Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wooo Hooo Breakfast out with WB and then Cutting trees and clearing vines. Cleared what we're going to on the southern side of the woods and on the western fence. Moved limbs so that we could get an idea of how it looks. Stopped for lunch and for trip to store to get screws and sodas. I'm going out to continue chainsaw work until it starts raining and then? I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, and watch a movie. Yes, Virginia, I'm taking a break from working outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow which means working inside,closet and kitchen, until I finish or until it stops raining and we can go back outside. Still have more chainsaw work on the east front fence, under the front parcel, and up around Big Pups kennel. What remains? complete the sink table sort out dogs make sure that dog records are current Give dogs baths clean kitchen clean closet sort, use, get ready to use, chip, or burn the limbs Fix the kennel panels Fix the chicken panels put doors on the baby chick pen Set up the baby chick house Set up the baby chick box Buy baby chick food Make sure the heat lamp works Wash the dog houses and food hoppers set up the kennels set up the chicken enclosures. set up the hose reels Do a general mow, weed eat, spray, and clean up of the west parcel Clean the drive Move the chickens to clean up grass for green house For April Set up green house Chainsaw work in back yard and along front fence Prune the hedges Weed eat around trees Make sure that the baby chick enclosure is set up Set up chicken yard around pecan trees Sort the limbs and get them ready to chip, burn, or use Get the chipper burn the remaining limbs get cabinet doors paint cabinets start working on Pup's room start tai chi the y walk 5miles Pup has volunteered to make an auto water for the dogs. May Make sure that the house/yard is ready for painters Reno work on house Front porch columns

Friday, March 14, 2014

So I'm cutting trees on the fence line thinking, "Chainsaws are not just for guys."
Already done list!!


WB got the chicken fence panels disentangled :)
Got the dogs fed/lap time  and Big Pup exercised:)

Clean dishes out and dirty dishes into dishwasher.

Folded clothed, put wet into the dryer and dirty into washer

Did errands to the south

Bought two new pairs of sweat pants as I've pretty much shredded the ones I have.
Got a great deal on a print with frame, a great basket that I think is hand made in US, and a great deal on socks all for 4 dollars. I also helped the local economy as it was at a regular yard sale. This is someone who also sells antiques up the road so she has really good stuff. She said I could bring some of my stuff to sell or she'd buy it.  Time to sell the extra stuff! Spring cleaning coming!

Bought three scoops at the local feed and seed.  Now Big Pup has his own scoop!

Got a great BBQ sandwich and a chocolate milk shake for lunch.

Got gas for the chainsaw and car.

Looked up the swing set that Sonny made.

Found some free OSB for chickens

Went home, folded clothes, put clothes into dryer, put blankets, socks, and new sweat pants into washer.

Drank a soda. Lol today it was important.

Took Big Dog outside with WB and I.  He kept us company while we cut trees.

Cut and lopped  trees.  I mean actual trees not the tiny ones.  First WB did a section and then I did. Got the chain stuck a couple of times and at one point thought that I'd broken the chain saw but it's okay.  WB found an additive that helps the chainsaw start.  We cleared the area next to Big Dogs kennel. These were pretty big trees.

Removed the understory from around the pecan tree next to Big Dogs kennel.

Cut a section east to west which clears a path through the woods, I got my turn at cutting trees from the west section, north section and around the east section until I ran out of gas and then? Got the chain saw stuck in a tree. Lucky for me I had a cool head and turned it off so that I didn't get hurt. Did have an scary moment where I was holding the chain saw up while yelling to WB. Unfortunately WB was also cutting trees and had his ear plugs on. Finally he looked down the fence line to see me frantically waving my hands and did nothing!!  Got the tree off the chain saw and carried the thing cradled in my arms like a baby.  Short story is that the saw was fixed (yay WB) and he worked with me until we cleared the east fence line.  This included finishing a new path to by pass the uneven section along the fence.  Got my confidence back and continued cutting trees along the woods line until I'd finished what we were going to do on the east side of the woods. There are still trees that need to be removed but I have to wait until I can pull the vines out of the trees. The sun went down right as we ran out of gas again.  All that remains for tomorrow is to clean the southern edge of the woods, the western fence,  refine the area around Big Dog's kennel,  clear the southern most section between the washes, clear the volunteer trees that are around the bigger trees next to Big Dog's kennel, and finally the eastern side of the drive.

And of course the trees have to be limbed and sorted. 

And I have to fix the western fence to keep the dogs in. There's only three sections of about 24 feet.

It's a lot to do but I think that we can get the trees cut. I will be up to Pup and I to limb and sort the trees and also to fix the fence.  We can do it.

I'm hoping to finish this over the weekend because it's supposed to rain first of next week.  Rain = finally cleaning the closet and kitchen. If I'm lucky, I'll also get the dogs sorted, the sink table sorted, and the chicken pen sorted.  I planned to finish by the end of the month. Fingers crossed and good weather as well.

Pretty busy here. Lovely to see the progress.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everywhere we go here is like a classroom. I learn everyday from all kinds of people. I'm learning just like I learned from my Grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, people at work and church, and the people who answer my questions and talk to me about the things that have worked for them. Thanks, I'm learning.

I'm hoping what I'm doing will rub off.  I really am.

I'm so sleepy by the time LLS comes on I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Maybe when I'm finished, I'll be able to or maybe he'll come to the new civic center up the road. I don't know.

You know something? I sure could use a hug right now. I could use someone in my corner who thinks I'm great for what I'm doing now. They guys that came to cut down the limbs reminded me about how nice it is just to be around nice people.

Maybe their good works will rub off on me. I was watching too.



Do you see the huge amount of words below?  That is my already done and to do list for the next 4 days with an added sketch of todo for the next two weeks.  I'm busy and have been busy for the last two months.

Before I do my already done list? I want to write this here. Over the past three days, I have met some of the nicest people. They are the crew who clears the power lines. They were the kindest, most patient, and most professional people who I've had the priviledge to meet. The work they do is dangerous but they manage to do it with grace and a sense of humor. I'm writing this here so that 1. to remind myself that there are truly good people in the world and 2. I don't forget the details so that I can write a thank you to their boss. Thanks to them a dangerous tree limb has been removed. The day after the bucket crew came and cut the limb, the guy who does their chain saw work told me that if the power line had been nicked? There could have been a very bad shock. (Note to self. That chain saw guy was cute and sweet as could be. ) Then two brothers, also just as sweet, then came on time and with I truck that I'd love to have for Christmas (can't afford in a million years) came and whisked away the piles of limbs. I love these guys. You can't imagine a nicer group of men. They do amazing work and make it look easy. So for three days on my already done list (Making sure to do my part so that these guys could do theirs. My part was easy. I just had to make sure that the gate was open when they needed to be there, I had to stay out of their way, and I had to not ask too many dumb questions.

Already done list *for yesterday
Sort through pile of limbs from tree pull out the parts that are good for firewood and pile up the others for burning, chipping, or wash
Make sure that I've pulled out any cedar limbs to put on the pile of cedar that came from the downed tree
Make sure to have gate open and be outside ready by 10am . The guys on this crew are up early and they're prompt. Priority!!!

(Note have this done by 10Am so that the guys could do their job. Also note. Since they've changed the time, It doesn't get light here until 6:45am.  I've been getting up at 5am(it's dark) I've been using that time to wash clothes, load the dishwasher, and feed the dogs. Also good time to check the mail and maybe pay a bill or two. Also good time to clean kitchen and watch movie or Late Late Show as I don't have to compete for the VCR/tv)

Remove the spent cedar chips in the kennels.

Put down the pea gravel in one kennel so that there's a barrier between the ground and the cedar chips. Note to self. It takes 6 of those big orange buckets from the Home Depot to do this. Seven buckets is better. The gravel pile is still good. Should be awhile until we'd have to get another load of gravel.

Clean the water and food bowls (We were out of dish soap so I bought two bottles)

Make sure there was enough cedar chips in the dog houses (A okay and I already have the two bags of chips to replace

Put one in the storage container and the other in car. I'm ready to put down the cedar chips and the gravel in the other pen today )

Put new bag of dog food in the storage container

Clean the chickens water and food bowl

Lap time for dogs/check for ticks and other things (My fun time.) Extra lap time today because we can't do run time with all the equipment and work.

Run time for the one pup because he needed the extra run time. Spent extra time because of all the excitement here (heavy equipment new people lots of sounds both for us and for the guy next door. All our dogs are a bit stressed from having all the really huge equipment. Couldn't be helped so we all needed the extra lap time to de stress. I have a chair in each kennel so it's easier to do lap time.)

Put up the water hoses.

Check poop for worms and loose bowels Note I think that the dogs eat better when they eat out of the bowls so I'm going to use the food hoppers for storage and so that they'll have dry food incase it rains.

Lap time with big Pup and exercise time. I love to see this pup run. I think that he could run a 4 minute mile if he put his mind to it.


Unload the dishwasher/load the dish washer.

Get the eats for meals

Get alcohol/straight pins at store.

Wash clothes

Take shower (I'm pooped)

Finish my book.

This afternoon we had a wind advisory (until 8pm). So I had to move the cars out from under the trees so a limb wouldn't fall on them.

Then spent yesterday late afternoon watching to see if we had anymore limbs fall ......

Now for today?

Already done list


unload/load the dishwasher

get the garbage ready to put out

fold clothes put load of clothes in dryer put load of towels in washer

Note I'm washing towels and blankets today because I'm working outside and don't want to deal with folding clothes or wrinkles . Towels are easy and if you leave them in the dryer to do something else? Your good.

Talk to WB about sailclub and stuff that happened while away. Tried to remember the cute and very sweet chainsaw guys advice. I really did try.\

Let Big Pup out to make a pee and a poop (He was a good boy)

Got Big Pup's run time done

Feed the dogs

Write a bit on the computer and correspondence .

As for the rest of the day.

I'm not fond of to do lists (like the already done ones but sometimes I need the to do list to organize the day. So

The next two days are supposed to be lovely weather wise but Saturday and Sunday look like rain. Having to change what I was going to do over the next 4 days.


Make sure to put out the garbage or you'll miss the boat

Put gravel in the other dog kennel so the pups won't need a boat when it rains this weekend (It should take 6 orange buckets full) I'm going to wait to see what happens with the weather this week end. If it's a big rain, I won't put out the cedar chips until next Monday. If I do different the chips will be a wet mess. With the gravel in they'll keep dry. Don't think that they'll suffer fleas or be muddy if the gravel is in.

Finish washing towels

Thursday afternoon and Friday

I wish that I could cut the trees that we'd planned to cut this weekend. I'm not supposed to cut trees by myself for safety reasons.

If it does rain, I think that I'll run errands this weekend.

Make sure to get a pair or chainsaw chaps that work.

Other than the usual with the pups (water bowls, lap time, exercise etc), I should use these two good days to pull and sort limbs.

I need to delimb the trees so that they'll be ready to put out to deter washes. I have a couple washes to be that will need attention. They're in the front.

If I know what limbs are left, I think that I can justify renting a chipper. That would be great as I could use the chips on the path along the road.

I also need to start on the fence. I'm thinking of it in 8 foot lengths. Otherwise? I'd just be over whelmed and give up. It's like loosing a lot of weight. You don't need to think of all the weight you need to loose. You just have to think of the next 5 pounds. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. At that point the little guys can run free. Then I just have to think about the gate. I'm so happy to have the fence lines cleared and that barbed wire up of the fence and the ground. Lol if I ever find out who did that piss poor job? I'm going to give them a piece of my mind. That was just lazy. I'm lucky that we didn't have a vet bill because of it. Water under the bridge but mercy. I'll just be happy to have it finished.

Also? This is it. I need those chicken panels moved.

So at the very least I need the 16 foot section of the West fence done by Friday night. Good news? I have what I need to do it. Yay.

To sum up for today and Friday

It's dogs and chickens,
chicken panels,
at least 8 feet of fence today and 8 tomorrow,
and pulling limbs

Tonight? meatloaf mashed potatoes green beans salad iced tea

This weekend with the rain?

Do what I was going to do Mon-Friday but couldn't because of the tree thing

the dogs/chickens
spring clean kitchen
wash clothes
spring clean clothes closet.
Sort out the chain saw
and errands sort out the sail club fundraiser thing.

Next week it will finally be time for the baby chick pen to be finished.
Need to check the heat light.
Time to fix the chicken panels and move them to the next spot.
Begin the great dog migration (lol)
The week after Finally dog panels and dog houses.
Yay Anytime there's weather? Cut, clear, and deal with more woods area

Lol this is why I don't like the todo list. IT's much nicer to see what's been accomplished than look at the mountain of things to day.

Love you. )

See I am busy....


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still working with the no weird views. Yay, yay, yay and goodbye vampire stat. Nice to use the blog for peace, quiet, and writing. It is a writer's blog though The 12dot disclaimer still applies. This is a writer's blog. A fiction writer's blog. Fact and fiction exist here. If you don't know which is which Please don't ASSume. Ask. Thanks. Writer Ann )
. Note. There are a lot of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in this post. Sorry. Very busy. Very, very busy. The tree that I wrote the short story about is saved and safe. The story (if you aren't familiar with it) is where we found the chicken eggs and the end of the rainbow. Who knows why God does things. Sometimes it's a mystery but for whatever reason I'm grateful. Now then. To catch up on the Already Done List. The cedar tree is limbed, sorted, and ready to go on it's way. The limbs along the front fence line have been moved. This morning will be very early so that I can make sure to move any logs for the wood pile and pine straw for flower beds, limbs for the washes, and things for the chipper. I have to decide what to do. If I'm very industrious? I get to play with the pups later this morning. Then? Then I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, put clean sheets/blankets on the bed and get ready for cold weather? Yep. Easter is late this year. Still time for another batch of WB's homemade, crock pot chili this Saturday AM. The bad news is that I haven't spring cleaned the kitchen on my clothes closet. We've got more to do outside in order to finish working outside. I did move the chicken pen but I have to sort out the new enclosure. The wire is cut and it looks as if I have enough 2 by 4s. Still need to put the doors on the baby chick pen. It's really sturdy. I'm going low tech for the chicks. That means no formal house and instead a roosting box on wheels so that I can move them. They'll still be safe up off the ground and away from those mean old possums and raccoons and dogs etc. It's just smaller and with a more easy to clean area. Already done list? Cedar tree sorted limbs moved from part of the front fence and problem trees identified. Learned about handling dying pine trees (who knew? now I do) got the dangerous limb moved but got to keep the tree (and got someone to explain that the tree is safe to WB) got info on how to plan the area for future use got the point across that 1. I'd love to be active in sail club but 2. I am not the "dumpster" for other peoples unhappy. If I get dissed? I'm busy. If not? I'm happily helpful. Lol That was a biggy. hopefully got the notion across that I'm not lazy and I have a viable plan that I am already doing. This is all around healthy so leave me be and let me get to work. Oh and one other thing. Helping is when you ask for help, list what that help looks like, and if you can do it? Great. For so much of my life, helping has looked like other people telling me who I am and what I should do. They didn't do a very good job. Pup and I are autodidactic. Answer our questions but don't get mad at us if we don't use it right away. If you knew how far ahead I had to plan for just a chain saw and a cleared fence. Not get out of the way and let us do our job. We're moral and legal so it's good. I have a plan. I have a plan b. I even have a plan z. :) .

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am so glad the way things went today. The difference between people is amazing. I have been making really good decisions. I don't have the time to waste on the egos and the nonsense. The great thing is that I haven't been. The egos? Don't have that kind of power over my life. And the nice people are a joy to be around. I really am glad the way things are turning out. Building my "house" upon the rock. Thank you friend who said hello to me today. I'm glad that I know you. And yep. The more I know about some people? The more I like my dogs. Hugs. Lol big hugs. WriterAnn
The lovely thing about my life is?

If I don't wanna' I don't haveta'

Tomorrow it's out of the woods and into the yard for the day. Still have on the work boots but this is moving the chickens and set up the area for the little green house.  Thanks to the chickens a lot of the prep work (moving sod) is done. Can't wait to see how it works. 

Also hoping to finish the saw horses and two trees removed. They're bigger and  we're not allowed to move them ourselves. The timing is great.

On a more somber note?  With all the prep here, I'm not going to be able to help with that fundraiser. Heck I was so looking forward to it. :(

Oh well. I'll just have to keep a stiff upper lip and soldier on. ;(   True I won't be out the gas money and also true that at the end of the month my already done list will be substantial. 

Also I know that I'll get over it.

I had a fantastic day.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow. Busy three days.

Already done list

Remember my writing about cutting small trees and limbs in the cold and the rain?   Well the next couple of days were better. Today and yesterday were great.


We continued to cut trees and move limbs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The difference was that we had WB and the chain saw to cut bigger trees, 


All the big trees along the southern cross fence are now gone.
Moved limbs in that area that I cut last week.
Cut the rest of the small trees with the loppers especially happy that the snakey place is cleared. WB cut trees along the fence so that all I have to do is move them to the staging area to be chipped, moved to wash, or burned.

Then we started clearing the east side of the drive (small stuff). We'll cut any larger trees next week ( I hope.)\

The best news is that the bushes next to the drive/road are cut and I began moving them out this evening.

Also cut is a good clear path to the wash from around the dog kennel. Still more chain saw work to do but there's also lopper work that I can do in the mean time.

Got to visit with a neighbor and learn stuff. 

Ran errands, got dog food and kennel litter, got a new leash for the pups, checked on puppy class, got a new chain saw blade, etc, etc...

Still more to do.  WB is shaking his head when I tell him that things look so much better but then I saw it before the tree were moved.

I'm thinking about moving  the chickens to where we cut the trees so that they can get bugs and I can get a cleared area.

This was a good couple of days.  Sorry that I didn't get log it in daily but honestly? I needed the time to do the work.

Oh Oh Oh. Also saw a friend today at the store. Such a nice person and always a joy to see. We both love our pups.

Gonna get a shower, get the dog, and get some sleep.  The big pup barked when he couldn't see me. He was telling me that it was time to go inside and get some rest.

I love my dogs.