Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello boys.

. Oh now. Who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their lives with one of these fine, fine families. (I needed a laugh.) Whoo boy. Imagine. There seems to be a big difference between King Fergus and the fellas that the character Merida was being asked to be married to. I mean just look at em. LOLOOLOLOLOL .

While you are watching this remember that Merida is not being asked to clean her room.

She's being asked to marry a complete stranger by her mother. 

Because it's custom.


PS LOL at what the folks are reading here on 12 dots.  Funny.

And for that movie review reading list?

Please add.

Please note:

"...Andrews: She isn’t any different. She’s like Woody. The thing that makes “Toy Story” work is that Woody’s problems come about as a result of his own faults. The thing that makes “Brave” take off is a result of Merida’s own faults. ...

That Mr. Andrews is talking about Merida's refusal to marry.  This isn't the first time I've read this.


Q: Was there anything cut that was painful?
Andrews: Not for me. I know there were scenes the story artists had worked on such as one where the lords were trying to talk to Elinor through the door to her room, thinking she’s in there, but it’s actually the triplet (sons) who are trying to distract them. It’s funny and they spent a lot of time on it but the whole idea was just lifted (out). Also, animals weren’t in the film at all (before I came onboard) so I put animals in. The tech guys who spent two years creating scenes with snow weren’t happy with me because I cut out those scenes...."

LOL Well that explains a whole lot.

Happy summer vaca ya'll.



I'm sorry to disagree with Tv's Craig Ferguson.

When he says that the movie about a girl fighting against being sold into a cultural slavery was one that had no gender.

I'm going to be sexist here.

I can be because I am female.

Only a female would have been able to know the true consequences of being chattel.

You may hold the hand of the mother of your children as she gives birth.

But someone would have to double up their fist and hit you in the groin while you were suffering the pain of passing a kidney stone the size of a basket ball through  your penis before you'd know the pain she was going through.

I hope in your next life that you are born the daughter of a clan chief in ancient Scotland.

That way you can comment on the situation.


Hello from vacation.

I'm going to the movies this weekend.  Will write my review here.

By the way,  I might have bloodlines that go  back to Robert the Bruce but my family has been American since the time of the American revolution back in the 1700's.  LOL, I could actually be a full member of the DAR.

I am American.

Before you read this review, you might want to review your vocabulary and your history of the clans of ancient Scotland.

You ll want to know the definition of the words "chattel" and "brave" and "whitewash", "spouse" vs "husband".  You'll also want to know that the time period of this movie was barbaric to say the least.  King Fergus was a clan chieftain.  You might want to think of it as mafia families and King Fergus the Don of the Ferguson family. There would be a reason why the character, Merida, would want to flee from her situation.  In the case of this movie, Merida's character would have been "married" off to another clan and kept as a kind of hostage by her spouses tribe. She'd be expected to produce heirs for her spouses clan. She'd be expected to swear allegiance to this other clan. As "pretty" as Pixar and Disney would try to make it, it would be a desperate situation for the young princes.  Especially a princess who'd been raised by her father to be strong and independent.  Raised male centric.  To go from that to being a hostage isn't the happiest fate. Especially not happy if your mother is telling you that it's a good thing to be a hostage.

The character Queen Elinor wasn't married off into such a fate. Which to me is the real fairytale in this movie.

If Merida's character had been born male it would have been a much different situation.


Again, I am glad that I'm American.  I'm also glad that I have a son and not a daughter.  Even now it amazes me the priveledged given to males vs those given females.

Back later.





Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's not exactly an InterActiveBlog story.  It is something written by chance that does tell a good story.


And the video that is supposed to go with the elec...

. I am not a number. I am not a demographic. No...

. Well someone or someones did it. Remember ...

Everybody Wants To Rule The World...

Why I'm not doing Interactive Blogs here or much r...



I think it's best defined by Alannis Morisette.

It's ironic.

The song that for me is cheerful and hopeful in lyric and melody?

This it's the video.

LOL That's the thing about writing.

We all hear the same thing but don't all "see" it the same way.




A "cheering up" song.

I went to the beach one July 4th.  It was the first time that I'd been to the Gulf in years. The waves were big because out in the Gulf there was a hurricane.

LOL, what a lesson I learned that day.

Bitch slapped by the Gulf of Mexico as a reminder to NEVER take "her" forgranted.



"I'm beginning to think that this is the place where hope goes to die."



The world premire of the movie Brave was shown last night.

The reviews are mixed. 

Worse yet?

They're calling it a mother/daughter story.

One spoiler called the main character, Merida, selfish because (LOL) she didn't want to marry a complete stranger.

She didn't want to be "won" like the prize on a carnival midway.

"...I'll compete for my own hand..."

she says.

For this she is called selfish.


A vocabulary lesson.






Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well someone or someones did it.

Remember the 12 dots challenge to write a story using the post titles and the post comments? Well someone did it.

To recap. I used to write another blog. It was the very first blog that I'd ever written and it evolved into a kind of Zen Garden. There I constructed a story telling machine. The InterActive Blog Story. Toward the end, when I knew that the blog would be shut down, I used to love to randomly click through the links to read the various stories that would seem to magically appear. In reality it wasn't magic but very hard work that brought that blog to light.

That blog gave me something wonderful. Because of that blog? I knew. I am a writer.

It also let me come into the world of a lovely person, who even if they were a bit LOL grumpy, was so very talented and very kind in the good way. They promised me something and unlike all the other people who promised? They were one of the only people to keep their word.

I miss writing to them and hearing how they are very much.

It doesn't have a title.

If you have the ..... to come out into the light? Twitter me.

(And don't forget that what you write has a play list.)

Now then, "Once upon a time...."

., Welcome to 12 dots. A writer's journal. Fa...

. "Kittens and sparkly fricken My Little Pony...

. Welcome to summer term: Botnay 355 Let's liste...

. Ooops. Almost forgot. Can't be summer vacation...

For CinamonWaffles who can't sleep...

. Let's see. Keys? Check. Intern given directi...

. "...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom, boom. '...

. So here's a challenge. Look over there to the ...

Hurray ...

I predict. Horoscopes for the people who I know. ...

I'm not sure if this is a collaborative effort to schmooze or a single effort.

Got me on a morning when I needed to laugh.

And I did laugh.

In that funny way that has a big ole grin on your face all the way through the day.

You don't know why you're smiling but you can't help it.

It's funny and it's nice too.

It's the way I always felt when I heard from my friend above.

So the thing is? Who wrote it?

Thank you for the kind smile.

Thank you for "the bit of wind to fill my sails".





Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Is it true that Summer Intern moonlights on the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Swim Team?"

This is NOT an apropriate question for Summer Intern.

I may have a sense of humor but Summer Intern's father does not.

You want a question?

Here's one.

Is it true that Summer Intern's dad is an attorney for a (rumored) mafia don?

Do you really want to find out the answer to this question by sending Summer Intern the above Tweety?

I think not.

Now then.

Read the next post and go pester  Russell over at BrandX.





"Kittens and sparkly fricken  My Little Pony people. I am serious here."


Read this blog quick.

(Before the block fairy comes to visit the Youtube fairy.)

If they get there first?

Find a copy of the movie Idiocracy and then use your imagination and the helpful Youtube titles for the relevant scenes.


Welcome to summer term:

Botnay 355

Let's listen in as the Doctorate students discuss an on going project: Project Brondo.


Welcome to 12 dots.

A writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

For the love of Pete?

Do NOT ASSume.


Oh and read the comments.

Now then.

Listen up.

I've got a summer Intern to look after.

This is NOT Brand X with that Russell Brand character.

Exhibit A:

"...that Russell Brand character..."

If you feel the need to pester someone?

Go pester him.

He likes it.

I do not need my summer vacation cluttered up with questions from my summer intern because some idiot has decided to not play nice.

I am going to enjoy this summer vacation.

Summer Intern is going to write the blog posts

and feed the animals here at the animal farm.

For free.

Let's all play nice.

None of this.

Exhibit B:

Not playing nice.

I do not, do not, want to have to explain ANY difficulties to the new Summer Intern's parents.

So if you so much as breathe in the general direction of my very nice Summer Intern?

It's a tour of duty on Ow My Balls for you.

Your future job?

I am not kidding.







It's good to know your target audience when you write a blog.

Here's mine.

Happy, well adjusted people who love to laugh. 

Fun people.

My definition of the word " fun   " ?

I have actually spent the weekend watching all six seasons of Sex in The City.

for fun

The beach? Good.

Going to movies with friends? Good.

Sharing a meal with family on Sunday afternoons outside under the trees? Greaaaat.

Reading all sorts of things? Love it.

Writing?  Hey I'm a writer.

Who is not on my target list?

Well if you're highly political, Type A control freak? You're gonna' be very bored on this blog because  with only a few exceptions?

I don't write politics on this blog.

I reaally don't.

I'm just trying to get through the day and get published like all the other writers and wanna be writers.

If you don't like that?  Please there are literally thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of blogs about crazy things that go bump in the night.

Now go hang with the "Kewl" kids.

If you aren't my demographic?  You'll be much happier else where.

Scat scat.




I don't smoke but I can still appreciate the sentiment.

Play list:

. Ooops. Almost forgot.

Can't be summer vacation with out that recommended summer reading list:

Here's the short list:

Fernando Poo from The Illuminatus Trilogy!

The Peter Principle by Dr. LJ Peter and L Hull

Catch 22 by J Heller

The yet to be published (these are working titles)

Can't Catch A Break. The Incredibly True But Seriously Pathetic Attempt to Over Throw My 5th Grade Summer Reading Group by DictatorX

K-Pop vs Justine Bieber: The Best of 2020 by Comander Xyz

The complete DVD set of Dr. Who

Any thing by Candace BushnellThe complete six seasons of Sex in the City special DVD addition with commentary.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Two things.


If anyone asked me what was the best thing to do in this modern world/

I'd tell them to start sending out kindess into the collective unconscious.

A ray of hope and kindness.

The flicker of the candle that curses the darkness.

Someone told me that it was the highest level of meditation.

That it sent out into the world the light that when joined with all the other lights became the Sun.

I can do it anywhere.

At any moment.

Call it Om.

Call it prayers to God.

No matter.

Smile at strangers.

Hug the ones you love.

Take in a stray.

Just wake up and find something to be happy about.

Then remember it.

Call it out.

But call out into the dark.



You don't want to know why I am sitting here throwing out the largest, kindest, thought.


"Reality writ on thin paper.

Larger than life.

Larger than the movie screen that shows what?

It falls into pieces.

Confetti for heros for some.

The shards of a broken life for others.

I see the dragon in the distance and hear it's roar.

For years I've been told that that roar was one of power.

Now I know different.

It' is the wounded dragon of all.

"What will happen?

When there are no more heros to rise.

When the ground of this world is writ not in stone and conviction


Reality writ on thin paper."

Who will you believe then?


12 June, 2012


LOL don't mind me. I'm just writing.


Why do people write?

We didn't use to.

We had people to remember.


tellers of stories,

they went from place to place telling their version of what came before.

Raped faces.

They flicker in and out of the fire of our memories.

I remember.

Listening to the old stories.

Where reality paled.

Out would jump the :"gods" and "goddesses" that bridged the gap.

They quieted our fears.

Gave us hope.

Quelled the primal screams lodged in our throats.

The ones that kept closed the bottles of our emotions.

Some how those stores kept us til morning.

Till spring.

Till the light shined on the old fears."


Don't mind me.

I'm still writing.


12 June, 2012

"I'm told that Russia fired an ICBM.

I hear the dragons and the bears roar.

I wonder.

If we devolve back into the primordial ooze.

When reason has been replaced with the tics.

What will happen to the clocks of times."

One man calls it the weather to be controled.

You have no idea what's hidden behind the stories.

What is required to keep this world,

this illusion,


Who will you believe when the ground that you walk on becomes not stone but the illusion that it's always been.

What kind story teller will keep you company during the dark night until the next dawn?

Don't mind me.

I'm only writing.




"I was reading another blog's comments. There were passionate arguments over last night's Glee. If you looked at the time stamp for the comments you could see the dedication to the argument. People were "liking" comments left and right.

I was profoundly affected.

LOL, if only the argument was about health care and tax reform."

February 8, 2012 3:03 AM

Author Ann


Resist the impulse to click the above link until you've read all the new posts.


You'll miss something.


Click the above link.


You'll really miss something.

Do it out of order?


You won't miss anything because you don't have a clue.





Let's see.

Keys? Check.

Intern given directions on how to care for the farm?  Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

Welcome to 12dots.
A writer's journal.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.
And for the record it isn't an abandoned or inactive blog.
Look here for future posts.

That fellas would be the 12dots disclaimer?


I predict?

Next post.



Abso-fricken- lutely.








I predict.

Horoscopes for the people who I know.


Good for you for showing up day after day and putting yourself out there. It wasn't easy was it.  Now all that hard work has paid off and your doing good in everyway EXCEPT the nice department.  Money might not buy happiness but it can buy a very expensive head doctor.


Seems like there's been quite a few people who think they're hot sh@T pontificating on your life. Honestly they couldn't have made it past day one. You're correct to complain and complain mightily. Remember to listen to everyone and then tell the Azzes to f43k off.   PS I am not one of the Azzes.


I realize that you are a very insecure two face but please do us all a favor and keep it within your own life boundaries.


You really don't need to read here. From what I've seen you're a narcissistic jerk.  If I were you I'd keep living in that fantasy world over on the other horoscope. That way you can continue to function. Don't come back around here though. I've got  a cosmic restraining order.


You are magnificent. I heard that your sign fathered 5 lion cubs last year. I hear that Sagittarius's lawyer is looking for you.  Something about all those little cubs needing things like shoes and clothes and well I hope that your wallet is as magnificent as your ego.

Note: that's for the guy Leo. If you're a female Leo. Tell your lawyer to call me. I'm pretty sure I saw your Sagittarius baby daddy hiding out with the Cancer jerk.  Get your money quick. That Cancer goes through money like poop through a goose.


You? Don't ask me if you are a virgin in front of your boyfriend. I'd have to tell the truth and neither of you would like it.


The only way you are going to achieve that Libra balance is if you take Lithium. On your chart? They should bring back the term Maniac Depressive. Bipolar is just too nice for your kind of crazy.


Honestly I'm thinking that your sign should be Cancer. Were you adopted?


Your sign needs to hook up with that Leo person. Together you can live in the rhythmic world and populate it with lots of little fur babies. Just don't come looking to me when the child support fairy comes a callin' .  Oh wait he's on the other lion. ...


You have enough trouble with your birthday at the same time as Christmas. Be happy and demand twice the presents.


I've known nice ones and I've know real jerk ones and I've known the ones who alternate between nice and jerk.

So to the jerk ones? Go hang out with Cancer ones and then go read the horoscopes that suck up.

To the alternating jerk one.

Go read the Libra horoscope.

And to the nice one?

There's always the exception to the rule.

Now then. I know that there are going to be bipolar Libras who are gonna come calling and yelling about the importance of lithium on the periodic table.

Good for you. 

Everybody else?

This is for entertainment purposes only.  If you don't like it? Too bad.  I still get a paycheck for writing it.  Save your breath. I don't care.






Saturday, June 9, 2012


Dear Gentle Reader,

I'm going. Just for a while.  I'm feeling all bloated and derivative and like I'm just going through the motions. This is no good for you or for me. So? I'm going.

This isn't an abandoned blog.

Back later.

CAF, writer of 12 dots blog.

PS. Mr. Blueberry, I'm sorry. I know that you've been great it's just that I'm depleted for the moment.  I need to just go out into the world and do something else. If I don't, the  place that writes might just be too pooped to write anymore. Plus, I'm just sad. It appears that I won't be able to go to the place on the lake that look like home.  It's like losing home again.

I know that you'll understand.

Hugs and good wishes.



Thursday, June 7, 2012


Problem with the writing challenge.  I can't keep up with who "wrote" the story.

If you want credit? You've got to comment.


No credit.

Back to watching that new George Lopez dating show on Fox.

LOL That first guy went bust and the second guy still has 2 girls for a date.

"If I gave you 50 thousand dollars? What would you do with it?"

And the winner isssss?????




For Burning Love (see next post)

The bachelor character, Mark, in this epic satire?

Will be gay and have a thing for Michael Ian Black's character.

Also did anyone notice how the actual number of bachelorettes sent home in Burning Love never match the number that they say will be sent home?


Shouldn't this be called Burning Itch?

Buh bye,



If you haven't already seen this?



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gentle Reader.

Do you every fight with your loved one? 

Do you have a loved one?

Comments are made for chatting?

So what's new?


"...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom, boom. 'Grab your things I've come to take you home'..."*

The movie Brave will soon be released. Have been looking at the pre-release publicity and the snippets of the actual movie. From what's been said in the promos, this is a princess who doesn't need to be rescued by a prince. Dunno' but I'm not so sure that this is such a good thing. Honestly, there are times when being "rescued" by a handsome prince and then riding off into the "happily ever after" future seems like a very good idea.

Just sayin'. .

It's rainy out. Here I was looking forward to working out side and it gets weepy outside. .

*line form the Peter Gabriel song Solsbury Hill.  I love the line "My heart going boom, boom, boom..." 

Don't know about you but I could use some romance of the kind that heart palpitations and the words swoon were created for. The idea of hearing the dogs bark and looking out at the gate to see someone. The anticipation.  LOL.  Did I ever tell you about the catsup commercial?


Monday, June 4, 2012


Now I'm going out into the sunshine to see a bit of it.


So here's a challenge. Look over there to the left of the blog posts and you'll see a listing of blog post titles. Go look now. I'll wait.

The challenge?  Try to write a story using the blog titles. Kind of your own interactive blog story. Extra points if you can make the content of the posts relevant to the story.  I'll be reading and trying to find the best "story" to post.

Happy summer.

Got good nights sleep.
Did good thing this weekend.

Going to have fun now.

This isn't a dormant blog. Just have things to do. Twitter is up. Rerun farty is winging through the tv air waves.

. "My word, I am sleepy." Me right this minute. .
. From the movie The Fantastiks (sp?)


" I just have to fly."


"Then be careful. I hear that it's duck season."


Read the comments


the 12 dots disclaimer.

Otherwise you will just be confused.


"One day. One day I'm gonna' wake myself up, walk down to that court house, and change my name to Sparkle Plenty. because I am sparkily, fierce, and plenty pretty."

c anne ford


Welcome to 12dotsandablot.

This is a writer's journal.

A fiction writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

Sometimes peacefully and some times I have to write this disclaimer just in case my mother is reading.

Otherwise she might have a fit of catter walling about how her daughter has just about lost it and if she'd just have married that nice banker person I might not be in such a pickle.

She'd also say things about inappropriate and no daughter of hers was going to end up being an old maid like her Aunt Ethel.

Then I'd have to stand up straight and to promise not to squint.

So I, when the occasion calls for it, put in the disclaimer.


Fact and fiction co exist here on this blog.

If you don't know which is which?

Don't ASSume.



My Mom will really appreciate your efforts.

Hooo raayyy. Today? It's a holiday. (This is stuff to read while I'm gone to do holiday things.) Now let's all go out side and play. When it gets daylight. Oh and who's the Gentle Reader from Ireland? .

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Dear You,

You are invited to Christmas in July.

Due to the whatever of the powers that be,  my Christmas plans have changed.

Since I no longer have to do Christmas race/kitchen "dootie", I can celebrate.

Decided to start early.

(You can never start Christmas celebrating too early.)

So, I'm thowing a party.

Have tunes.

On the water.

I'm pretty sure that "Cruella de ville" will try hard to screw it up but I have hope.

Plus, she's not invited.

This is a dress up event which for me means wear the clean Hawaiian flowerdy shirts.

Shoes optional.

Clothing must cover the "get you arrested if you show it in public" bits.


Tee hee.


Come one. Come all to the Christmas in July Ball.


In other news. I do plan to break out the good china and have dinner out on the gazbo.  Will have to be on the sly because "Cruella" will nix it otherwise.

Suns up.

Stuff to do.


Thursday, May 31, 2012


"...Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans..."



Gentle Readers,

The blog keeps up with the posts that you read. I've been having the best time rereading these posts. They actually tell a kind of story and remind me of the Interactive Blog Stories on the old 12dogs.

Thank you.

It's made me smile.


. .
. I'm really looking forward to this movie. .

Monday, May 28, 2012


All together.

It's acting.



Remember that Zen Happiness Experiment?

The one where I decided to chuck the "to do" list and just wake up, ask myself, "What do I do today in order to feel accomplished tonight?"

It worked.

 I'm glad that Pup is my son.

I don't just have choices, I have choices that I'm glad to have.

I really do have the sailboat to work on.

It's mine and bought with my own money.

I love to write and I'm actually pretty good.



Sunday, May 27, 2012


"Chattering birds."

Woke up this morning surprised.

Learned more from my Dad than I realized.

I also have a happy feeling that comes from a clear conscious.

Remember that Zen Happiness Experiment?

The one where I decided to chuck the "to do" list and just wake up, ask myself, "What do I do today in order to feel accomplished tonight?"

It worked.

There are some things that I miss.

I miss chatting with Newt and Irish David and Billy.

 I'm glad that Pup is my son.

I don't just have choices, I have choices that I'm glad to have.

I really do have the sailboat to work on.

It's mine and bought with my own money.

I love to write and I'm actually pretty good.

(Dear mercy, please DO NOT take what's written on this blog as an excellent example of my writing skills. LOL)

I've learned to plant something and have it grow.

I've learned to take tools and materials and build something.

I'm learning to be kind to BS'ers but also to avoid them.

I've learned what happy feels like.

I've learned what it feels like to go to sleep knowing that you have something to show for your day.

With dirt on my face and tired as can be, I can still find the wind that cools.

I can still stand up tall.

I once read something written on the Internet by an Irishman from Cavan.

He wrote that the man was so useless that he wasted the very air that he breathed.

I'm not wasting the air that I breathe.

Neither are you.

It was a Southerner who told me that if I want to improve the world?

Help the world where you are standing.

Smile and say hello.

That smile may be just the thing that stranger needed to get through a difficult time.

Teach someone how to grow something.

Teach someone how to sing a song.

Tell them a joke and watch them laugh.

Hug someone when they are down.

Listen to them.

To do that?

Sometimes living your live and filling that little part of the world with happy?

Is the best thing to do.

A complete stranger taught me something that she knew, leant me her book, and with her disposition she made me a better person.

To her, it wasn't that big of a deal.

To me?

It was an answer to a problem.

And an example of one way to be.

Go outside, Gentle Readers.

Go talk to people face to face.

 And Pup?

It's still true.

Reality is getting up every day and no matter what happened yesterday?

Trying again.

When people in your life are telling you that you can't?

And you know in your heart that it is legal, moral, and something that you truly want to do?

Tell them that your great grand father could.

Your grandfather could.

Tell them the story about the lives of the people who came before you but then ?

Tell them the story of your mother.

Tell them how, after years and years of being "custodian" of other people's sailing stories?

She bought her own boat.

And then she learned to sail it.

To do this she had to stand up and finally walk out the door.

For every person who said, "Can't"  there was someone who said, "Sure you can."

"I am not too old. I am not too fat. I'm not too stupid. I am not to poor. I am however determined. Yes, I can."

(Don't forget.).

Tell them that she knows what you do.

Be kind.

Keep thinking and figuring

Help when you can.

Keep busy.

If the world is going crazy?

Make something.

Read something.

Learn one new thing about something you love to do.

Each is a step towards peace.

Write your own stories.

Don't give up even if some days it feels as if the whole world hates you.

Still be kind.

(Remember the lessons of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.)

Love will find a way.

You can do it.

For the first time, I am truly feeling as if I am having my own life.

And the ability to be happy and at peace.

So far? Today is a very good day.

And most important?

I love you too.

Still here.





Friday, May 25, 2012


Lets just say that we

(OMG, thank you lady at the gas station who was driving the convertable. Man were you right. Just as easy to put a car seat in a fun car as it is a mini van. Who knew that a walk outside could be so much fun.)


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Gentle Reader.

You and I need to get outside and take a walk.




A truth about my Dad.

Before he was 11 he hopped on a bus and took a trip 90 miles one way.

He wanted to go see the Vulcan.
When he was a teenager,  he and his brother ran away from home.  They worked on a ship that took them to Cuba.

I think that it was a banana boat but I'm not sure.

Then? He lied about his age and joined the service.

They found out and sent him home.

When he was in his 60's,  he sailed the boat that he'd built to Cuba.

He went to see Earnest Hemmingway's house..

In his 80's he knocked on death's door, stayed long enough to see that the people in the place he was headed were very nice and very understanding about his earlier "adventures".  "He's got it out of his system. He'll be wanting a bit of a rest now." they'd said.

While he was visiting this place, he was unconcious to us. Like he was sleeping.  I remember sitting in the ICU waiting room crying and praying to God to let him come back.  "We have unfinished business. Things that if they aren't sorted out will haunt our family. Please, let him come back."

He came back to us because he had unfinished business to take care of with us.

For me?

He kissed my head and told me that he loved me.

Then for Father's Day we built  a stand for his out board motor.

He is my father. What I wanted was to make sure that he loved me.

He never really told me before.

For my brother?

You'll have to ask my brother.

For my Dad because he has a sense of humor and has been on tough cookie to the rest of the world. to me?

He's my dad.

Going out for a walk or something.

No good to sit here and worry.

. .



"... I've got this scream caught in my throat and it's about to choke me to death...."



.Prayer for 2day?

I have one father and I don't want him to die.

And that, Gentle Reader, is the truth.


"...Their authors found it was the point of time - not too near and not too far away - on which their imaginations could most easily focus..."

forward to the novel

The Go Between


H P Hartley

"... I've been crying again.  I went to see my father and during the conversation he showed me his arm.  It's covered with at least half a dozen circular bruises.  All about the size of a half dollar.  They are completely blue-black to the edges.  He told me that he'd seen a physician's assistant and was told that this was the result of medications that he's taking.  I told him that he should go back and see his doctor. Before we left, I told him that I'd see what I could find out about the medicine.  I'd see if there was any drug interactions.

There are.

But that's not why I'm crying now.

I'm crying because I asked to go with him and my Mom to see the doctor.  I had questions about why the PA would be so calm about such extensive bruising. According to my Dad, the PA was supposed to have said, look around every one has this problem.

One of the bruises on the other arm has a sore type place in the center of it.  He told me that the skin over the bruise broke and formed a sore. 

My Mom said specifically that I couldn't go with them to the dermatologist.

You have to understand that when I was finally told that my Dad was sick the last time, that it was via WB who'd been left a message on his answering machine.  By the time the message was left, my dad had been taken from his home via ambulance, taken to the local ER, taken to the ER of a hospital 60 miles away, put into the hospital where he stayed until he was placed into the ICU.

By that time, the ICU doctor said that his illness was so grave that he might die.

All of this happened in a matter of 3 weeks.  I'd talked to him at the first of the month.  By the end of the month he was unconscious.

I wasn't contacted at all in the three weeks that his condition grew worse.

To say the least, I'm a bit worried.


I'm very worried.



(I don't have a title yet. )

C A Ford





Tuesday, May 22, 2012

. songs in the AAnne song box. .
. I'm off to somewhere other than here. Ciao. Author Ann .
. Gloom some more.

Still no views from Antartica. :( . .

Welcome Gentle Readers.
This is 12 dots and a blot.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which.
Don't ASSume.



In 3D?

Oh joy!

Oh mirth!



Monday, May 21, 2012


In other news.

Apparently Tv's Craig Ferguson told this lady in Florida (at Paley Center Press line)  -  anyway she asked him where he was going to take the show next and he said ----------deep breath -----

the Southern US.

Dear Tv's Criag Ferguson,

If you come to the Southern US to do your show, can you please come eat fried chicken with us out under the trees or even better on the sail boat out at the lake?

I'll be sure to use the good china.


The folks at the Slacker Chronicles.




Just alittle note here.

I went to see my Dad.

When we drove through the gate there he was on the tractor - bushhogging .LOL I'm like Tigger. Happy and bouncy because my dad who was on ventilator in Feb 2011, is now bush hogging in 2012. 


I got to hug his neck and tell him stuff.

Double yay.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello Gentle Readers,

Thank you for taking the time to read 12 dots and a blot  aka The Slacker Chronicles.

Please note.

12 dots and a blot (Slacker Chronicles) is a writer's blog.

A fiction writer's blog.

Fact and fiction peacfully co exist here.

If you do not know what is the fact and what is the fiction?


Do not ASSume.


LOL I've been out in the Internet world reading comments and  -  well - there are nice people and then there are very angry people..

I am a nice person.

No grudges or agendas here.

Just fun.

If you need a serious place to read?  Please go find a political site  or another site to yell at.


The writers here at The Slacker Chronicles.



Happy Birthday, Tv's Craig Ferguson.

I'm told that today you turn 50. Watching the videos from Scotland, I don't think that you look a day over 66. . .


Have been watching LLSwTv'sCF on the Internet. Something (sleep and agrivation) has kept me from watching day of. Delighted that CBS, World Wide Pants, the LLS, and CF are okay with the downloads. Thanks.

Kiss, kiss (LOL) The folks at The Slacker Chronicles.

PS The new Intern says, "Howdy. Some day I want to become a competitive computer game player."

I am so proud.


Bored yet?


"Dear Dad and Mom,...."

I love school. I really do. What I don't love is spending enormous amounts of time and effort  studying for something I hate.  I did that.  Then I took the tests to do it as a job. Then I did it as a job until you retired.

Now what? 

Good question.

The only thing that I've done for myself without regard to anyone  other than myself? 


I didn't care if anyone thought it was good or if it would sell. I just did it for the wonder of it.  I've met some lovely people because of it.  But, well, I'm not sure about this next part.  What do I do next?  I'd like some company on this next part of my life.

Have been reading a tiny book about a tiny woman entitled  "Mother and Me By Virginia Pounds Brown.  Both author and her mom are  from Alabama. I've actually met her publisher. Nice man.

The book and it's subject made me think and then?

 It  made me cry.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


You know, Grampa. I like punk as well as the next fella but - well - don't you ever get tired of shaking your fist and yelling, "Hey, you kids, get off of my cloud?" . .


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

. Attention. Yes, you, Gentle Reader. This is 12dots and a blot. A writer's journal. A fiction writer's journal. Fact and fiction co exist here. If you do not know what's the fact and what's the fiction? Do not ASSumme. Ask. Hugs, AA .

Between JP Morgan, Facebook offering, increases in tuition, and the Greek elections, life might look bleak.

But for hours in the middle of the night.

I once heard a fella say, "...All the chaos that roils in our lives? It lives in the wee hours and moments. Those things that happen in our first place on Earth. There in the nest of our families or arms of the world? We begin to knit together the neurosis of 50. The clues to bring order are there hidden in the open.. Or at the very least the coming to terms, can be found there. Dislodge them, discard them, gather them to your breast and mother them? Lucky is the person who can revisit clear eyed. If you seek them out? You will find the contentment of old age. It's how we come to be, Ann. Try as hard as you can to look away and the subconscious monster will come drag you back until she is satisfied...."

It's a hard trade.

To let go of the past is as simple as taking off a heavy wool coat.

Sure it's kept you warm but comes a day when it's just no good. Comes Spring and that coat no longer keeps you content or warm. It's a burden.

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to sort out all those incomplete puzzles pieces that lay scattered about on the floor of this room. Photos and letters. Diaries. Memories. I've tried to make some sense till I'm exhausted from the effort. Some day someone will come. A distraction from this game. They'll pull me away from it with promises of sunshine and the out of doors. They'll collect my tears in buckets and then take them and my sorry self to the Gulf and throw them and me laughing into the water.

Baptised in the new, I'll be happy with the idea of the future and some how okay with the past.

There are one or two more things to do.

I find that a visit to an old friend is one.

It's either let go or grab hold.

Step one to it, is to take a sense of humor.
More important than your towel.
Step two?
Don't get so distracted or attached to the past that it keeps you from your future.

Good luck and hugs. I'm only seeing the soveniers of your journey. The tats on your arms and the photos of where you've been.

For what it's worth, I feel a great deal of love and contentment, but foresee a gale or two before the boat reaches home. An old anger is to be dealt with. It's because of a hurting heart that this comes so it's best to stand up and not flinch. Maybe some of it's deserved? Even so hopefully it's over quick and followed by sun. It's the test of staying and forgiveness.

It's the reason why couples who live together for the rest of their lives get that funny look when they say, "Us? Fight? Ah no, never."

Because they do fight. We all do. It's just the forgiveness and the knowledge of what they'd loose should the fight cause leaving that they're thinking of when they look so funny.

The nights when they've thought, " No more."

The mornings they've said, "Always."

If I could, I'd spare you this reality. Give you some potion. Something to take to keep you staying or by pass the anger.

But I've nothing to give you but love.



This is a love song in the form of a dream. It's incomplete in some places. Like passing through time. I could edit it but I'm a poet at heart. Editing would ruin the music of it. Polish would make it slippery and very difficult to walk throught. It's already difficult enough with out making it worse.

So just know that it's a love song. Some maternal. Some reminising. Some for another that's definately not maternal.

I live in a world that -- hmm-- I live in a world of hope and longing. For me there is upheaval. Some my fault but a good deal isn't. I've made an art of holding on to the illusions and pretty pictures of life because how would I survive otherwise. How do I keep the notion that there is in this world someone for me. I'm not young anymore. In this culture who would want me. It's too easy to find someone younger and prettier. There's no need to wade through all the coming of getting old.

I went into a photographer's studio. It was an accident that I found myself there. Anyway, I was glad to be there because the work is very good. As I was looking around at the photographs, I asked the fella how much it would cost to have my photo taken. He quoted a price and then was curiously quiet. I asked if he could make me look as beautiful as the people on the walls and he came within a hairbreath of answering my question before the coward in me interupted him by saying, "Ah well there' is only so much a photographer can do. Not like a painter. I can still be interesting."

He looked at me and then said,, " Well you know. Maybe people will hear you if you look interesting. If you looked beautiful? Maybe they'd be distracted. Too distracted to care what you have to say."

It's still gives me a little knot in the pit of my stomach to remember this story.

I've tried to think of Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton. Not ugly but not cover girls either. I wonder if they look into the mirror and see the wrinkles and the stress in what they see.

I look at my own image. I try to remember that interesting means a life spent in the moment.

At least I try to think it.


In other news?

I'm watching the LLS with CF in Scotland. It's surprisingly good. Love the mix of travelogue and metaphor. Certainly not boring.

"It's hard to stay up. It's been a long, long day and you've got the SandMan at your door..."




Friday, May 11, 2012


Just checking in to say hello.


No one from Antartica has read my blog.



Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Next to antibiotics and that cream stuff that stops the itching from sunburns, they are the best invention on the planet.


:D Need beach.

Saddle up the horses and pack the sun screen, Skippy*.

We're goin' on a road trip.


*Please note. Skippy is my new intern.

I love my new intern. I used to have to do stuff but now I just get Skippy to do it.

Don't worry.

Skippy may have to "saddle up the horses" and pack the car but he also gets to go on road trip to the beach.  He really should stop the complaining.

:D Yay Skippy!!!


It's raining.

I'm wallowing in self pity.

I'm either getting yelled at -

or -

I'm being ignored.

Need pep talk.

Need road trip.

:) LOL , "...It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter..." .



. . I don't think I ccan staand the suu...

Songs for a rainy day. Cya. .
. . Why? Google it. .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The truth is that we're all alittle nuts.

It's  what makes life so interesting.


I am not a number.
I am not a demographic.
Nor am I a regional bias,
A race,
A gender.

I am a human being.

I listen to Rush
I listen to NPR.
I read the liberal blogs
And the conservative.
I can join AARP at 50
But like one of our past presidents?
I can also jump out of a perfectly good airplane to celebrate being 80.

I can do this irregardless of my sex, age, gender, sexual preference, or racial make up.

I may be a Red Neck in a trailer down in the Deep South
Or I might be in NY,NY.
But with my Internet?
I'm a citizen of the world.

I love rap and opera.
Country music and clasical.
I can operate on a person in the AM
I can drive a Harley home.

I buy stuff.
I vote.

I try very hard to listen to everyone not just the people who I agree with.

And I love to laugh.

While I can do these things between the ages of 18 to 48?

I will not stop doing these things because  I have reached 50 
or reached menopause
or blown out the 99 candles on my birthday cake.

I am sick, sick,  sick of television for dummies.

It's not entertaining.

It's stupid.

I have a brain.

That is why I started watching The Late Late Show with CF.

There in the middle of the night, I've been able to laugh at all the "bleeP" that has been sanitized, prechewed, and basically dumbed down for my entertainment.

Now? I have this terrible feeling that you're trying to dumb down TheLLS too.

Please, if you must screw with the rest of tv?

Hey have at it.

But when it comes to the Late Late Show with Tv's Craig Ferguson?

You've just got to trust me when I say?

I  can't live by your rules man.



Just gloom.

No, I don't know why.

Well, I do but I'm not going to talk about it.



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

. Post card from my May vacation. Went out in the front yard in my boxers. Dogs needed a run and I needed the fresh air. This years rave for red neck motorcyclist must have been one heck of a time. We could hear them for miles. Seriously miles. A couple of years ago when they had the Elvis impersonator, no one complained. Anyway I got to sit in the front yard, watch the stars, listen to "Shout", and watch the dogs run around looking for rabbits. In my underwear. Life's good. :D .

Friday, April 27, 2012


LOL. Just watch.


Most read blog post @12dots?

Leroy is that you?



Can't reason with a hurricane. Just gotta hold on till it's over and hope for the best. . .

Then? If you're from the past (say November 4th, 2011)

Click me > 22 Apr - 29 Apr

Otherwise keep scrolling and reading until the next blue link.

Virtual time travel.  :D