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"You know, it's funny hearing the head of the Chinese banking system demand America alter it's financial policies

just cause he said so.

After all, it was America who modernised (and I guess got him his job) in the first place.

Here in the South we call that one of three things.

The kindest is "uppidty".

The next kindest is "arrogant".


What we're thinking is the third thing,

 "That's  just plain stupid."

Only we're not so "uppidiy" and "arrogant" to say so.

At least not to your face."



Before you read the next post, please take care to read this:

For the record,

I DO NOT hate people from China. There are really nice people who are from and still live in China. They haven't had it easy. I know that.

However -

I am not too keen on their govermental policies, That's not the same as disliking people from China.

To tell the truth I'm glad that the citizens of China are finally getting a living wage after years and years of not.

Alot of that economic recovery came from American help. Seems a bit unfriendly to be demanding this and that after all that help.

Just sayin

(Song What's Going On by Marvin Gaye)

"This is my Zen garden. All who are weary? Come for peace here." c anne ford


I told myself, "Self, stay out of politics. It's a jungle out there. But..."

A history lesson.

Go back and read the financial news. Go back to the 70's and Richard Nixon when the first George Bush was head of (I think) the CIA. Start there and read through the following decades, yes decades, about the push to modernize China. Pay attention to the news where the US redid China's stock exchange, insurance commissions, banking commisions, and then look up civil rights violations by China before the Olympics and just in general. Pay attention to what you're reading and then ask your self about recent comments from China concerning US debt.


Go get a map.
A world map.

Look at where America is and where China is.


Look south to South and Central America.

And look at North and South America with people who could use a job. Look at Europe too. Ireland, Portugal, Greece... Look at the world and put things in to perspective. This isn't the first time the world has seen trouble. It's also not the first time that countries have worked together to handle an economic crisis.

Make no mistake here. I'm a thinking that there is some muscle flexing going on but I know that we were a nation for doing things and making things for ourselves.

Pick a paper and look at history. Look at the folks who've been watching their manufacturing jobs leave the country. We've lost textiles and steel. Now think of this, we are still a country rich in natural reasources and unlike a certain other country we've learned how to make things without poluting our environment.

There are times that call for clear thinking and taking up for yourself. It's not just our country. Hello Canada. Hello countries in Central and South America.

We can do it for ourselves.

This song says "hello" to the people of America who've manufacture things and did it well long before goods ever had the words, "Made in China".

(Incase the embed is disabled song 40 Hour Week by Alabama official vid)

Now I'm not going to suggest you throw out those things with "Made in China" on it but maybe it's time that we had a conversation with the WalMart folks and asked them to bring back the "Made in America" campaign.

And maybe the unions can help.

My grandfather raised children during the Great Depression in America. We don't want that but I think that we can get past it. From Craigs List to Ebay and yes to WalMart. The lessons of the Great Depression was about those places who survived by pulling together. They were inventive. The bartered (think Craig's List. Are you getting me? They fed people that didn't have. I hear it's a global economy now but it was then too. Time to band together.


Go look at the map and at the news and think to yourself, "Who's the country who's been fighting (and going into debt) in Afganistan and Iraq. Anyone see China?"

My heart felt prayers for the family members of the troops who died in Iraq. Hugs.

I'm sorry that my blog can seem frivolous. I've been staying away from politics because lets face it, the troubles in this world, the sorrow, can be overwhelming. Sometime you need a place of quiet.

I'm not being callous. My state like many others have had real sadness due to loss in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

(His Eyes Are On The Sparrow cover my Marvin Gay - Incase the embed is disabled)

I hope that this comment on the current political enviroment won't get me banned but I come from the Deep South. While there are good times here? There've been bad too.

It's hear that I've learned that while there are times to be quiet? There's time you should say something too.

I am proud to be American.

Author Ann

(incase the songs are pulled Arron Tippin song You've Got To Stand For Something)


I might have to wear glasses. Makes me look all kinds of bookish.


Slacker Rules no. 149:

Crap. Gnat just flew up my nose. (Honestly. A real fruit fly type gnat. No subtest at all. LOL. It's out in the country and there are bugs.)


In the mean time? Hammock time is awwwwsooome. Shake it up baaaaabeee!

Keep reading.


I've been watching last week's LLS in Paris.

More important? I've been reading the reviews and the comments.

And you know what?
I think that Craig Ferguson has some of the most loyal fans on the planet.  Sure they're a bit nutty when it comes to CF but the Robot Skeletan Army (RSA) rides high on life and funny.

Ride on fans of LLSwTv'sCF.




I don't know who rec'd my blog but thanks.




Happy birthday, Lucy....


Note: The video above is Big and Rich's official video for the song Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.

Just in case someone decides to void it?

It's worth going to see on Youtube.

Get the official video.

Accept no substitutes.



And the point of all this?

What happens when an individual becomes an icon?

To celebrate Lucille Ball's  100th birthday people are dressing up like her and  going to Buffalo NY to celebrate.

Just imagine.

I would want to keep the right to be unpredictable and accepted for it.

At the same time?

I would want to be lauded for my predictability.

No cultural distalate.


"Don't know a thing about broncing bucks but..."

Oh hang on. I do have some idea of being bucked off a horse having been thrown off a horse. (real one)


Friday, August 5, 2011


I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own


from the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol


"...I turn on the car radio and there's this ad for a restaurant. The owners were celebrating their anniversary, 9 years today, and offering everyone who came to eat free cake. They wanted to share their wedded bliss and I guess get everyone in listening distance to think good thoughts about their life choices. Then, in what was really interesting programming, the radio station played the song "Chasing Cars". LOL, yeah, that was my reaction too. WTF. The song is all kinds of emo and, after hearing the very jolly commercial about marital bliss and fried chicken, the song just jarred me awake.

And it got me thinking about the oxymoron - "marital bliss".

You see personally I think that husbands and wives should get things like hazard and longevity pay if the marriage lasts 9 years. They should also get separate vacations if they so choose. For a week, of their choice, they should get to go somewhere with their best friend. Now if that best friend is also their spouse? Great. But for most folks the day end and day out just wears them down. Add kids and the economy and it gets worse. You need a vacation from these people so that you don't yell at them the other 358 days out of the year. And you should take your best friend so that you don't have to eat and drink alone if you don't want to. If you make it past 25 years? You should get a month off. Somewhere far from the person who on average is okay but alot of times just pizzes you off.

Bonus if you've raised kids or lost your job(s) or bought/sold a house or dealt with an illness.

I'm sorry but that anniversary night dinner or the anniversary weekend is like a drop of water to a person starving for drink (or a conversation). It just gets your hopes up and then makes you cry for the lacking of it..

"Marital Bliss"

There's just no way that everyday is bliss in marriage unless you just ignore, give in, or take really good drugs. Or you're lucky.  Bliss is that feeling of euphoria that you get as a result of being exposed to something that is purely pleasant. Marriage might be two people sticking it out but it's not bliss.  Definitely an oxymoron..."

*from Life. A Work In Progress by c anne ford

all rights reserved by the author

To borrow from Benjamin Franklin, if that sun is rising or setting will depend on the determination and understanding of the people involved...

I was listening to that song, Chasing Cars yesterday and it got me to thinking about how it's possible for two people to live together for a long time and not eventually hate each other. The song sounds like a long time where the two folks don't want to end it but they've had it. Like the last mile of some marathon.

I believe in love with eyes open -  and sometimes shut.

"...If I could just hold you for this one second. Look to my right or left while I sit here and ponder what to do next and there you'd be. If I could just - if I could just .  I would have that feeling that I had from the moment I saw you and it would be okay. There's so much to tell you. It's that feeling when your feet hit the dock after a long while traveling.  You're full of stories of the trip but more you're near bursting with the desire to sit there with the someone of your heart and tell them what's happened.. But you aren't here and I can't tell you or ask you what you think.

"Is that love?" I ask.

Then for a bit I can "see" you and "hear" you in my mind's eye. You're there and you tell me what you think. We were together so long that I could always tell what you thought. It was never boring to me this predictability. It was a comfort in a world that had long sense gone crazy with the heat.  No matter what happened, I knew that you'd be there and I say to you, "Well here's the day." and you'd sit there listening. Then you'd ask me what I thought I should do or not do and I'd tell you.  Then you'd tell me.  Then we'd sit there in the kitchen table and not say much until the whistle went off and you got up to get it.

I was never one for the excitement of back and forth debate. Just the quiet and you confidence that I could handle my own...."


Life. A Work in Progress

by C anne Ford 
all rights reserved by the author.

This is a long post.

WB will be here soon. He's going to bush hog some. We had to wait a bit and now it's like hay. Pup's going to help him not because he needs the help but because Pup needs to help. I hope that makes sense.  I've got laundry to wash.  The animals are already fed and watered. I think that we'll eat chicken and then maybe watch a movie.  Maybe get some ice cream.

I'm not so much sad as a bit nostalgic. It's overcast and the prediction is for rain. That's why WB is going to bush hog this afternoon instead of tomorrow.  "Gotta' make hay..."  you know.

Since the last bit of this is more like a letter than a blog post, I'll sign off as if this was a letter to you, Gentle Reader.

Kind thoughts and good happy to you. Hello and hugs to the family.




Thursday, August 4, 2011

Robert Palmer vs Tom Jones vid style

Art Of Noise feat. Tom Jones - Kiss by sminer65

So, okay, maybe not but they're both good :)

Note went back to try and find the Power Station cover of the T Rex song Bang a Gong.


You have to go find it on Youtube. Get the offical video not the remix otherwise you'll get a "hybrid video" of Bang a Gong and Duran Duran. Not the same.

Anyone miss the days of friendly Youtube? (tiny voice here saying "I do.")

Hang on is that Robert Palmer?


try this




So if you went back in time and you saw yourself coming?

Where would you be telling yourself to go?

Good morning, Gentle Readers.




Life's little playlist

Pee? Me to. Same for the dogs.

Gotta go. BBL''

Playlist Insert this vid Lyle Lovett "Here I am"

(until I can find one where the embed isn't disabled I love the vid)

(LOL 12 dots... writer's blog... fact and fiction co exist... don't ASSume ... Ask < for my mom who would be wondering)


Carrot juice. Bleck. I'm an omnivore. Sure I eat veggies but lordy sometimes only a cheeseburger will do.



It's in the comments ....




Wednesday, August 3, 2011






Do I like the Paris shows on LLSwTV'sCF

Hmmm (again)

I'm thinking Sir Richard Attenbrough's travel shows meets PeeWee's Playhouse narrated buy Mr. Rogers as done by the Scottish doppelganger of Will Smith.

But only if  he'd a robot sidekick and a French impersonator.





"these are not sterling silver

Condition: Old Used Dirty and Tarnished
some small chips and scratches on the glass


LOL I'm buying a pair of vintage safety welding goggles. Or at least I'm trying to, those Steampunk kiddos are quick. Anyway that quote is from the listing. I know that it also applies to some of my affairs de cour but heck sometimes ya gotta just go with what ya' got.

Think global.
Act local.

Works for me.... :D

I know that for a CF of LLS fan to say this is their kind of hearsy but I'm not watching this weeks shows realtime. Have been watching recorded version of the night before and getting sleep.

Or trying to get a pair of these safety goggles.
I need these things so that I can go cut some wood.

Out of doors.

With a saw.

And then hammer stuff.



Monday, August 1, 2011


Hugs and kisses from the folks at Dancing Yogi Records and Tapes.



"Abcd efga gbh gbiif' jd kgmm bk lnqq jdofhad mnpd ofr ahrd lubpned isd pnrdtfu."

-o frrd kbue


It's that time again.

This is 12dots and a blot.

It's a writer's blog.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Don't ASSume.





Good morning bored people.

I am sitting here or rather on my back looking at the people passing by. I can do this because of my very large, very dark sunglasses. The drink on the table is fruity to hid the taste of rum and if I can manage it, this will be the drink of choice for the next 4 days. Not 2 worry. I have paid someone 20 bucks to not only bring me more fruity drinks so that I don't dehydrate but to also periodically spray me with sun screen so that I don't spontaneously combust.

The music is latin. My clothes are optional. I am smiling.

How are you?
LoL if you thought that this was somekind of code you'd be wrong. It's an item number that I don't want to forget for the moment. 280717536056

Now on to important stuff.

Like Mambo no. 5

lol It goes with my hat....