Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday Already Done List\

Note: Wed. morning was a pain day. :(  Did the work. :) FU pain day.
Fed dogs
Put Big Dog out for run and poop. We were running late so he was in a hurry to get outside!
Made sure that he had food and water access
Washed clothes and dishes
Wed morning was spent doing research on INternet. 
Fed, watered, and cleaned kennels
Wed afternoon Pup and I continued to lop limbs and prep for chipper.  Got to clear limbs in the front center area. That's pretty much done. Surveyed the front and West side not much left to do there. The only real work is to remove the remaining downed trees up by Big Dog's kennel.  I'm not worried about sorting the limbs on the east side of the east fence. That's April's work so I'm not behind on that.

Pup and I did pretty good. About an hour before dark, WB brought the chainsaw. Yay!!!  Didn't take long to cut up the remaining big trees and the limbs.  Moved the downed trees until it was too dark to see.

Ate supper then started sketching

Beginning of Thursday's already done list

Fed the dogs
Sorted mail and bills
unloaded the dishwasher (dishes cleaned for kitchen spring cleaning)
Ate breakfast (tomato sandwich, apple sauce, tea)
Checked the tweets and emails.
Put dishes in dishwasher.

It's outside to work. These clear days have been a blessing! I'm giving the inside work a break. Really close to being truly caught up. Will be glad to start working on the house side of the fence. Need the break.

Oh, oh oh.  The honey bees are back!!!  Not as many as in the past but still they're here. Our blooming trees and shrubs are giving them quite a harvest of pollen. :)
The Mother's Day daisies are starting to bloom, Dog woods are here but not great. The cherry tree is awesome. I was worried that the rains would ruin the blooms but no. I'm going to need to take a photo today just in case there's bad weather.

Lots to do today.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Already Done list. Tuesday

For an April Fool's day, it was lovely.

Got up, dressed, and ready for the day
spent morning washing clothes and dishes in effort to Spring clean. Glad that I worked on kitchen. I still have things to do at the far but this is important to.
Washed and cleaned dishes and kitchen cabinet shelves.
sorted mail. Organized bills
Took shower
washed more clothes
talked to WB about finances.
Went out to walk dog and look at the progress.
Asked about bull dossier work and chipper
WB said that we were doing a great job
Went to get supper
Got groceries
Ate supper and watched a bit of tv
Watched news.
Going to get some sleep.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Already Done List

Monday con

made breakfast

washed dishes
washed the cabinet dishes (Spring clean)
fed, cleaned kennel, exercised, tick patrol the dogs
collected mail
sorted bills due and arranged for deposits
washed, dried, folded clothes in closet (Spring clean)
fed chickens

pulled limbs until dark

washed, dried, folded spring cleaning clothes
cooked supper

watched last How I Met Your Mother

Still need to shower
Fold clothes

Made good progress in Spring cleaning, kitchen cabinets, and pulling limbs. It really looks nice. I have a section of full grown trees down that we'll need to use the chain saw on but I'm concentrating on the areas that can be cut with the loppers.  BAD NEWS ALLERT  I broke the big loppers. Used them so much that the handle broke.

I should take photos.

Note. I was thinking about schedules. I wanted to finish this by the first of March. We spent more than a few beautiful Saturdays working at Lake Martin. Then in March we had things to do with the vet which meant showers and going to the vet.  This weekend I hoped that I might finish by April 1st.  As I was picking up limbs today I finally just stopped chasing the schedule and instead I just worked the task.  I do want to finish these three tasks before it gets hot. I've been working around weather and people. It's been beautiful today and yesterday.  I hope that we'll have more pretty days like today. It was perfect.


Already done list Sunday night/MondayAM continued (this might be a duplicate post as my computer  stopped)

washed clothes for spring clean of closet
washed dishes and shelves in kitchen cabinets for spring clean of kitchen


plan for today

continue washing clothes to Spring clean closet & dishes to spring clean kitchen cabinets

and pull limbs to finish sorting limbs up at Big Dogs kennel.  Hopefully I'll be able to start the section next to the pups kennels at lunch.

I know that this sounds manic but think on it.  I've already cleaned the shelves in one cabinet and the dishes are loaded in the dish washer. I've already pre sorted the clothes so it's just a matter of putting them in the washer, dryer, and folding.  Then it's wait for the machines to do the work.  :)  While that's happening?  I can pull limbs. The only thing is there's no finished jobs at the end of yesterday.

I hope that will change by tonight.  I'll probably still be working on the closet and kitchen tomorrow but not pulling the limbs. 

Lots of hard work today. 

I can do it.

I think I can.
I think I can.
I can.
I can.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Already Done list for Sunday (continued)

Well I did actually go outside to pull limbs.

Didn't finish but made a huge dent in what's left to do. It's going to look great. Have just a little bit more to finish near Big Dog's kennel. Then it's over to the pups kennels to sort limbs there.

Next I went and cooked the spaghetti dinner.
Cleaned shelf
unloaded and then loaded dishwasher
Sorted clothes
pre treated clothes
folded & washed more towel
began washing clothes from Spring cleaning closet.

I have to keep a chin up here because there might not be any completed tasks until tomorrow. I did get to see one area cleared and the cut trees ready for use.

For the rest of the day's doings, I'll log in tomorrow.

Pretty good day.


Already done list for Saturday
ran errands
got lunch at Subway
washed, dried, folded clothes
unloaded/loaded dishwasher
working on Spring cleaning kitchen
let dogs run and cleaned kennels
pulled limbs
made Reuben sandwich for Pup
washed dishes in cabinets (Spring cleaning)
washed and dried blankets, towels, and bjeans.

Sunday AM
Alarm this AM was Big Dog barking
Stumbled out of bed
Sorted clothes for Spring wash in closet
unloaded dishwasher
fixed vegetable omelet for b fast (was great with chocolate milk!)
cooked biscuits (I love these little biscuits. They're going to be great New Years AM with smoked ham)
decided which cabinet shelf was next to spring clean/wash in dishwasher

That's it so far.
Have decided to cook spaghetti for lunch. also tea and apple cobbler to make up for not going out for  Sunday lunch.
will pull limbs today because the weather is excellent.
in between I want to wash and fold clothes in closet and wash dishes in cabinets. The way I Spring clean now is much better. Since there's a lot of sit around and wait time (and since I don't want to have the contents of the cabinets out nor do I want a mess should I have to stop and do something else.) , only cleaning one cabinet at a time is an excellent way to handle this.

I'm going to have clean sheets and blankets on the bed tonight. Nothing better than to have accomplished something, take a shower, put on clean clothes, hop into bed, read a little bit, turn off the lights, and then get some sleep. Since the day is pretty, the pups should have had enough exercise to be tuckered out by tonight.  Lights out and an early AM tomorrow. 

Now that is about as much of a "to do" list as I want to write.  Hopefully I'll have something to show for the day.

Kind regards.

Writer Ann