Saturday, October 12, 2013

Everytime ur near? I hear bells...

. .

Fun with Youtube

Click this video

Count one,

Click this video

Listen what happens.

Fun, fun, fun....

"If nothing else it will give me something to write about."

Sweet Freedom

I'm kind of tired out but happy.

It really is beautiful today.

Lately, I've had a lot of people making sure that I knew that they didn't care to be around.

I think that it's that old Celtic shunning thing.


I was going to have to ask them to shove off.  I really wasn't looking forward to that experience.
Instead, they did it for me and I didn't have to go through all the soap opera stuff that I just really don't like. It seems to be their choice.  Good for them.  Ah sweet freedom.


Lol. Too bad.  I'm kind of looking forward to the next part of my life. The only person who I like to be around actually likes to be around me.  I don't owe anyone else anything.  My parents are going to be fine. Pup is going to be fine. I'm going to be terrific.

I'm in a good place. Can dress up when I want to or I can rock that Hawaiian flowery shirt.
My choice.
My mojo's back.

Sweet Freedom.

"...Someone saved my life tonight..."



 Man o man.

Missed the wedding.

I'm sure that it was a beautiful occasion.  The bride was probably lovely and the groom probably looked as if he'd been on the "three hour tour in a hurricane" boat ride.  Green.  I've honestly never seen him happy any of the times I've seen him since the wedding announcement.
The man is supposed to be marrying the love of his life.
Lol. You'd think he'd be happy.

I'm not anti wedding. If you really do love someone, I imagine that it's a pretty good state to be in.  I just don't see a lot of happy in relation to marriage. I keep hearing that in marriage, as in life, to be successful you have to make the best of the situation.  I have seen happily married where both parties really are happy.  My maternal grandparents seem to be happy.

Anyway I woke up at what I thought was one hour before the ceremony.  Turns out that was the hour when it was supposed to have begun.  I think that maybe that was divine providence though. I thought about it and if the preacher asked, "Does anyone know any reason that these two should not be married..."  I might have stood up and said, "I do. Marriage as practiced today is stupid."

Instead I got one hour of sleep and an honest excuse for why I didn't attend.

Also? Last night I turned off the LLS in the middle of tweets.  I tried again to watch it today but still turned off the show.  I'm thinking of recording Jimmy Fallon and then watching it in the AM. It would be kind of a snarky Today Show where the Matt Lauer character is funnier and not bald.

Weird but I thought that I'd be really sad about this but turns out I'm pragmatic about all of it. It's good to have things, living and inanimate, that you care about.  Craig Ferguson seems miserable. The groom looks like he's going to war.  I have things to do that really do make me happy.

I win.




was looking back and thinking...
By the way....
I am a writer.
And in the news...

. .
from 1971 or is it 1972 I remember listening to it on the radio. Sad song. .
listening to Elton John .

.lawdy. .

... G'night




Note. I'm reading what other folks are reading here.  .... Hello.              .Shelby Lynn Telephone You tube.



There are people and places that I really and truly miss. 


There are people and places that people think I miss.

They'd be wrong.


My dog just came over to me and put both her paws on my leg. Then she looked up and me and whined that whine that means, "You know if you're stupid enough to stay up late into the night writing on that computer,  go ahead. But do take a moment and open the door to the bedroom so that I can jump up onto my sleeping bed.  I need sleep even if you don't."

Lol. She has made a good argument .

Off to sleep.

Get your self some sleep as well Gentle Reader.

It's a big world and you'll need your rest to see it.




This 12 dots and a blot.
It's a writer's blog.

A fiction writer's blog.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?


Do not ASSume.




So here's the thing.

Today is National Coming Out Day.

I had a friend ("... had..." because he's now dead from AIDS) who was 'happy'.

I loved that man.  (Plutonic because he wasn't interested in me. Not that way.)

He was the person who introduced me to dance and Martha Graham.

I would watch that man dance and just be happier than I thought was possible.

He was openly gay.

Never apologized for it.

Always hoped for that great love of his life.

Didn't happen.

Why write about it now?

Well I was looking to see who was reading my blog and it would seem that some Gentle Reader must think that  I am 1) gay or a guy and 2) interested in porn "gymnastics"

You would be 1) wrong and 2) wrong.

Not interested and not interested.

I like sex with the opposite sex. If you knew me you'd know that I was celibate. Have been for a long time.

My friend?  He told me that someday he was going to meet someone who he was in love with and hand and hand they'd go to a clinic to go get tested for AIDS and then live happily ever after.

He did get tested but he never got the happily ever after.

I don't need porn.  Like my friend?  I need a relationship.

And for the record, to whoever thought that I'd be interested in porn involving anything?

I'm not.

This isn't one of those indignant comments. It's actually a very quiet and serious reflection about my friend on National Coming Out Day and how he spent his whole life hoping for a relationship.

Sex is easy and cheap.

Love is precious.  Worth more than gold.

I just don't need angry or screwed up people in my life at the moment.

I need friends who love me and will miss me when I'm gone.

I need stable, happy, and laughter.

So do you Gentle Reader who came here from that porn site.

I think that you need stable, happy, and kindness as much or more than I do.


I won't kick you out of this blog. Instead?

I hope for you a kind day?

'Cause porn is kind of sad and demeaning to people no matter what their sexual orientation.



Thursday, October 10, 2013


Good night you.

I'm so sleepy that I can hardly hold my eyes open.

If it were daylight I'd be (like the song says) "...dappled and drowsy and ready for sleep..."  in a puddle of sunshine in the corner of the living room.  At this moment it's dark and there's no warm sun beam to keep me warm.

And to think

"...You were only waiting for this moment to be free..."

And I was only waiting for this moment to take off this stupid bra.

Ahh now that is better.



Sometimes I think that it would be so much easier to be a guy.
I hate the waiting.
Once I decided to stop the insanity and asked the guy out.  
He accepted and cooked a really impressive dinner for us.
There was no chemistry.
I was lucky that he didn't laugh when I asked him out.
It wasn't the rejection that worried me.
It was that he would laugh at me or think that I was weird because I asked him out.
Shouldn't have mattered
but it did.
So should I call this person who I haven't heard from in years and years?
Or should  I not.
Opinions welcome.
going to sleep. Filled up with cheese sandwich and ice water. Sleepy. Need hug and a kiss. Not from the dog. Sigh. More likely to get kiss from dog. .:( I love my Pups. Sometimes I'd rather be with them or Pup rather than another person on Earth. But then? There are days when I wish that the phone would ring. .

Ya'll you know those dream bubbles?  We'll some of them had BAD dreams in them. Woke up at 4AM from bad dream.  Now the dogs are barking and scary.



Update. The fella I thought was a jerk. The one I wrote about. The one who used is disability to manipulate people into doing what he wanted them to.  Well he's back.  He was delightfully AWOL for months and now he's back.  It's awful.  I wish that he'd go away and find other people to pester.


PS I don't dislike him because of his disability. Nope. I don't like him because he uses people with his disability.  :(

Good news? My son is back from his trip. Yay.  I missed him but I think that he had adventures with his dad.  Double yay.

Off to see stats.

WB says maybe I might be in trouble because I said President V Putin looked "hot" in his photos. My son wondered if I'd get in trouble for writing that Prez Putin was going an excellent job handling his pole.  (fish pole idio see previous blog posts.)


I'm sitting here writing and keeping out of trouble.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I'm gonna dive headlong into sleep and be covered up in dream bubbles.


Dear @craigyferg The definition of comic insanity is telling the same joke over and over and expecting folks to laugh.

(feel free to tweet over and over and over....)





Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Happy Birthday V.Putin.





"....snakes are in the kitchen

ghosts are in the hall

Sun is in the dust

shadows on the wall 

clouds are in my eyes

darkness in my heart

beasts are on the prowl

broken glass in that remark

if you want to leave

take your things and go

pull that pain off fast

you can keep your heart

and go


Radio Slacker . Oooohhhh put me in your big old pickup truck.

This is Radio Slacker . Ten watts of pooooowwwwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrrr......Weeeeeeeeeeee. .


Welcome 2 12dots.
This is a writer's blog.
A fiction writer's blog.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which.
Don't ASSume.
I'm going to go see the movie Captain Phillips.  It looks like a movie that should be on a gigantic screen.

Looking backwards in fable to look forward into the mystery...


Okay, I've thought about this for a while. 

Where RU?

Y now?

Happy day after V Putin's Birthday.

That is all.


"Ehm.  I just had blog views disappear. That is not right. Soooooo if anyone is pinching blog views you might not want to do that again.


My blog says who's been here and how they got here."
 You  don't want to pizz off Santa.

I don't even like vampires in the movies.

KNock it off.


Can't you feel it?

That slight studder, that shutter, in the force of life. Not as great as that shake known as an earthquake. This is more like the shutter in a heart when it skips a beat. When something surprises and you drawn in a quick breath of relief or not.

You looked me in the eye with that look that said, "What's the use."  Meanwhile your mouth is simultaneously moving and talking with some kind of hope that you'll be wrong.

I know.

I know about what you are talking about. I just wish you knew that I knew. Your eyes keep saying, "Please know."  I'm not sure why when I say, "No worries, I might not know everything but what I don't know I can look up. Why are you so sad?"

Lol. I'm here.

It's the differences that make it interesting.

LolLOllOlOlOl . Tai Chi? Gentle Reader, you do Tai Chi? Lol I may not know you but I love Tai Chi. The meditative kind for health and flexibility. Love to do it. Takes a bit to learn how to do it but once you get the hang of it? It's just the best. If you're just starting out, The first until the move "moves' Tiger to Mountain" is called the mini set. Learn that well as it has all the movements required for all 108 moves. If you get a chance to comment, I'd love to chat with you. I know that folks think, "How difficult can Tai Chi be?" To them I'd say, "How difficult is it to draw the perfect circle." I've got to go (see next post). BRB Writer Ann. .

Okay now pay attention, Gentle Readers.  

One, I have to go to the bathroom.

Two, there is someone from the UK that's been reading my blog.

I don't have lot of time to fool around here.  My bladder can only stand so much torment.

I'm going to ask to the point if the Gentle Reader from the UK thinks that they know me.

UK is a big place.

If you do?

(I hate to be crude here but I'm wiggling in my chair.)

To the person in the UK.  If you think you know me then  "grow a pair" and comment.

That is what the comment section is for.

Or tweet.

Or email.

I hear they still have carrier pigeons.

But for Heaven's sakes, say  "Hello."

If not.



I love good surprises, long walks on the beach, and animals.

Partial to horses (can't afford one), boats, and ....

We'll if you do know me?

You can certainly figure out how to find me.

(In a few moments, I'll be in the bathroom.)




When you're young and have all the time in the world,  it can seem that the sounds of old age are very far away.  Even as middle age comes into view, what is happening at the moment, can drowned out that creaking sound. Then one day you are sitting in a park or a restaurant and the people who are around you look old.  "Boy they've changed." you'll say.

Then you'll look at your own reflection in the glass."

My cosmic "to do" list is growing short. 

There is a someone who I've known in this life who I'd like to at least visit with.  That reflection in the mirror shouldn't really matter to either of us, but for some reason to me it does.  It's been so long since we've seen each other. Back then there wasn't any gray nor wrinkles next to my eyes. It shouldn't matter because those are the wrinkle that show up when I smile. The gray in my hair is actually not so bad. In my head and in my "heart", I'm still fierce. I'm actually stronger and much more interesting than I was way back then. Still in my mind there's the fear that I'll see the disappointment in their eyes because I no longer look like I do in their "mind's eye".

I believe in love.



Monday, October 7, 2013

I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country. (You know I don't think this is fair.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country. (If I had posted a photo of a Sports Illustrated modelm would I have to write 100 times, "I will not be a misogynistic jerk for posting a photo of a babe in a bikini? Yes, but this isn't a babe in a bikini.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country (Besides I didn't even make fun of his head or his babe o licious chest.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country
I will not make fun of the head of another country, (After all this was part of a publicity campaign for President Putin.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country. (The whole idea was to make him look young and hot.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country, (Personally, I think it was very success full.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country, (I am not poking fun of him. Not.AT.All)
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country. (Nope if there's any poking going on, it won't be at his head.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country. (But, if there would be any poking, once folks see this photo:

The line will be around the block.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
(Cause this man is a hunk.)
I will not make fun of the head of another country.
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
I will not make fun of the head of another country,
I will not make fun ---

omg. The man is fine.

back to the future




About the next post.  Please Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Tea Party, Libratarians, some body.  Could our next president rock a fishing pole and a pair fatiques like Pres. Putin?  Would you look at this man?/// .

108 tai chi moves Master Moy

Dear President Putin, 

(Good gravey would you look at this man. Imagine a hot day, a summit, Obama, and Putin. I would buy that calendar.)

Bless yer heart honey are you readin' my blog you good lookin, fierce man you? 

xxxooo, Writer Ann        

PS  I had to ask because there's someone reading my blog from Russia and I was just wishin and hopin it was that expert fisherman, President Putin. 

Lol unrelated but true. I also luv it if  the LLS with Craig Ferguson would do this song as a cold open.

The intern who used to dress up in the black leather outfit looks like President Putin.
And Tim Meadows would be puurrrrfecto as Obama.

And CF, of course?  Clinton.

I'd watch and buy the calendar.

Wishin' and hopin' and prayin' .... Sigh.


I'm not holding my breath but a girl can dream.


I miss the Chicks.  .


Oh no. I have been invited to a wedding and now I have to buy a wedding present. I'm not particularly good at this and there is no "The bride and groom wants...."  lists anywhere. I'm thinking that towels are good but then again, I haven't a clue what color.  I tried to buy a clock on ebay but got out bid. (It was a nice clock.)  Thought about a wok from the WalMart or a toaster oven from Target but I dunno if they even cook.   I am lost. Send help....

Sign me,

The Runaway Bride


PS Don't do it. Live together. Lol the groom already looks whipped.


Stay tuned.


Someone's been reading on their eyePhone. 

I don't know if you ever watched the kid's show Romper Room. On that show there was a lady who used to look in her magical mirror and then say...

Romper, bomper, stomper, booo.

Tell me tell me tell me true!


Welcome to 12dotsandablot.

It's a writer's blog.

A fiction writer's blog.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Don't ASSume.



/very fine print. Any person, living or dead, who resembles someone one this blog only does so accidental on purpose. First look me in the eye and tell me it's not true.  Second? You try making all this stuff up all the time and you'll start lookin at your relatives like they'd make a good story. Just sayin.
Please, if you can't tell the difference between fact and fiction all on your own?
Get help.



.You will not believe what people are reading on my blog. WoW.

Go here . I read something. Gonna put it here ...  and don't forget to read the comments!

We almost missed it but not quite

It is time for the game show that everyone loves to play ,

No, not the Price Is Right.  But you're close.

It's time for spinning that Wheel of Fortune --

"Contract Negotiation Fun Fun Follies"

Dang David Letterman. You really flew under the radar on this one.

Welcome back ...

"There's no place like home."

Oh for the love of custard. Don't you people have something elses to do with your lives ...

List of things that I do not believe in.

1. Santa Clause

2. Tooth Fairy

3. Easter Bunny

4. Ping Pong

5 - 10 Friendship on the Internet.


I worry about this world when we can devalue words like "friendship" by creating a Internet were we call friends people who's names we do not know.

I can't do that.  I know it looks easy. Be nice and they're nice and presto chango? Friend.

Like Instant Karma, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus it sounds nice but when you look at it? It is  still a lie.

From this moment on, I am not calling anyone a friend or "friend" unless I have looked them in the eye, asked for three forms of valid ID, and done a background check.

I'm really getting sick and tired of being the nice person in the room.

No more nice person until I get a note from your Mama.



And one more thing (two actually).

One. Don't be trying to spoof me into thinking you are someone who you are not.


This is 12dotsandablot.
It is a writer's journal.
Fact and fiction reside here.
If you do not know which is which?

Otherwise you will be trying to spoof something THAT DOESN"T EXIST.

That is one way that I know that you are a spoof.

Please save all of us time an effort for more important things.

Like Bingo.

Now I,

I know plenty of folks who really and truly love Bingo.

But Ping Pong?


Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhzinga, you big turkey.




Sunday, October 6, 2013

This blog lets me see what other people are reading here.

I'm enjoying the journey.

I hope that you are too.

No news. Guess it was just a mirage or a joke.

:(....  sad


One of the craziest things that I ever did (besides thinking that I could be a mom and could some how find love and ever after) was bungie jump off a perfectly good support.

There I was standing there all hitched up to the harness and all that bungie cord that was supposed to let me fall almost to the ground and then magically I'd be yanked up into the Heavens. Safe.

Lol. I made the guys who run the jump go first.  The theory? That if they'd jump first, I'd know that it was safe.
So they did.
Off that platform they jumped as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Fearless. Then up into the air and then down toward the ground and then up into the air and down until finally the twisting and turning of their choice slowed to a decision of sorts. No fear all faith.

Then it was my turn.

At first I tried to jump off facing that long jump. I tried but the notion of the consequences of that decision were to great to face forwards. So I turned my back on all the logical consequences and the possible damage to life and limb and I jumped.

There aren't words to describe the feeling. It was as if part of me was still on that platform but the other part was free in the most uncomfortable way. As I fell, I was yelling. Later I was told that the swear word for fecal matter could be heard all over the park in one long extended syllable that was highlighted by a perfunctory "t" sound.  They guys who ran the thing and the guy who jumped before me were delighted. Especially the second time I tried it and this time the expletive for the same bodily function ended in a less frantic but no less afraid "p".  They tried for a third time and even offered to give me a tshirt if I would but honestly twice was enough.

So what does this post have to do with love and it's concepts?

Well, I was in love with someone who wasn't back. For years, I told myself that being friends was good enough since I honestly didn't think that they felt the same.

Now I feel different.

Ya got to jump and risk all that pain in order to experience the joy.

Anytime is the right time to call.

If the line is busy?

Try again.

If that don't work there's always email.