Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Further Advanetures of Plastic Man

Somewhere in the middle of PlasticLand

There lives the life a real live man.

Through the storms

He makes his plans


Why is it only men who make their ideal?  Pygmalion? Made by a man. Pinocio (spell it? I can't hardly keep my eyes open to type), again made by a man.

What type of ideal would be made by a woman?

I'm worried that we'd make such a flawed  individual (because we do like our bad boys) that he'd ruin our world before we could "fix" him.

Think about it.

Note. I had little to no sleep last night. Drove along way, slept with crank dogs , I'm trying to stuff a biscuit in my mouth, drink a glass of milk, listen to cranky pups, listen to cranky Pup.

The two legged one is now in the car complaining, "We are late. Stupid writers."

Sorry for the typos.

Rough draft.




Funny, but it's at this moment you'd get lucky.

Archaic ref. (Calgone take me away.)

So I'm thinking that the creation's name? Calgone

LOL and it was a woman who created the character Frankenstein.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


"I finally have an idea. I have a life. Something to look forward to and work towards.



While I love to share a laugh with someone? 

I can make myself laught too.

It's good."


Way before there was a Kardashian or the Jersey Shore or My Sweet 16?

There was Ed.

If you get a chance to see this movie? Do it.


Now that's television.

LOL I'd write a fiction book about it but well it's already been done better than I could ever do. So I'll pass.

Answer to the question?

"Would you rather be rich or famous?"




LOL I have alot to do this year.

Hugs again. I don't know why people are reading this blog. Maybe they aren't. Maybe I'm some middle of the night rss feed addition that they forgot about?

What I do know is this >

I'm a writer.
I'm a mom.
I have a boat that needs work and animals that need feeding.
My life has been puncutated with some pretty odd occurances which I try to have a sense of humor about.
I've had friends who I loved dearly but now don't see.


I write a blog that has to have a disclaimer so that you, Gentle Readers, don't think I'm nuts. LOL, Repeat after me

Welcome to 12dotsandablot.
It's a writer's journal.
It is NOT a diary.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you do not know which is which?
Please do not ASSume.


Sigh, and Newt? If you are out there reading this? I miss chatting but mostly I miss your music choices. I miss your advice. Heck I miss hearing about Lexi. I miss you friend Newt.

LOL, I'm listening to Macy Gray at the moment. Who's going  to remind me that there's more music in the world. LOL, I'm actually listening to

Honestly. Can this be a good idea?

(Grumble. I use to listen to the Late Late Show to keep my musical mind from atrophy. Now? Nope. No music. No words to set me back on my heels in thought. Instead? Sophmoric. I don't mind sophmoric if it makes me laugh. I've laughed at fart jokes. But this isn't the same. What worries me most is that the show will turn into a late night version of A Star Is Born. Next think I know, the robot skeleton will be hosting The LateLateShow and Craig Ferguson will have either quit or will be enshrined in that "carbonite" known as the 11:30 late night talk show hour. Ack. Grumble. Grumble. Ack. Ack.

I'm channeling Newt conversations to keep from being bored. Staying up late with the hopes that LLSwithCF will come out of the doldrums. Hoping that someday I'll look in my comments and see some smart azz comment from Newt.
Otherwise, I write.


And trust me. I am a writer. My real life is different.





I'm in the bathroom of this book store when a voice floats out of no where.  Not asking for toilet paper,  I hear this voice from the other stall asking  "I'm sorry. I'm doing research for a book. If you could identify one thing in your life that does or would make you happy? What would that be?"

Yes, these are the EXACT words coming from inside the bathroom stall. I'm thinking that if I didn't wash my hands I could escape. Unless they'd looked at my shoes? How would they know who I was?
I'm looking at the space under the stall door. The jeans that were around their ankles aren't and I'm hearing the sound of a zipper. I'm not moving.

"It could be just one thing. Doesn't have to have happend. Maybe something that you think would make you happy if it did happen ..." The stall door is opening. There's still time to move.
I'm not moving.


From The Zen Happiness Experiment
author c anne ford

all rights reserved by the author


So there I am in the bathroom stall of a book store which shall remain nameless.

Yes that is a "run on" sentence but this has been a "run on" kind of life.

On and on and on...

Rare but it happens. It's why we need these ... "

2-16-12 c anne ford

Honestly, if we're going to start fighting about punctuation and grammer from the start?

You can leave.

I'm staying.

It is my blog.


This is `12dotsandablot.
A writer's journal.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.


Stuff to do.

How about you?


LOL there's parts of this video missing.

Why do I live this waaaayyyy??? Hey must be the money??


Boat. Must. Have. Boat.

And dogs.

And Pup.

And music.

Must have music.


Well after much effort and planning? It's the Zen Happiness Tour.

Heyyy must be the money (and fun)...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dear Pup,

"You gotta be..."



You've gotta be you.

I can talk to you about my life.

I can be there if things go wrong.

But really.

You have to do the work of life.

Good news?

You're up to the challenge.

Now then.

I'm not leaving you.

I'm saying  you've always got a place at my table.

Now go live your life.

It's will be okay.

If it's not?

Then come sit besides me.

I'll hug your neck.

I'll give you a place to heal.

I'll kick you back out into the world when you're better.

I'll tell you,

"You ll be okay."

"You aren't alone."




Note to Gentle Readers everywhere.

Read the comments.

Otherwise you might miss something.


I'm not sure what I'll be doing next month. 

It'll involve fun.

For me.

And hopefully for you too.

What will it be?



Oh and I hope that you had a nice day yesterday. I didn't. The day once again sucked.  You see this is why I hide out  here until it's over. No matter what I do Fate shows up and gives me a gigantic "bitch slap".

I was going to appologize for whatever I've done to pizz off Fate.

Then I thought about it.

VD only comes once a year and I didn't do it.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If think that VD sucks?
Clap your hands.
If you think VD sucks?
Clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it?
And your money you would blow it?
If you're happy and you know it?
And you really want to show it?

LOL you must take really good drugs.

Very sleepy.

Well it's Valentine's Day.



Sunday, February 12, 2012