Friday, October 29, 2010

Hey Lady? Can I borrow that phone?


"If you could go back in time and see yourself coming? Where would you tell yourself to be going."

Me? I tell myself to go try.

Post script:

I dunno. Is it someone talking on what looks to be a cell phone? Yes.

Is it someone who was actually at the premire of Charlie Chaplin's movie?
Ah well now that's different. With the technology that's out there? It's very likely to be a hoax.

Would be nice to time travel. I'd have a few things to say to the me in the early 1980's and in the 1990's. Something like, "What are you thinking. You're young. You're reasonably good looking. Go have fun. Your folks will be fine. Go see that Irishman. He likes you and you like him. So what if it lasts or not. At least you'll know. Besides, the folks her are going to take advantage of you and treat you pretty badlly. So go on. You'll be fine. You've got two feet and a good mind, use them.

Oh and Ann?
Write. "

LOL. The Map of the World... LOL





You deserved it...


"He hit me."

"No, he shoved you. Big difference."

"No, he hit me. He meant it. Why are you taking his side?"

"Because you're used to money and you have nowhere to go. Besides that, it was your fault. You shouldn't have yelled. Personally I think you deserved it for being such a little snit. Go back and say you're sorry and get over it. You really are making way to big a deal about this."

"Please, I need to come home for just a couple of days. To figure out what I'm going to do."

"Uh no, we talked about this already. No child of mine is going to be a "boomerang kid". You're just going to have to growup."

She didn't know what disturbed her more, the fact that that she was being blamed for something that wasn't her fault or the fact it was her mother saying it.

Alice never did understand why her mother was always taking his side about things until she tried to come home. When her mother first made the comment about "boomerang kids" Alice was dumbfounded. But this time she spoke up, "This isn't the same as coming home because I got fired or can't get a job. This is being hit. This is being disrespected - " as she said the words her voice began to rise. It just made her angry that her own mother would think that this was okay."

"See, you're getting angry again. So you had a fight. Happens. You're not the easiest person to live with."

"Did daddy? Did he hit you or rough you up?" she was afraid to hear the answer but she needed to know. Maybe it would explain her mother's reaction to this.

"Your father? Oh no. He loves me. I don't think I could get him mad enough to raise a hand. No and never. But we're different so it's not the same. Now go home, put on something nice, and apologize. Hey you'll have make up sex. Now then your father will be home in acouple of hours and I've got supper to cook. You're going to have to go now because I've got a lot to do."

With those words she was dismissed. As she sat there in the car, keys in her hand she began to cry.


from novel The Things We Do For Love by c ann ford 10-29-10 all rights reserved by the author


Thursday, October 28, 2010

144 chracters or less...


There's a contest on Twitter.

Describe your blog in 140 characters or less. The winner gets a prise.

Well that would explain it.

I sat down to try and describe this blog within those parameters and couldn't.

Phrases like "Lacks focus." came to mind. "Your blog is all fuzzy." and "You should stick to one subject. Like, you know write about your boat or your dogs. Stuff like that." Then the words "No." and "thanks." came to mind.

12dotsandablot is just that. A kind of inkblot of this life.

It's supposed to be "fuzzy" and slightly "out of focus".

One person might read it as a blog diary while another might see it as snippets of writing. So the fact that a reader might interperate the words as "out of focus" suits me.




Thank the good Lord the sun is shining again.

Out the door before it starts raining.



A happy song.

You know, even if you don't feel like it, sometime you just have to fake it. I'm thinking that if you tell yourself you're happy, if you count the blessings, eventually you really do feel it.

Feeling groovy.


Reality "to do"


I remember seeing the photo on Twitter. The author was under water holding a sea creature. I remember it because she looked right into the camera as if to say, "See. Life. It's everywhere. Amazing. Why are you sitting there? Go see it."

It was a profound moment.

This is my to do list. I still can't believe that it's my to do list.

Read up on two part epoxy, bottom paint, and wet sanding.

Read up on trailers for boats.

Order forestay and car for traveler. (Yep, I do know what they are, thank you very much.)

Get ready to remove the foresail. Prep for removing the roller furler.

Get tarps under the hoist.

Race duty.



Something wonderful



Something happened. She could feel it. Different. Before when her folks had cut her off or when he'd turned his back, she'd crumpled. Not this time. This time she was still standing. Maybe it was having something. For the first time in her life she had hold of a notion. It didn't belong to anyone but her.

There was alot to do. The boat needed scraping. Her list of things "to do" was growing. Now instead of washing clothes or cleaning other folks stuff off the floor she had boat things to do. People to talk to. It was a gift not to know how to do these things because it meant that she'd have to ask how. Funny thing was that most folks didn't think her questions were stupid and when they did? She honestly didn't care.




from a novel in progress by c anne ford 10/28/10 all rights reserved by the author.


There's no video for this post. We'll there is but I've yet to find a good visual for the song. If you can find a copy of the song Bring on the Rain sung by JoDee Messina? It's a good listen for this post. Otherwise I'd like to suggest a detour.

Go find and see all the comings and goings for Uncle Nate. I found this blog along time ago. I was looking on the Internet late one night. It seemed like the world outside was bleak so I typed the words "something wonderful" into the Google. This blog is what I found. It's missing some of the original portals but there's enough remaining to chase away the gloom.


"...tomorrow's another day..."




Cloudy days...



I read this rumor.

Jackie Kennedy was beaten by her husband.

No not John.

Although there are ways to "beat" a woman other than with your fists.

(Whispered gossip about a cheating husband can be just a brutal.)

No, it wasn't John.

He just cheated.

The one I'm talking about was Onassis.

Her second husband.

At least that was the rumor.

Is it true?

I don't know.

I just read it somewhere.

But if it is true, I've got to ask:

Why did she stay?

She was wealthy. Famous.

She had friends who'd take her in.




"Do I need therapy?"

His word hung there in the dark like those little "stars" you see as you're about to pass out. At first she thought she'd said them. That inside voice of hers had finally emerged into the real world but, no, he'd said them. The obvious answer was, "Yes." What he'd done, shoving her into the door, was wrong. His anger, that had been building, finally came out into the world. It showed there in his face. I wasn't the anger about work or all the politics, it was anger at her. He really didn't like her. Not at all.

So he shoved all the anger and resentment and her down the hall and into that door.

It was wrong.

She sat and listened to the quiet. Afraid that the wrong answer would do more harm that not saying anything at all, she crawled over to her side of the bed and closed her eyes. Tight. Lying there in the dark, she gave him the only answer she could,

"No. It would get you in trouble."

He couldn't go to therapy. The outside world was in a mess. Where would she go? To her parents? They'd already told her that there was no place for her in their home. She should grow up, handle her own problems, and go back home. All she'd asked was to come visit them but they said no. She'd have to stay because at the moment there was no place else to go. Beside she hardly saw him as it was. He was always busy with work or his important things. As long as there was a hot meal and clean towels in the linen closet, he'd be okay. She'd just stay out of his way.

Keep busy.

...." *

My relationships have been difficult. I'm not sure why but maybe it's because -- I don't know. It's trite to blame my parents but I do think that it began there. No, they didn't hit me. They were way to busy. I was just there. The dumpy kid that never quite met expectations.

If I could draw a picture of it?

It would be my heart sitting on a window ledge. There it sits in that window high up in a tower. The tower surrounded by a moat full of cyinical pirrahna fish. The magic world to lower the bridge guarded by a sphinx. There where the heart of the sphinx should be would be a video screen playing continous showings of "The Merchant of Venice".


Hugs. If you're lucky enough to have someone who you love? Hug them close and whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

"Listen. Do you want to know a secret..."

* from a novel in progress by author, c ann ford. 10/28/10 all rights reserved by the author.

*A from biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis


Monday, October 25, 2010



Uhmm. I'm the daughter of a sailor. Is that the same thing?

I hope so.

Going to check on the boat. The weatherman said that there was 60 mph wind near by. I should be worried but my boat? She's fair. She'll be fine in the hoist.

Matter of fact?

She'd be straining at the tethers for a chance to sail in that wind.




The weather is here. I wish you were beautiful.






Wash dishes.

Work outside (includes cleaning up any storm damage)


I stopped making "to do" lists and started a "do it and write about it later" list.

It's a miracle but it works.

The list above was this morning's "after I've done it" list.

I like this.

All the feeling of accomplishment without the dread of that long list of things you have to do before you sleep feeling.

Highly recommend it.

I'm sorry folks but I just can't muster the drama and angst to get all worked up about it. I'm having too much fun. LOL Even the storms are funny.

The weather is here and to me? You are beautiful.



Happy Baloney Day



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can you feeeeelll the love 2nite?



Big sigh,

Double big sigh.

Did I mention, "Big sigh"?

The weather outside is okay but in other parts of the state they're predicting high winds, thunderstorms, and tornados. I'll be here. Quietly praying and humming the song.


Pure and simple.

It used to bug me when it seemed that I pizzed folks off for just breathing. It still does sometimes but now I try to let it go. Somethings aren't my fault no matter how much other folks try to make it so.

"Can't you feel the love tonight?"

LOL. I'm doing my best.


If you need me? I'll be hiding in the corner with my head between my knees...


October 24th is United Nations Day, National Crazy Day and National Mother-In-Law’s Day.

.Now you might love your mom-in-law. You might think that the UN is the best thing in the world and well? You might be crazy enough to want to spend the day celebrating the UN, mother in laws, and crazy people.

But not me.

I'll be hiding in the hammock with a good book tomorrow.

See ya Monday.