Saturday, December 17, 2011


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So why this video and the link to


There are millions of people who live in the US and they are from all over the world. It's hard enough to get family to agree this time of year. Can you imagine getting millions of people to agree?

I can.

This Christmas? I'm asking for something special. I'm asking that for one day all of us get along. I'm asking for Peace. No matter who you are or where you are? Surely for one day we can all sit and marvel at this world. Like when it snows in the city and instead of hearing all the traffic you hear quiet.

I hear Hope.

Today complete strangers and kind friends greated me with "Happy holidays.", "Merry Christmas.", "Namaste" (I think that I spelled it right.) ... I think that you get the point. In the paper, there was a fella who met a fella shinning shoes who shared the "happy". He wondered of all the places his feet had taken him in his life.

Happy, Merry

I'm sorry that this fella is having such trouble with his neighbor.

I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle.

When we were little and didn't know each other, WB and I both had families who took us to see the Christmas lights. We took Pup when he was little. I don't know what it is about the magic of those lights that made us happy. I do know that it was the most fun.

It's the same for both of us and for Pup too.


Peace on Earth and good will to all mankind.

"...It's been a long hard ride and I won't lose hope..."

Peace and hope.





Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight I'm having one of those every part of me hurts nights. It helps if I can get a back rub but no such luck tonight.  Still tired from being sick but am feeling better than I did.

T'would be nice to curl up with a good story.

LOL. I need a hug...



Only 56  days until Luke and Liz's first anniversary!

Save the date!

Buy the gift!



Monday, December 12, 2011


Now if Newt were here, I wouldn't be sitting listening to Van Morrison on this cold winter's night. Oh no.

Instead I'd be bouncing like a bunny round this virtual gloom. Singing like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. Telling here about Tai Chi and the chickens and the fact that Atticus the Finch was still alive and well. That I'm going good and having a bit of a good time at it.

But alas.

No Newt.

Which makes me sad.



Need music


"Now then," she said, "If life's been kind? Then stay where you are. Be happy for the gifts you've been given. But --" and here she paused and drew a breath, " -- but if life's been hard?  Come here and sit by the fire with me. There's a place for you to lay your head in my arms. Rest and be glad for the company."



Winter Solstice


c anne ford

The point wasn't to master the Tai Chi form. Nope.  The point was to do something. Something different than I'd done and something that I, in my heart of hearts, would be good for me to do.

So I did.

I practiced.

Went from "...flapping chicken..." to  spreading my wings.

Then?  I made my ownself laugh. (Which really is half the battle.)

And guess what. It feels pretty good.

Lots to do. Fencing class begins next month...




Cya on the beach Happy.



Tonight's menu?
baked sweet potatoes

Song of the day?

Trace Atkins

(See video below)

Oh and it's official.

While it might not be the best Tai Chi form?

While I have to stop everyonce in a while to check the list of moves

(or cough)

While there's still more to learn?

Guess what.


I can now do the 108 Tai Chi moves.

Yay to all the beginning Tai Chi students!!


I finally saw the last new move.

I am so happy it's silly.


Here's the Trace Atkins song