Saturday, October 1, 2011

new experiment update...

(or a continuation of the already done list)

Tai chi looks easy but it is not.

Already I've found out that I walk like a duck with toes pointed out. 

This has me practicing the fine art of walking. I've been walking for a very long time so I'd have thought that someone would have pointed out the fact that I walk like a duck, but no one has. Until now.

(They were very nice about it. And well now I know.)


Tai chi is really beautiful to watch. You get caught up in the grace and balance. You can get lost in in.


This is how you can get run over or lost in the middle of tai chi class.

It's okay. I hear everyone's done it.


(Homage to CF of the Late Late Show)

I don't get to watch CF or the Late Late Show because tai chi is keeping me very busy.  

Someone pointed out that my going to as many tai chi classes may be exposing an addictive personality.

It's not.

It is pointing out that I'm cheap and you only get charged one price for month and can go to as many classes as is possible.  It's also pointing out that I don't like looking stupid and uncoordinated any longer than I have to. The more classes I go to the better I'll get.  Beginnning tai chi, like puberty, is just one of those periods that you have to go through inorder to become a graceful tai chi swan.


I've told my instructor that the last move that we learned will probably have me falling on my rear end in class.

She nodded wisely, smiles, and I think thought to herself, "Oh goody."

Everyone is nice and graceful.  I aspire to be the same.

So it's practice practice, practice if I want to be one of the beautiful tai chi people.




Now I know why people ask for personal trainers.


Still practice, practice, practice with tai chi but hey, I got a nifty tshirt.

For how to do the Pilates plank.


Thursday, September 29, 2011



Everybody tai chi!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Busy day.

Before I go about the day?  Just wanted to say hello and ask you, " How's it goin' ? "