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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And if it's Wednesday, 29 February, 2012.

I was going to write about Marilyn Monroe.

But I am not.

I read once that you could gage how much of a narcissist a person was by counting the number of times they used the pronoun "I".

Not going to write about that either.

Nor am I going to ask random people to marry me for fun or profit.

Instead, I've been sitting here looking for downloadable images of an MC Esher drawing.

It's not the one of the drawing of a hand drawing hand even if that would be a good image for the narcasist comment.

But no.

I'm trying to find the image of the optical illusion stairways.

No, not the one with the waterfall.

The other one with just stairs merging into stairs.

You see what I want to write about is about the interrelated nature of the mind and the concept of reality.

And compare it to the limits of the universe.

Sounds grand but it's not.

It's actually basically simple.

Reality can be defined into two waves:

that reality that is


that reality that we percieve.

I wanted to wonder through the randomness of the human mind find it's limits and find the limitness of a random yet reality based creation.

It was called 12 dogs and a blog.

Through 12 dogs and the Interactive Blog Story, I took something that looked mundane and simple, everyday, and tried to give it the unlimited qualities of imagination.

Nothing gave me greater pleasure than to write that blog and then randomly click the blue links to see what story would unfold.

Even I was surprised at the multitude of  expected stories that could be generated.

For me?

It was as if I could travel in time and the percieved reality that was my imagination.

Even better?

I could invite others to go there as well.

The blog entries were realtime but  I could link back and forth to past blog posts. I could revisit or illuminate the present with an idea or post from the past.

God only knows the interelated nature of the logic.

It was one of the most fun things that I've ever written.

Then it was deleted

October 31st years ago.

Before it was deleted, I was able to cut and copy the blog.

So did other folks.

The thing that they didn't realize was that there were puzzles about that blog that couldn't be cut and copied.



After the blog was deleted, I wondered around trying to find a new place to write my blog stories.  In an exhausted state I started writing here.

While this isn't 12 dogs, it's given me a place to be for a bit.

Now I have to decide where to go from here.

While 12 dogs taught me to write,

12 dots taught me how much I missed the Interactive Blog Stories.

It also taught me how much I missed writing for someone.

Because at 12 dogs I did indeed write for particular people in my life.



I don't really write for anyone.

Not even myself.

I have thought very hard about deleteing this blog.

I like writing in quiet.

I don't like writing in a fishbowl at all.

But there is someone who I promised to keep the light on for along time ago.

While I long ago gave up that I'd hear from her again?

I still keep the virtual "light on" my Internet front poarch just in case we cross paths again.

Please note that she is involved.

I'm not a stalker.

This is mostly because of the way we met and the fact that she kept her promise to let me know when she left.

When she comes back?

I want her to have this Zen Garden to come to.

If you are new here?


I don't write the blog stories because of how disheartening it was when they were downloaded by someone who tried to be Writing Buddy but wasn't.

There is one Writing Buddy.


Now then.

Welcome to 12dots and a blot.
While it doesn't replace 12 dogs.
And it doesn't continue 12 dogs.
It has given me a place to rest.

This is a writer's journal but it's not a diary.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Don't assume.


It's already been a busy year and it's about to get even busier.

Thanks to the Zen experiment?

I have a way point.

(have aready written about it)

It's legal and moral and actually fun.

I'll try to write about it here but I might not.

Some days there's just not enough time to live a life and then write about it.

Have lots to do and writing here may get to be not so easy but write here I will.

Check the Twitter and this blog.

Hugs and love.

Not deleting this blog.



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Monday, February 27, 2012


Read the next post 

Follow the blue links.
Be very, very observant.
Nothing stays the same forever.
Including this blog post.


If it's Wednesday.?

. . I don't think I ccan staand the suu...

 < click me.







Who knew that fencing could be so much fun?

For most of this experience it's been good, but that was just because the people were excellent and the class was well organized.

But Saturday?

I got to actually fence with another person.


It's gonna take a bit of work to get to the "point" of it all but I'm thinking it is worth it.

 . It's  a mental game.



Seriously good.

I may be "gawd awwful" but ....

If you're going to spend the seconds of the day doing something?

The endevor should be worth the effort.

Fencing, like sailing, is not boring.

You're chasing the new every minute you engage in the process.

Almost as good as the time we were in the boat and it spun out of control but we didn't lose it.

(Honest it did.)

But where while sailing is grace and power.

Fencing is speed.

I kind of like this "place".
There is something about this combination of people that's right.

There's a hum like electricity here.


I'm gonna stick around for a bit.

  Hmm but since Feb 29th comes BEFORE the next class. I'm thinking of taking a detour ...

(That there kids is a "blue link". )

Not for nothing, I do have a personal life....





Sunday, February 26, 2012


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