Friday, August 23, 2013

This blog looks really good on a mobile. :)

Need music.

Best not tempt the YouTube

Just find a copy of
Let's see.


Mexicoma  by Tim McGraw.

PS You will not believe what happened.

So. I was going to take a year off from blogging.
Try Twitter. It's only 144 characters. How hard can it be?
I missed blogging so I tell myself , "One year to the date you'll blog here."

The day came?
It's been a year?
I can't remember my password.

At first I tried stuff but it didn't work.
So I gave the brain a rest.
It's what you do when you try to remember something.
Nothing worked.
I tear up the house looking for the password.

Until now.

LOL Hello 12 dots.

It's not 12dogsandablog but well I did miss it.

Found my pencil.

Boy has a lot happened since we last chatted

If I get locked out again. Check @CinamonWaffles   over on the Tweets.