Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dear Internet blog lurkers who I don't know and who don't post.

Romper stomper bomper boo
Tell me who the heck RU?
"OOOOHHHH look!!! Russia's back.  Hi and hello global neighbor!  Just like all the other times that you lurked....
Who are you?
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I will not make fun of another countries President.
(Actually I wasn't making fun and it is my understanding that the Putin was happy to have them published on the Internet. Just saying. But ...)
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I will not make fun of another countries President.
I kind of wish you were the KBG of something monitoring my blog.
Just think of all the view numbers I could get for just Blogging stupid... .
ya dah ya dah yadah..
Dogs are barking.
Gotta go putin' a pair of pants and oil up the chest hairs.
Might be the KBG (snerk) .

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The VD epidemic....

It's started already.

VD  The campaign to get someone to send another someone presents because they're special.

In years past, I've dug a virtual hole and stayed there until February 15th.

The Valentine's Day Hidey Hole.

Not this year.

Do I have a new  beau who's gonna' buy me stuff?


I'm just going to embrace the notion of celebrating the fact that the florist industry needs the cash and radio station djs need reasons to act stupid.

To begin?

OMW. Writers? Sharpen your pencils AND win a prize...

A blast from the past.

"...On the cold nights by the fire, her grandfather would sleep in his chair. Most nights he'd snore but then on  those other rare nights he'd wake like waking from the dead and say to no one in particular, "Hoist the sails."

Those were the nights of stories. Her mother swore that he made them up until one morning they found the chest. Who could have believed what was there. Gold coins, letters with drawing done by her mother,  and a map with promises of more.

And a key.


Stories From the Gold Coast/Nights in Havana

compilation of short stories with promises of adventure by C Anne Ford



Writer Anne


To the hackers who've messed with or tried to mess with this blog...


Lol. I've spent the last 3 out of four nights in cold as heck weather out in the car with the new dog.  He can't come inside and I can't leave him outside in this weather.  So we sit out in the car turning the heater on when it's too cold and then off when it warms up. I just came inside to use the bathroom and get something to drink. This is the last thing I'm doing before I go back outside. He's such a good dog and he's had such a hard time. Before we could get him to trust us, there were some cold nights. One morning he had ice on his back. I don't know what happened to him before he came here but it doesn't matter. What's important to me is how we treat him.

So outside I go.

The other dogs are inside. The chickens are in their enclosure with the heat light.

I'm telling you this so that you know that the stupidity that you might try is your stupid. I'm too busy to get upset. You see I've got to keep the animals and people warm. They're the ones who show up in my life not you or the so called folks who are soooooo interested in my life but haven't a clue of who I am or even my name.

I'm sorry that I missed working at the lake on Saturday and the church on Monday and later today. I'll be able to start back on Wednesday. I know that they'll understand why I wasn't there.

For all of us in the US who are dealing with the cold?  This to will pass.

We're going to be okay.

This aint nothin'

Going back outside to hug the pup.

PS Hey. Craig Ferguson is coming to Atlanta, Georgia in February.