Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AuthorAnn. Snake hunter.




LOL. I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake.

Wait one second.

If you are an environmentalist fixing to yell at me about about food webs and ecological balance. Please look up and re read that sentence.


"...I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake."


Thanks to the Discovery Channel, Craig Ferguson, and Shark Week, I also know how to swim with sharks and wrassle an alligator.  Just checking my schedule here -- wait lemmie see-  yeah- The only alligator in my future is a puppet named Wavey and I don't think that I'll be swimming with sharks in the near future.

"Knowing" and "doing"?

It's all about the words.

Now where was I?

Ohhh yeah....


Pssst. Want some toe tappin' fun? First, turn the sound for the first video to on while you watch the second video with the sound off.

LOL Crocodile Rocks with Penguins.

Laaaah la la lah la laaaaah....


Angels Among Us



I learned how to kill a rattlesnake.

You may be wondering what that has to to with this song.

All of my life, I've had the blessing of angels watching over me. This isn't to say that life's been all good. There have been some really tragic things that have happened to me and my family. It's just that somehow the kindness of these angels have helped my family and me survive.

Then yesterday they kept us safe.

I don't know how to explain it. I really don't.

It's just that yesterday?

I listened to the angels who've been guarding my son and me our whole life.

I listened to that voice that whispered in my heart, "Take your son with you when you clean the dog pens.

So I did.

I listened to that voice when it whispered, "Don't let the dogs out of their pens."

So I didn't.

I listened to my son when he said, "Mom, is that a rattle?"

It was.

I listened to my pups when even after we'd decided that the snake had gone, they kept barking the alarm.

That snake was still there not four feet from us.

I listened to my neighbor when he said, "Stop. Don't go any closer."

If I'd not listened, it would have been a catastrophe.

The rattlesnake in the wood pile might have been missed until it was too late. The one not 8 feet from my pups. The one that would have surely bit my pups if they'd been let out of the kennels. The one that would have surely bitten my son or myself had we gone one step closer.

I listened when that whispered voice, who has guided me my whole life said,


I read that you should start each day saying what you're thankful for.

This morning? I'm thankful that my neighbor happened to pass by just as we were going to find that snake and I'm thankful that I listened to that whispered "inner voice" who guided us and kept us all safe.

"I believe their are angels among us..."


Monday, September 27, 2010



I keep having people tell me that they've got money or that someone I've crossed paths with has or in this economy had money and then they look at me kind of funny as if to see what my reaction is.

For the record (and because this is kind of one of those silly games that really wastes all of our time), I'm glad when folks are doin' good. So good for you rich folks. The thing is I'm really kind of busy at the moment and most of the people I'm hearing about probably are too. Good for us both.

I've been outside some and have met a new person or two. The weather is changing and we're finally getting some rain. We need it. The rain was so heavy and the trees were already changing because of the lack of water (we think) that there are now alot of leaves on the ground. Looks like Fall. Green house should be going up. It's early but I think I'll go ahead and begin weathering in the dogs too. I'm not going to miss the heat but I'm going to miss the 5am sunrises. It's alot easier to get up. This cool weather/late sunrises makes a person want to sleep in.

Ah and then there's the mid term elections coming up. All that nervous anticipation and speculation. I don't want to even hear about it. And yeah, I do vote. I'm just tired of hearing about these people.

I sure wish this was the old blog. There's alot happening here. Turns out we were correct in our presumptions. To every thing there is a season. We're prepared but it would just take waaay to much back story to explain why that's important. I am glad that I have the boat. Glad that Pup and WB are here. The dogs are doin' okay and so is most of the other living things here. LOL I swear that after today, I really do feel a bit like we live in the middle of a zoo. At least we've still got all our fingers and toes.


Hope you are doing well Gentle Reader. I don't have a clue who you are. If you'd post that would be nice.