Saturday, November 2, 2013

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"Looking at Orion. Asking why? You left me images. Visible traces of long ago. Vestages of starlight. A million years ago. Company for a journey long after you've gone. I pretend that you are here now. Be here now. But somewhere, I hear my teachers voice,

"The starlight you see? Died along time ago."

The Magic of Starlight.

c anne ford





According to a cook magazine, (Yes, Virginia, I do read them and I do cook.) no matter what your cultural beginnings, there is some holiday celebrate from now until the end of this year.

And some even after in January.

No matter if you are  riding a sleigh or a jet ski or surfing the waves, there is mirth and holiday opportunities to be had.

This year is especially happy.

Our Thanksgiving tradition of going to get take out turkey  and dressing from the world's best restaurant and eating off of a workbox has been saved.  The restaurant that was burning to the ground last year is open. 

We've even been invited to a family Thanksgiving.


Last month, as I counted down the days for this particular holiday,  I said to myself,

"You know it's been a long, wet (or dry) summer for someone.

Only one cure for this gloppy uneven year.

Road trip."

Then I looked at the gas pump and then the airline ticket prices and then at my wallet and said,

"Maybe not."

Then I said the one word that is universal and doable no matter where you are or what your circumstances.

Served or paper or china.

Cooked by the finest chefs


by KFC.

No matter where you are.

There is one thing almost as good as a road trip.

All together now.

As I write the opening words for the winter holidays.

No matter who or where you are.

The word is...

"Let's Party"


I'm so happy.

Unless there's a reason, all writing for the rest of this year will be in the comments for this blog post.

Or on the Tweety.

Or Instagram.

Or ?

Starting with....

You know it makes me want to shout... Happy!

Blog stupid...
But drive responsibly.






Friday, November 1, 2013

Now if I can just get in touch with IrishDavid or Newt. I would be one happy person...


From a previous post ---

"... Can you please get Sailing Buddy a girl friend and a good reason to live across the country in another state? ... Please? ...."


I just got the news. Just this minute.
Oh Santa, you did it.

It is a dream come true. You're sending Sailing Buddy across the country!  Oh happy day. Already I am giddy with the news. But why wait until summer Santa. Why not send him now? 

Imagine how much fun he will have in all that snow.  :)

How can I ever tell you how happy I am about this. 
Hugs Santa baby. You are just the best.



I'm finally looking forward to the new year sailing. :)

Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...
Don't give up.

Happy Halloween


Thursday, October 31, 2013

And the wind catches your feet and sends you flying.

Which is which?

Blog stupid...
Blog stupid...


"...humor me and tell me lies..."





Good morning, Gentle Readers,

Today is not my favorite day.

I never have gotten into the Halloween  holiday. 

Tonight when folks are out makin' mischief?  I 'm hopefully going to be sitting by the fire reading. I know that it doesn't sound like much fun. It's just not in my heart to dress like a ghoul and scare people. Me?  I'm more interested in Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Be careful and kind tonight. Think of me while you're rocking the night away.  I've got Christmas decorations to sort.

Cya tomorrow.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Life? Is strange.


Crazy for the French Quarter.

I remember walking down Bourbon Street singing,  "...I'm crazy for this lady..."

I'm wearing this fierce black hat and I'm mad.

So idiot took two cents when I'd have given him the dollar.

I'm walking down Bourbon Street with my head held high.

I'll show 'em.

When out of the door way wearing a pimp purple suit was Michael Clarke Duncan.
The man steps up and shakes my hand.

I smile because he's this bear of a man and I know that I'm going to be okay.

I'm doin it for me.

I'm doin it for my father.

I get to Esplanade when a Voodoo King calls to me.

"I like that hat." he says.

"I do to." I say.

"What is up? What are you doin'?" he says.

I tell him.

He gives me a tung nut. Gives one to WB and Pup too.

Tells me that it will keep us safe.

8 months later Katrina comes.

I'm safe.

So is WB and Pup.

I never did hear what happened to that Voodoo Man


You know, Ever since I've started writing this particular blog, no one has commented. Not one person. I know that people read the blog they just don't comment.   Got me to thinking that maybe it's time for a few changes to my own life.  

Not sure what I'll do.  WB is always unhappy. Pup's grown. My folks seem to be an island unto themselves.  I go out into the world and people are nice in that business like, "let's all get along so that we can get through this and go home"  kind of way. I miss Irish David and Newt but I doubt that I'll ever hear from them.  Everyone seems to have this other thing to do. All those years of them telling me how they only wanted for my own good when in reality they were just doing things for their own good seem to coming to an end.  At least I didn't become mean spirited.  I didn't become the liars that they became. I'm still, in my heart kind.

I do have my dogs, a roof over my head, and the chickens. People are polite.  If I'm lucky we'll all continue to be polite. I'll hold tea parties for my dogs and hope that Pup will meet someone nice and have kids. I never got a chance to have the friends and family. Home and a companionship, look unlikely.

After years of listening to people tell me my shortcomings, it will be refreshing to have them ignore me.

But hey, I learned how to live my life alone.  Doesn't that sound fun.

I don't have to be funny or engaging. 

I don't have to care.

I just have to be polite.

Thank you people in the world who've talked to me and who've been polite because that's just who you are.  I'm sorry that we never got to be friends.  I was lucky to have shared life's everyday events with you. It made a difficult situation better.  If I said hello and hugged your neck?  I meant it.

Not sure how I'm going to spend the rest of the year.  Considering the people who've spent time telling me what a useless twit I am, can't see I'd being doing much of interest to anyone.

I'm thinking that WB has been so miserable that he's gonna  leave.
Don't know what Pup's going to do.
Any hope that I'd see IrishDavid again or hear from Newt seem unlikely.

Time to get off the crazy train. 

I hear the next stop is Hopeful and Happy station.

If anyone hears from Irish David, tell him that I'd like to talk to him before I go.

Yours truly,

Sad Panda.


PS  Oh for the love of Pete,

This is 12dotsandablot.
A writer's blog.
A fiction writer's blog.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.


Writer Ann

So in the middle of the possum crisis I find out that Tv's Craig Ferguson has a new game show and will be guesting on Hot in Cleveland and basically (since he's been pre taping and "phoning it in" anyway) probably won't renue his contract in 2014.  I don't know if that is true or not but it is a rumor.


I'm not a big fan of this rumour.


After years of watching this guy on tv?

I think it's a good thing.

He's not seemed really happy for the last year or so. It's painfully not funny to watch.

And now that JRT is in the mix and David Letterman decided to stay, it just seems like time for a change.

Good luck Tv's Craig Ferguson. Thank you for getting me to laugh.

Writer Ann.

Sigh just another entity that gets paid big bucks and then leaves. 

Must be nice.


No capital punishment.

For those of you who've read this blog know,  my setting hens were attacked by an evil possum


My stomach is twisted in knots.

WB got the bright idea to get a possum trap. The possum had come back after that first night, scared the hens off their nests, and then ate all but two of the eggs. Bless their hearts. They were frantic. The rooster was upset. No one got any sleep.

So WB got the possum trap and set it up last night. All night I had dreams of baby possums. "You captured our possum mommy!", little possum babies were saying in my dreams. I tossed and turned. This morning the dogs were barking and the rooster crowing. Out we went to see what happened. WB in his suit and tie and me in t shirt and shorts. Any hope that the possum was holed up with his babies was dashed when I heard WB shout, "Bring me the pellet gun! We captured that egg eating possum!" My heart sank.

Some how I've managed to delay WB's wrath but I'm not sure how long. Last I heard him say was that we could fatten that possum up with corn and eat him for Thanksgiving.    WB may wear a tie to work but I can tell you that he's a Alabama red neck when it comes to stuff like this.

Gentle Reader. Some how? I've got to find a way to relocate this possum by tonight or he or she will be dinner. I am not going to shoot, skin, and eat that living and breathing mammal. The rattle snake was bad enough but I am drawing the line at this possum. I know I was mad at it because it ate the chickens eggs and disrupted my setting hens but I'm not mad enough to kill it.

I'm against capital punishment.


Monday, October 28, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I'm a tree in the forrest talking out loud. Like the friggin burning bush (someone is reading over my shoulder and just asked, "That's an STD isn't?" and then had the audacity to star laughing at my predicament. In a minute, they will probably start proof reading this for spelling errors. My life is laughable and they're proof reading.

I am a Saaad Panda.

I have to go watch Dick Figures on Youtuby quick.

Saaaaaaaaadddd Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnda.

Sob. Wheeze, Boo hoo. Shart.

Now they're not only correcting my spelling, they are trying to write me blog.

Really really really really REALLY Sad Panda.

My life is pathetic but this blog post is actually pretty good.

Audience just used BIG word. I can't spell it - shut up person reading over my should. I KNOW that you are a Happy Smart Panda but it you keep this up I'm going to add another adjective to the list and YOU will become Happy Smart Azz Panda.

Because I said so.

And noooww

The time has come to go to sleep

Good night.
Goooooooooodddddd NNNNNiiiiggggghhht.

Lol Person reading over my shoulder known still as HApppy Smart Azz Panda just reminded me of great video..

Fork in the Garbage Disposal Dance AkA Yes dance

Click the title of this blog and I'll post link.

I'm sooo tired.

... No not depressed, just tired. Long day.

PS. I am NOT interested in ANY romantic blog scams. Get life. I'm good.  Go away. Thanks. Management.
Hey Canada. So how's it goin'  Are you going to chat with me?
.Who are U?
What are U?
How are U?
Are you cute?
Just asking
Need conversation

" You better pray to the Lord when you see them flying saucers."

Fun with Google.

Then come back.

It's a song.


Blog stupid...

Clap if you believe in fairies.

We're sitting here watching this video and when Kiki (watch the video) has too much Yes Dance and died, All of a sudden we were claping our hands and saying "I believe in fairies." (ya know like that part about Tinker Bell in not Pinochio  ah yeah Peter Pan. 

Then literally, at the exact same moment, we looked at each other and eyebrows raised began to cackle laugh  out loud.  I'm only posting this because ...


I am so sleepy but still a good person

Please don't hate me for having a sense of irony and humor.

"...Let's do the fork and the garbage disposal.... ding di ding dah dinga ding ding"

For the humor impared?
Lemmie break it down.

That guy on the video started it.. :P


I was going to put some musical youtuby type thing here but I 1) Can't remember and 2) I'm so friggin' sleepy that I can't be bothered.
Go find your own Youtuby thing and be amazed.

PS The dog is snoring.  He's saying, "Good mercy. Are you still awake. Go to sleep."  Unlike weirdo people's dogs, if my talks to me it's to give me good advice like, "Eat broccoli."  or "Brush my teeth."

Oh well.

Time for sleep.

Writer Ann

,oh hey. According to Pup there's comets to watch in the night sky. Comet ISON

Hope you have fun.