Friday, February 4, 2011

For my father...


Who won't fight alone...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

OMW. Writers? Sharpen your pencils AND win a prize..


I found it. The Y102/Bailey and Pogue Uncontested Divorce Contest

From the Y102 website

Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out
Sometimes things just don't work out the way you planned for them to, including marriages. Y-102 and the Law Firm of Bailey and Poague want to help you out with an opportunity to tell us your story about why you deserve an un-contested divorce. Click the Broken Heart logo, submit your story, and the winners will be chosen by our panel of judges. The winning entry will be announced on February 14th, and also notified by the information provided. Fof(sic) more inofrmation(sic) about Bailey and Poague Attorneys at Law, click their logo.

"No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services to be performed by
other attorneys."



Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" better than the winning entry for this contest.

You'll make your parents proud.
LOLOL Just wondering what would happen if you sent in an entry for that best friend's bitchy wife? You know the fella who keeps whinning about how much he hates his wife but he's too chicken to get a divorce?

Didn't see it in the small print but I wonder if this prize is transferable.


I think they should announce the winner on Valentine's Day.

>Back to the future


Non contested divorce



Oh dear mercy. Now I understand all the criticism of Rob Thomas.

Some radio station in Montgomery Alabama is offering an uncontested divorce contest. Honest to God in Heaven they are. If you can't find the YouTube I will but Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. The commercial at this time of year is just "slit your wrists" emo. They're also running a commercial for plastic surgery for women who are "growing older".


Nothing says Valentine's Day than an uncontested divorce contest.

This is worth posting.

Couldn't find a Youtube but the law firm is

The radio station is

They do live streaming. Honest. This IS a commercial for these people. It's just hysterical. Very, very emo.

Please note. If Valentine's Day makes you nuts for any reason don't listen. But if you have a sense of humor and just can't believe the nonsense surrounding this time of year.

You really will want to listen.

Besides it's a free, non contested divorce. I mean it's got to be worth 250 dollars.

Like the commercial says, "you can get out of a bad relationship and find the perfect mate."

"...I'm just trying to bring world peace..."

LOL Oh no the commercials just keep getting better. " we don't tell you who to love."

Ahhhahahaha this is too good.


I love this word.


definition, convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation; telling.

I love this word. It's like every sentence, every word, every breath that forms every sylable of the word, every molecule of every breath that forms every sylable of the word in every sentence is. There's no fluff unless it's absolutely necessary for the argument. The syntax, the words, the arguement?

All necessary


the opposite of superfulous.

I like that word too.

Public service announcement....


Please note.

This is 12 dots and a blot.

It's a writer's space.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Well the next couple of posts could be disturbing.

I have to do this because of the nice folks who might read and worry.

I have to write this because I am a writer. Part of writing is the creation of characters who you will react to.

Good or bad, if I do my job right?

You'll read the words and forget if they're fictional.

So, please, don't ASSume.


Enjoy the show.



Songs of loneliness and homesickness...


My bestfriend's mom took us to the beach during a storm. It was the most gloriously irresponsible thing any adult had ever done. We ran and yelled over the wind. We did cartwheels. Dared that storm to come closer. The sky grew darker and the wind picked up. We were invincible and that storm was nothing.

Two years later the sky grew dark again and the wind blew...


Songs of Loneliness and homesickness...


"Love me, love me, love me" he spat out the words.

He was on the couch trying to find som peace. A nap. I'd gone to ask him a question. I was just trying to connect. It made him angry and he said the words.

There aren't words for that. There are just feelings. So I sucked in my breath and walked away. Stunned.

Even now I can remember it and I feel the loneliness. It would be nice to analyze it. Some how grow to accept it or renounce it. Go to him and ask, "Why? Why did you do that?" Only there aren't word and when I did ask him? He didn't remember.

"What are you talking about?" Then he looks at me as if I'm crazy.

"You need help." he says " I think you're depressed."

He's all messed up and I'm the one who needs help?

I grab deep into my heart and pull out a memory.

"One, two, three, four,..."

Songs of loneliness and homesickness...


My home was destroyed by a hurricane. Everyonce and a while the feeling of homesickness that I feel for this place overover comes me. Washing me out into the emotional sea. Full of that sick feeling of never seeing home again.

When this happens? I try my best to cheer myself up. Music helps some. This song. I listen to it and try very hard to remember the feeling of going home.

Where do you go? What do you do when your home is gone?

I go to Graceland in this song.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Songs of home and homesickness...


It's an old song.

The song reminds me of being homesick.\

"...I'll fly away..."


I sing because I'm happy. I sing because I'm free.


Happy early good morning. Just going to tuck this here.

Hugs and warm thoughts.

Keep reading.



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Words to live by # 495...


"If you're lucky?
You get to experience the things that you missed the first time.
The stuff you missed before be
cause U were too busy or too drunk or just too dumb to notice. It might make you cry or feel overwhelmed but hang on tight. This time you have the wisdom to know it's true worth."

c anne ford
1 February, 2011

Happy February.
The road not taken.
The road you took but didn't appreciate.
The road you travel the second time because you're just lucky to have done so.
I'm sitting in the kitchen. There's frozen lasagna cooking in the microwave. The sink is full of dirty dishes and now the dishwasher has stopped working. There's a part on the way and WB has been promised that the part will be here on Friday.
That's our world.
On the television, there's people protesting. Outside the winds been blowing like it did a couple of years ago when the hurricane came through.
If I looked back to last year? I'm not sure if I'd have anticipated this year.
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Warm thoughts,

Happy February !



This was going to be my two week tribute to love and Valentines but then I thought,

"Feck Valentine's Day. "

Happy Black History Month!


Well darn.


If you've read the blog bio, the one to the left, you'll notice that I've been trying to get my emails read on the LLS with Tv's Craig Ferguson.Today?

I've decided to stop trying.

LOL. Nothin' dismal here. It's just not my thing. :D



Monday, January 31, 2011

Love a thon...


aka the Valentine's Day count down.

Being a romantic isn't easy.

Take the case

Poor old Elijah.

Father of 16 kids, it should have been obvious to Mrs. Elijah, that he was interested.


According to the computer...


... it's now 16 days until Valentine's Day.

For the love of -- I mean ---

Oh joy.

I'm sorry but this holiday can be painful. The days leading up to it a sore reminder if you don't have a honey to canoodle with or the cash to do the canoodling.

Roses might be red.
But man they're expensive.
Dinner and dancing are too.
I'm doing overtime
So that you won't miss it.
This great big production.
I Love You.

cAnneFord, 30Jan,2010

Aren't the words enough?

Year before last, I wrote a celebration of hemmorrhoids. Seemed like a fitting way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

This year?

It's the Never Ending Ode to Love a Thon.

And it starts with a song.

...Ah love, YEE Haaaaahhhh.

.Please note. The songs are old and cheesy but let's face it, unless you're able to put down the seriously big bucks to let that special person you care?

It's tricky.


And I cried and cried like a baby...


Watched Lost Valentine on CBS (with BettyWhite @ JenniferLoveHewitt).

It's a Hallmark Hall of Fame move and I told myself that I wouldn't get sucked into it.

But I did.

Then I told myself that I wasn't going to fall for all the sap. I was going to be cynical. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day and the potential cheese wasn't worth it.

Then I thought,

"Well you know Betty White is going to be in this movie. She's not "cheesy". Might ought to watch. But I'm not going to cry. I'm just not. It's just a movie.

Then I cried like a baby.

First I smiffled at the story where Betty White's character waited each Valentine's Day for the return of her husband. Now you and I know that in the real world this behavior might start to look alittle looney.

But it didn't.

Next, I began to tear up at the "star crossed" attraction between Jennifer Love Hewitt and BettyWhite's on screen grandson. "This is sssoooo predictably "Hallmark Hall of Fame, " I sniffled," I'm not going to cry."

I boo hoo'd. Tears were running down my face.

Then there came the part where Betty White's characted talked to the guy who was the last to see her husband and -

I just started bawling.

I really did.

By the end of the movie, I was "snotting" into the only available tissue type things in my bedroom. My dog, who's a very sensible pup, was looking at me like I'd lost it, and anyone within ear shot was surprised at the reaction.

It's on DVD.

Have decided to watch it every Valentine's Day.

I may avoid Valentine's Day like I would the plague, but this movie was pretty good.

Happy day.


In honor of the upcoming fake holiday to comerce known as Valentine's Day?

A Poem

Ode to Comercials

Real roses have thorns.
Their beauty it lies.
They're not sweet on the tongue.
Cost too much to buy.
I'd rather a cactus,
With an honest eye.
Than dozens of roses
From some jerk of a guy.

30 Jauuary, 2010



Is my (sex)"life" as I knew it - over?


br />

The minute I turned 40 it began. My mother, the woman who sailed to the Carribean in her 60's and is very active in her late 70's began asking, "Honey? Have you started "the change"?" At first, I did what any sane person would do. I ignored her. Not since passing the mile stones that let me legally drink, drive, and smoke, had I put alot of thought into what my "age" would let me do. Ironically because of my Moms and her constant, "I won't define myself as an "age"." So neither did I.

Now, at age (over 50) I'm beginning to wonder if my (sex)"life" is over.

It's not me. I'm as sexual as I ever was. Plus with age has come experience. You learn things. It's good. So what's the problem?

It started with the ads in the sailing magazine. All those athletic old guys and their equally buff young companions. I know that ads for sailboats have always pandered to their target demo but the ads were mostly "manly men" sailing in rough water with a "babe" at dockside. Like what why mother was saying, I ignored. These new ads are different. Now the women in the new ads are the extreme physically fit young things who are now the girlfriends and wifes of the older guy on that boat.

I'd never noticed it before.

Looking at those ads, I began to her my mother's voice, "Have you gone through "the change yet?"


I don't know what to do here.

I honestly don't.


I do know this. For years I've been thinking that the "Women's Lib" movement liberated women but now I'm not so sure. Being liberated was supposed to mean that I had the same shot as life as a guy did. I never thought that age should matter. Now as I look as these photos, I realize that the real liberation was for the guys. Where it used to be thought of as "midlife crisis" for some older guy to "rob the cradle". Now it's just liberated. Who hoo who cares what age anyone is? Don't be a sexist or an ageist. Embrace the change. Unless you're a female over 40.

No, I don't want to join my fellow females over 40 who are defying convention by going out and embracing life. I had very good sex life thank you very much. I'd like to hang on to it.