Friday, November 4, 2011


Dear you,

I can hear you.

It's been a while.

Merry Christmas,


If you're from the future? Say before April 27,2012?
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We gotta get you a... LOL. After years and years of not being in a good place to commit to anything other than Pup it would seem that it might actually be my turn to be --- in love?


Well that would be funny.

Good but funny and all kinds of ironic.

Oh yeah... Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I'll miss all the excitement for the holidays. Sorry I'll miss all the "fun" but well --

Substitute boyfriend for girl friend and...

lol -- There's folks who've invested alot of time trying to convince me and the world that I'm one colosal fcuk up. A slacker.

But -- well -- I think I'll be okay ...


In other news. Pup and I are thinking about making the new Harold and Kumar 3D movie a Christmas tradition. I'll have to see it first.


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Dear Gentle Reader,


Hmm. Random.

Have been having fun and not so much fun while gone. Got Sunday's obligation over and done. The good news was that WB went with me to keep me company. The better news is the day is over and we made it through in good shape. The bad news? LOL Not really any because it's over and I no longer have the "big O" (obiligation) to annoy. Yay!

For the funs stuff?

Well we got through some of the kicks in tai chi and I must say they weren't near as bad as I thought they would be. This isn't braggin it's just sheer relief that I could stand on one foot with hands in the air and then turn and kick. It's fun and MUCH better than what I had to do Sunday which frankly felt like a waste of time.

Next up in tai chi? According to the list it's something to do with a tiger. Looks like fun.

Halloween came and went with a lovely surprise. Growls and strange noises in our woods but all the pups and chickens were stil here the next morning. Whatever was walking in our woods believed us when we said aloud that the police were on speed dial.

And for the record? They still are.

The weather is turning cold but the wind on the lake is up. Good if you like to sail.

While there are some parts of life that are still a bit cranky? I'm happy to report that one of the cranky people now officially has a girl friend. This is a relief as he's now preoccupied with her and I no longer have any obligations. Can visit the lake in peace and finally enjoy it.

That's probably the best news.

Have boat work and yard work and other stuff to do. Hot weather is behind us for a while and I have plans for work here. Have met some nice folks and looking forward to seeing what will happen. Enjoying the tai chi very much. Only 65 of the 108 moves to go. Will be taking fencing classes soon. I love being a beginner in this stuff. No worries. And the holidays will soon be here.

Took awhile to get here but you know what?

Life is good.