Saturday, July 10, 2010

"...Everywhere you go?


You always take the weather with you..."

Jimmy Buffet

(If you've come from Twitter? I'm not spamming. Honest. Only post on my Twitter account and to ask if it's okay to post it on another account.)

Now then, the point of this blog post.


The Concert for the Gulf Coast will finally happen. It was supposed to have been earlier but a hurricane threatened the coast (again) so they put it off until July 11.

I know that I'm a bit biased here when I tell you that the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico are some of the most beautiful in the world. The water is warm and the sand beaches are fine. Yeah it's abit crazy but it's the good kind of crazy.

Jimmy Buffett's Concert for the Gulf Coast ... July 11, 2010 ... Live on CMT (on cable) or on CMT's website. Or for the lucky 35,ooo ticket holders ... live @ Gulf Shores, Alabama ...

Hugs and prayers for a great day, good weather, and a great concert...


Because it's my job...

Oh mercy,

All the gnashing of teeth over the US Supreme Court nominee hearings.

It's their job people.

It's the job of the US Senators to try very hard to rattle the cages of the nominee.

This nominee (if chosen) will have the job as long as they chose to do it. They're the gate keepers of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The irony here is that US Supreme Court justices are notorious for rattling the cages of lawyers.
It's their job.

Calm down.

It's a process that's been happening for a long time now. If Judge Kagan is up to the challenge she'll rattle right back.

After all.
If she becomes a Justice?

She'll be rattling cages all her own.

"It's an imperfect process in an imperfect world."

AuthorAnn, 7/10/10

Oh and since when has a proper rebutal been, "Yeah and your mama's ugly and people from your state are stupid."


don't try to explain it
just nod your head
breath in, breath out,
move on
..." (Jimmy Buffet)

It'll work out one way or the other.

Well tomorrow night is the big concert for the Gulf. It's down in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

If you can't be there in person? I think that it's broadcast on CMT.

No, I don't know the time. You'll have to look it up but I do know it's July 11th.

Good luck, fine weather, and lots of good, happy, and (safe) clean Gulf Coastal fun for Mr. Buffet and all the folks who get to attend.

Happy day and good reading.


Stupid in Alabama

Okay this Alabama bashing has just got to stop.

I know for a fact that Alabamiams are more than just US Senate subcommitee hearings for SCotUS nominees.

Folks aren't stupid in Alabama.

But to make this arguement? I need proof. A list of noteworthy Alabamians who have an impact on the world.

A Google seach on the Internet gave me this info:

Byron Green 2007 Alabama Idol Winner from Huntsville.
Everyone knows this guy. Well actually not everyone. The folks I know of in Alabama didn't have a clue who he is but apparently he's famous.

Taylor Hicks 200? American Idol Winner
Sigh, I like Taylor Hicks as a singer but sheesh did he have to do it that way?

Don't get me started. He does have a good voice and he did parley the "Doofus School of Dance" lessons into big bucks and a stellar music career.
(Well at least the folks in Alabama know who he is.)

Vonetta Flowers 2002 Olympic medalist
Real live famous person who deserves it.

Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State United States
Okay so you're a Liberal Democrat and can't stand the woman. You've got to admit the woman is famous and all the Republicans thought she was "peachy keen".

Bobby Jon Drinkard Survivors : Palau
Okay I don't have a clue on this guy but since Survivor has the American Idol type ratings? I'm thinking he's famous. At least he didn't have to walk around naked inorder to get noticed.

And to my knowledge, Bobby Jon paid his taxes.

Judge Roy Moore 10 Commandments in the Alabama State Supreme Court building
Well you'd have to have lived under a rock or be completely disinterested in First Ammendment battles to not know this guy.
FYI He ran for (and lost) the race for Republican nominee for Governor of Alabama this year. (Again).

Mother Angelica
I think she's the nice lady on cable who does the art lessons.

Helen Keller
"That deaf, dumb, and blind..." girl "...sure played a mean pinball." Okay that's not right. Helen Keller was the subject of that movie that had Patty Duke in it.

Hank Aaron
Baseball, people, baseball. How can you not know who Hank Aaron is?

Alabama (the country music group not the state)
Famous country music group who put hard work and Ft. Payne, Alabama on the map. You should check out their song, "Hello America" on Youtube.

No wait. I'll do it.

Think the economy when you listen to it. Alabamiams weren't big fans of outsourcing jobs. We were saying, "Thanks, ya'll."

Bobby Denton
Appeared on Dick Clark and then went on to become an Alabama Senator.
Enough said.

Brett Butler, Actress
She was on ABC's Grace Underfire which was a very good show until they canceled it.
Kind of like Ugly Betty.
Then again maybe not.
Lots of folks thought that Ugly Betty went into the crapper during Season 2 and didn't start to come back until season 4 when ABC canceled it. Grace Under Fire didn't have that problem. It was just canceled. Period.

Nat King Cole singer
His daughter? Natalie Cole. Unforgetable (redeux)

Gail Patrick
Producer of the Perry Mason Show . I loved Perry Mason reference during the 2000 Florida Recount trial.
Too bad it didn't work.

Dr. Mae Jemison (first African American female to fly in space)
Okay this is another real live famous person. No joke.

Kate Jackson (original Charlie's Angels lead on Scarecrow and Mrs King)
She was the black haired one who didn't go on to produce of line of women's clothing for KMart.

Dean Jones (actor and lead in the films That Darn Cat and The Love Bug.)
Dean Jones was the "Justin Beiber's older brother" type actor for Walt Disney.

Wille Mayes Baseball player
(aw, come on, please tell me that you know who Willie Mae's is. If you don't that would be just wrong and un American.)

Jim Nabors Actor (Gomer Pyle on Andy Griffith and Gomer Pyle show.)
No, he was not stupid. He just played stupid on tv.

Jesse Owen Olympic Champion
And the guy you see in the history class films when studing WWII. He's the one who told Hitler to fck off. At least I think he is the one.
This is why God made Wiki.
Look it up.

Satchel Paige Baseball player
"best arm in baseball" They've written songs about this guy for heaven's sake.
Do I have to do everything? Once again, look it up.

Paula Poundstone (seriously? I didn't know that she was from Alabama.) Commedian

Percy Sledge Singer "Wheeen a maaaaaannn loves a woommamaaannn. Cain't think of nothin' else." Yeah that guy.

The Commodores and well that other guy whose daughter used to be BFF with Paris Hilton. Lionel Richie.

Tammy Wynette First Lady of Country Music

The woman who sang that song "Stand By Your Man". You know the one that goes "...Sometimes It's Hard to be a Woman..." Lyle Lovett covered it later. Lyle Lovett is not from Alabama. I know this because there's no way any self respecting male-type Alabamian is gonna seriously cover this song.
You don't do that to the First Lady of Country Music's theme song.

I think he's actually from Texas.
Must be a transplant because guys from Texas are pretty much like the guys from Alabama.
Unless they're Lyle Lovett.
Or from Austin.

Hank Williams very famous country singer.

Everybody knows of Hank Williams. Even folks who can't stand country music know who Hank Williams was. He's like Willie Nelson. Only more famous.

Well this is just from one web page.

Just heard a well informed source tell me that there's a statue in Alabama of a guy who's supposed to be the Father of Gynocology. We're not sure if he's from Alabama or moved here. There's an urban legend that there's a public building in Birmingham, Alabama with swastica (Did I spell that right?)on it. And then there's Truman Copote and that lady author who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird to look up.

Actually? I've got a real live, native born Alabamiam who's read this post and is listing all the folks from Alabama whose work has helped folks through out the world.

No kidding.

Got more reasearch to do.

Wikipedia here I come.



Thursday, July 8, 2010

That man was robbed...

Emmy nominations.

Honestly as funny as Conan OBrien can be? The 2 night show stent wasn't as good as the Late Night show.

Sympathy "sex" can be just ugg.

My vote?

Tv's Craig Ferguson on the LateLate Show. Best acting, writing, and direction for a commedy music variety series. Especially for writing.

Maybe it is time he got to go on cable.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hmm not a story. Had to go way back into my archives to find this poem. I had a toothache but well it's good for other aches and pains too.




yeah I know

I'm a big baby


so I don't care

It frikin hurts

I'm being a big baby


I want you to hold my hand

and so I want you to hug my frickin neck

yeah because this is overwhelminglly painful

I don't do



or needles

I HATE Needles

oh that made me hurt


it hurts

even my hair hurts
my hair



what did I do to any one

yes I took two extra strenght tylenols'

that should kick in a minute

i just want the heating pad

and the couch

and it to stop hurting

and to put my head in somebodies lap

and have them rub my cheek\

and watch Craig Ferguson with me

and bring me soup

and not crackers

the crunch makes my head hurt

you can imagine what I think about the

Captain Crunch ;your dumping in that bowl.

and actually fixing to crunch

eventhough I told you











ever you do








i am soooo oh yo yo yo right now. and darlin y y y you are sooooo yes yes yes

oh mercy this hurts

IC 2-18-08

Get better soon.

Note please. IC is the same as IronChassis. I was writing as IC before Author Ann.

All rights reserved by the author (that's me)

Hmmm....I feel another story coming on....

"Come dancing..."

Writing 2night

Stay tuned

The next morning you come out of lust's undertow and...

...if you're lucky you find magic snoring next to you.

I did it. I did it. I did it.

Unlike the sad story in the songs?

I got to put feet in the most beautiful water on Earth.

I got my water from the Gulf to christen the boat.

I got to spend time on one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

It's been such a long time.

"She bitch slapped me
Then she drew me through the undertow.
Spit me out on a beach somewhere
I was dazed and sore
From her embrace
Yet all I could say was "...more..."
Her eyes they are green like the water I've seen
Of the coast of a Florida shore.
And her hair it hangs tangled
Like seaweed

She's like sugar mixed with sand
She scratches you on the way down
And smells of coconut rum
This one bites you
And that bite will delight you
As she walks long the shore in the sun
But never forget that the sweet that awaits you
Will scrape you and burn you my son.

You'll drink her all up
And she'll make you drunk
Then you'll throw up
The worst of her fun
But the drink will make hazey
The worst of the memory
And all you'll have left is the fun.

7 July 2010

All rights reserves by the author

Okay I've started writing this and will let it settle for later edit. Going outside to do some stuff and enjoy the sunshine.

But there is something for you to think about.

I don't have to be miserable to write. The best that comes from here is when I'm happily telling stories.
And I have my daily dose of beach and sex.



It's good.

Gotta go.

by Author Ann

Internet rumors ...sure footed WaterBabies...Laying out by the pool

And you thought that private school tution was wasted???

Sure footed Water Boobies
Pick their way through the surf
Black socks
The waterline
For a Jaded Coasties mirth
Long legged Preeners
Roost on chases by the pool
Hiphop Parties
The watermark for cool

I sit on this blanket
And I watch all the fun
Slather on the SPF
And soak up the sun
39 days and counting
Til I head back to school
Youtubes of time well spent.
Laying out by the pool.

July 7, 2010
written by Author Ann

Sigh. Got the water to christen my boat.
Sail on sail on sailor...

all rights reserves by author

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's what I do...Most days

It's what I do...Most days

sit here

I get paid to sit here and stare

@ a computer screen

I take words and mix them up

Throw them against a wall

Watch them fall to the floor

Then I stir them with my big toe

And hope for rain

5th of July, 2010


all rights reserved by the author

Throwing it all in the sea ...


"You can go to hell in a hand basket..."

I don't know what that means either. If I could draw a picture of it. Put it in a frame in a 5x7 photograph? What does it look like? Forget putting it in black and white with the image clear. You can't put this feeling in a blurry color photo. It's just too vague to define it.

I want to go home.


This isn't about growing up and facing the fact that life and places change. Sure they do. This is about preserving a way of life when it is possible to do so.

The Red Neck beaches of Alabama, north Florida, and Mississippi are having worse trouble than BP oil slicks. Slowly they're being turned into places that the average person can't afford. With discount hotel prices hovering at 300 dollars a night, most folks can't go. The places of my youth where the "puppies of Yuppies" could mix it up with the farmer's kids in Panama City are being replaced with luxury condos that most folks here could only see if they were cleaning the toilets.

I'm glad that I have my boat and a little "jingle in my pocket". Glad that I've seen the luxury condos from the guests view and the otherside. Same for people.

Those folks who clean toilets are people. Same as the folks who poop in them. Those beaches don't care what's in your wallet long as you don't litter on them. Take care of them and they'll love you forever.

Thing is there's plenty of places those luxury condo people can go take a crap but not so many places that a farmer's son can go steal a first kiss on the beach. Maybe that's what Mother Nature is trying to say.


We'll see.

There's a free concert down at the end of Highway 59 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's close to the Pink Pony (LOL yeah I do know.) Down by the entrance to the public beach. Jimmy Buffet is playing. 35,000 tickets evaporated in 10 minutes. It's supposed to be a free concert but good luck getting a ticket. I hear there are tickets still available if you rent one of those luxury condos. The concert is supposed to get the local's minds off the oil spill and help boost business.

We'll see on that too.

That's not being mean. It's just saying that the concert's been posponed once because of Huricane Alex. Mother Nature's not a woman to be messed with.

Maybe she's a Parrot heat. Might better find her front row seats to this thing.

Wouldn't want to pizz her off.

"Sea of heart break..."

There's just something ironic and funny about...

.. the Boston Pops doing a cover of this song...

"I'm perfect in every way until I screw up. Then too bad. Too sad."

WB 5July2010

"I'm shipping off to Boston. woah oh oh... "

LOL There should be another holiday...

...for the day after a holiday when you get the extra day off.

How about "Happy Day After the Holiday That We Get Off Because The Holiday Comes on The Weekend" Day.

I'm okay with it.

So I got to go to the beach yesterday. The beach, which we were told in the news was gonna be nasty from BP oil, was beautiful. The water was clear and the beach was clean. I'm thinking that it's not a Potemkin Village moment so -- weeelll-- who knows..

It was nice though. I love the beach and was grateful to see it.

LOL The machine just got disconected.

Guess I was supposed to say how terrible and awful the water was. Thing is? From what I saw? To say terrible and ugly would mean I'd have to lie.

Not gonna do that.

Mr. Music please ...

Happy July 5 th otherwise known in this household as

""Happy Day After the Holiday That We Get Off Because The Holiday Comes on The Weekend" Day"

Let us pray...


This is just so wrong...

I'm sitting here in a towel and a tshirt. That's it. My hair is a mess from salt water and wind. The day was beautiful. The place for sailboats fantastic. Yet here I sit crazed.

My phone isn't working.

I put a spell on you you stupid phone.

Please start working again.


Happy 5th of July.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

Wishing everyone a happy 4th of July.

Hope that you have alot of fun, good food to eat, and good company to celebrate with.

(Don't forget the LLS's Craig Ferguson is hosting the Boston celebration on CBS tonight. Sounds like great fun.)

Author Ann