Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Box of Infinite Books by c Anne Ford

The Box of Infinite Books
by c Anne Ford

Link here soon

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I could use a friend. Not a fair weather one. I need a real one. Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen. This is the reason I love my chickens and my dogs.  They're the closet thing to a friend that I have.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Send Me The Moon

Sara Bareilles

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Amy Winehouse
"...Well that's a bit harsh..."


27 Marchave 2017
"... I wonder- if - if you could see- if you could see all of the moments- all of those tiny moment in between when something  begins and streaks toward ending? I wonder if it were possible to stop it? If you could? Would the rest of the moments stop?..."

Notes From The March Wind

Sara Bareilles
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dear Newt,
Saw CF Co host on Toda Show. Reminded me of you.  Both writers with a caustic, imaginative wit. Had a great time when I visited NYC.  
Gr8 memories from 3 separate time paths.



Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We are all here for a reason

Some things I've chosen. Somethings were fate chosen.

For instance,

I choose the chickens.
The chickens brought the chicken feed.
The chicken feed brought the field mice.
The field mice brough the chicken snake.

(If your singing The Farmer In The Dell ? Me too.)

Chickens squawking .
Got 2 go c.


Before I go further, I should tell you that when I say, "I live on a farm." I should say, "I live on 13 acres of woods, have 17 chickens and, according to my mother, have way too many dogs (not hoarder, they are well fed etc), I aspire to keep goats and fish."
We don't have cows or horses. The things I grow aren't like the things my parents grew. Mom and dad did have cows, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, a horse, dogs, cats. and a huge garden. They also lived on 40 acres. Much more room than we have here. Because of the smaller space, the living things here have a reason for being here.

Symbiosis is very important.

Dear Readers,
I didn't ask you not to read.
I just asked you not to hack.
Thing is that in less than 6 weeks one family member has died and another has gotten some scary health news.  I don't even get to think of my side of the families health issues or mine right now. I just try to ignore them until I'm where I can deal with them. I can take care of the others but I'm not sure who would take care of me. We seem to be lucky so far. Met the right people in time. Not something that I can't handle. But seriously, being screwed with, being hacked isn't something I need to deal with right now. I wouldn't mess with you. Please, don't  screw with me.

You are all welcome to read.

I could really use a story.
I could really use a Newt story.
Newt, I miss reading your stories. If you were here, I would be telling you about the pups, the chickens, how the guineas flew into the neighbour's yard, how beautiful the woods look.
I know that you're gone but I think that I'll  write as if you are still here.  So much has happened.
I finally found someone to teach me how to use a chain saw..

If ANYONE knows of NewtLoveRock (eBay), tell her hello.

The next posts are my Zen Garden.

Story tellers welcome.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Now hear this.

12dotsandablot is a writer's blog.

A fiction writer's blog.

Fact and fiction peacefully coexist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do not ASSume.


Leave this blog alone.

A word from the writers.

"Hello. An actual human here.  I write this blog for fun, entertainment, and as a way to practice writing. I think of this blog as a fun way to do writing "situps".

I try very much to have fun

Please, if you have any inclination towards hacking mischief, go do it somewhere other than here.

In my real life I have enough serious. My real world  "plate" is full of stupid.
My parents don't talk to me.
My SO is in a funk (Their mom died.)
And health issues? My health issues have been on a waiting list for years. Soon as everyone in my immediate family gets sorted, I hear that my issues will be addressed.

Surely there are other people who you could hack.
Other people who would be more interesting to pester.

I'm busy getting yelled at.
I'm due sleep.
I'm  due 1 year of sabatical.
I'm way under paid.
I haven't had sex in years.
I am way over due for my semi annual beer.
In other words, I'm tired out.

Please go pester someone else.

Please leave this one tiny bit of imaginary sunshine alone.


The Person Who Writes This Blog. "


Meghan Traynor
Better When I'm Dancing

Jason Mraz

93 Million Miles

Dear Christina, Rose, and Diane.
Thank you for being so good at what you do.

Kind regards,
Good morning.
For Kris, Pup, and WB.

Clean Bandit, AnneMarie, Sean Jean

Rockabye Baby

Monday, March 20, 2017

My heart goes out to the parents of critically I'll children.  The constant fear.  It's such a relief to get positive news.

The new health care plan that is being talked about in the national legislature is more than by partisan rhetoric for many Americans. It is unfortunately the daily struggle. It is the air they breathe.  It is the painful steps they take with a family member or friend.
These Americans are the real experts on health care reform. Instead of talking at them, maybe we should be listening to them.
Thank you for the health care professionals who we've talked to this week. Theit patience and guidance is helping us make sense of what at the moment is a jumble of words and emotions.
We're lucky.


Friday, March 17, 2017




Sunday, March 12, 2017

Clean Bandit, SeanPaul,Annemarie

Rockabye Baby

Don't mess with me.

I'm a mom of a great kid.

Went 2 Pups thing on Friday. 1:30am is late for me but managed not to fall asleep. Never Did D&D before.Now I have tried it.

All wood on truck& trailer burned or in wash. Thx WB.
Stayed with fire until it wa completely out. (Yes, I was a Girl Scout. Learned how to lay and put out a fire.) Then it rained again so no forrest fires. Thx.God. :)

Picked up stuff around head of road.

Took a bath and washed the soot out of my hair. I now smell great.


Dressed and going to lunch.
Then getting index cards.
Going to book store and big box store.

Going to wash clothes.
Going to talk about D&D with Pup.

I'm hopefully not going to cut, move, burn, or put into a wash any wood to day.

Today? Regular stuff.


Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm very happy to learn that Craig Ferguson has XMSIRUS radio show week nights. See @Craigyferg on twitter.

Go Speed Racer!

My already done list for Jan, Feb, & first week of March

Prep character for Pups thing
Prep for NYC trip and make trip
Trips due to funeral/illness
Washing clothes because of sick washer
Errands Pup stuff

Plus planned stuff:

Limbs off front right of way moved prep for burn

limbs/trees on east side of back road moved to wash

limbs trees moved off east fence line moved to wash

Burn pile set up or on trailer

Major brush piles/ limbs moved to wash

major snags in North and central section removed to washes or burned

major problems and washes in front section addressed

trees ready for chain saw work

Added new chickens and guineas

99.9 o/o this year's problems handled

Still time to finish for 100 o/o

Phase one this year was to address snags, prepping downed trees for chain saw work, prep for building

Make west area safe for people and animals

Prep for fencing

99 percent done

I'm  tired but happy.
Not stressed.
Still wrote it's  escape for all the work.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Today I am most grateful to my son.
I ♡ you, Pup.
You are the best person I have ever know.

No kidding. You already have not wasted the air you breathe. You bring light to darkness.
Today my son and I are honoring the International Day Without Women

This morning the Statue of Liberty went dark.
A reminder of how important women are and yet how badly some of us have been treated.

For my grandmother, mother, son, Billy, and now me.
We choose our path.

Today I'll put on my work boots. I'll  finish moving the trees to the wash. Tonight I'll hug my son.

Regardless of how certain people have treated me. Regardless of how many times they have called me stupid and failure. I can see my hard work bring my vision to life.

Carly Simon
Let The River Run

Gloria Gaynor
I Will Survive

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oh my. 
Day is only half over. 
So far, on schedule. 
Still much to do.
I'll post an "already done" list soon.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Someone ,besides me, is reading my blog right now.
I forgot about the Intern Skippy post.
Do you comment?
I'll talk back if you will.
It's been a long day but I think that there's a conversation somewhere in my brain.
Hey from here.
Where is your there?
Yeah, I know.
So what I wrote it.
It's still funny.
Hugs to Intern Skippy.
Hugs to the person who read it today.

There WILL be a road trip in my future. Just a few things to do first.
Hey Skippy, fire up the car and get the sun screen.
It's (almost )  Spring.
After all this work?
We NEED a road trip?


Pit bull

I remember how it felt.  Standing in the woods, looking at all of the work left to do, and feeling overwhelmed, I wondered if there would be a time when this part of the process would be over.
Tonight, when Pup and I stopped working, I was able to answer my earlier question.
I think there is an end to this part. We've got one small spot and then lots of sorting but I'm sure that we'll  finish.

So what was the problem?

I had to make my goals just as important as WB's and Pup's goals. I'm  happy to help them accomplish their goals.
They should be just as happy to help me to do the same.

I've been working on this project for at least 5 years. This project helps all three of us. I waited until it was right for all. Now is my time too.

There, I said it.
Let it be so.

Hugs Pup.
The first step to accomplish a goal is to say it out loud.

Or in this case?

Write it down.

For some reason I miss Newt, Billy, Curt, & Irish Dave.
Like Pup, they would have told me to set a goal and then do it.
What was I waiting for.

I ♡Pup.


♡ I'm  setting my goals and doing it. Yay!

Hello, John Tesh and company.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Same Girl Jlo . Dear WB,

Dear WB,
Thank you for the NYC trip. I'm measuring change in how I relate to the city and how I relate to the farm.
When I travel, it puts the "farm me" into black and white. What is comfortable about who I am is vivid. What doesn't fit in the "skyscraper" mountains? I know. But what does fit is the freedom to be different from the people around me. Purple haired dancing sunbeams are welcome in NYC. They aren't in Alabama.  So I travel in order to nurture the sunbeam part of my nature.  All of the differences, the art, feed my heart. I have to have this time whether you agree or not. It'seems as important as breathing.
The farm is something entirely different but just as important. My time at the farm is deeply important. There I'm more real and honest than any where on Earth. Like raising children, the land, animals, and people demand a level of honest work that the city doesn't. No faking what you don't  know. If you don't  know you ask. Those 2 and four legged creatures count on me knowing what I'm up to. They could die otherwise. I'm not able to do that in the city. I am able to plan and then implement a "living" story here. There is some thing good about the narative. Healthy. 
What I've found as a result of living in these two very different worlds is that I don't like the drama you bring. As much as I'm glad you are in my life, your anger is hard to bare. Bad things have happened to all of us. They make us angry. How we choose to handle the anger is important to the people around us. Just as important to us as it is to you. I didn't know how much your anger hurt me until I went to NYC. Where I gladly took off my coat of anger, you clung to it. A snapper turtle in a mud coat. You kept trying to drag me down into the mud.I'll  die if I stay in that mud.
Please. Stop being a "snapper turtle".Stop trying to drag me into the mud. What you are doing is as mean as an enemy. Billy wouldn't put up with it. He'd tell me to leave. 
I am collecting up all of the good in my life. I'm wrapping my heart in it. You are either the kindness my heart is wrapped in or the stuff that lives in that watery grave. Unlike you, I've no desire to hold to this sadness.  Holding to all of this negative like it was a life preserver is the real crazy.
I'm not crazy.
I'm the same girl.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's kind of like a rock star.
I'm in the back seat of an FJ. The windows are dark tinted back here. Listening to Los Lonely Boys (Heaven) & lots of Pit bull.
I seriously ♡ Pitbull.
Then some Santana/MBranch.
We're driving on 2 lanes in the middle of nowhere.
No one is talking.
I love this feeling.
"... How far is Heaven..."

Monday, February 20, 2017

Got up at 5 AM so that I could get stuff done. Since it's a holiday (think bank holiday) today and both WB &Pup are here, I thought I'd have lots of help. Funny.
Off we went to eat breakfast. WB gets lost goin to next town. We go back home to eat what turned into an early lunch. We go home and all my good help disappears.
So we went out to run errands and now to the movies.

I'm listening to D4L 's Scotty, PitBull's Options and Fireball.
I ♡ that song.
"I was born in a flame. Momma said that everyone would know my name..."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

WB's mom died.
I don't  know what it is about funerals and the dying. It either brings out the best or the worst in folks.
In this case, it seems to be the worst. His mom wasn't even dead before the BS started.
Some how we avoided the worst. This is good. WB needed to grieve.

My family didn't wait until the end to start their nonsense. It was so bad that I'm thinking of having a sepArata funeral service at an undisclosed location.
Only WB, Pup, friends, and my animals invited.
To say that everything's fine today wouldn't be true.
There's still a lot about today that's true in this song.
Josh Turner
Everything's Fine

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Morning music round up.
Gene Autry
Back In The Saddle Again
Before we go further?
A few rules.
This is a writer's blog.
A fiction writer's blog.
As far as I'm concerned?
Fact and fiction peacefully coexist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.
Otherwise you might get confused.
And maybe pissed.

Lol. Well my life hasn't  changed so much.
It's that time of year again so we are once again clearing the forrest.
There are a few changes.
New chickens.
Improvement to the farm.
I've gotten older...

I've  been trying to make my Twitter act into a mini blog.
It's  okay but not great.

In other words?
I'm back.