Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last time I was this bored I wrote about ... :D


In the beginning there was - virginity.

It was a cold, dark, and empty existence.

Then a miracle happened.

A space orgasim.

AKA the dawn of life.

After that experience?

The world just wasn't the same.

The Universe.
Not a virgin anymore.

tee hee




It worked?

Only got one of the links to work.


I'm feeling like the chimp @ 5:57 in this film. LOL

LOL Hopefully will spend the week writing and not trying to workout the logistics of the stupid blue links.



So what I'm trying to do is get the links to work like they did on ebay.

I know that you can rename these things. so that you just see the word "Bob" in blue instead of the linking addy.

Alltogether now, "Getting to know you. Getting to know alllll about you."


Thursday, September 16, 2010

If you're here? Where am I?


Well it's been a long time.

In celebration of the fact that there's a Big Bang Theory marathon tonight and Season 4 starts next week. Plus one of my very favorite late night talk show hosts, the Scotish Conan guy :D, is going to be a part of the lauch of Season 4.

To say I'm happy is just about as big an understatement as I can make at this moment.


I thought I'd try an Interactive Blog Bedtime story.

It's not finished. Matter of fact it won't be until next week but well if you can begin to figure out the story line and the logic? Good for you. I'd be careful. The logic flow depends on those blue links. It's my blog. I can change it.

Before we go a step further.


This is 12 dots and a blot.

Like my old ebay blog, 12 dogs and a blog?

It's a writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do NOT ASSume.



Writer Ann


PS Hopefully I'll have the blue link thingys working by next week

Look here for the door way to the story.

"The Philosophy of Cheese and Crackers"

Twitter quote from @Jessnormal. 9/17/10

Sounds like a good place to start...


"Sex" and "candy" Johnny Lydon on the Tomorrow (Tom Snyder)


Oh, yay. If you're here from an Interactive Blog Story? I'm glad.

Have a great weekend.


The GKBontheLLSwtvCFacoH Twitter complain...


I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove, Kristen Bell. I'd love to see her on the LLS every single night.

That's why I'm starting the Twitter complain to get her on as a co host on the Late Late Show with tv's Craig Ferguson.

Kristen Bell. Co-host on the LLS with Kristen and Craig.

It's her destiny.

Wanna' color? Tshirts available upon request.



I think.

This is the last time I do an Interactive Blog Story without some sort of flow chart.

At the very least a storyboard.

I got lost.

I did get lost. That's the wrong link.

Should be this one.



Best thing you can put in your mouth...


(...besides a tooth brush?)

A strawberry Bluebell All Natural Fruitbar.

A little bit of Heaven on a stick.

mmmmm.. yeah


For the curious? The cat's name is Creamsicle.


I guess this post leads to

dang. Broke my flipflop. The blue 2.98 one from Target. I really do like that flip flop. It's the color of a bluebird's egg.


Whoo hoo, Master Chef!.... (those mean people at TWoP)



We've found the first guest for The New Late Late Show with Kristen.

Whitney wins the first Master Chef!

Sorry that I didn't write about this last night but we were watching the Big Brother finally so I didn't find out until today @ lunch.

LOL we knew this was going to happen when she won the competition for the best souffle.

Incase you missed it, the guy who lost made twice as many in the same amount time. Judges comments? His were fantastic. One of them even offered the guy a job.

In the real world you'd call this guy a Master Chef but in Ramsey World?

Well you can never be sure.

(warning to diabetics, this interview may cause hyperglycemic episode.)

Where to next? Well this is a food post about eating?


Important vet type question....



(...kind of makes you itch don't it...)

Can your dog give you earmites?

My dog was scratching her ear because she had earmites.

Then she licked my ear.

Now my ear is iching.

Did she give me earmites and can I use the same OTC medcation we used on her to get rid of them.

I'd ask my vet but the last time I asked this kind of thing the receptionist told me they weren't people doctors. So maybe if you called your vet with this "hypothetically..." question? The'd give you the answer.

This is a serious question.

I'm not kidding.


Which I guess brings us back to



I can't get the blue links to work this morning so if you could cut and paste to the next link? That would be so great.


(wanna color?)



Serious dog question TNLLSwithK.


I was watching videos this morning (see the next post) and got to wondering what would have happened if the lady guitarist in this video had (accidentally of course) sat in an antbed?

I'm bored. It happens.


I can't get the blue links to work this morning so if you could cut and paste to the next link? That would be so great.

The NEW Late Late Show with Kristin


Ah no hang on, that's not Kristen. That's Tom Snyder interviewing John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten (1980).

Dunno' maybe this is the one:

LOL. Nope. That would be Craig Ferguson's interview with Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. Okay I think I finally found a The Late late Show with Kristen.

The point?

I love cute cuddly things; Sid the Bunny, that cat on the WDWLATSTMC bumper, Zombies. I loved Mr. Rogers and his neigborhood. I really truly do but...


I want to hear the interview.

I loved the LLS with Craig Ferguson when it could talk about Johnny Rotten and the Canterbury Tales in the same monologue. Sure sometimes the references go under appreciated. That was the fun of it. I loved hearing an actress talk about Russian authors with Craig and never mention the latest movie she was in. On everyother interview show she was going to say the same thing but on Craig's show she was going to talk literature because she could. That was the great thing about the show. All those "off the path conversations".

The viewers loved it and were loyal because of it.
It was our little late night secret.

Where's the Pulitzer Prize winning author/journalist from Ohio. It's coming up on the Mid term elections. Some of those 16-18 year olds have a brain and love politics.



Now you might be wanting to ask, "Hang on. Is this about the quality of an interview or about the progression of John Lydon's life?" Well it's about the quality of the interview using the "scientific method". So all things being the same except the interviewer (kinda", this should be telling whether it's a good interview or not.


I was watching videos this morning (see the next post) and got to wondering what would have happened if the guitarist in this video had (accidentally of course) sat in an ant bed?

I'm bored. It happens.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG! The BEST Kristen Bell Interview on the LLS ever...


LOL I just love it when Kristen Bell is interviewed on the Late Late Show.

I know that she hasn't had a hit since Veronica Mars but I just think that she should be on the show every night.

The Late Late Show with Craig and Kristen.

LOL, yep.

Just like Regis and Kelly!

Woah! "Truth"

Every night they can talk about the day's events.

Kristen can talk about whatever it is she thinks about. Craig can listen to her talk and talk and talk and talk about the important stuff of life. Kind of like being married. One morning he'll come into the writer's meeting and he won't have any dialog to worry with. It will all be handled by "Kristen Lee".

LOL The spanish word of the day? Sabatical.

It'll be about the time that someone from CBS will come for a visit. They'll point to charts and demo numbers and say ( in a German accent ), "You know Craig. Maybe this would be a good time for you to take a break. Write that third book.

Don't worry.

Kristen can take care of everything."

(Do I hear a gasp and mellow dramatic church organ music?)

The show's got enought notice that there might be a (semi) huge bruhaha and pictures on US Weekly. Tabloid city.

Lots of free publicity.

Craig could get all mad and quit. There'd be shows with Kristen boohooing about the whole thing, more free publicity for the show, and finally the press conference announcing that there would be a format change at the LLS.

Kind of like divorce only with meaner lawyers. :D

They'd call the new show?

The Late Late Show with Kristen.

(Note: I wanted to say that they could call it The Late Late Show with tv's Kristen Bell but it didn't flow and well - I'm not sure if Mr. Ferguson's lawyers would approve. For legal reasons.)

Anyway, Mr. Ferguson can retire to his farm in Vermont and write that third book (which is hopefully a succes cause I doubt that he gets a "ConanO" settlement), and we , the long time viewers of The LLS , can watch The NEW Late Late Show with Kristen. We can watch her talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about whatever. Cause after all we don't care about what the host has to say. Uh uh.

We just care what they look like.

Maybe we could re enact whole episodes of Veronica Mars!

Yay! I heart charades! Crayons and ooloring books for everyone!!!

Skits with Kristen. Pillow fights!!

Sounds like a plan.

So come on LLS viewers. Fire up the "colortinis" and Tweets.

Demand The Kristen and Craig Show.

I for one would be highly entertained.

Happy, happy!

:D GoatHerderBoy



I still can't get the friggin' blue links thingy to work.

Here's the cut and paste link



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You just never know where your kind word and a hug will go.


From Twitter.

Read the following

mimetska " ... I do care"


and it got me to thinking.

Passing the "I care" on. From Mimetska to GBH to the readers of The Slacker Chronicles:

From HuffPo

Lot of folks could use the info...






Thank you for the "I care."

Everyone needs to hear that now and again. For hope. Will try my best to pass the words on.


The song's old but the meaning is still relevant.

"Writers have a weird job description. You write like folks are going to read what you write. Even if they don't."


Why in the world would a person do that?


Writing is the thing I do. Even when it seems like no one is watching. Cliche' as it might sound, I love to see what the characters are going to do next. I can see them in my mind's eye. Sometimes they surprise me and go in directions that I didn't intend. Sometimes they're comfortable. Like a good friend, they are dependable. You know what's going to happen from the very first sentence. But it's good, because it gives comfort in a chaotic world.

Free entertainment, it's kept us occupied in all kinds of weather.


Come visit anytime.


It all started with a big bang -




In my dreams Sheldon realizes that there's a world outside of the physics lab and he dates -- Penny. Yeah, I said it. There's all kinds of comic drama as he and Leonard passively agressively battle it out for the neighbor next door. In a season cliff hanger they've thrown down the gauntlet in the middle of a paint ball fire fight. Slow motion as the overture from The Flying Dutchmen fills the air.

As the sound of horns and paintballs brings that heroic battle to life, Sheldon, suddenly stops - freezes - and in a moment that would make an romance novel model proud suddenly squints into the camera - and grows a pair.

"Victory will be mine." he says in slow motion speach as he leaps between Penny and an incoming paint ball.

But wait, just as Sheldon dives to save Penny, she turns to see Leonard lying on the ground. Pelted with paint he's unconscious due to a momentary klutz.

Realizing that Leonard's fall had prevented her from being painfully pelted by enemy paint pellets, a montage of season three Leonard magically appears.

She's torn.

Disolve back to Penny thinking. "Why oh why can't I be a "polygamist"?" she says and walks away.

(Yeah, I know it's cheesy but the song fits. Okay.)

Now where was I. Oh yeah -

What will she do?

Okay. I know that this probably isn't going to happnen but I really do love this show and well it's the one show in the whole entire universe that I honestly don't mind writing fan fan fic for.



Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory is out today on DVD. If you've never seen the show, watch Season 1 and 2 first.

Season 4 premires on Thursday, September 23rd, 8/7central on CBS.

Don't forget to read the creator comments at the very end.



And yeah I really and truly love to watch this show.


You know, when I finally go get the blue link thingy to work. I am going to be soooo happy.


The time traveler's daughter...


"If you were time traveling and you met yourself coming? Where would you tell yourself to be going?"

Ann in Al



If you know how to get the blue links to work could you post in comments?



Monday, September 13, 2010

Some days...


I want to go skydiving to cure my fear of heights. Only I'm scared to because of my fear of flying.

No that doesn't work...

Perhaps -

I want to go skydiving to cure my fear of falling. Only I'm scared to because of my fear of flying

Nope, maybe this one..

I want to go skydiving to cure my fear of falling. Only I'm scared to go flying because of my fear of heights.

Read the comments.


Good morning.


So what did I miss.

September 11th.

I started to post something for the 11th. Instead we planted things here at the farm. I had a long talk with WB about it. I told him that the only whay that I knew to honor the folks killed that day was to do somthing possitive. So we bought plants and planted them. The saying is to "light a candle to curse the darkness." I'm thinking that nurturing something to bring and keep life going does the same.

So I'm back for a second. The last nine days have been spent on something approximating a vacation. WB and I got to spend some quality time together. Only one or two "fight" type things but mostly we ignored the to do list. Instead? I finally got to an art gallery and museum. We met a young lady that I hope has an art gallery in her future. Got the bad news that an excellent teacher has cancer. Very sad.

But for the first time after a vacation? I feel relaxed.


I went to bed early and got up at the "crack of dawn".

Then we walked.

Turns out if I actually get some sleep? I'm a moring person sans coffee.

And according to the bathroom scales?

I lost weight.

That is good vacation.

Now you may be thinking, "But wait? What about Pup?" Well, he gave us a bit of time true but he also had the best idea of the time off. Zombie night. An idea that was sooooo good we decided to keep it. So now for as long as it's interesting? Saturday night is junk food and movie night. Next Saturday is "Night of the Living Dead" and Big Bang Theory, Season 3. (I hope.) Pup is delighted. So are we.

The irony is that I didn't set foot once on the boat.

That however is about to change big time because in addition to "movie and pizza night" ? The weather is finally cooking off. Which can only mean one thing, weekends will be including boat time.


Hurricane in the Atlantic. Already a Cat 5? Thoughts are with folks in it's path. Having lived in huricane prone areas all my life, I know that the waiting really is the hardest part. Get your emergency kit ready, put the water in the bathtub, and don't forget the batteries.

I love this song.

Incase I don't get back before, Sept. 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Aye.

Gotta go feed the dogs.