Friday, June 18, 2010

Rachel's Luck

"...They could hear folks gasp. The organist muttered, "Well that's one way to look at "till death do you part." It only took a second to put the handcuffs on his wrist and then hers. He was startled and then he was laughing and she was laughing. It was the only sound they heard in the church. She took the key from her glove and undid the lock to his side of the cuffs. As she did, she said the words soft and then loud so everyone could hear, "I release you from the obligations of marriage and instead give you it's joy and freedom to share life with me." Then she handed him the keys. Still no sound from the congregation. At first she thought he'd leave her side of handcuffs locked, but he said the words too and then added, "I love you."

He kissed her before the preacher got the words, "You may kiss-" out of his mouth.

Later, alot later, she'd tell her brother that marriage had liberated her. For the first time, she trusted someone not to leave. She trusted him to be honest even if they were miles apart ..."


(Note: before ANYONE jumps to conclusion. I don't write fan fic. I do, however, write fiction.)


They were fighting.

"You know if you didn't love me why in hell did you marry me in the first place." He was really sick of the way this dragged on and on and on - he was about to tune her out when he heard the words, "...fairly good orgasm."

"What did you say?"

"I said, I thought that I loved you but it was sex. Just sex and a fairly good orgasm."

That startled him enough to get his attention.

He let go of her hand. "Good." she said it out loud but soft. It was enough. At least she had his attention. If she could get him to listen maybe they could sort things out.

"Once upon a time..." she started the story and then he interrupted her. If she told it they'd never get to sleep. Maybe if he did it right she'd fall asleep or get in the mood. That wasn't a bad thing either.

"I'll tell it. You leave things out."

He looked at her. She was asleep.

"Good." he thought, " Anything to get her off the subject ...."


...the subject...

He watched her sleep. Jiggled her to make sure. She wasn't a sound sleeper so moving her was a risk but he tried and she didn't wake up. It was safe. That was the moment he decided to call Rachel and all the trouble began. There were moments in all this that were clear now. The times when he messed up. For the life of him he couldn't guess why he did this kind of thing but he did. This time it'd turned into a real mess.

from Rachel's Luck


by Author Ann
all rights reserved by the author.

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story above is from the short story Rachel's Luck that I'm working on. It's a work in progress. I'm going to use the Interactive Short story format to work out plot. Might as well put it here for your entertainment.

Rachel's Luck


All rights reserved by the author