Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well someone or someones did it.

Remember the 12 dots challenge to write a story using the post titles and the post comments? Well someone did it.

To recap. I used to write another blog. It was the very first blog that I'd ever written and it evolved into a kind of Zen Garden. There I constructed a story telling machine. The InterActive Blog Story. Toward the end, when I knew that the blog would be shut down, I used to love to randomly click through the links to read the various stories that would seem to magically appear. In reality it wasn't magic but very hard work that brought that blog to light.

That blog gave me something wonderful. Because of that blog? I knew. I am a writer.

It also let me come into the world of a lovely person, who even if they were a bit LOL grumpy, was so very talented and very kind in the good way. They promised me something and unlike all the other people who promised? They were one of the only people to keep their word.

I miss writing to them and hearing how they are very much.

It doesn't have a title.

If you have the ..... to come out into the light? Twitter me.

(And don't forget that what you write has a play list.)

Now then, "Once upon a time...."

., Welcome to 12 dots. A writer's journal. Fa...

. "Kittens and sparkly fricken My Little Pony...

. Welcome to summer term: Botnay 355 Let's liste...

. Ooops. Almost forgot. Can't be summer vacation...

For CinamonWaffles who can't sleep...

. Let's see. Keys? Check. Intern given directi...

. "...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom, boom. '...

. So here's a challenge. Look over there to the ...

Hurray ...

I predict. Horoscopes for the people who I know. ...

I'm not sure if this is a collaborative effort to schmooze or a single effort.

Got me on a morning when I needed to laugh.

And I did laugh.

In that funny way that has a big ole grin on your face all the way through the day.

You don't know why you're smiling but you can't help it.

It's funny and it's nice too.

It's the way I always felt when I heard from my friend above.

So the thing is? Who wrote it?

Thank you for the kind smile.

Thank you for "the bit of wind to fill my sails".





Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Is it true that Summer Intern moonlights on the Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Swim Team?"

This is NOT an apropriate question for Summer Intern.

I may have a sense of humor but Summer Intern's father does not.

You want a question?

Here's one.

Is it true that Summer Intern's dad is an attorney for a (rumored) mafia don?

Do you really want to find out the answer to this question by sending Summer Intern the above Tweety?

I think not.

Now then.

Read the next post and go pester  Russell over at BrandX.





"Kittens and sparkly fricken  My Little Pony people. I am serious here."


Read this blog quick.

(Before the block fairy comes to visit the Youtube fairy.)

If they get there first?

Find a copy of the movie Idiocracy and then use your imagination and the helpful Youtube titles for the relevant scenes.


Welcome to summer term:

Botnay 355

Let's listen in as the Doctorate students discuss an on going project: Project Brondo.


Welcome to 12 dots.

A writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

For the love of Pete?

Do NOT ASSume.


Oh and read the comments.

Now then.

Listen up.

I've got a summer Intern to look after.

This is NOT Brand X with that Russell Brand character.

Exhibit A:

"...that Russell Brand character..."

If you feel the need to pester someone?

Go pester him.

He likes it.

I do not need my summer vacation cluttered up with questions from my summer intern because some idiot has decided to not play nice.

I am going to enjoy this summer vacation.

Summer Intern is going to write the blog posts

and feed the animals here at the animal farm.

For free.

Let's all play nice.

None of this.

Exhibit B:

Not playing nice.

I do not, do not, want to have to explain ANY difficulties to the new Summer Intern's parents.

So if you so much as breathe in the general direction of my very nice Summer Intern?

It's a tour of duty on Ow My Balls for you.

Your future job?

I am not kidding.







It's good to know your target audience when you write a blog.

Here's mine.

Happy, well adjusted people who love to laugh. 

Fun people.

My definition of the word " fun   " ?

I have actually spent the weekend watching all six seasons of Sex in The City.

for fun

The beach? Good.

Going to movies with friends? Good.

Sharing a meal with family on Sunday afternoons outside under the trees? Greaaaat.

Reading all sorts of things? Love it.

Writing?  Hey I'm a writer.

Who is not on my target list?

Well if you're highly political, Type A control freak? You're gonna' be very bored on this blog because  with only a few exceptions?

I don't write politics on this blog.

I reaally don't.

I'm just trying to get through the day and get published like all the other writers and wanna be writers.

If you don't like that?  Please there are literally thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of blogs about crazy things that go bump in the night.

Now go hang with the "Kewl" kids.

If you aren't my demographic?  You'll be much happier else where.

Scat scat.




I don't smoke but I can still appreciate the sentiment.

Play list:

. Ooops. Almost forgot.

Can't be summer vacation with out that recommended summer reading list:

Here's the short list:

Fernando Poo from The Illuminatus Trilogy!

The Peter Principle by Dr. LJ Peter and L Hull

Catch 22 by J Heller

The yet to be published (these are working titles)

Can't Catch A Break. The Incredibly True But Seriously Pathetic Attempt to Over Throw My 5th Grade Summer Reading Group by DictatorX

K-Pop vs Justine Bieber: The Best of 2020 by Comander Xyz

The complete DVD set of Dr. Who

Any thing by Candace BushnellThe complete six seasons of Sex in the City special DVD addition with commentary.

To be continued....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Two things.


If anyone asked me what was the best thing to do in this modern world/

I'd tell them to start sending out kindess into the collective unconscious.

A ray of hope and kindness.

The flicker of the candle that curses the darkness.

Someone told me that it was the highest level of meditation.

That it sent out into the world the light that when joined with all the other lights became the Sun.

I can do it anywhere.

At any moment.

Call it Om.

Call it prayers to God.

No matter.

Smile at strangers.

Hug the ones you love.

Take in a stray.

Just wake up and find something to be happy about.

Then remember it.

Call it out.

But call out into the dark.



You don't want to know why I am sitting here throwing out the largest, kindest, thought.


"Reality writ on thin paper.

Larger than life.

Larger than the movie screen that shows what?

It falls into pieces.

Confetti for heros for some.

The shards of a broken life for others.

I see the dragon in the distance and hear it's roar.

For years I've been told that that roar was one of power.

Now I know different.

It' is the wounded dragon of all.

"What will happen?

When there are no more heros to rise.

When the ground of this world is writ not in stone and conviction


Reality writ on thin paper."

Who will you believe then?


12 June, 2012


LOL don't mind me. I'm just writing.


Why do people write?

We didn't use to.

We had people to remember.


tellers of stories,

they went from place to place telling their version of what came before.

Raped faces.

They flicker in and out of the fire of our memories.

I remember.

Listening to the old stories.

Where reality paled.

Out would jump the :"gods" and "goddesses" that bridged the gap.

They quieted our fears.

Gave us hope.

Quelled the primal screams lodged in our throats.

The ones that kept closed the bottles of our emotions.

Some how those stores kept us til morning.

Till spring.

Till the light shined on the old fears."


Don't mind me.

I'm still writing.


12 June, 2012

"I'm told that Russia fired an ICBM.

I hear the dragons and the bears roar.

I wonder.

If we devolve back into the primordial ooze.

When reason has been replaced with the tics.

What will happen to the clocks of times."

One man calls it the weather to be controled.

You have no idea what's hidden behind the stories.

What is required to keep this world,

this illusion,


Who will you believe when the ground that you walk on becomes not stone but the illusion that it's always been.

What kind story teller will keep you company during the dark night until the next dawn?

Don't mind me.

I'm only writing.




"I was reading another blog's comments. There were passionate arguments over last night's Glee. If you looked at the time stamp for the comments you could see the dedication to the argument. People were "liking" comments left and right.

I was profoundly affected.

LOL, if only the argument was about health care and tax reform."

February 8, 2012 3:03 AM

Author Ann


Resist the impulse to click the above link until you've read all the new posts.


You'll miss something.


Click the above link.


You'll really miss something.

Do it out of order?


You won't miss anything because you don't have a clue.





Let's see.

Keys? Check.

Intern given directions on how to care for the farm?  Check.

Sunscreen? Check.

Welcome to 12dots.
A writer's journal.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Don't ASSume.
And for the record it isn't an abandoned or inactive blog.
Look here for future posts.

That fellas would be the 12dots disclaimer?


I predict?

Next post.



Abso-fricken- lutely.








I predict.

Horoscopes for the people who I know.


Good for you for showing up day after day and putting yourself out there. It wasn't easy was it.  Now all that hard work has paid off and your doing good in everyway EXCEPT the nice department.  Money might not buy happiness but it can buy a very expensive head doctor.


Seems like there's been quite a few people who think they're hot sh@T pontificating on your life. Honestly they couldn't have made it past day one. You're correct to complain and complain mightily. Remember to listen to everyone and then tell the Azzes to f43k off.   PS I am not one of the Azzes.


I realize that you are a very insecure two face but please do us all a favor and keep it within your own life boundaries.


You really don't need to read here. From what I've seen you're a narcissistic jerk.  If I were you I'd keep living in that fantasy world over on the other horoscope. That way you can continue to function. Don't come back around here though. I've got  a cosmic restraining order.


You are magnificent. I heard that your sign fathered 5 lion cubs last year. I hear that Sagittarius's lawyer is looking for you.  Something about all those little cubs needing things like shoes and clothes and well I hope that your wallet is as magnificent as your ego.

Note: that's for the guy Leo. If you're a female Leo. Tell your lawyer to call me. I'm pretty sure I saw your Sagittarius baby daddy hiding out with the Cancer jerk.  Get your money quick. That Cancer goes through money like poop through a goose.


You? Don't ask me if you are a virgin in front of your boyfriend. I'd have to tell the truth and neither of you would like it.


The only way you are going to achieve that Libra balance is if you take Lithium. On your chart? They should bring back the term Maniac Depressive. Bipolar is just too nice for your kind of crazy.


Honestly I'm thinking that your sign should be Cancer. Were you adopted?


Your sign needs to hook up with that Leo person. Together you can live in the rhythmic world and populate it with lots of little fur babies. Just don't come looking to me when the child support fairy comes a callin' .  Oh wait he's on the other lion. ...


You have enough trouble with your birthday at the same time as Christmas. Be happy and demand twice the presents.


I've known nice ones and I've know real jerk ones and I've known the ones who alternate between nice and jerk.

So to the jerk ones? Go hang out with Cancer ones and then go read the horoscopes that suck up.

To the alternating jerk one.

Go read the Libra horoscope.

And to the nice one?

There's always the exception to the rule.

Now then. I know that there are going to be bipolar Libras who are gonna come calling and yelling about the importance of lithium on the periodic table.

Good for you. 

Everybody else?

This is for entertainment purposes only.  If you don't like it? Too bad.  I still get a paycheck for writing it.  Save your breath. I don't care.