Monday, August 8, 2011


Be. Here. Now

In this moment.

Not in the future time.

Or in the past.

But now.

Right now.

No. I don't care if it sounds willful.

i only care that it sounds.

That it makes the sounds that you will understand the urgency of the message.




I can hardly see the words on the page and even the subconscious in my fingertips  is trying to shout the words.

I'm tired of  "maybe's" and "some days".



."...I have to do this now.

Now before I get to old.


Before years of self doubt coil around my heart like some evil primordial snake. It squeezes the last bit of self and breath I have left. I'm here in the dark. In my bed with the sound of someone next to me. Snoring. Why I'm here I don't know. He's nice enough. He doesn't beat me and if I'm sick or hungry or both he'll at least notice if I'm alive. But that life he recognizes, the one where I'm breathing in the biological sense? At this moment  it doesn't feel very much like being alive does. If I don't get up out of this bed and do something quick my body might be alive but my spirit ,maybe lost...."

From Life a Work in Progress by c anne ford

all rights reserved by the author.

"... The air here is so hot and muggy that you drink it.  Nothing is moving but the cars that go one by one  through the gate and out of the cemetery. It was the last funeral she'd go to. She'd promised  herself that. There's be no more death that she'd recognize...."

From Life a Work in Progress by c anne ford


In 30 years there are

--- days

--- seconds.

On day 4000, she'd eaten a baloney sandwich and drunk 2 bottles of pop.
By day 4500, she'd drunk another 200 bottles of pop and a bottle or two of tequila.
By day 5000, she'd drunk enough to convince herself that jumping off Chimney Rock was a good life decision.

By day 6000, the folks in rehab told her that maybe- just maybe- she'd have the use of her legs but there'd always be something wrong with her left arm.

By day 6500?
She'd decided enough was enough.

All they found at the bridge was a note and a half empty root beer.

"Sorry for the littering." she'd written, "but it just seemed trivial. I think you'll understand."



Wal-Mart encourages managers to buy "local" and local produce.

Think global.

Act local.

Summer produce is still available and Fall apples and pumpkins will soon be here.

Anyone remember the story about old apple orchards that were being bought and relocated?

Buy local.


This is a good idea. I for one would love to buy milk from the local dairy but can't because they've for the most part been shut down. Alot of that land is now for sale to grow houses.

Buy local?

I'm trying to.