Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well to begin with?


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God speed and safe journey to the crew of the Atlantis and all who go to see her on her way.

Hugs to Pup for his most excellent self.

That said -

Write alittle.
Write alot.
Write nothing for a while.

This is NOT an inactive blog.

Thanks and hugs,


PS I'm putting the most important Zen moment here. The folks who designed all the equipment and who flew all the ships at one point all had the feeling of stepping past the known into the future. The could have stayed at home safe. The could have tucked away their dreams in a closet saying, "How can I?" The didn't. That is the Zen of this life. To dare to dream and then to dare to take a chance on that dream coming true. The moment that Atlantis leaves the ground I will be so proud to hear this. It's such an amazing thing to fly. It's such an amazing thing to go farther.

I hope that I remember that possibility in my own life. So to Pup.

Pup has that ability to "fly" in his heart and in his mind. To see the future.

He's born to fly. Me too. My Dad and my Mom. Even WB even though he doesn't really believe it yet.

That's a pretty good Zen moment.

Hugs, Newt and Lexi. Hugs to WB and Pup. Hugs to the fella who said, "Go have fun with your son."

It's good to be born to fly.



Tuesday, July 5, 2011


'Chicken Catch - a -torie
Chicken Frick -a - seee.
Come here, Grilled Chicken.
You look like lunch to meeeeee."

WB and Pup have named the "supposed to be hen but sure acts like a rooster so if it is a hen it's either a very type A hen or a lesbian chicken" hen, Grilled Chicken. Actually after today they've named them all. Each of them are named after chicken recipes. There's even a song. That's the words to the song up there.


If you're a member of PETA or perhaps a vegan?
You probably aren't going to be thrilled about this post.

If you read the previous post, you know that last night we had guests. Emmie, our amazing climbing dog, and the 5 chickens (one who turns out to be either a rooster or a lesbian chicken), are all sitting politely in the bathroom with the exhaust fan doing triple duty. They're still our house guests. I wrote about it here . Mister Music please, "Uh , Dad, Mom's eating chocolate frosting out of the jar again...

It started to rain again just after I'd put the water and food in the chicken enclosure and right before I put out the chickens. This isn't just any kind of rain. It's the kind where the wind blows and the lightening goes nuts and so does Domi. Anyway, I tried to put Emmie back in the kennel, it's raining, the other pups got out, then Emmie climbed the fence AGAIN. I'm covered in dog hair and mud but can't take a shower until it stops with the lightening.

Here we are, once again, all one big happy animal/human family.

"Bwak, Supper Chicken - oops, I mean - Super Chicken.  I need a barn."

Soggy yay.


PS I don't know how Emmie learned to climb the kennel fence. I didn't teacher her but she looked mighty pizzed when I put her back outside after being inside on her own rug. Can't blame her for being annoyed. I would bring her inside but I just don't have any more room.

"Lord, I really do need a barn. Or, with all the rain? Maybe an ark."


Monday, July 4, 2011


Mister Music please,

"Uh , Dad, Mom's eating frosting out of the jar again."

Dear Gentle Reader,

I hope you had a great day and will have an even better evening. We had a pretty good day. The people we met were nice and we actually had a couple of surprises that I'd never have guessed.

Then we came home and had a few more.

Tonight, in addition to moving the 5 chickens from their outside pin into their inside box for when it rains (re storms) and comforting one pup who literally hides under the covers when it storms, we are also entertaining a "guest".   Emmie, one of our outside dogs, has gotten out of her kennel 3am night before last, yesterday am, yesterday pm, and tonight. I've been at a loss as to how one 15 pound dog could get out of a enclosure 8 feet high. We looked for holes and we looked for unlocked kennel doors and well nothing. Tonight we found out that she can climb. If Pup hadn't seen it and told me I'd thought it was a joke. Alas no joke. It would seem that my little pup has skills worthy of David Letterman's stupid pet tricks.  She can  climb up the side of the kennel (all eight feet of it), jump over the top and then jump the 8 feet down to doggie freedom. Since it's raining outside and I can't take a chance that she'll climb out again, I've put her in the now crowded bathroom along with the chickens, turned off the light and prayed to God for a thunderstorm so that my other pup, Domi, will stay under the covers and away from Emmie. For the record, Domi doesn't hate Emmi. She just doesn't care for the competition.

If I'm lucky?  The chickens will roost, Domi will stay under the covers, and Emmie will bed down on the rug;  they'll all go to sleep.

I hope.  At the moment the other inside dogs are barking at the bathroom door. So much for Emmie going to sleep.

As for me?

I'm going to take a hot shower and watch MASH (movie not the tv show). I'm pretending this is Noah's Ark and the dear Lord himself has commanded all the furry and feathery creatures to get along.

I'm also asking God for a barn.

Will let you know if there was any doggie or chicken or doggie and chicken carnage during the night.

Happy Independence Day.

Roll with it.

Love and kisses,

Author Ann

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