Thursday, June 9, 2011


Christmas? Yep. In June? Uh huh....

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Directions for saw horses

How to for saw horses and work bench.

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This last video is an overview of wood working. There are other instructional vids too.

This next video from the Wood Whisperer is pretty good.I'm wondering if it would work for boat shelves?

This would be useful since I like the cordless tools. Could attach the station using the french storage (see video above) Note the storage system for tools and use of painter tape for reference.

And for that board that I love but that's full of knots?

LOL I think it might be from West Marine. Not sure. Will check.

AH ha. Finally. How to pick out wood. This information is what I was trying to find out when I visited the homestore.

This next video is the entry for a series of vids on designing and constructing custom furniture. It's a great resource to the mindset of the furniture designer/craftsman. Unfortunately the embed isn't functioning so I have the link

I've noticed that each of these guys have things that they do that will be good to incorporate into wood working.

Here's a project that I'd love to try out. two videos

Outboard motor work stand with running motor. Hmm If I can make it long enough to hold the boat motor and trolling motor. Hmm. And I do like that shelf for the gas can, batteries and water cooling thingy.

Thinking thinking.

There's these guys...

(don't know what they're saying but they are highly entertaining and the music is catchy)

And look! "Plumber's crack!"

LOL, I didn't have these vids when I made my work table and saw horses. I just looked at it as a sculpture and viola! A table and saw horses. I'm thinking that would be the best way to look at my next project.

Have a busy day outside.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let's try an experient

Christmas? Yep In June? Uh huh. It's 103 deg...

and then

  Yep In June?

Ode to Joy it worked it worked. I am going to have soooo much fun this summer.

Oh yay!

Heellllloooooo Interactive Blog Stories.



Dear Gentle Readers,

As much as I love to blog here and Tweet on the Tweety, I must take a rest. There's plenty to read here. I'll bet you've never read the very first blog posts. There's the Zen of a can of beans. The Zen of man and animals. There's the Zen of neighbors and neighborhoods.

This is an excellent time for us all to look back and to reflect on the joys of life.

As for me? I will most likely be reflecting on the joys of working out of doors in the heat and the joys of cleaning the clothes closet. Followed closely by the joys of hull maintenance on the sailboat. I hear this last joy is most enlightening. If I experience these joys now? I will be able to experience the joy of sailing.

You had to know this was coming.

Me time  aka read, nap, feed the animals, hug the kid, eat lots of healthy things, get to sleep early, get up early, run skip, work on the boat, sail on the boat, be happy, put all kinds of good stuff on the "Already Don List", continue the Give Your Stress a Rest experiment, write about it in comments - no hang on - I'm supposed to give that a rest,  Jump for joy and be happy

And? Write Interactive Blog Stories.. 

I think that I'll even go to Paris.

Paris, Texas.


Now go here. Yip. Like this guy. More on Youtube. Thought... 




I was thinking about someone from my past.
Then I saw this video and thought, "Dam. The reality of my life is so different." I'm not bad looking. Never was but I was never going to be a standout in the looks department. Me? I got brains. That's good but sometimes I look at the world and think, "Only one date in highschool. Only 5 dates in college. The world went out and partied while I stayed in and studies."

Now I look at folks and think, it's not that I'm sexually disinterested. It's just that I'm thinking that spending time learning something new on my own might not be just a phase. It might be a life style. The longer this goes on the easier it is for me to leave that aspect of my life behind.
What if I became a hermit up on GoatHerderBoy Hill.

LOL All together now.

Ah no can't do that.


Mungo Jerry



Father's Day is coming up. End of June. I told my dad about the work table that I built for us here. Haven't had it long but it's been a real "work horse". Already used it to make saw horses, repair kitchen chairs, and well lots of stuff. It's outside under the trees. He told me that he'd like a work table. So that's what I'm going to give him for Father's Day. A work table just like mine and built by me.


How I Spent My Summer Vacation by c anne ford 6-7-11.

all rights reserved by the author


How to Real world


Not really part of blog. Blog starts with next post. Thanks.

For rubrail instalation:

For gelcoat repair:

Looks like work.
Will need tunes.

Keep reading and look for the Zen, Hugs, AuthorAnn




"I was thinking about how a person changes their life. Authentic shouldn't be a cliche." c anne ford 6-7-11


After alittle more thought.

"No matter where you go?  There you are." don't know who's quote.

And even more thought.

"Fuck it."    just  about everyone at some point in their life.

"I don't want to take a vacation from my life only to have to come back to it. Especially if I wasn't thrilled with what I left.  It's still there when you get back. " c anne ford 6-7-11

"Happy is a good thing."  c anne ford 6-7-11

"I've finally, finally, gotten to the point where I can care about people but still keep a sense of self. Apart."  c anne ford 6-7-11

" I ain't never had too much fun."

country music song.

I love country music.



Hummmm. Nothing but pre taped, rehashed, and reruns for the summer.

Not good in tvland.

After much thought, about 5 minutes tops, I've come up with a plan.

Nothing rehashed.
Nothing pretaped.

And definitely no reruns.


Out in the world?

Not to cause a scandal but I've been to Paris. During the summer it's tourist central. I'd rather see New York. Or better yet somewhere that has a pool. A pool and a beach. And a breeze...

But not Paris, France. And not for work. Definitely not for work.

And definitely not this summer.

The Zen thing has been a good experience. I've been trying to rid myself of other people's expectations and replace them with my own. Toss out the "Before I can be happy, I have to ..." Nothing seemed to work until this zen thing. This worked. I'm thinking that we've all got something important to say just by surviving each day. It's all about having confidence and being real.

Oh and to answer the question?

All this and a bag of chips or just a bag of cheesy puffs?

Dunno really. Don't have time to think on it.

Summer in Paris? Nope.

Summer in my life? Yeah, definitely.




In June?
Uh huh.
It's 103 degrees outside.
What the hell???
You've lost it.
Finally, the world has  knocked a screw loose

Nope. I was just thinking that with all the crazy going on recently, I might as well have some fun.


And what's more fun than Christmas?

Mele Kalikimaka, ladies and gents. 
For once life is going my way.

LOL, You'll want to read the comments on this post  if you're keeping up with the Zen....

If not?   . Yip. Like this guy. Click here ...

(You can not imagine how happy getting the blue links to work has made me. )


Yip. Like this guy. More on Youtube.

Thought of the day?

"Business is business and love? Not sure it exists." c anne ford 6-7-11

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