Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tee Hee.
I woke up this morning and thought,

"Holy moly. Today is the 23rd of Novemeber.  WB is off all week.  Thanksgiving is coming. So is Chanukah, Black Friday shopping, and the first day of the Christmas holiday. 

I get to indulge in my love of decorations without the neighbors thinking I've lost it.

Most important?
After last years disaster of an IronBowl?
After our favorite Thanksgiving tradition burned to a crisp? 

This holiday is gonna be different."

THIS is my year! 

From now until January 2013?

Par-tay and festivities.
 &I'm gonna blog about it.
Get ready.

How about we start with a walk in the forrest with the two men I'd most like to get caught in a snow storm with.






Hello Gentle Readers !!

Today is the beginning of a very busy week here at Casa Dogs.

Gonna be a busy week.


It starts with the world celebration of that Time Traveling, all round great guy, Dr. Who.  Today and tomorrow is the Holiday Open House for one of THE BEST places to find a gift. Tomorrow is church. WB is gonna need the rest. Monday, we'll begin preparations for the American holiday, Thanksgiving.  We have lot's to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is celebrated on  Thursday.  It's also one of THE DAYs if you are a college football fan, The Turkey Day Classic.  There's a parade, a live broadcast of the festivities, parties and game day tailgating.  Friday is the biggest day of the year for sales, Black Friday. It starts at midnight. I've never gone through the process but I'm thinking I might go see and write real time about it. I'll also be buying out the chips and dips section.  Not only does this week have the Turkey Day Classic, but on Saturday there is that other college rivalry, the Iron Bowl.  This year will be the first where the "house divided" is gonna shine. After a whole week of cleaning, shopping, visiting, and togetherness. Saturday's game between rival teams (my side of the family are BIG Auburn fans and his side are BIG Alabama fans) is gonna be good.

With a SEC championship in the balance and Auburn's Georgia win? 

Lol this year, @ 2:30 cst,  the gloves are coming off.  I might even drink my semi annual beer with this year's BBQ. WB is resting up today. He's gonna need it.

Sunday? Well the final Sunday in WB's vacation begins the Christmas season.

After last year's fiasco and the new Auburn coaches success this year? It's gonna be a very different ball game.

Someone's team is going dooowwwwwwwwnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy holidays Santa Baby and my Chanukah Honey.

IT's gonna be a very good season. :)



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turn to the left.
Close your eyes.
Feel the breeze pick up.
Go to the forrest.
Close your eyes.
Feel the leaves move.
Flows past you carried on that breeze.
Be still.
And fly.
c ford
Dear Person who uploaded two years work off my blog.
I don't write for you.
You are welcome to upload as long as you give me credit for my writing. Get your own voice. Otherwise where will your mouth be when I die?
You will have to find some other mouth to make your sounds.
Please write your own story.

Fire Signals

"...In the water you can see the blue.  It's not the blue of clear. Water there is blue because it's so clear that the fragile light wave blue can be heard.  It's not that blue.  This is the blue glow of life.  Those little creature all there in the water drink in light and then at night they shine to the world the signal, 'I am alive.'  Like all the parts that together make a soul, there they float in the water.  The starlight dances with them.  On a full moon night, Bella Luna comes too.

On night watch, I sing to them. The sound of the sails and the wind sing the chorus. The constellations move past us as they dance. Frozen, in the Heavens, there in the water, their feet unbound.

Bella Luna.

She moves through the water and dances with the wind..."

c ford  11/20/13


Bella Luna?

Good name for a boat.  Better than the Selkies' Wife.  The Selkie  are like Cassiopeia. They're prisoners of their circumstance and someone else's greed.  But Bella Luna isn't.  Somewhere on Earth she dances with the sea. She moves. The sea moves.  The Earth moves.

And so too does my boat.

No woman on Earth will name my boat but me.

I'm thinking?

Bella Luna.

Humph.  I miss Newt. I'm thinking that Newt would appreciate this.




When circles dream...

I'm working on when circles dream. 

When Circles Dream

When circles dream
They dream of you
They always do
Come back to you

The place they find
Is in your head
And if they're lucky
They're in your bed

A million life times
Circle round
A million dreams
They all come down

2 U

c ford


Fun for the easily bored Ipod commercial Daft Punk quartet

hmm try the lower right upper left lower left upper right @ 4 second intervals Happy Happy .

Quartet that Daft Punk @the Grammys 2008

daft punk @ the Grammys 2008 lower right upper left lower left upper right 1 to 2 second intervals ...

musical duets go multiple...


I'm clicking upper left then lower right then upper right then lower left with a space of 1 to 2 seconds but there's other ways too.

Dog clock barking. Gotta go. Have fun
Duet ....Short

this one is really short

click the first
click the next
don't wait



Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .

Crank it up


They want us to dress up and get people to buy raffle tickets.


Life is just too dam short.

Pull out the big speakers and crank it up.


Live large.

Make the air vibrate.

I'm am.

I'm gonna dance  singing at the top of my lungs.

"...Don't give up. You got a reason to live..."

I'm gonna hang on til Spring.

When the little flowers inside the heart start to bloom.

"...Don't let go. You got the music in you..."

Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .

Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .

Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .

PS For the strange and bizarre?  Please note. I'm a pacifist.

I believe in love, laughter, and rocknroll.




Please give what help you can to the tornado victims in Indiana....

I didn't want to write a post without first urging anyone reading this to help the storm victims both in Philippines and in the northern Midwest (tornado victims). It's so terrible what has happened.

Now for today's post...

Sometimes there is just a limit to how close a person can get to another...

Lol  Duplicate Youtube?
You know what that means?!?!?!?

It's time for Youtube Duets.

So Click the first Youtube then count one or two or 5 or 6 seconds then click the next one.


Youtube Duets!


I love this song and the idea of it.   It reminds me of Love Among the Porcupines by C A Ford.

(Great book or it will be when it's published.)


Now this song?

It makes my dog howl.  For real. I was just listening to it and my dog began to bark and ...

I love my dog.

I get all emo and he sets me straight.

Kind of "Idiot human! Get your brain out of your "head" and do important things like  pet me!"

Great dog.

Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .



Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear Santa,

Almost that time of year again. Time for the semi annual letter to Santa. As I explained to you in the last letter, I have been one good person this year.  I have been kind, true, and almost good enough to be a Boy Scout. That is why I don't feel too bad sending this letter.

Santa, as you remember from my last letter, one of my wishes for Christmas, in addition to things like world peace and a new jib sail, was that (use-to-be) Sailing Buddy could be sent some where other than here. At first I thought that you'd already done this when I heard that he would indeed be traveling clear across the country. "Sure it won't be until this summer," I thought " but heck I can hang in there if it means that (use-to-be) Sailing Buddy was finally in a place that he could sail, be happily Liberal, and not do it in the same US state as I am."  Oh hap-py, hap-py day!

Then I found out he was only going to be gone for two weeks. WTF???

So I am writing you another letter because I can see that you might have misunderstood.

I would like for (use-to-be) Sailing Buddy to go else where so that he can find true love and I can FINALLY enjoy sail club. He is not going to find a sugar mama here.

Here is the stronghold of Red State Conservative Republicans.  Here even the women own shotguns and they know how to shoot vermin.  Where we live, they will think that (use-t0-be) Sailing Buddy is a low life like a possum.

Exhibit A: a photo of what Sailing Buddy looks like to women in this state:

There's just not a fighting chance for him to find the kind of woman that (use-to-be) Sailing Buddy is looking for. That's why hearing that you were sending him to Minnesota was such good news. If (Use-to-be) Sailing Buddy is gonna' hunt "deer", he's gotta go to where the "deer" are.  I hear that the women in Minnesota have great legs and money, the two attributes that (use-to-be) Sailing Buddy finds mighty attractive in a women.

(Use-to-be) Sailing Buddy isn't getting any younger and he wants to be a kept man.  If he's to find that long legged, Sugar Mama that he thinks he deserves, he better get going to Minnesota NOW

And he's going to need your help.

So please, Santa, number 10 on my Christmas List this year?  (Use-to-be) Sailing Buddy goes to Minnesota, gets a job, gets a life, and lives that life in a state far, far, away from here.


Now for  number 1 -9 on the  Christmas wish list....(TBC)

Happy holidays.




Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tornado damage in Indiana


Oh ya'll. What a terrible thing has happened today. photos

When the tornado hit in Tuscaloosa and other parts of Alabama, so many people came to help. I can tell you that it was greatly appreciated. I hope that our state will return the kindness.

Our prayers are with the victims of this storm.
Soon our help will be with them too.