Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wow were do I start

Friday/Saturday Already done list

The two days were like one long day with a nap. WB came in early Friday afternoon to help. At this point we have

cleaned kennels and feed dogs and chickens like most every other day.
moved extra kennel stuff and panels so that WB can bush hog
moved trees.  Yes moved trees. Big ones. These are the tree trunks that  hope to use. Nothing says fun like moving a tree trunk by yourself. There were at least 4 big ones that we moved UP hill. Now they are fine.

Cleaned out the rest of the limbs and vines on the east side of the woods. Still have limbs and vines to move in the area where the big tree trunks were.

Wrangled dogs

went back to clearing the west to east area from fence to Big Dog's kennel

got area ready to burn limbs. I'm pushing for the chipper shredder but for practical reasons we may have to burn the smaller limbs/vines.

ran errands and went to the grocery store

Doesn't  look like much but it took  all day to do it. I'd hoped to be finished but it looks like one more day of work (moving limbs)
Then it's off to work on the yard.

I'm going to celebrate when this is finished