Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello boys.

. Oh now. Who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their lives with one of these fine, fine families. (I needed a laugh.) Whoo boy. Imagine. There seems to be a big difference between King Fergus and the fellas that the character Merida was being asked to be married to. I mean just look at em. LOLOOLOLOLOL .

While you are watching this remember that Merida is not being asked to clean her room.

She's being asked to marry a complete stranger by her mother. 

Because it's custom.


PS LOL at what the folks are reading here on 12 dots.  Funny.

And for that movie review reading list?

Please add.

Please note:

"...Andrews: She isn’t any different. She’s like Woody. The thing that makes “Toy Story” work is that Woody’s problems come about as a result of his own faults. The thing that makes “Brave” take off is a result of Merida’s own faults. ...

That Mr. Andrews is talking about Merida's refusal to marry.  This isn't the first time I've read this.


Q: Was there anything cut that was painful?
Andrews: Not for me. I know there were scenes the story artists had worked on such as one where the lords were trying to talk to Elinor through the door to her room, thinking she’s in there, but it’s actually the triplet (sons) who are trying to distract them. It’s funny and they spent a lot of time on it but the whole idea was just lifted (out). Also, animals weren’t in the film at all (before I came onboard) so I put animals in. The tech guys who spent two years creating scenes with snow weren’t happy with me because I cut out those scenes...."

LOL Well that explains a whole lot.

Happy summer vaca ya'll.



I'm sorry to disagree with Tv's Craig Ferguson.

When he says that the movie about a girl fighting against being sold into a cultural slavery was one that had no gender.

I'm going to be sexist here.

I can be because I am female.

Only a female would have been able to know the true consequences of being chattel.

You may hold the hand of the mother of your children as she gives birth.

But someone would have to double up their fist and hit you in the groin while you were suffering the pain of passing a kidney stone the size of a basket ball through  your penis before you'd know the pain she was going through.

I hope in your next life that you are born the daughter of a clan chief in ancient Scotland.

That way you can comment on the situation.


Hello from vacation.

I'm going to the movies this weekend.  Will write my review here.

By the way,  I might have bloodlines that go  back to Robert the Bruce but my family has been American since the time of the American revolution back in the 1700's.  LOL, I could actually be a full member of the DAR.

I am American.

Before you read this review, you might want to review your vocabulary and your history of the clans of ancient Scotland.

You ll want to know the definition of the words "chattel" and "brave" and "whitewash", "spouse" vs "husband".  You'll also want to know that the time period of this movie was barbaric to say the least.  King Fergus was a clan chieftain.  You might want to think of it as mafia families and King Fergus the Don of the Ferguson family. There would be a reason why the character, Merida, would want to flee from her situation.  In the case of this movie, Merida's character would have been "married" off to another clan and kept as a kind of hostage by her spouses tribe. She'd be expected to produce heirs for her spouses clan. She'd be expected to swear allegiance to this other clan. As "pretty" as Pixar and Disney would try to make it, it would be a desperate situation for the young princes.  Especially a princess who'd been raised by her father to be strong and independent.  Raised male centric.  To go from that to being a hostage isn't the happiest fate. Especially not happy if your mother is telling you that it's a good thing to be a hostage.

The character Queen Elinor wasn't married off into such a fate. Which to me is the real fairytale in this movie.

If Merida's character had been born male it would have been a much different situation.


Again, I am glad that I'm American.  I'm also glad that I have a son and not a daughter.  Even now it amazes me the priveledged given to males vs those given females.

Back later.





Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's not exactly an InterActiveBlog story.  It is something written by chance that does tell a good story.


And the video that is supposed to go with the elec...

. I am not a number. I am not a demographic. No...

. Well someone or someones did it. Remember ...

Everybody Wants To Rule The World...

Why I'm not doing Interactive Blogs here or much r...



I think it's best defined by Alannis Morisette.

It's ironic.

The song that for me is cheerful and hopeful in lyric and melody?

This it's the video.

LOL That's the thing about writing.

We all hear the same thing but don't all "see" it the same way.




A "cheering up" song.

I went to the beach one July 4th.  It was the first time that I'd been to the Gulf in years. The waves were big because out in the Gulf there was a hurricane.

LOL, what a lesson I learned that day.

Bitch slapped by the Gulf of Mexico as a reminder to NEVER take "her" forgranted.



"I'm beginning to think that this is the place where hope goes to die."



The world premire of the movie Brave was shown last night.

The reviews are mixed. 

Worse yet?

They're calling it a mother/daughter story.

One spoiler called the main character, Merida, selfish because (LOL) she didn't want to marry a complete stranger.

She didn't want to be "won" like the prize on a carnival midway.

"...I'll compete for my own hand..."

she says.

For this she is called selfish.


A vocabulary lesson.