Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lactose intollerance my a$$


Here I sit.

The only thing that stands (or sits) between me and total olfactory melt down is a kitchen stool.

If I'm right?

I'll only fart in humiliation.

But if I'm wrong?

I'm going to have "chocolate pudding" pants.

Intestinal flu is the worst.

Going to watch the Rockford Files.






You know what.

If I don't get a comment on this blog pretty soon?

I'm going to make up another blog and have that fictious person comment here.

At least if I'm going to be talking to myself it will look like an actually conversation.


Or ?

You could say hello, Gentle Reader.

After today I could use a friend.

People here are cranky.



And one more thing...





Refer to the cheese on a pizza as toe cheese. Especially if it's your very hungry roomate's pizza.

I didn't know their face could get that colour red.

Off to listen to I Spy reruns through my next door neighbor's window as I do hard physical work out of doors. I would have watched it too but for my roommate who seems to be angry.

Plus they're watching Sports Center.

I know. I don't care either.




Helpful household hints from GoatHerderBoy


Hint # 356

Never put iced tea into a hot mug that you just got out of the dishwasher.

It will break from thermal expansion.

Please note:

Apparently it's wrong to test the theory of thermal expansion on your roomate's favorite football mug.

They don't really care about the wonder of science.

All they care about is that there better be another beer mug in the cabinet and a case of beer in the fridge on Saturday or someone will be in big trouble.

Tends to make them mad.

That is all.

Oh and Old Miss (or is it Mississippi State (I forget) no longer has a mascot.

I know, I don't care either but it is true.

Their future replacement mascot might be "the land shark."

Again? I know I don't care either.

The thing is you shouldn't say what I did when I heard it.

Saying, "What the feck is a landshark and what does it have to do with football in Mississippi?"
also tends to piss people off. There's all this upset monologue about this player who put his hand on his head and called it a fin and himself a "landshark". Then it gets worse when you say, "So?" and they beginng telling the story of how -- it's just not worth it. It really isn't.

Especially if you've just used their football mug as a science experiment.

(PS Hurray Hurray it's Thursday and TBBT is on. "Bazzzinga!)



Me too - except for the hammock...


'I want to make love in the worst way. Standing up in a hammock."

@DollyLomma on Twitter.

This is what I'm going to be thinking about when they step the mast. For the record, DollyLomma and I are complete strangers and I'm no stalking pervert. Honest. But the idea of this precarious and hopefully profitable endevour is so much like lowering the mast that it just seems fitting.

By the way DollyLomma, if I during the mast stepping I start laughing til spit comes out of my nose?

You'll know whose fault that is.


No more procastinating.

Gotta go do something.




I have found today that you can make a lovely meal out of bacon bits, ranch dressing, taco chips, and jar spagetti sauce. Just dump all in a bowl and add very hungry stomach. Close your eyes, swallow, and mix well. Acutally chewing not required.

Also found out that I have a chronic need for a boat trailer and a mast raising system.

And cable.

And a working cellphone.





Sigh. This is one of those, "It's 12 noon and I'm eatting an orange posts. Can't be helped because well the truth, "I'm going outside to hammer stuff, saw stuff, plant stuff, and work on the boat stuff.", seems boring.

Some thinging just are and you have to struggle though it. It would be a good day to get an encouraging email, hear from an old friend, or find money under the couch cushions.

"Hellloooo Gentle Readers."

I'm going to be working on the boat and the garden type things for the next couple of days. The posts will be brief. The weather outside is so much better than it was this summer. Gotta spend it like the ant and not the cricket.

It's lettuce tables today while I have the help.



PS "...grow tables..." ARE NOT a euphanism for anything nefarious. Far from it. It's a great way to grow moveable beds for lettuce.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear tv's Craig Ferguson,




I used to think that it was just the male population who were big babies when sick.

Then I got the flu. The really bad kind that had me litterally sitting like a tree stump on the couch. A big sloth of a whinny baby covered in mucous and fuzz from the fuzzy blanket that someone wrapped around me. It got so bad that WB stayed home and fed me soup. I have hazy memories of him reassuring me that I was not going to die and that I'd feel much better in 24 hours. Then he fed me more soup. (At first I thought he did this to be kind but now I'm thinking he did it to get me to stop whining.)

Not just the guys who do it.

Hugs and get better,

Smile away


These two


These two songs have been in my mind lately.

(Please ignore the video and just listen to the song on this first Youtube. It was the only good copy of the song that I could find this AM.)

Is it just me or do these two songs sound almost alike both in melody?


We've been working outside again.

The weather is brisk and sunny. Beautiful. The boards have been cut for the grow tables. The lettuce in the trial tables have surpased my expectations. We're now able to eat Red Leaf and Butter Crunch lettuce, Basil, Parsley, Chives, Mint, and Dill. There's arugala and tomato plants on the ready for transplanting. Have a new metal grow table and most importantly? A green house set up.

There's a fella who showed us how to grow squash, cucumbers, peppers, and egg plant in containers so that we can move them. This was good news because we can move the location for the best water and light. We can also control the soil that we plant in.

I'm really looking forward to having fresh produce to eat.

If anyone would like to know how to make a portible growing table for lettuce? Post in comments and I'll be happy to tell you how.

As for the rattlesnake? Well alooooong time ago I had a couple of biology/zoology clasees.

I disected it.

Back soon and hugs,



Back outside again.