Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Warning! Warning!

one more and then I have to be out of here.

This is 12 dots (yada yada)....

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Oh hunny, you're just too high maintenance for someone like me.
Live in the moment

then Blog stupid... .

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My mom will be so pleased.

Got it all figured out??


Rule number 945 about (real) women...

"Any woman who feeds you cookies that make you fat is either pregnant,

wants to get pregnant, 
or lives in a candy house in the middle of a magical forrest.
Check the cookie crumbs for  a pregnancy test."

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I had no idea

Lol the intro takes forever but my oh my at the guest list.

Dear Internet,   I have had a view from every continent except  Antarctica.  Since it's Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, I will try to lure people from Antarctica to visit my blog by posting a summer type song.

Here goes.

oh hey  and hello!  If you are the viewer from South Korea and are still here, would you chat with us?  My son loves video games.  Do you have a favorite game?  We really like Korean food.  There's a great tv show called the "Kimchee Chronicles"  it's a tv show about Korean food.  What's your favorite food?
   if you have trouble posting, you could tweet us?  @goatherderboy 
Hello Gentle Reader from South Korea.  Welcome!

Who are you?

Would you like to chat?


off the top of my head ...

Loretta lynn
dolly parton
tammy wynette
june carter cash
Barbara mandrell
sara evans
martina McBride
Tanya tucker
leAnn Rimes

the question

as quick as you can type them name at least 10 female country singers


LeeAnnRimes RobThomas video Gasoline and Matches


Just the video alone is this worth a look.

But oh my the voice.

If you missed Ms Rime's performance tonight, you might want to go find it.

Before you do?

The video is very good.

Dear Readers,

As you know 12dotsandablot is a fiction writer's blog. 

I have to write following because it's Christmas and my mom might be reading.

Dear Mom and Dad,

As you know, fiction writer's are born of practice.  If I were a musician, I might practice in a rehearsal hall.  I'd practice on the playing field, if I were football player. Writer's practice too.

This is my rehearsal hall.

Here I write all kinds of things and people (at least from the looks of the stats) read it. 

If I am to become a good writer, I will need to be able to write a believable character. Mom, you've read almost all of Sue Grafton's novels and John Grisham's.  You know that not all the characters are squeaky clean.  You would probably not even read through the E novel if they had been. You would think that they were boring.  I am sorry that I used the words "fuck you" on one of the earlier posts.

It was appropriate.

Will try to keep it clean while trying to learn to write novel that will pay for that cabin on the lake.

Happy, happy,


Your daughter Ann


Merry Christmas.


I do it every Christmas...


Merry Christmas.


Worth a look.

Putting this here for later

It's Christmas !!! A heart warming story about wishing for wings....

Welcome to the 2013 college football  bowl season.


now back to the future

oh no. she's feeling better???????aaaaaaaahhhnnnooo

At least I'm up, bathed, and dressed.

:) Clean hair is therapeutic!

And she ate.

Ginger cookies and dilute milk.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Good night love.

I was going to write about the words, "a good tool".  It was going to have graphics and be pithy. About how to some  "a good tool" is just that.  It's something that's useful. Like a favorite pen or screw driver.
Then I was going to write about how to others "a good tool" isn't very nice.  To others it's of the "wind them up and send them out" variety.
I was going to do this and send it to someone here.
Someone who's the first not the last.
So honest that he couldn't lie even if he kept his mouth shut.
Some how I think I have hurt his feelings.
I don't know how to apologize because it's a cultural thing.
He's not going to understand.
He's just not.
Found this on Google. Sounds fun.

hope that your are having a good moment.


Merry Christmas...

"maybe we could all dance for real. I'm hoping that this Christmas I finally get my Christmas wish. I'm hoping that for one day we could all live in peace. That for one day we could be silent and hear the sounds of the heavens. Just for a minute or two. That way our children could know what that sounds like, no matter where we live in this world. It' only takes a minute to hug someone. Even a stranger if that's where you are. Just a minute to remember back to our primal beginnings inside of our mother's womb. It's the most basic, the first feeling we all have as sentient beings."  I hope. Please don't be mad at me. You don't even know who I am. .

Merry Christmas.

Back to the future 


one more. from the middle of the night. just so you don't forget...

"A control freak?"

I'm human from a long line of humans.

We spend life times and life times trying to bring order to chaos.

What you call "controlling" is the force that's kept me alive.

It's how we've found fire and voice.

It's why we tell our stories and how we've come to the letters to sentences of words and letters.

Marks that had no meaning till collectively we decided what they meant.

The determination to be heard and understood by the future as well as the past.

It is in us from the moment that we are conceived to make something out of the very essence of life force.

That's not being a control freak.

That's being human.

It's the will to be free.


Because everyone needs a quote or two..

"Fiction is the closest I'll ever come to telling the truth."
"I love my dad, my son, and my dogs. Everybody else can cut bate for my line."
"My library book is over due. (Again.)"
c anne ford
"He didn't die. He was flung into the cosmos. Back to where he came."
and one to alter ego Hannah Murphy
(Must be feeling better to be quoting Hannah)
"Having fun is the best revenge."
Gotta love Hannah
Lol, There's a can of Vegetarian Vegetable Soup in my future. Soup, ginger ale, and saltine crackers. A queen's banquet.

A song I heard the Carter Family sing.

When I was little, my father took us to Jackson, Mississippi, to hear Johnny Cash sing. I'd heard  Johnny Cash sing,  but it wasn't until the concert,  that I heard the Carter Family.

I'm posting this to say thank you to my dad for insisting we go to hear them.

I'm also posting because of something I read about the resurrection of the new folk movement. The mentioned a lot of new groups who've originated from the Deep South.
I'm not so sure that these guys are the ones to do it. After hearing music from little churches here?
I think that the "new and improved" misses the mark.

At the end of the concert, Cash, June Carter Cash, and the Carter Family sang this song.

Dear The Lone Bellows,

I hope that you'll forgive the blunt nature of this post but honestly as one Southerner to another?

Go home and listen.

Go home to any little church in Georgia, Alabama, in the Mississippi Delta, or the mountains of the Carolinas, Kentucky, or Virginia.

Sit down, shut up, and listen.

There, if you are lucky, you'll hear the distant call.

The music that you're trying to connect with.

Then when you've found the well spring?

Take a deep, long drink from that well and forget every thing that you've heard.

It's a simple song that you 'll hear.

The emotion let loose to fly.

Even the technically correct fall short of it.

When you sit there and that moment happens. When you are all but sure that there's nothing left of you but breath and heart beat?  When a deep exhale, as it it's your last, is all you have left to say.

When you look into the eyes of someone you love desperate that it might be the last time.

Those are the lyrics and that is the melody of the old Southern Sound.

No axes to grind. Just breath to breathe.

"Get up." when your' feeling you can't.

I'm telling you this because I have hope that another voice can be added to the chorus. One to express the new, old sadness of loss. The shards of life that turn to laughter and the song of survival.

Good luck.

Kind regards,

c anne ford, mother, Southerner, writer.

December, 9, 2013

PS It's been a difficult couple of days. Lots of vomiting and diarrhea.  I hear this too will pass.

I'm just not what it's supposed to pass into.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

When Circles Dream

When circles dream
They dream of you
They always do
Come back to you

The place they find
Is in your head
And if they're lucky
They're in your bed

A million life times
Circle round
A million dreams
They all come down


c ford



This is 12dotsandablot.

A writer's blog.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which.


Do not ASSume.




Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .


Good morning Boys and Girls.   How was your weekend?

Don't know about you?  But me?

I'm living out loud.


So there is no mistake. This isn't about my dad. Hugs dad. Thank you for the lunch invitation. It's the thought that counts.



Fuck you.