Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Dear God,

I need your help.

Please help me to find an excellent home for Stray Dog.

He's trying so hard to find a place to be. 

I understand that.

I can't keep him unless it's okay with WB.

They have very good points.

I just don't know how to do this.

Please help.

I need a sign of some kind so that I know he'll have a home.



Author Ann


Maybe you could change WB's mind.

We have a yard for him and a very good vet.

He trust me, God.

I don't want to break that trust.




Monday, December 23, 2013

Peace on Earth from somewhere in the American South.  Love WB, Pup, and me, AuthorAnn

PS.  Yesterday (and last week too) I found out that there are places and things that I do that give me the joy in my heart.  I am grateful to the people who allowed me into their world.  They have the best hugs.  From them I got the most wonderful of gifts:

Hope, Hugs, and Love.

I have people who know me now.  When I see them they say hello. Their kind hearts are like the porch lights left on for the traveler in the night.


They said that I can come back.

Last week I worked so hard that I couldn't even feel my feet. BUT  at the end of the week and the  beginning of this one, I was so happy. My heart was light as a feather.

I'm going back when the new year starts.

And the best news?

I'm eating Christmas dinner with my mom, my dad, Pup, WB, WB's mom, and maybe even my brother and his family.
We're going to cook and eat together.

Sunday I ate with my church family.

Friday?  I ate with my new friends.

I have seen true Christian kindness. 

Not the fake tv kind but the very human kind.

Next year? Me, the person who is infamous about her lousy cooking?

I'm going to learn how to feed people.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me..

Lol the only Southern Comfort in my life?

This kind

Hugs.. .

Now before anyone starts making ASSumptions about me and my being Southern.

You might want to know something about me.

I didn't volunteer there out of some cynical plan to be hip.

The church I volunteered at is historic for many reasons.

The people who I met there didn't take me in because of our sameness.

The people who I met there didn't take me in  because of our differences.

They didn't take me in because I was a Christian.

They wouldn't have kept me out because I wasn't.

They took me in because of their kindness.

We all hopefully will have some place where they'll take us in, even if it's in our imaginations.

The wellspring from where we come.

It could be anywhere in the world but it's the place that gives us a sense of belonging.

The family of mankind.

"...I have for years been looking for "home".
     Like a nomad I have roamed this Earth.
     No place for my feet to put roots.
     No place to lay my head to sleep
     No room in the inn..."

This week I had places to rest easy.

This week I felt agape.

It is the most wonderful thing.

Once you see happy like this?

You hope that everyone gets to see it.


"There's just got to be some way for there to be one day of Peace for us here on Earth.  Some way for our children to know what that feels and sounds like."

Author Ann



Merry Christmas...    Merry Christmas...      Merry Christmas


Dear Gentle Readers.
Happy holidays.
For us it's 
Merry Christmas.
Hope that you and yours have a great end of 2013 and a Happy New Year.
I don't know if I'll be posting anything new  in the next two weeks.
If so it will be here.
Many new things to write about but at the moment I'm in the middle of them.
If I'm not here?
I'll try to tweet about it.
In the mean time, I'd love to here from you Gentle Readers.
Comments are surely welcome.