Wednesday, March 30, 2011



"Some call it destiny. Some call it being at the right place at the right time..."

I call it?



Tuesday, March 29, 2011


No, I don't know the words to this song but I do like the melody and the rhythm. And it's about a matador which is okay.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, March 28, 2011


LOL, Heeeeeeeee'sssssssss back.

Tv's Craig Ferguson, 12:30Eastern/11:30 Central



Sunday, March 27, 2011

That's all folks...


Hey and hello Gentle Readers.

Well. There's plants to plant and things to do here. The weather is good and the lawn chair and glass of sweet tea are calling.

Take care.

Writer Ann


I was talking to this guy.

You might call him a RedNeck.

But then so am I

We were sittin' at the bottom of a local legend

Both of us trying

To get the other to take the plunge

I was siting in the house watching the wind gust. The guys on the radio were going on and on about how rough it was and how we should all stay inside.  100 miles an hour they said. So we proceeded to go outside to take a look. How can you miss wind like that?  It's like 40 below; you've got to go look and see what that feels like. Out we go down to the gate and out on the road and then a little further down the road.

Then the trees started bending...

Meanwhile back at the ranch.

So there we were sittin

Both of us betting

That the other one would finally blink

I know this fella who does major road work for a living.  He can take the bucket of a back hoe and use it to tap the ground like you would with your hand.  If he were in the middle of that 100mph wind and a tree fell across the road? I'm pretty sure he could handle the situation.

So there we sat contemplating

And waiting

And waiting

And one day it passed to the next.

There's this woman around the block who has horses and a definite opinion on how things should be run politics wise.  As I watched her with the horses and then talked to her about things political, I got the feeling that she could handle the most fierce politician.

"You know I'm getting cold."

"And I'm getting hungry."

"I think there's a beer in the cooler."

There's a guy on the river who's had more jobs than you might could imagine. He works on boats. I watched him as the guy working on my boat gave him instruction on stepping the mast.  I asked afterwards if he'd ever done that before. "Nope." he said. 

So we drank the last beer.

Asked, "Why are we here?"

"And there's a ball game will be on at 8"


Meanwhile back in Hollywood?




I've been watching all the hijinx over Charlie Sheen and shaking me' head.

When folks start talking about a person's "moral "turp-ahh-dude" ? You know that the lawyers are circling over head and wondering if what they want to eat will bite them back.

(Apologies to the nice lawyers in the world.)