Friday, April 27, 2012


LOL. Just watch.


Most read blog post @12dots?

Leroy is that you?



Can't reason with a hurricane. Just gotta hold on till it's over and hope for the best. . .

Then? If you're from the past (say November 4th, 2011)

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Virtual time travel.  :D



Dear Mr. Blueberry and the folks at Blogspot,

I'm taking a vacation. I know that folks will post this stuff but really do you want to have one post after the other saying this?

"After years of not drinking, not smoking, and not fooling around - and I'm talking years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years ... I'm letting the hammock be the designated driver.

In other words? I'm trying to see how much tequilla I can drink and still stand up. I am testing the theory that you can't have sex standing up in a hammock. I'm searching for the cheese burger in paradise. "

Don't think that you'd be to thrilled to read a month of posts like the above.

While the tv world is all about ratings?
 In May?

I'm on vacation.

I'm avoiding the Internet and television like the plague.



It is good and if I'm lucky? I get to throw frozen mullets across the state line.

And? I get a tshirt.

My name is Alice. 
I am searching for Moby Dick.


, A prayer and a hug to the folks in Alabama who are one year past this.

. .


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Insult in 5 languages
Ode to the values of polite discourse
by IC 5/12/2008

He can insult in 5 languages

Such a skill is sure to impress

To belittle and make feel small

Is certainly a skill to posess

At least in salons and cafe society

He's thought of as quite urbane.

No matter which language he insults in --

To me?

He's a jerk all the same.

(Something from long ago that still works today.)


Oh Lordy.

I have, thanks to the grace of certain folks, survived poetry reading.  It was informative. I learned that my poetry was pretty good. I also learned that standing in front of folks reading it is nerve wracking. The entire time I kept trying not to edit mid stream.

Afterward, I told WB that there are a few things that are certain. One, I have a family and I have dogs. They're not going anywhere. I am a writer. It's the only thing I've ever done that I never asked permission to do. I rarely ask anyone if they think it's any good.  I just write and re write and leave somewhere to read later. I keep doing so until it feels right. I also learned that I'm probably not the best person to :"sell" my poetry to the world. If I can get it published in a few places, I'm going to find an agent.

Keep reading. With the exception of the song lyrics and supper chicken. The rest is original.

Kind hearts met kind hearts.