Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm a long while on this Earth but when my time comes?

I like this song.

This exact song.

Found it on Youtube and wanted to save it here.

Now back to Happy.



Do not hate me because I'm (finally) having a very good day.

If you'd had as many bad days as I've had?

You'd understand why today's good day is so important.

And please?

Don't eat the daisies.



Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day.

And now?

Postcards from Happy.

Dear Gentle Readers,

Well first off? I've stopped reading my horoscope. I only read it to point out how wrong the predictions are but didn't have time to read it for at all last week. When I went back and read it, it seemed like such a colossal waste of my time that I just stopped. It's not even close to what happened. Not even close. I figure that will add 10 minutes to my day, an hour and 10 minutes to my week, four hours and 40 minutes to my month, and 48 hours, 480 minutes to my year. That's a total off 55 hours to my year or 2 days and 7 hours of my life per year.

Add to the "already done list" Saved time, added days to my life, and stopped reading horoscope.

As of this week I have hit the tiger right and left. Except for one move, the next 10 moves or so in tai chi class are actually repeats. Hurray for repeats and hurray for a great substitute teacher. Don't get me wrong; I love my regular teachers. It's just nice to have a change up and this sub is great.

Add to my "already done" list. Appx 46 moves out of 108 in Taoist tai chi. Maybe more since some of the remaining moves are repeats. Yay.

If you remember last summer I tried an experiment with how I handle my life. Instead of endless "to do" lists I started writing "already done" lists. I'd wake up each morning and I'd say, "What can I do today that will make today feel like a success?" I wouldn't even write things down. Instead I'd just start doing what I thought I would like to do and then write down what I'd done on my "already done" list. The experience was wildly successful. The resulting "already done" list included things I'd hoped to do for years but hadn't and things that I'd never dreamed that I could do.  I began doing things that I'd always wanted to do but didn't because I thought that there were other things I needed to do first. Hurdles. I was most amazed at WB and Pups reactions. I thought that they'd be all kinds of unhappy with this new way of doing things but I soon found out that they were fine with it. Apparently it's a very masculine trait to say this is what I'm going to do and then go do it. It's what climbs mountains and builds sky scrapers. I'm two months into tai chi class and going to the gym to - wait for it - lift weights because of this new way of doing things.  I'm still a slacker in that I know how to sit out in the Zen garden in a hammock and enjoy the quiet or goof off (we did go see the Harold and Kumar movie. More later.) I'm just doing my own thing. I'm not asking for a consensus. Nope. Instead I'm saying, "This is my my life. Have a nice day."  The people who love me are fine with it and the rest? Meh to them.

Add to my already done list? I'm calling it, "A Year of Being Physical"

Already going to tai chi.

Already going to the gym.

You see I have a plan for my life.

So far?

It's working.

Step one.

Learn 108 movements of Taoist Tai Chi. This is to improve flexibility and balance. I also tried to include graceful movement. Yeah, yeah, I know but I can try to be graceful. The idea is to use the tai chi as a warm up and coool down before a physical activity. No I don't care that right now I still look a bit goofy.


Because I've been doing the moves that I know and guess what? I am actually using them to warm up and cool down at the gym. It's working for what I've intended it to work for.


So far no one is laughing or pointing.

Actually they're very supportive.

None of the, "Psst maybe you shouldn't be trying this."  Instead?  "It's good idea and here's other things you can do as well."   Have there been folks who say, "Maybe you should wait?" Yep but I'm thinking that even if it's good intentioned? It's not the best advice for me.

Add to "already done" list?

Go to the gym.

Actually do cardio and lift weights.

Yes, me, the veteran slacker.


LOL I know, hard to believe.

I'm saying thank you to the people who I've talked to about this. My favorite bit of advice came from a very nice complete stranger who told me, "When you do go the gym? You see the folks who are buff? They didn't come that way. We all have to start somewhere." I could hug that guy's neck. When I see the people who are in great shape, I tell myself to keep up the good work.

"But" you say, "What about the fencing?"

"Well, " I say, "I tried on a fencing jacket tonight and between the gear that I can borrow from Pup and the gear that I can use from the fencing club, I should be starting beginning classes soon. I'm going to make the best of the time freed up when they stopped the tai chi tutor sessions to rearrange my schedule and viola', it would seem that it's an even better fit than the all tai chi.

Add to "already done" list

Better schedule of physical activity than before.

Equipment and set up to take fencing.

Like the song says ---

Now then before anyone starts to think, "Ah geeze, another slacker lost to clean living? Naw. I'm still slacker. It's just after years of being other folks "emotional dumpster" I've come upon a new way to look at things.

I just tell them, "Everyone's got a priority and this is mine. Have a great day."


In the words of Hannah Murphy?

"Having fun is THE best revenge."

LOL I'm so happy that cranky has a girl friend, pups growing up, and WB? He actually went with me to the gym.

Double LOL? I was even invited to church and met a pretty famous person who seemed nice.

It's all good.

Love, hugs, and kisses,

The Zen Happiness Experiment thing? It worked.

LOL After many many years?  I got my own self to laugh.

Now that is something.