Saturday, July 23, 2011


Dear friend Newt,

This world is such a beautiful place. You and I both know that. You with the mountains that you climb. Me? The water has always been my home. Even when it's a million miles a way ,it's there in our hearts. It whispers, "Come home."

I don't know what mountain you are climbing at the moment but there is sad in the world.  I don't know about you, but I for one could use a story, a virtual Zen Garden, and a good friend who is a writer. That is what I miss here (besides the big water). I miss sitting and talking. I miss knowing that we are in the same world.

Who will be my writing buddy if you are gone?

The second blog post that I wrote on eBay blogs was about talking around my PawPaw and MawMaw's table. I can still see it, Newt. In alot of ways, the kitchen here is like it. In storage, somewhere, I have my own table. It's round and made of oak. I bought it from someone who's life was changing. Now, I keep it safe while my life changes. Like the pups, I hold on to it. I'm keeping the faith that I'll have it there in my kitchen. A place to swap stories.

The thing is, Newt, I don't have anyone to remind me not to over analyse and just to listen to a story like a child.

There is something missing.

I'm missing my writing friend. 

I miss my friend.

LOL I know that when I wrote my stories that I hoped that you  were reading them. When I knew that you were, it made me smile. When I found out that you not only read them but that they made you smile? I was over the moon happy.  If I could know that you still read my stories, I could write them even if I didn't get to chat with you or hear how your life is going. Something to look forward to, it would mark the days. It would give me a calm place to be in my heart.

It would slow time.
I miss you as a friend something fierce.

I don't know how but I'm hoping - no - I'm willing that you'll cross this way again.



The new stories are with the hope that some how Newt and Lexi will find them. We are seated at the virtual table swapping stories. We are safe from the growing thunder.

Once,  the world was new and fresh as the face of a sleeping child,  ...

LOL My foot itches. BRB.


Was very sad to learn about the tragedy in Norway.

When I read the account of the troubles there, my first thought was to wonder what we as people are coming to.  Then I thought that I could put something here to remind me that for all the people who tear the world down, there are others who are creating and building futures.

Hugs to the folks in Norway. Honestly I'm at a loss as to what the folks who did this were thinking.

I do know that it's not what I call Christian.

Not at all.

Again hugs and healing thoughts.



Thursday, July 21, 2011


"Say hello to the sofa of reasonable comfort."

tee hee

.And now, by the miracle of the Time Lord (and a hot shower) I'll transform into???


tee hee (again)



Thanks, Paris.

Thanks, Craig.

Thanks, Late Late Show dancers!

Welcome back to planet Earth crew of the Atlantis!

Glad that you made it back safe and sound.


Hugs from Author Ann



Wednesday, July 20, 2011



If you wrote,

“He stood there a long time, hands on the railing staring into the darkness. He smiled to himself and turned and in that moment he knew he would never again compromise his dreams for a tedious and boring safety. All was right in his world now and in his soul. He whistled softly to himself and smiled and nodded at the poeple passing by and his eyes shone with a light that moments before had been extinguished. “

and your nick is or was NewtlovesRock?

I need to talk to you.



aka Iron



"I'm gathering up every bit of optimism that I have in my hands and telling the TeaParty to feck-off.  I'm gonna' spend like I got it  and create something where nothing existed.

You can go through life leaving a trail of gloom, doom, and failure or you can swim through this life leaving trails of sunshine, optimism, and hope.

That hope? It's where the fertile ground of economic prosperity lies.

So you can predict the end if you want.

I'm leaving a trail of happy and smiles.

Have something to show for this time here on Earth.

As my dear ole' Great Aunt Elsie used to say, "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you get a world wide depression."


c anne ford

Love ya'



Tuesday, July 19, 2011



"One should never, ever, make financial decisions of great magnitude during a heat wave. One should, however, eat an ice cream cone and go find a cool place to sit and read.

Best to leave it until September and let folks alone."

c anne ford


Seriously, better to discuss the validity of the rumor that Michelle Bachman has migraines or who's gonna end up in the World Series or if Angelina Jolie is wearing a wedding gown. It's just too hot to talk money.

Leave it be and tell the TeaParty folks to get a grip.

Now, I'm going back to my cool place to contemplate the meaning of it all.

Hugs and kisses.




Monday, July 18, 2011


Things that I'm really and truly thankful for.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair movies.

Happy (belated) birthday to Ginger Rogers.

Weeks going okie dokie but  just wanted to remember Ginger R.