Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hi ya.

If you read 12dots you know that I've been trying a bit of an experiment. For the last month, I've kind of thrown out the list of those things "to do" in favor of an "already done" list of accomplishments. In 31 days I've finally started doing the things that are important to me instead of the list of "expecteds". I can do that now. It's been a bit like closing my eyes and jumping into life.  In the past 31 days the list of things done has grown much faster than I'd thought. The decisions that I make now are quicker and much clearer than before this experiment. LOL, I value my time more than I did before. While it's a bit of an adjustment for some family members, Pups prospered from it and has been adding to his own "already accomplished" list.

I thought that I might write online about it as I did over the last month, however,  Pup's asked me for my help and - well - there are only so many hours in a day. I'm not sure that I can record the process and do it at the same time. At first, I thought that I might just for go writing on the blog all together but then I thought of Twitter. By it's very nature, Twitter is designed to be short comments on the month, the week, the day, or the minute's event.  I can write longer posts on the blog but I can keep a kind of outline of the process much easier on Twitter.  This will allow me to actually live my life and help Pup with what he'd like to do and still write about it.

That's what I intend to do.

Just like writing a daily haiku would allow me to write daily but still be involved in a very active life process, the Twitter entries will allow me to write about my life and still actually live it. I might even use the Tweets to communicate with WB and Pup. (Note: I doubt if WB would be interested but Pup might. Pup's interest would be half the process and double our fun.)

Please note that I'll still be writing here in the comments.  THIS ISN"T AN INACTIVE BLOG>>>

Well that's pretty much what's up. Still will do the Zen moments in this blog but I meant what I wrote in the previous blog post about a change in course but still the same way point.



PS  I recommend the Give Your Stress A Rest/Zen Experiment.  The moments of quiet introspection aren't  selfish. On the contrary, life is so "loud" that the responsibilities can drowned out your own voice.  Make sure that what you chose is moral and legal and considers your family but don't let that "to do" list that they give you to do overwhelm who you are.


Notes from the field are on Twitter unless noted. I'm not leaving just taking a very welcome chance to spend time with Pup, the farm, and the boat.  That is a very good thing.

And Newt? I wonder at what you must think at my use of the words Zen?

Good and kind thoughts. Hugs.

Such a thing is love of the person who is so many ways has defined, confined and yet liberated me.
It's not easy but watching you has made me believe in miracles.
I love you kiddo.


.This just in.

Is it just me or do these two look exactly alike?


Reclusive copper heiress

Reclusive American Idol winner

What tha' heck??

Once upon a time... over at Oz... no not that one... the one over on the corner of 34th and Main... yeah, that one...



Already Done List

Day 32 of Zen and Day 1 of Life Without Sisyphus

Starts here in comments. D


Go here if you don't know

. For the summer, you can find the the next step here...


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Don't feel like pickin' up my phone so leave a message at the tone."


Happy summer ladies!! It's official. So how does this slacker spend the first day of summer?

In a doctor's waiting room.

I do get to go out to eat (hospital cafeteria) and I do get to go to my favorite city (out the window on the drive up and in the hospital waiting areas) and hey, I do get to see visit with my dad (during the drive up to and back from the hospital) and I will get to spend time with the new chickens, Pup, the pups, and WB (tonight after I get back from the doctor's office).

And most important? My dad has heath care.

I'm not going to complain about how I spend today.

I truly could be much worse.

"But today I don't feel like doin' anything."


All day long.

(Truly Nice Guy Alert - Bruno Mars - who gave a concert to benefit the tornado victims in Alabama.)
Gotta go.

For the Zen of things?

Click here . Christmas? Yep. In June? Uh huh.... (< Cl...

Cya, hugs, AuthorAnn