 28, 2010

144 chracters or less...


There's a contest on Twitter.

Describe your blog in 140 characters or less. The winner gets a prise.

Well that would explain it.

I sat down to try and describe this blog within those parameters and couldn't.

Phrases like "Lacks focus." came to mind. "Your blog is all fuzzy." and "You should stick to one subject. Like, you know write about your boat or your dogs. Stuff like that." Then the words "No." and "thanks." came to mind.

12dotsandablot is just that. A kind of inkblot of this life.

It's supposed to be "fuzzy" and slightly "out of focus".

One person might read it as a blog diary while another might see it as snippets of writing. So the fact that a reader might interperate the words as "out of focus" suits me.




Thank the good Lord the sun is shining again.

Out the door before it starts raining.



A happy song.

You know, even if you don't feel like it, sometime you just have to fake it. I'm thinking that if you tell yourself you're happy, if you count the blessings, eventually you really do feel it.

Feeling groovy.


Reality "to do"


I remember seeing the photo on Twitter. The author was under water holding a sea creature. I remember it because she looked right into the camera as if to say, "See. Life. It's everywhere. Amazing. Why are you sitting there? Go see it."

It was a profound moment.

This is my to do list. I still can't believe that it's my to do list.

Read up on two part epoxy, bottom paint, and wet sanding.

Read up on trailers for boats.

Order forestay and car for traveler. (Yep, I do know what they are, thank you very much.)

Get ready to remove the foresail. Prep for removing the roller furler.

Get tarps under the hoist.

Race duty.



Something wonderful



Something happened. She could feel it. Different. Before when her folks had cut her off or when he'd turned his back, she'd crumpled. Not this time. This time she was still standing. Maybe it was having something. For the first time in her life she had hold of a notion. It didn't belong to anyone but her.

There was alot to do. The boat needed scraping. Her list of things "to do" was growing. Now instead of washing clothes or cleaning other folks stuff off the floor she had boat things to do. People to talk to. It was a gift not to know how to do these things because it meant that she'd have to ask how. Funny thing was that most folks didn't think her questions were stupid and when they did? She honestly didn't care.




from a novel in progress by c anne ford 10/28/10 all rights reserved by the author.


There's no video for this post. We'll there is but I've yet to find a good visual for the song. If you can find a copy of the song Bring on the Rain sung by JoDee Messina? It's a good listen for this post. Otherwise I'd like to suggest a detour.

Go find and see all the comings and goings for Uncle Nate. I found this blog along time ago. I was looking on the Internet late one night. It seemed like the world outside was bleak so I typed the words "something wonderful" into the Google. This blog is what I found. It's missing some of the original portals but there's enough remaining to chase away the gloom.


"...tomorrow's another day..."




Cloudy days...



I read this rumor.

Jackie Kennedy was beaten by her husband.

No not John.

Although there are ways to "beat" a woman other than with your fists.

(Whispered gossip about a cheating husband can be just a brutal.)

No, it wasn't John.

He just cheated.

The one I'm talking about was Onassis.

Her second husband.

At least that was the rumor.

Is it true?

I don't know.

I just read it somewhere.

But if it is true, I've got to ask:

Why did she stay?

She was wealthy. Famous.

She had friends who'd take her in.




"Do I need therapy?"

His word hung there in the dark like those little "stars" you see as you're about to pass out. At first she thought she'd said them. That inside voice of hers had finally emerged into the real world but, no, he'd said them. The obvious answer was, "Yes." What he'd done, shoving her into the door, was wrong. His anger, that had been building, finally came out into the world. It showed there in his face. I wasn't the anger about work or all the politics, it was anger at her. He really didn't like her. Not at all.

So he shoved all the anger and resentment and her down the hall and into that door.

It was wrong.

She sat and listened to the quiet. Afraid that the wrong answer would do more harm that not saying anything at all, she crawled over to her side of the bed and closed her eyes. Tight. Lying there in the dark, she gave him the only answer she could,

"No. It would get you in trouble."

He couldn't go to therapy. The outside world was in a mess. Where would she go? To her parents? They'd already told her that there was no place for her in their home. She should grow up, handle her own problems, and go back home. All she'd asked was to come visit them but they said no. She'd have to stay because at the moment there was no place else to go. Beside she hardly saw him as it was. He was always busy with work or his important things. As long as there was a hot meal and clean towels in the linen closet, he'd be okay. She'd just stay out of his way.

Keep busy.

...." *

My relationships have been difficult. I'm not sure why but maybe it's because -- I don't know. It's trite to blame my parents but I do think that it began there. No, they didn't hit me. They were way to busy. I was just there. The dumpy kid that never quite met expectations.

If I could draw a picture of it?

It would be my heart sitting on a window ledge. There it sits in that window high up in a tower. The tower surrounded by a moat full of cyinical pirrahna fish. The magic world to lower the bridge guarded by a sphinx. There where the heart of the sphinx should be would be a video screen playing continous showings of "The Merchant of Venice".


Hugs. If you're lucky enough to have someone who you love? Hug them close and whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

"Listen. Do you want to know a secret..."

* from a novel in progress by author, c ann ford. 10/28/10 all rights reserved by the author.

*A from biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis


Monday, October 25, 2010



Uhmm. I'm the daughter of a sailor. Is that the same thing?

I hope so.

Going to check on the boat. The weatherman said that there was 60 mph wind near by. I should be worried but my boat? She's fair. She'll be fine in the hoist.

Matter of fact?

She'd be straining at the tethers for a chance to sail in that wind.




The weather is here. I wish you were beautiful.






Wash dishes.

Work outside (includes cleaning up any storm damage)


I stopped making "to do" lists and started a "do it and write about it later" list.

It's a miracle but it works.

The list above was this morning's "after I've done it" list.

I like this.

All the feeling of accomplishment without the dread of that long list of things you have to do before you sleep feeling.

Highly recommend it.

I'm sorry folks but I just can't muster the drama and angst to get all worked up about it. I'm having too much fun. LOL Even the storms are funny.

The weather is here and to me? You are beautiful.



Happy Baloney Day



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can you feeeeelll the love 2nite?



Big sigh,

Double big sigh.

Did I mention, "Big sigh"?

The weather outside is okay but in other parts of the state they're predicting high winds, thunderstorms, and tornados. I'll be here. Quietly praying and humming the song.


Pure and simple.

It used to bug me when it seemed that I pizzed folks off for just breathing. It still does sometimes but now I try to let it go. Somethings aren't my fault no matter how much other folks try to make it so.

"Can't you feel the love tonight?"

LOL. I'm doing my best.


If you need me? I'll be hiding in the corner with my head between my knees...


October 24th is United Nations Day, National Crazy Day and National Mother-In-Law’s Day.

.Now you might love your mom-in-law. You might think that the UN is the best thing in the world and well? You might be crazy enough to want to spend the day celebrating the UN, mother in laws, and crazy people.

But not me.

I'll be hiding in the hammock with a good book tomorrow.

See ya Monday.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Just another manic Monday...


I'm going to get to see my folks and my boat and WB and Pup.

Which I'm really, really happy about.

Will let you know tonight or tomorrow how it worked out.

Cross your fingers, your toes, your nose, and your heart that things will work out.




Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"The weather is here. I wish you were beautiful..." J Buffett


Naturally occuring unnatural causes.

(Think about it.)

I'm being tormented (lol) by Pups sense of wordplay and humor. He's got me trying to figure out what he's saying. It's worse than a double negative.

Can you tell me an example of a natural occurring unnatural cause.

I'm stumped.

Otherwise weather's great and so is the day.


Oh my~!


So okay. When it comes to cooking? I can. Sorta.

If I want soup?

I open a can and heat the contents.

If I want really good fried chicken?

I go down the road and get it from the best restaurant in the middle of nowhere, put their chicken on a plate, and add some parsley.

Japanese Fusion?

Up the road at this restaurant that specializes in it they'll pack up the individual contents so you can assemble it later. I made the tea.

But even I can make this and not mess up.

In a blender that can crush ice (and not start smoking after the first iced drink),


one & 1/2 cup whole frozen blueberries

one & 1/2 cup plain, non fat yogurt

one ripe banana

appx. 1 1/2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice

one spoonful of table sugar (like a package from the restaurant)

pulse on the "ice crush" button until the whole thing turns purple with deep purple speckles (ie don't leave any of the blue berries whole or ever partly whole.

If the result is too thick you can add just a teaspoonful of non fat milk.

Pour into a tall glass or a bowl.

This should make enough for a glass per person - 4 healthy servings or six if you put it in a bowl

The stuff that we've been making is thick like a milkshake. It's so thick that if you leave out the milk it's alot like soft serve ice cream.

However ,

(unlike ice cream)

this is full of vitamin C, anti oxidants, vitamin A, protein, folates AND it's good for your kids to eat as you get at least 2 to 3 servings of fruit.

And fiber.

It's called a Banana Blueberry Smoothy.

I'm calling it a Barney Blueberry.


Thank you Martha Stewart and the folks at EveryDay Food Magazine.

See I can cook.






I talked to my mom.

She and my dad are coming to see the boat.

This makes me so happy.

I am "over the moon" with happy.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And that's how it happened...


...that this cranky writter found freedom...

Sweet Freedom

My boat.

It is lovely.

It's a beautiful thing.

My boat she is happy.

Sings freedom to me.

When the world it is dark.

When people they lie.

When it seems like the end.

I hear her cry,

"There are wings on your feet.

There is hope in your eyes.

There is wind off your bow.

On the water you fly.

Take heart in the freedom.

This gift from the sky.

Take the helm.

Take heart --"

Then the wind picks up

And we're off.





Friday, October 15, 2010

The eagle has landed...


Or rather my boat is out of the water.

Hurray. This morning I took photos of the boat. It looks good. I can remember before I didn't have this boat thinking that it would not be possible. Then this past year when it seemed like I would never actually get to work on it but now I'm actually getting the boat situated.

As soon as the mast was down, I closed my eyes, said thank you to God, and then began editing photos. Lots of work to do. I'm going to try to get a boat blog. Hopefully will post photos. There are some really good action shots and excellent photos of the marina.

I can rest easy tonight.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

The dogs are barking. Gotta get dog food for them and sort stuff out for the coming week. Finally a "to do" list that is happy.


Hugs if anyone is reading this.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pass the salad dressing...


Today was a good day.

It wasn't the day that I'd planned because if it had been I'd have been meeting the guy from the bug extermination company. Instead I got to meet some of the most interesting people AND began the process to haul my boat out of the water.

I. Am. So. Happy.

And scared.

Boats are made to be in the water. Like hippos, boats in the water are so graceful.

On land? I don't want to think about all of the things that could go wrong. I'm like the expectant father to this process. I'm praying that all will go well.

Got to get sleep. Tomorrow will come soon. Lots to do.



(I just like the video, Gentle Reader. That's the beginning, middle, and end of it. If you're name is Julia or you like sailing? Hurray. But not to worry, as I said, this isn't about a person. I just like the song. Like this one two


Stevie Ray Vaughn


Monday, October 11, 2010

I was reading another blog when I saw the post...


Ah the road not taken.

The one you don't take because of responsibilities to yourself and others.

I've marveled at the folks who could pull up their "roots" and travel half way across the world in a boat with kids and and pets in tow. They see the world not with indifference but with a total lack of all the terrible things that could happen. "How could they do this and subject themselves to ..." then follows the list of all the things that "responsible grownups" should avoid.

"Hello. My name is AuthorAnn and I am a responsible adult who avoided all manner of possible dangers to self for the sake of my family. Those possibilities that I didn't foresee were helpfully pointed out by other family members who, while they were off doing all manner of daring things, made sure that I was tucked away safe. Kind of like a chair in storage. Always safe and ready to be "sat on" when the whim occurred. It's been one year since I've decided that maybe that wasn't the best thing to do. Lucky for me? I lived to tell the tale.

"Welcome, Author Ann."

You can wait. I did. I stayed in the same place for many years.


If I could do it over again? I'd take Pup out onto the water as soon as I knew that he could hold on and think for himself. How could he learn that he could meet the unexpected and thrive? Who'd teach him this? We'd sure have had a better time than all the "responsibility".

There's a difference between the well lived life remembered and the regrets of the road not or no longer taken.

I'm taking my family with me.

Before it's too late and I get too old to do so.




Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lactose intollerance my a$$


Here I sit.

The only thing that stands (or sits) between me and total olfactory melt down is a kitchen stool.

If I'm right?

I'll only fart in humiliation.

But if I'm wrong?

I'm going to have "chocolate pudding" pants.

Intestinal flu is the worst.

Going to watch the Rockford Files.






You know what.

If I don't get a comment on this blog pretty soon?

I'm going to make up another blog and have that fictious person comment here.

At least if I'm going to be talking to myself it will look like an actually conversation.


Or ?

You could say hello, Gentle Reader.

After today I could use a friend.

People here are cranky.



And one more thing...





Refer to the cheese on a pizza as toe cheese. Especially if it's your very hungry roomate's pizza.

I didn't know their face could get that colour red.

Off to listen to I Spy reruns through my next door neighbor's window as I do hard physical work out of doors. I would have watched it too but for my roommate who seems to be angry.

Plus they're watching Sports Center.

I know. I don't care either.




Helpful household hints from GoatHerderBoy


Hint # 356

Never put iced tea into a hot mug that you just got out of the dishwasher.

It will break from thermal expansion.

Please note:

Apparently it's wrong to test the theory of thermal expansion on your roomate's favorite football mug.

They don't really care about the wonder of science.

All they care about is that there better be another beer mug in the cabinet and a case of beer in the fridge on Saturday or someone will be in big trouble.

Tends to make them mad.

That is all.

Oh and Old Miss (or is it Mississippi State (I forget) no longer has a mascot.

I know, I don't care either but it is true.

Their future replacement mascot might be "the land shark."

Again? I know I don't care either.

The thing is you shouldn't say what I did when I heard it.

Saying, "What the feck is a landshark and what does it have to do with football in Mississippi?"
also tends to piss people off. There's all this upset monologue about this player who put his hand on his head and called it a fin and himself a "landshark". Then it gets worse when you say, "So?" and they beginng telling the story of how -- it's just not worth it. It really isn't.

Especially if you've just used their football mug as a science experiment.

(PS Hurray Hurray it's Thursday and TBBT is on. "Bazzzinga!)



Me too - except for the hammock...


'I want to make love in the worst way. Standing up in a hammock."

@DollyLomma on Twitter.

This is what I'm going to be thinking about when they step the mast. For the record, DollyLomma and I are complete strangers and I'm no stalking pervert. Honest. But the idea of this precarious and hopefully profitable endevour is so much like lowering the mast that it just seems fitting.

By the way DollyLomma, if I during the mast stepping I start laughing til spit comes out of my nose?

You'll know whose fault that is.


No more procastinating.

Gotta go do something.




I have found today that you can make a lovely meal out of bacon bits, ranch dressing, taco chips, and jar spagetti sauce. Just dump all in a bowl and add very hungry stomach. Close your eyes, swallow, and mix well. Acutally chewing not required.

Also found out that I have a chronic need for a boat trailer and a mast raising system.

And cable.

And a working cellphone.





Sigh. This is one of those, "It's 12 noon and I'm eatting an orange posts. Can't be helped because well the truth, "I'm going outside to hammer stuff, saw stuff, plant stuff, and work on the boat stuff.", seems boring.

Some thinging just are and you have to struggle though it. It would be a good day to get an encouraging email, hear from an old friend, or find money under the couch cushions.

"Hellloooo Gentle Readers."

I'm going to be working on the boat and the garden type things for the next couple of days. The posts will be brief. The weather outside is so much better than it was this summer. Gotta spend it like the ant and not the cricket.

It's lettuce tables today while I have the help.



PS "...grow tables..." ARE NOT a euphanism for anything nefarious. Far from it. It's a great way to grow moveable beds for lettuce.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear tv's Craig Ferguson,




I used to think that it was just the male population who were big babies when sick.

Then I got the flu. The really bad kind that had me litterally sitting like a tree stump on the couch. A big sloth of a whinny baby covered in mucous and fuzz from the fuzzy blanket that someone wrapped around me. It got so bad that WB stayed home and fed me soup. I have hazy memories of him reassuring me that I was not going to die and that I'd feel much better in 24 hours. Then he fed me more soup. (At first I thought he did this to be kind but now I'm thinking he did it to get me to stop whining.)

Not just the guys who do it.

Hugs and get better,

Smile away


These two


These two songs have been in my mind lately.

(Please ignore the video and just listen to the song on this first Youtube. It was the only good copy of the song that I could find this AM.)

Is it just me or do these two songs sound almost alike both in melody?


We've been working outside again.

The weather is brisk and sunny. Beautiful. The boards have been cut for the grow tables. The lettuce in the trial tables have surpased my expectations. We're now able to eat Red Leaf and Butter Crunch lettuce, Basil, Parsley, Chives, Mint, and Dill. There's arugala and tomato plants on the ready for transplanting. Have a new metal grow table and most importantly? A green house set up.

There's a fella who showed us how to grow squash, cucumbers, peppers, and egg plant in containers so that we can move them. This was good news because we can move the location for the best water and light. We can also control the soil that we plant in.

I'm really looking forward to having fresh produce to eat.

If anyone would like to know how to make a portible growing table for lettuce? Post in comments and I'll be happy to tell you how.

As for the rattlesnake? Well alooooong time ago I had a couple of biology/zoology clasees.

I disected it.

Back soon and hugs,



Back outside again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AuthorAnn. Snake hunter.




LOL. I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake.

Wait one second.

If you are an environmentalist fixing to yell at me about about food webs and ecological balance. Please look up and re read that sentence.


"...I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake."


Thanks to the Discovery Channel, Craig Ferguson, and Shark Week, I also know how to swim with sharks and wrassle an alligator.  Just checking my schedule here -- wait lemmie see-  yeah- The only alligator in my future is a puppet named Wavey and I don't think that I'll be swimming with sharks in the near future.

"Knowing" and "doing"?

It's all about the words.

Now where was I?

Ohhh yeah....


Pssst. Want some toe tappin' fun? First, turn the sound for the first video to on while you watch the second video with the sound off.

LOL Crocodile Rocks with Penguins.

Laaaah la la lah la laaaaah....


Angels Among Us



I learned how to kill a rattlesnake.

You may be wondering what that has to to with this song.

All of my life, I've had the blessing of angels watching over me. This isn't to say that life's been all good. There have been some really tragic things that have happened to me and my family. It's just that somehow the kindness of these angels have helped my family and me survive.

Then yesterday they kept us safe.

I don't know how to explain it. I really don't.

It's just that yesterday?

I listened to the angels who've been guarding my son and me our whole life.

I listened to that voice that whispered in my heart, "Take your son with you when you clean the dog pens.

So I did.

I listened to that voice when it whispered, "Don't let the dogs out of their pens."

So I didn't.

I listened to my son when he said, "Mom, is that a rattle?"

It was.

I listened to my pups when even after we'd decided that the snake had gone, they kept barking the alarm.

That snake was still there not four feet from us.

I listened to my neighbor when he said, "Stop. Don't go any closer."

If I'd not listened, it would have been a catastrophe.

The rattlesnake in the wood pile might have been missed until it was too late. The one not 8 feet from my pups. The one that would have surely bit my pups if they'd been let out of the kennels. The one that would have surely bitten my son or myself had we gone one step closer.

I listened when that whispered voice, who has guided me my whole life said,


I read that you should start each day saying what you're thankful for.

This morning? I'm thankful that my neighbor happened to pass by just as we were going to find that snake and I'm thankful that I listened to that whispered "inner voice" who guided us and kept us all safe.

"I believe their are angels among us..."


Monday, September 27, 2010



I keep having people tell me that they've got money or that someone I've crossed paths with has or in this economy had money and then they look at me kind of funny as if to see what my reaction is.

For the record (and because this is kind of one of those silly games that really wastes all of our time), I'm glad when folks are doin' good. So good for you rich folks. The thing is I'm really kind of busy at the moment and most of the people I'm hearing about probably are too. Good for us both.

I've been outside some and have met a new person or two. The weather is changing and we're finally getting some rain. We need it. The rain was so heavy and the trees were already changing because of the lack of water (we think) that there are now alot of leaves on the ground. Looks like Fall. Green house should be going up. It's early but I think I'll go ahead and begin weathering in the dogs too. I'm not going to miss the heat but I'm going to miss the 5am sunrises. It's alot easier to get up. This cool weather/late sunrises makes a person want to sleep in.

Ah and then there's the mid term elections coming up. All that nervous anticipation and speculation. I don't want to even hear about it. And yeah, I do vote. I'm just tired of hearing about these people.

I sure wish this was the old blog. There's alot happening here. Turns out we were correct in our presumptions. To every thing there is a season. We're prepared but it would just take waaay to much back story to explain why that's important. I am glad that I have the boat. Glad that Pup and WB are here. The dogs are doin' okay and so is most of the other living things here. LOL I swear that after today, I really do feel a bit like we live in the middle of a zoo. At least we've still got all our fingers and toes.


Hope you are doing well Gentle Reader. I don't have a clue who you are. If you'd post that would be nice.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For the record.


I don't really write on this blog. I really don't. It's not even a journal. It's more of a distraction. A "to do" list of sorts. Sorry that it's not more but life outside is calling.

ahh woooooo

Not to worry. If there's an actual plot point?

I'll let you know.



to do?
Raising Hope and Wilde? Pretty good.

Watching Cold Cold Comfort Farm

My Oh My Good morning.



The sun is shining.

The birds are singing.

It's neither too hot ot too cold.

Thank the Lord.

Life is good.

Now then.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy New Moon


I dunno. Sounded like a good idea at the time.


Now stop reading and go outside. Run through the air "nekkid".
Breath in the air of one thousand auto exhausts.


Letters to Pup


I'm going to try one more time.


How do I explain this.

Complicated lives?

Seems simplistic.

Once I wrote about memory like snapshots. When I asked a complete stranger (in a conversation) what her earliest memory was? She told me. When I asked another they told me too.

Some of the memories were like a video. They had movement and even if it was only a short, fragmented one? They had a story.


Were only a photograph. Clear or out of focus.

I wonder?

People sometimes say that the truth is in " and white..." when they mean that it's clear and without embelishment.

Thing is, even black and white photos can be in soft focus and like a dreamed memory.


Send Me The Moon






I wrote it here.

Now it's gone.



These posts are for my son. To steal them is the worst form of thief. They will not ring true for you as they will for me.



A type of punctuation. You may have taken the words. Hidden them. But they are still there inside of me. Inside of my son.


The words aren't lost just hidden from view by a mean, mean, mean computer thief.



How lucky am I.


Dear Pup,

Because of you I became at once fierce and calm.

They thought you'd get here before the doctor got did. The night before you're father and I drove like very careful maniacs trying our best to get back to the hospital. The day before we had to talk like it was the most rational decision to go home and feed Smokie. We weren't stupid. We could here the doc saying that you'd come pretty quick. I don't know why but we knew it would be okay.

You're like the eye of a huricane sometimes. Calm in the middle of the storm.

LOL I think that your dad was in a panic by the time we got there. What were we thinking? 70 miles to the doctor. 70 miles back to get Smokie. Then 70 miles back in a race to get back to the hospital before you came out. I can remember telling the receptionist that I thought that I might be in labor but wasn't sure.

So calm.

All night I sat and talked to the delivery nurse. She told me about her life. There's calm in that. If you're troubles are too big? Go ask someone to tell you about their life. Find someone who might have sense or who'd survived their life's sorrows, and ask them to tell you about it. Make sure that it's someone who needs someone to listen. They'll be so glad and you might have a different perspective on your own troubles.

Don't forget to hug their neck too.



"It was hot and they were sitting outside of the fast food place. Tired. Dirty. The two of them. I asked them if they needed something to eat. I wasn't the best of people to them. When we went inside the manager tried to throw them out. One of the customers standing in line came to their rescue. There was almost a fight because they'd been inside already and been thrown out. We got the food and went back outside into the heat. Late summer. It was "gawdawful" hot.

That's when I saw the miracle of a hug. I just hugged the lady. She began to cry. Told me "Thank you." even after what had happened. People are inside little kids. They keep it safe inside them, sometimes behind vast walls and barbed wire. Safe that little flame of hope. The stuff you have when you are born.

Hope and the ability to love."



Love. Keep it safe by giving it freely.



Dear Pup..


The things you think about when you are young? They aren't the same as when you grow old. Today we talked about your future. I so admire you tenacity. I love your strength. I talked and I talked trying to get you to say something. Your future. I want so bad for you to find something that makes you happy. Then I could use every bit of my strenght to help you get there.

I wrote 12 dogs as a way to find my future and make some sense of the past. I didn't plan to, I just leaped from that chair in the living room. I'd said the words, "I don't want to be anymore. Then I quickly changed my mind. Lucky me. Slowly I began to find that path you are looking for. It took me so long to do so and so much time wasted. That's why I'm so fierce now for you. Time. You think when you are young you have so much. You do.

If for some terrible reason we loose each other, you can always find me in that maze, 12 dogs and a blot. You're smart. You'll find a time when you need a distraction and you are looking for a shoulder to lean on. For an ephemeral moment you'll find this home within me to find comfort. It's a puzzle. There will be times when you will curse me for that.


In the struggle to put 12 dogs back together? You will find me. You will find the peace that you need. I want to be there too.

It's not my job.

It's who I am.

I love you.

I always will.

You've become not only my son but you've become my friend.



When you were two, I gave you a book. Winnie the Pooh. It's inscribed. I meant it then and I mean it now.

You really are a good story.

Best memory? The day you read all by yourself.

The proudest accomplishment? Teaching you how to read.

The best advice?

Honey, sometimes you just have to slog through and count your blessings no matter how small they might seem at the time. A bad day is just that. One day. There'll be a good next day. Remember that.

Wait one more day.
Count to 10.
Go for a 15 minute walk.
Say you're sorry.
If you love them and you get so upset you want to let go of their hand? Ask why.

A good nights sleep is a blessing.

You'll do just fine.

All words fail?
Hugs will be enough.

You are such a person. :D


Monday, September 20, 2010



You know, once upon a time I wrote parody about political stuff on my little blog on the prairie. LOL

Uh yeah about that question, "Why?"

Because she's running for office and it's a clip.

For me it's like seeing a quote with elipses (...), there are a few important word that might have been left out. Like the imfamous words of Bill Clinton where he said that he "...did not have sex with..."

I can understand Ms. ODonnell's reluctance about appearing on Bill Maher's show. This close to the elections it could be damaging to her campaign. Sound bites can be brutal to a politician. This would be quite the mine field. If you don't believe me? Ask the good doctor/ex governor of Vermont or the Rep from Ohio. One missplaced "whoop" or ironic comment and your dreams of being elected are over.

However --

I don't understand the Tea Party, Republican, and Sarah Palin's support if this is indeed an issue for them. They certainly have no problem expressing their disagreements on issues they're unhappy with. Were there no other candidates to support? Did they forgive Ms ODonnel's past? Does this mean they're going to forgive Bill Clinton's (not) inhaling pot?

This isn't about my personal opinion on Ms. ODonnel's views, past or present.

It's about being able to find the information as to what this woman says she thinks and its validity. I agree with Bill Maher asking her to come back on his show. He's asking for clarification and he's in a good position to do so since it was on his show that these comments were made. So much of what we hear about a candidate is filtered by political bias and then we're asked to vote on this candidate. This year with the "Anyone's better than the incumbent" attitude, I'm worried that we will be "throwing the baby out with the bath water" by just voting for anyone new.

But at the same time, this is politics. A game of power. She's beat out the Republican candidate as we'll as being in a possition to beat the Democrat too.

Anyway here's one of the clips in question.

From Bill Maher's show.




Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last time I was this bored I wrote about ... :D


In the beginning there was - virginity.

It was a cold, dark, and empty existence.

Then a miracle happened.

A space orgasim.

AKA the dawn of life.

After that experience?

The world just wasn't the same.

The Universe.
Not a virgin anymore.

tee hee




It worked?

Only got one of the links to work.


I'm feeling like the chimp @ 5:57 in this film. LOL

LOL Hopefully will spend the week writing and not trying to workout the logistics of the stupid blue links.



So what I'm trying to do is get the links to work like they did on ebay.

I know that you can rename these things. so that you just see the word "Bob" in blue instead of the linking addy.

Alltogether now, "Getting to know you. Getting to know alllll about you."


Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you're here? Where am I?


Well it's been a long time.

In celebration of the fact that there's a Big Bang Theory marathon tonight and Season 4 starts next week. Plus one of my very favorite late night talk show hosts, the Scotish Conan guy :D, is going to be a part of the lauch of Season 4.

To say I'm happy is just about as big an understatement as I can make at this moment.


I thought I'd try an Interactive Blog Bedtime story.

It's not finished. Matter of fact it won't be until next week but well if you can begin to figure out the story line and the logic? Good for you. I'd be careful. The logic flow depends on those blue links. It's my blog. I can change it.

Before we go a step further.


This is 12 dots and a blot.

Like my old ebay blog, 12 dogs and a blog?

It's a writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do NOT ASSume.



Writer Ann


PS Hopefully I'll have the blue link thingys working by next week

Look here for the door way to the story.

"The Philosophy of Cheese and Crackers"

Twitter quote from @Jessnormal. 9/17/10

Sounds like a good place to start...