Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay now for the important stuff.

While Toby and Reba are some of my favorite Okie singers?

Oklahoma lost.

Hey LSU? About that BSC title?


6 days 'til Thanksgiving

36 days 'til Christmas

but most important

8 days 'til the Iron Bowl.

Priorities people.



This post,

is the most read post on my blog.


Happy birthday to the guy who wrote this song. (Happy day after birthday actually.)

I know that there's all kinds of important stuff in the world to write about but this just seemed like a better idea.




Added new MOVES to tai chi already done list. And going to gym. LOL Fun, fun, fun...


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Please note 85 moves out of 108 and another 6 weeks to work on it ain't bad at all.

Although there is that one move were you have to do a leg type lift.


Keep calm.

Carry on.

Hugs and twinkly lights!



And now about that Harold and Kumar movie. LOL and wow. Do not take your mother.

Oh wait- Pup did take his mother. LOL.


LOL , yeah I know. Sappier than pine wood, but, really, isn't this the truth?



Hug a friend, a lover, or another.
Give yourself hug too for making it through.

Happy day.


Dear  Dad,

We're okay. You  scared me this past winter. I'm glad that you're okay. I thought that you might die and we'd never be able to make peace with each other or that I'd ever hear you say the words, "I love you." Then you did and you  hugged my neck. It started me one a journey to actually live my life again. And I am. From the tai chi to the boat to how I relate to Pup and WB. It freed me. Sailing isn't the impossible. Pup will be okay. And I made myself laugh. Now when folks are cranky or life tries to dump it's unhappy in my lap? I say no thanks.

I'm sorry that we aren't around each other more but I doubt that it would be as I'd hoped. But I can send you post cards from my "travels" and hope that you both have the family that you need.

Dad, I always think of you when I see this video. When I'm able to hear the stories of your life, when I think of everything you've done, when I remember telling the rehab lady about your exploits hoping that she would see past the things you couldn't do and see the things you still would be able to do, I was in away willing you to stay a bit longer. If she could see and know the things that I knew about you, she'd do what she had to to bring you back past the despair or what you couldn't. To look at you know I know that you still have worlds to find.

I was willing for you to see it too. It was the first time that you didn't fight. I didn't want for you to give up.

"Sky diving... I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu..."

I got a second chance too. It's as if there's a big world for me to see.

Such a gift.

Worth more than gold.

Thank you.




Whenever I want to feel pitiful and self absorbed sad, I think of this week long ago when the day was sunny and all the world seem to lay before me. After a long slug through bad medical care I thought that there was hope for one brief moment. Then? It seemed as if winter came and never left.

Then one day...

Some hard things take a while to leave us. Maybe they never do. Not really.

In the following blog posts I write about Zen moments and plans for the future. If you know me you know that this is a long time coming. This will be the first time in many many years where I can finally make my own self laugh out loud. While it still hurts to look at the past, I can see a future too.

Someone asked us how we'd stayed together for so long. I wonder that myself but then I asked WB how it was possible. Then he told me.

We've seen some tough times. Maybe we're together still because neither of us, no matter how hard we tried would let go.

For my sweet baby. I love you even though we never got to say hello.