Thursday, December 29, 2011


Don't feel much like writing.


Need happy, Happy, and "happy" PDQ.

Until then?

Click here


Sunday, December 18, 2011


There's still time...

There are people who are paying folks layaway bills at the WalMarts, the KMarts, the Targets ....

Here's how you can too.

Go to your nearest place that have layaways. Ask them if there's someone one who's about to loose their layaway toys.  If you want, you can pay upto a dollar. You can do it like a Secret Santa if you wish. The store can call the person whose layaway you've helped pay and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Sometimes just a little will help.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm sorry for the ad with this video but I'm in a hurry. Will look for an ad free version later.

So why this video and the link to


There are millions of people who live in the US and they are from all over the world. It's hard enough to get family to agree this time of year. Can you imagine getting millions of people to agree?

I can.

This Christmas? I'm asking for something special. I'm asking that for one day all of us get along. I'm asking for Peace. No matter who you are or where you are? Surely for one day we can all sit and marvel at this world. Like when it snows in the city and instead of hearing all the traffic you hear quiet.

I hear Hope.

Today complete strangers and kind friends greated me with "Happy holidays.", "Merry Christmas.", "Namaste" (I think that I spelled it right.) ... I think that you get the point. In the paper, there was a fella who met a fella shinning shoes who shared the "happy". He wondered of all the places his feet had taken him in his life.

Happy, Merry

I'm sorry that this fella is having such trouble with his neighbor.

I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle.

When we were little and didn't know each other, WB and I both had families who took us to see the Christmas lights. We took Pup when he was little. I don't know what it is about the magic of those lights that made us happy. I do know that it was the most fun.

It's the same for both of us and for Pup too.


Peace on Earth and good will to all mankind.

"...It's been a long hard ride and I won't lose hope..."

Peace and hope.





Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight I'm having one of those every part of me hurts nights. It helps if I can get a back rub but no such luck tonight.  Still tired from being sick but am feeling better than I did.

T'would be nice to curl up with a good story.

LOL. I need a hug...



Only 56  days until Luke and Liz's first anniversary!

Save the date!

Buy the gift!



Monday, December 12, 2011


Now if Newt were here, I wouldn't be sitting listening to Van Morrison on this cold winter's night. Oh no.

Instead I'd be bouncing like a bunny round this virtual gloom. Singing like Tigger from Winnie The Pooh. Telling here about Tai Chi and the chickens and the fact that Atticus the Finch was still alive and well. That I'm going good and having a bit of a good time at it.

But alas.

No Newt.

Which makes me sad.



Need music


"Now then," she said, "If life's been kind? Then stay where you are. Be happy for the gifts you've been given. But --" and here she paused and drew a breath, " -- but if life's been hard?  Come here and sit by the fire with me. There's a place for you to lay your head in my arms. Rest and be glad for the company."



Winter Solstice


c anne ford

The point wasn't to master the Tai Chi form. Nope.  The point was to do something. Something different than I'd done and something that I, in my heart of hearts, would be good for me to do.

So I did.

I practiced.

Went from "...flapping chicken..." to  spreading my wings.

Then?  I made my ownself laugh. (Which really is half the battle.)

And guess what. It feels pretty good.

Lots to do. Fencing class begins next month...




Cya on the beach Happy.



Tonight's menu?
baked sweet potatoes

Song of the day?

Trace Atkins

(See video below)

Oh and it's official.

While it might not be the best Tai Chi form?

While I have to stop everyonce in a while to check the list of moves

(or cough)

While there's still more to learn?

Guess what.


I can now do the 108 Tai Chi moves.

Yay to all the beginning Tai Chi students!!


I finally saw the last new move.

I am so happy it's silly.


Here's the Trace Atkins song

Friday, December 9, 2011


Slap, dash, go.

oh oh oh

lOL. Irony.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


And because the night can be long.

For David

Where are you? How are you? Did you marry? Have a family? I hope that whatever your fate was that it it's a happy one. And if it's not happy? I hope that the road brings you back here to us.

And because I found it but just not now.

Until then?




I dearly love talking to Pup.

Next post? Convo about Martha Graham, Master Moy (108 Taoist Tai Chi moments), Mummenschanz, the Modern Dance movement, and the Muppets.



On the homeward stretch of tai chi's 108 movements.

As I've been practicing the kick sequence in the middle of the tai chi form, it has me thinking of the dances choreographed by Martha Graham. Was talking to Pup about it tonight. We looked up Lamentations by Martha Graham and found the following video of Ms. Graham dancing. A friend, who used to dance, was telling me about Martha Graham and the dance movement she help found. Apparently there are movements in modern dance and a dance philosophy in general that are unique to this dance form. Even the contraction and stretch within the movement is different.

Here's the YouTube of Ms.Graham dancing her original work, Lamentations. It's the first time I've seen here dance. I've seen photographs of here dancing and I've seen others recreate her work, but actually seeing her dance is a treat.

I'm saving this series of videos for later conversation with Pup. I really do wish that Billy were here to talk to Pup about dance and about Ms Graham. Plus I'd love for Pup to talk to Billy. I used to love to talk to him because we would pull from all kinds of ideas in order to understand a process. Pup does it too. If a movement of an atom would express and idea in dance? Both of them would use it to illustrate the point.

This is supposed to be Martha Graham dancing and not someone recreating her work.

If you aren't familiar with her work, Martha Graham was one of the founders of the Modern Dance movement. It's apparently unique with it's own dance theory. Supposed to be different than ballet.

Anyway the kick sequence in the second part of the tai chi form is very much like Martha Graham to my eye.

Who came first? I'm thinking it would be Tai Chi. Would love to ask Ms Graham if she was aware of the TaiChi movements. Hopefully someone did ask.


G'night, We're actually feeling much better here.



Was talking to Pup about the similarities between Martha Graham and Master Moy's 108 Tai Chi kick sequence. He mentioned seeing the dance group Mummenschanz on the DVD of the first season of The Muppet Show. Off we went to YouTube. Sure enough there are similarities.

Which led us to this video by Mummenschanz

.Pup's quick.

I wish Billy were alive to talk to Pup. He'd have had much to say and Pup would have had much to share in the conversation. Now I wish that I could have Master Moy, Martha Graham, the folks from Mummenschanz, Billy, Pup, WB, and myself in the same room to talk about influences in movement and dance.

Sigh. T'would be a good conversation.

Got to go. Sleep for me and Pup needs the computer. BBL

Don't you just love YouTube.

I'm getting that "time to sleep" feeling.

.Back later.



We're in the middle of a cough and cold hurricane.  Honest to mercy, I'm leaking fluids or coughing them up from all bodily orifices.

It's not pretty to have tissue stuffed  up your nose because the cough meds quit working and the next dose hasn't started.yet.

So far?

I've yelled at the dog, yelled at Pup, yelled at WB, and whined at the LLShow about how bad I feel.
 (LOL Like Craig Ferguson could actually hear me.)

Last night I was particularly fuzzy and missed Trace Adkins sing Million Dollar View.

Heck, and heck again.

When I went looking I found the song, I found this one instead.

So I'm posting it instead.

But that's not the point of this post.

The point is that I've been a bit under the weather and very cranky. Add to this that Pup is also under the weather and cranky and you have alot of cranky.

At the moment he's declining my offer to make hot cocoa and is suggesting I go back to bed.

Good idea.


That's not why I'm posting this AM.


I'm posting about someone who's working hard this AM and is by all the signs, fixin' to get sick too.

This is for WB.

You're welcome WB.

Thank you for rubbing my back, getting us chicken soup, getting us tissues and thermometers and cough medicine.

Yes, we are VERY fond or the NyQuil and that Mucinex stuff is great.

I'm grateful for the gallons of ginger ale and orange juice so that we can keep hydrated.

And when I can keep my eyes open?

Thank you for the books and the videos.

But mostly thank you for hugging our viral infested necks and saying, "Hang in there. You're going to get better soon." knowing that at any minute we could sneeze and expose you to our cold and cough germs.

Still you hugged our necks.

And now you're sneezing.

Yes, we will try to take good care of you while you are sick.
Yes, you can whine about it.
Yes, we will buy you the name brand tissues with the aloe and lotion in it so that our noses don't look like Rudolph the Reindeer.

And, no, we won't make seasonal comments if your nose turns red.


(If we can. Hey, we are still sick ourselves.)

We will plump your pillows.
We will bring you juice.
We will make you chicken soup.
We will even put your "...cootie infested, used tissues..." into the waste basket when they land on the floor because you are just to weak to throw it with accuracy.

We will understand that just throwing it in any random direction is indeed a Herculean effort worthy of understanding.

And, WB, yes, we will put extra salt into the "healthy" chicken soup because, yes, we agree that when you have a cold stuff already tastes bad. You need the extra salt.

Your welcome for putting the towels on the windows of your car last night.
I'm glad that you didn't have to clean frost off of your windows.

No, I didn't have a problem going out in the cold to do it. I was feeling feverish at the time. Needed the cold air.

And WB?

After staying up late to rub my back and get us all settled in?

It was the least I could do.

Hugs, WB.

Don't get too sick and hurry up and get well. We've got places to go and lots to do. Having fun and an adventure is an art. And this hear Slacker is a master of the art. While I might not have to go anywhere to see a "million dollar view"? I'm certainly going to. Will be glad to have the company on the trip.

Oh and WB? One more thing.

That guy on tv may be funny and good looking, but you?

You really are a "million dollar view".

Here's that Trace Adkins song.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My head knows reality.

But my heart? 

My heart knows faith.



Today a young man is laid to rest.

In the arms of the Earth his body will lie.

Each day he will become more and more a part of the land.

While above his mother and father will walk the Earth asking,

"Is love alive?"

He was 17.


A long time ago in a different place and time, my love and I waited for a son to be born.  It was a terrible struggle to get him here but come he did.  When we held him crying, we told him that it would be okay. We were there to help him. There to keep him safe.

I feel asleep believing this.

Then I woke up.

His life was brief but his lesson is with me always.

It was the reason why I stopped to ask,

"How can I help?"

We are the family of man.

The universe is vast.

Our boat is so small.

"Is Love alive?"

I think so.

So to the mother and to the father who I met on that cold road?

This day your kind son and my son are playing in Heaven.

They feel no pain.

There, they are spared the troubles of this world.

In the arms of the angels, their days are sunny and kind.

While we struggle here with the dark of the world wondering if we are good enough for Heaven?

They were spared that struggle.

God, seeing this extrodinary kindness in them, spared them the pain of this world.

He took them home.

Be kind to one another and have faith.

We will all be together someday.

Is love alive?


I know that it is.






Tuesday, December 6, 2011




Rise up. Rise up 'Bama Nation.

Time for football domination.


"I keep readin' about how Alabama doesn't deserve to play in the BCS bowl.

It's got me wondering.

If they're so bad and you're so good?

How come ya'll ain't playin' ? "

- quote, unknown

19 days until Christmas.

26 days until the New Year

33 days until the BCS Bowl

Priorities, people you've got to have your priorities.




My daddy asked me
When I was three
"Can you? Will you? Be tougher'n me?"

This game is the one that giants play on any Saturday all over. From the Cascade Mountains to the Florida swamps to the Cali streets to mid west farmers. All tribes of one school or another.  All claiming bragging rights and flying colors. The people who play? They be giants. The fans? Tougher than nails.

Football in the deep south is different. Tougher because the fans are tough. They build ships that cross oceans and outter space. They work oil rigs in some of the harshest conditions.. Life gives them little but they make it fierce. Their champions have to be tougher than the rest because their fans are.  They play hard because they live and love life hard.  That's what I hope will come to this game between LSU and 'Bama. Play hard.  Show the rest of the football tribes just what football is about and why you are there.

Because you are the best. 

Cut from the Earth.
Baked by the Sun.
Hurricane and tornado.
Instead of blood.
Bayou or back woods?
Giants all.



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hope that everyone has a great month and a happy entry into the new year

The Zen Experiement this summer worked great.  Have a full "already done list" for the year.

Only 5 more moves left to learn in tai chi and still have one more month to go.

Going to be a busy year in 2012.



The following was posted earlier but it's a good message for 2012.

Be different.

Be astronauts.

Be explorers.

Be teachers.

Be students.

Interview the world and change your inner view.

The next face you see.

Maybe they see the world different.

Ask them what they see.

And then?
Pay attention.

You may see the world like they do.


You could see the world in a whole new way.


Happy holidays and happy New Year.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


They call them the Crimson Tide because when they come at you it's like a huge wave of red.

"I'll put you through Hell, but at the end of it all, we'll be champions."

Paul "Bear" Bryant

There're people here who say that the fact that they "bleed red" has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with 'Bama football.

The others say that they "bleed orange and blue" because of Auburn.

In the end? It's the football.

Not the kind with the round ball that's played in other parts of the world but the other kind. The kind that giants play. The ground? It shakes when they run. Fierce. Each year we wait to see. The rankings, the polls, and now the BCS. Looking into the crystal ball and willing to find a National Championship there.

It's pride. It's our state.

It's football.

Wake up. Wake up. Bama nation.

Time for football domination.

Rematch in the Sugar Bowl?

Bama fans say, "Roll, Tide, Roll"

Voodoo Kings and Voodoo Queens.

This games like you never seen.

LSU and Tide will Roooooollll.

See you in the Sugar Bowl?

They're saying here that, even if Georgia beats LSU,  it's still LSU v Bama.

Somehow? I'm thinkin' that there'll be alot of folks watching that LSU/Georgia game. LOL


LOL. Really, I don't care but the idea of it as a rebound? Or maybe a "I'm free and I can? What are you gonna' say. They're both consenting adults. 

But honest? In the photo of them both (the one with Smart in the sailor hat)? He looks just like a buff Mark Anthony. I'm wondering if it's all just PR and Smart is along for the ride? Maybe Jen with the kids at Christmas, a glam New Years, and then?  A Valentine's break up?

Have fun and watch your "hearts".  It's not my thing but hey it's not my life.



Monday, November 28, 2011

"I Know That There's Something I Forgot" memoir by C Anne Ford


Sunday, November 27, 2011

If you're a college football fan, you've heard.

Who'll be playing for the national title in New Orleans?

Sung to the melody Hurry Christmas by Alvin and the Chipmunks, words by C Anne Ford

Bowl bid, bowl bid time is here.
Time for worry.
Time for fear.
We've been good but can it last?
Hurry bowl bid.
Hurry fast.

'LSU wants the Sugar Bowl.
Georgia's saying, :"Oh hell no.".
We can hardly stand to wait-
Oh bowl bid don't be laaaateee.

We can hardly stand to wait
Oh bowl bid don't be late.

Auburn and Arkansas tried to snatch.
An LSU and  a Bama rematch
Now Georgia's saying, "Oh hell noo."
To rematch in the Sugarbowl.
Game statistics.
Fumble facts.
An LSU and a Bama rematch.
We can hardly stand to wait.
Ohh bowl bid don't be late.

Game statistics.
Fumble facts.
LSU and a Bama rematch.
Million dollar coaches OOOH
Fight down at Sugar Bowl.



Be different.

Be astronauts.

Be explorers.

Be teachers.

Be students.

Interview the world and change your inner view.

The next face you see.

Maybe they see the world different.

Ask them what they see.

And then?
Pay attention.

You may see the world like they do.


You could see the world in a whole new way.


"Do something daring. Be bold."

Best words I've heard today from two people who give great advice.

Hugs. Seriously. Hugs.

We are all born to fly.


Dear Santa,

I've been very good in my budgeting class.

This is what I've learned.

Ask for much more than you need and you might get what you need.

So I'm asking for:

A trip around the world for me and two very nice people.

An IPad 2.

A new barn to replace the one I don't have.

A horse. A great big draft horse to go into the new barn.

The materials to build the chicken house.

A cross fence.

A trip to California so that I can see the Santa Monica Pier, the Late Late Show taping, red wood trees, San Francisco, and the Pacific Ocean.  For three very nice people. The good news is that the tickets to the Late Late Show with tv's Craig Fergson are FREE. (Fine print: The bad news is that the airline tickets are not. Would accept bus tickets but hotel rooms? Ah no. )

Okay, an epi or foil.  Think fencing.

A wi fi thingy to go with the IPad 2. Otherwise the cell phone service here is crap.

A truck to go along with the barn and the horse. (So I can haul hay for the horse. Those draft horses are HUGE so they may eat alot. Need the truck.)

LOL A sense of humor for WB who will take this list way to seriously and start saying things like , "...budget...". WB NEVER has a sense of humor when it comes to money.

A new storage shed because I'm thinking that the pole barn is a stretch. If I do it right a storage shed would work too. BUT it must have a stall for the horse and a place to put the dogs/chickens when it's cold.

LOL, WB if you're reading this take a deep breath. You know how this makes you flustered.  WB has no clue how to window shop. "Get in, buy it if it's in the budget, and get out." That is WB's motto.

(for Christmas I'm thinking that we're all getting a shiny red apple from WB. I'm getting him a nice dress shirt from LandsEnd but don't tell him that because he'll say, "No, not in the budget.")

And Santa one more thing. I'd really like "Peace on Earth. Good will to all." and bringing back the folks who are in the armed services healthy would be good too.

Serious note. Every year I ask for Peace on Earth. Every year. You'd think that for just 24 hours we all hear on Earth could be quiet and get along for one day. Just one day. So far, nope but I keep asking anyway.

Bottom line, Santa?

I'd be happy with a new jib sail or maybe a bottom job for the boat.

Even better? I'd love to have the boat here.

And that Peace on Earth thing. That would be good too.

Who loves ya' Santa?

Hugs and kisses from one of the good girls and boys,

Author Ann

Saw movie Hugo(3D) then out to eat and to the grocery store. Cried like a baby (at the movie not at the drive through or the grocery).

I thought that the movie would be over the top sappy but there's this moment at the end --- lol, it had me in tears and then it had me.

Something about everyone needing a place to be...

Then there's the scene with Hugo and friend at the library when they're reading about the early history of film. I have that same experience when reading some blogs.

The youtubes are like magic windows into another world. As a matter of fact, if Santa would bring me that IPad 2, it really would be a magic experience where I could just touch the screen and ---

LOL. Real magic would be Santa bringing that IPad2.

Not holding my breath.

Dang this year has just flown by.




Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well they may not be throwing toilet paper in the trees on Toomer's Corner but over in Tuscaloosa there'd be a party...


Roll Tide. War Eagle.


Already done list.

Stuff self with turkey/dressing.
Supper of pumpkin AND pecan pie with glass of skim milk.
Fuss with relatives.
Go to gym and talk about up coming Iron Bowl.
Discuss likely chancces of an Auburn upset or that Alabama will be in play off for National Champion ship.
Figure odds. Go to sales. Buy self Christmas prezzie.
Go out to eat only to find out that there are three televisions with restaurant showing the LSU v. Arkansas game.
Talk to more about the chances of an LSU/Arkansas upset.
No up set.
Go home and talk about rankings. Here lecture on how the only way Alabama will end up in the play offs now is if Georgia beats LSU and how that's not going to happen.
Put up some kind of Christmas decorations.
Discuss more about Iron Bowl and college football championship.
Go with Pup to fun activity.
Come home and watch part of Iron Bowl.
Eat entire bag of potato chips and dip in nervous energy frenzy.
Stop the madness by telling self it's just a game.
Stop watching game and go outside to visit.
Then get in car and go on grocery store errand (actually it's just an excuse to get out of the house.)

Stop to get BBQ and lemonaid at BBQ place. They have the Iron Bowl on the television. Next table over father is wearing Georgia tshirt. Son is wearing Alabama cap. Crazy.

Watch more of the Iron Bowl.

Go home while listening to Iron Bowl on the radio. Commentators are doing a post mortem of the game and the game isn't even over.

I'm pretty sure that Auburn is toast for this year.

Now will hear MORE talk about the National Championship game.

Sound of post game show coming from other part of the house.

I'd say "...hurry Christmas..." but that just means bowl games and more talk about the bowl games and national rankings and how Auburn sucks or doesn't suck without Cam Newton.

Sigh, hurry Christmas.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy holidays to the US readers. Ann

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay now for the important stuff.

While Toby and Reba are some of my favorite Okie singers?

Oklahoma lost.

Hey LSU? About that BSC title?


6 days 'til Thanksgiving

36 days 'til Christmas

but most important

8 days 'til the Iron Bowl.

Priorities people.



This post,

is the most read post on my blog.


Happy birthday to the guy who wrote this song. (Happy day after birthday actually.)

I know that there's all kinds of important stuff in the world to write about but this just seemed like a better idea.




Added new MOVES to tai chi already done list. And going to gym. LOL Fun, fun, fun...


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Please note 85 moves out of 108 and another 6 weeks to work on it ain't bad at all.

Although there is that one move were you have to do a leg type lift.


Keep calm.

Carry on.

Hugs and twinkly lights!



And now about that Harold and Kumar movie. LOL and wow. Do not take your mother.

Oh wait- Pup did take his mother. LOL.


LOL , yeah I know. Sappier than pine wood, but, really, isn't this the truth?



Hug a friend, a lover, or another.
Give yourself hug too for making it through.

Happy day.


Dear  Dad,

We're okay. You  scared me this past winter. I'm glad that you're okay. I thought that you might die and we'd never be able to make peace with each other or that I'd ever hear you say the words, "I love you." Then you did and you  hugged my neck. It started me one a journey to actually live my life again. And I am. From the tai chi to the boat to how I relate to Pup and WB. It freed me. Sailing isn't the impossible. Pup will be okay. And I made myself laugh. Now when folks are cranky or life tries to dump it's unhappy in my lap? I say no thanks.

I'm sorry that we aren't around each other more but I doubt that it would be as I'd hoped. But I can send you post cards from my "travels" and hope that you both have the family that you need.

Dad, I always think of you when I see this video. When I'm able to hear the stories of your life, when I think of everything you've done, when I remember telling the rehab lady about your exploits hoping that she would see past the things you couldn't do and see the things you still would be able to do, I was in away willing you to stay a bit longer. If she could see and know the things that I knew about you, she'd do what she had to to bring you back past the despair or what you couldn't. To look at you know I know that you still have worlds to find.

I was willing for you to see it too. It was the first time that you didn't fight. I didn't want for you to give up.

"Sky diving... I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu..."

I got a second chance too. It's as if there's a big world for me to see.

Such a gift.

Worth more than gold.

Thank you.




Whenever I want to feel pitiful and self absorbed sad, I think of this week long ago when the day was sunny and all the world seem to lay before me. After a long slug through bad medical care I thought that there was hope for one brief moment. Then? It seemed as if winter came and never left.

Then one day...

Some hard things take a while to leave us. Maybe they never do. Not really.

In the following blog posts I write about Zen moments and plans for the future. If you know me you know that this is a long time coming. This will be the first time in many many years where I can finally make my own self laugh out loud. While it still hurts to look at the past, I can see a future too.

Someone asked us how we'd stayed together for so long. I wonder that myself but then I asked WB how it was possible. Then he told me.

We've seen some tough times. Maybe we're together still because neither of us, no matter how hard we tried would let go.

For my sweet baby. I love you even though we never got to say hello.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm a long while on this Earth but when my time comes?

I like this song.

This exact song.

Found it on Youtube and wanted to save it here.

Now back to Happy.



Do not hate me because I'm (finally) having a very good day.

If you'd had as many bad days as I've had?

You'd understand why today's good day is so important.

And please?

Don't eat the daisies.



Friday, November 11, 2011


Happy Veteran's Day.

And now?

Postcards from Happy.

Dear Gentle Readers,

Well first off? I've stopped reading my horoscope. I only read it to point out how wrong the predictions are but didn't have time to read it for at all last week. When I went back and read it, it seemed like such a colossal waste of my time that I just stopped. It's not even close to what happened. Not even close. I figure that will add 10 minutes to my day, an hour and 10 minutes to my week, four hours and 40 minutes to my month, and 48 hours, 480 minutes to my year. That's a total off 55 hours to my year or 2 days and 7 hours of my life per year.

Add to the "already done list" Saved time, added days to my life, and stopped reading horoscope.

As of this week I have hit the tiger right and left. Except for one move, the next 10 moves or so in tai chi class are actually repeats. Hurray for repeats and hurray for a great substitute teacher. Don't get me wrong; I love my regular teachers. It's just nice to have a change up and this sub is great.

Add to my "already done" list. Appx 46 moves out of 108 in Taoist tai chi. Maybe more since some of the remaining moves are repeats. Yay.

If you remember last summer I tried an experiment with how I handle my life. Instead of endless "to do" lists I started writing "already done" lists. I'd wake up each morning and I'd say, "What can I do today that will make today feel like a success?" I wouldn't even write things down. Instead I'd just start doing what I thought I would like to do and then write down what I'd done on my "already done" list. The experience was wildly successful. The resulting "already done" list included things I'd hoped to do for years but hadn't and things that I'd never dreamed that I could do.  I began doing things that I'd always wanted to do but didn't because I thought that there were other things I needed to do first. Hurdles. I was most amazed at WB and Pups reactions. I thought that they'd be all kinds of unhappy with this new way of doing things but I soon found out that they were fine with it. Apparently it's a very masculine trait to say this is what I'm going to do and then go do it. It's what climbs mountains and builds sky scrapers. I'm two months into tai chi class and going to the gym to - wait for it - lift weights because of this new way of doing things.  I'm still a slacker in that I know how to sit out in the Zen garden in a hammock and enjoy the quiet or goof off (we did go see the Harold and Kumar movie. More later.) I'm just doing my own thing. I'm not asking for a consensus. Nope. Instead I'm saying, "This is my my life. Have a nice day."  The people who love me are fine with it and the rest? Meh to them.

Add to my already done list? I'm calling it, "A Year of Being Physical"

Already going to tai chi.

Already going to the gym.

You see I have a plan for my life.

So far?

It's working.

Step one.

Learn 108 movements of Taoist Tai Chi. This is to improve flexibility and balance. I also tried to include graceful movement. Yeah, yeah, I know but I can try to be graceful. The idea is to use the tai chi as a warm up and coool down before a physical activity. No I don't care that right now I still look a bit goofy.


Because I've been doing the moves that I know and guess what? I am actually using them to warm up and cool down at the gym. It's working for what I've intended it to work for.


So far no one is laughing or pointing.

Actually they're very supportive.

None of the, "Psst maybe you shouldn't be trying this."  Instead?  "It's good idea and here's other things you can do as well."   Have there been folks who say, "Maybe you should wait?" Yep but I'm thinking that even if it's good intentioned? It's not the best advice for me.

Add to "already done" list?

Go to the gym.

Actually do cardio and lift weights.

Yes, me, the veteran slacker.


LOL I know, hard to believe.

I'm saying thank you to the people who I've talked to about this. My favorite bit of advice came from a very nice complete stranger who told me, "When you do go the gym? You see the folks who are buff? They didn't come that way. We all have to start somewhere." I could hug that guy's neck. When I see the people who are in great shape, I tell myself to keep up the good work.

"But" you say, "What about the fencing?"

"Well, " I say, "I tried on a fencing jacket tonight and between the gear that I can borrow from Pup and the gear that I can use from the fencing club, I should be starting beginning classes soon. I'm going to make the best of the time freed up when they stopped the tai chi tutor sessions to rearrange my schedule and viola', it would seem that it's an even better fit than the all tai chi.

Add to "already done" list

Better schedule of physical activity than before.

Equipment and set up to take fencing.

Like the song says ---

Now then before anyone starts to think, "Ah geeze, another slacker lost to clean living? Naw. I'm still slacker. It's just after years of being other folks "emotional dumpster" I've come upon a new way to look at things.

I just tell them, "Everyone's got a priority and this is mine. Have a great day."


In the words of Hannah Murphy?

"Having fun is THE best revenge."

LOL I'm so happy that cranky has a girl friend, pups growing up, and WB? He actually went with me to the gym.

Double LOL? I was even invited to church and met a pretty famous person who seemed nice.

It's all good.

Love, hugs, and kisses,

The Zen Happiness Experiment thing? It worked.

LOL After many many years?  I got my own self to laugh.

Now that is something.




Friday, November 4, 2011


Dear you,

I can hear you.

It's been a while.

Merry Christmas,


If you're from the future? Say before April 27,2012?
Keep reading till you find the link back..

We gotta get you a... LOL. After years and years of not being in a good place to commit to anything other than Pup it would seem that it might actually be my turn to be --- in love?


Well that would be funny.

Good but funny and all kinds of ironic.

Oh yeah... Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry I'll miss all the excitement for the holidays. Sorry I'll miss all the "fun" but well --

Substitute boyfriend for girl friend and...

lol -- There's folks who've invested alot of time trying to convince me and the world that I'm one colosal fcuk up. A slacker.

But -- well -- I think I'll be okay ...


In other news. Pup and I are thinking about making the new Harold and Kumar 3D movie a Christmas tradition. I'll have to see it first.


Now back to the future with ya'  Click me




Dear Gentle Reader,


Hmm. Random.

Have been having fun and not so much fun while gone. Got Sunday's obligation over and done. The good news was that WB went with me to keep me company. The better news is the day is over and we made it through in good shape. The bad news? LOL Not really any because it's over and I no longer have the "big O" (obiligation) to annoy. Yay!

For the funs stuff?

Well we got through some of the kicks in tai chi and I must say they weren't near as bad as I thought they would be. This isn't braggin it's just sheer relief that I could stand on one foot with hands in the air and then turn and kick. It's fun and MUCH better than what I had to do Sunday which frankly felt like a waste of time.

Next up in tai chi? According to the list it's something to do with a tiger. Looks like fun.

Halloween came and went with a lovely surprise. Growls and strange noises in our woods but all the pups and chickens were stil here the next morning. Whatever was walking in our woods believed us when we said aloud that the police were on speed dial.

And for the record? They still are.

The weather is turning cold but the wind on the lake is up. Good if you like to sail.

While there are some parts of life that are still a bit cranky? I'm happy to report that one of the cranky people now officially has a girl friend. This is a relief as he's now preoccupied with her and I no longer have any obligations. Can visit the lake in peace and finally enjoy it.

That's probably the best news.

Have boat work and yard work and other stuff to do. Hot weather is behind us for a while and I have plans for work here. Have met some nice folks and looking forward to seeing what will happen. Enjoying the tai chi very much. Only 65 of the 108 moves to go. Will be taking fencing classes soon. I love being a beginner in this stuff. No worries. And the holidays will soon be here.

Took awhile to get here but you know what?

Life is good.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

108 taoist tai chi movements

1 Opening of Tai Chi
2 Left Grasp Bird's Tail
3 Grasp Bird's Tail
4 Single Whip
5 Step Up and Raise Hands
6 White Stork Spreads Wings
7 Brush Knee (left)
8 Strum the Pei Pa
9 Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
10 Brush Knee and Twist Step (right)
11 Brush Knee (left)
12 Strum the Pei Pa
13 Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
14 Chop with Fist
15 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
16 Appear to Close Entrance
17 Cross Hands
18 Carry Tiger to Mountain
19 Diagonal single Whip
20 Fist Under Elbow

21 Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
22 Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (left)
23 Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
24 Slanting Flying
25 Step Up and Raise Hands
26 White Stork Spreads Wings
27 Brush Knee (left)
28 Needle at Sea Bottom
29 Fan Penetrates through the Back
30 Turn and Chop with Fist
31 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
32 Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
33 Single Whip
34 Wave Hands Like Clouds (five times)
35 Single Whip
36 Reach Up to Pat Horse

37 Separate Foot to Right
38 Separate Foot to Left
39 Turn and Kick
40 Brush Knee and Twist Step (left)
41 Brush Knee and Twist Step (right)
42 Step Up and Punch
43 Turn and Chop with Fist
44 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
45 Right Foot Kick
46 Hit Tiger at Left
47 Hit Tiger at Right
48 Right Foot Kick
49 Strike Ears with Fists
50 Left Foot Kick
51 Turn and Kick
52 Chop with Fist
53 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
54 Appear to Close Entrance
55 Cross Hands
56 Carry Tiger to Mountain
57 Whip Out Horizontally
58 Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
59 Parting Wild Horse's Mane (left)
60 Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
61 Parting Wild Horse's Mane (left)
62 Parting Wild Horse's Mane (right)
63 Left Grasp Bird's Tail
64 Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
65 Single Whip
66 Fair Lady Works Shuttles (left)
67 Fair Lady Works Shuttles (right)
68 Fair Lady Works Shuttles (left)
69 Fair Lady Works Shuttles (right)
70 Left Grasp Bird's Tail
71 Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
72 Single Whip
73 Wave Hands Like Clouds
74 Single Whip
75 Creeping Low Like a Snake
76 Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (left)
77 Golden Cock Stands on One Leg (right)
78 Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (right)
79 Go Back to Ward Off Monkey (left)
80 Slanting Flying
81 Step Up and Raise Hands
82 White Stork Spreads Wings
83 Brush Knee (left)
84 Needle at Sea Bottom
85 Fan Penetrates through the Back
86 White Snake Turns and Puts Out Tongue
87 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
88 Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
89 Single Whip
90 Wave Hands Like Clouds
91 Single Whip
92 Reach Up to Pat Horse
93 Cross Hands to Penetrate
94 Turn and Kick
95 Chop with Fist
96 Brush Knee and Punch
97 Step Up to Grasp Bird's Tail
98 Whip to One Side
99 Creeping Low Like a Snake
100 Step Up to Seven Stars
101 Retreat to Ride Tiger
102 Turn Around to Sweep Lotus
103 Draw Bow to Shoot Tiger
104 Chop with Fist
105 Step Up, Deflect, Parry, Punch
106 Appear to Close Entrance
107 Cross Hands
108 Closing of Tai Chi

The Ca Co Co Nut Club 1 AM


Just you, me, and a little club in the middle of cyber land...

(aka my tai chi class)

Number 5?

An no not LouBega ( who is fantastico)


Sha- boom - boom - bayabee...



Never, ever, drink 7 up, eat pizza, drink 7 up, eat ice cream defrosted in the microwave, and then drink 7 up in the middle of the night and expect it not to go badly.

Something is going to end up causing fizzing for the rest of the night.

Need music...

Sounds Halloweeny..

Nitey night.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Allert. Alert. Hey you!

Today is National Make a Difference Day. Today? I'm going to make a difference by smiling at everyone and saying, "Hello" to people.

What are you going to do?

If you are here to wonder like I do if God ever had a hang nail? Skip this post and go to the next.

If you are from Ireland and your name is David?

Hang on a sec.

And read this.

Dear David,

I am sorry.

There I said it and it only took 10 years give or take to do so.

You cannot seriously still be mad at me.

I am funny. I am sweet. AND?

I have my own sail boat.


I'm also well on my way to becoming a tai chi "swan". Graceful would be my new middle name.

If you're from Ireland but are not named David?

Welcome anyway.


Writer Ann

Now then, what if God was one of us?


"...I wonder, if we're made in Gods image, did God ever have a hang nail or a migraine or maybe labor pains? Did he or she ever pull  an all nighter ?

Or cry?

Would you trust God more if he or she did experience the pains of being alive or  would you rather God was above the suffering?..."


Recoil and Pain


C Anne Ford


PS I'm not sure that this is Alanis Morrisette but the song fit.


Sunday, October 16, 2011


All women are beautiful.
If you want to see them shine?
Give them credit for all the good they do in life.
And a hug. Definitely a hug.

I'm "hear" but only for a little bit.

My stomach is grumbling. Part of me wants to go eat chips and the other part is saying, "Noooo. Be good. Eat the green veggies. Eat the orange carrots. DO NOT EAT THE ICE CREAM THAT'S HIDDEN

I'm thinking of just drinking the chocolate syrup. I hear it's got healthful benefits to go along with all the sugar and fat.

Then again ice cream does have calcium in it. Calcium is good for my bones. Preventing osteoporosis.

That's important.

It's also breast cancer awareness month. Time to "man up" and wear something pink.

That? Really is important.

It's sunny outside.
Think I'll go take a walk.





Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You know if NewtnLexi were here I'd be getting encouraging words about my tai chi and Zen experiment. Definately wouldn't be getting all this static.

I'm back out the door for a bit. Plenty to read.

There's tai chi and pups to feed.



It's raining.

It would be nice if it were raining men.

I'd even take cats and dogs.

But nope.

Just rain.


Dear God, I know that you're busy. What with famine, flood, wars, and other natural and unnatural disasters, you've probably got your handsful. But I was wondering, since you are the God to brought us the Duck Billed Platypus, Dick Chaney, AND Larry King? Could you please help me find other writers and videographers to write this with. I would just be tickled pink to help craft the humor that could result from this epic battle between good and not so good. Come on God, surely the higher up who developed Robot Chicken and Homer Simpson would like to see what can be done with this. I know I would. Hugs, AuthorAnn .

12dots' disclaimer

This is 12 dots and a blot, a writer's journal.

A fiction writer's journal. (And poet)

Like it's predecessor, fact and fiction co exist here.

If you do not know which is the fact and which is the fiction?

Do not ASSume.


New part:
I know that this isn't easy to understand but this blog while it contains fiction isn't designed to deceive you or anyone.  I do however write fiction in this blog and I don't want it to cause ANY misunderstanding.

I really and truly do not.

Happy reading.



I hear that all journeys begin in the same way.

With one step.

I'm thinking that it's not the first step that is important.

It's the second one.

I could use a coach.


Think I'll go back to bed and think on it.


"The question?

Can an out of work, writer, mom, and general slacker be "One Tough Mudder."


I'm going back to bed to think on it.



Ah no. Can't I just do some kind of 1K fun walk?

"Whoa ah oh oh. Changing is hard. ..."

Ahhhahahahaha. LOL.


"...I'm a writer.

That's ONE of my jobs..."

Unless you ask WB and he'll say my actual job is to be some kind of voodoo Pin cushion that people can try to prick because their own life isn't exactly good. So they try to kick me instead.

That's his opinion.

When I started my experiement with the Zen moment, I didn't realize just how powerful the experience would be for me. That feeling of doing things for the joy of it. Waking up and saying to myself, "Now what can I do to reach my goals of..." and then doing them (remember all legal and moral) has been life changing.
For so long I've made my way in life thinking, "and is this okay with". I'm not being selfish. I do still consider other folks feelings but now I have this separate kind of self. Which is what FINALLY got me to say, "I'm going to take Tai Chi." Now the Tai Chi folks my philosphically (sp?) think that self should disolve. For me? I'm becoming aware of self.

LOL, wake up.

Anyway it's good for me. I go. I learn. I can't think of any other than tai chi when I do it.

And I'm reconnecting with my body.

There will be alot of "I" and "My" pronouns in the writing to follow. I will promise not to become boring narcissit (again sp).

Also should work on spelling.

Love and kisses,


PS. The celibacy thing isn't working for me.

And I miss David.

And I miss Newt/Lexi.


I miss going to the theater.


It's still rainy outside. Woke up stretching like a cat and diving back under the covers.

Since I've yet to figure out how to exercise and write on the blog? I'm going to have to sign out for a bit.
Back later.



Hugs by the way. The thing I most miss about my old blog was the back and forth through time memory. I also miss chatting with Newt and hearing about Lexi.

And while I do love, love, love my dog? It's not exactly the furry face that I'm looking to wake up with.

LOL And that's when ... I've been coming to the place where I can say good bye to a memory. "Getting on with going forward" sounds like a cliche. Maybe its more "time to make a decision" or "perhaps you should stop procrastinating and just go say hello and find out what's next"?
Ireland is a long way away and he did say that he'd never talk to me again.

Maybe time has softened his heart. I don't want to keep "locked" in this memory box". "Whoa a oh oh. Changing is hard."


It's rainy and cool. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed covered in one of those soft polar fleece blankets. Domi is curled up in a ball. After weeks of heat it's as if someone FINALLY fixed the airconditioner and now it's lovely and sleepy and I'm thinking that if I could? I'd crawl back under the covers and read a book. Yesterday I was up at 4am washing clothes, feeding animals, cleaning pens, etc. Today? Well thanks to yesterday's industrious (spelling again) spurt, I've a kind of slack day.
The only thing missing is a good conversation in bed.
The kind that is about anything but bills, what Pups going to do, chores, etc.

The "R" word.



I'm thinking that the this road trip is necessary.



Dear Gentle Reader,

I was watching clips of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on the Youtube when I came upon a Karen Gillan interview which led me to a youtube with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at Comic Con which led to a teaparty in the Tardis interview which led to a vid of how to make a Tardis bird feeder (starring Matt Smith) which led to the video above.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to make a vat large enough to hold the required amount of flour batter so that I can run across it.

So what's up?

I'm also still working on the tai chi.

And I'm thinking of going on a road trip.

With my dog.




Monday, October 3, 2011


Another day. Another Monday.

LOL. Well at least the car works.


Dear Gentle Readers,

Yesterday (on Groucho Marx's birthday, I think.) I gave the immediate family the heads up for the rest of the year. I'm not wasting any time with trying to convince anyone of anything. Instead will be going my own way. They're welcome to come along but if they'd rather not?

No worries.

For the already done list.

Sign up for tai chi.

I did and it's pretty good. Hard work but good.

Alot to do.

BB in a bit.




Saturday, October 1, 2011

new experiment update...

(or a continuation of the already done list)

Tai chi looks easy but it is not.

Already I've found out that I walk like a duck with toes pointed out. 

This has me practicing the fine art of walking. I've been walking for a very long time so I'd have thought that someone would have pointed out the fact that I walk like a duck, but no one has. Until now.

(They were very nice about it. And well now I know.)


Tai chi is really beautiful to watch. You get caught up in the grace and balance. You can get lost in in.


This is how you can get run over or lost in the middle of tai chi class.

It's okay. I hear everyone's done it.


(Homage to CF of the Late Late Show)

I don't get to watch CF or the Late Late Show because tai chi is keeping me very busy.  

Someone pointed out that my going to as many tai chi classes may be exposing an addictive personality.

It's not.

It is pointing out that I'm cheap and you only get charged one price for month and can go to as many classes as is possible.  It's also pointing out that I don't like looking stupid and uncoordinated any longer than I have to. The more classes I go to the better I'll get.  Beginnning tai chi, like puberty, is just one of those periods that you have to go through inorder to become a graceful tai chi swan.


I've told my instructor that the last move that we learned will probably have me falling on my rear end in class.

She nodded wisely, smiles, and I think thought to herself, "Oh goody."

Everyone is nice and graceful.  I aspire to be the same.

So it's practice practice, practice if I want to be one of the beautiful tai chi people.




Now I know why people ask for personal trainers.


Still practice, practice, practice with tai chi but hey, I got a nifty tshirt.

For how to do the Pilates plank.


Thursday, September 29, 2011



Everybody tai chi!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Busy day.

Before I go about the day?  Just wanted to say hello and ask you, " How's it goin' ? "




Saturday, September 24, 2011


Happy 75th birthday.


Friday, September 23, 2011


"...'The thing about sailing," she said, "is that, try as you might, you can't always directly go in the direction that you want to go. Sometime the straightest path is all angles...."

first sentence from My Name is Alice. I'm Hunting For Moby Dick
by C Anne Ford


.....(psst. I'm writing. )

"..... Jonathan had spent the last 6 years trying to get home. It should have been easy.  The "to  do" list.  Go. Find job. Find apartment. Play deposit. Move furniture (or buy). Get groceries. Home. He did "go". Fall three years ago he and Sam had taken a whole week and flown the Cessna down to that tiny little air strip in the middle of nowhere.  The guy that owned the airport lent them a car for a fee and they'd even contacted a real estate agent. It was beautiful. Not freezing and no snow like here in Vancouver. The leaves were beginning to change and there was that crackle of heat and sun right before the night's chill set in. They'd seen every available house the realtor said she had listed and even one or two that she knew might be coming up because of foreclosure. Sam had vetoed everyone of them.  It took three more months before Jonathan found out why.

Sam was from New Orleans. Whenever they'd gone to see the "folks",  It was like a tonic for them both. They'd even talked about finding a fixer upper on Esplanade.  Something with a tiny front yard, lots of ironwork, a balcony, and a walled garden. They'd finally found the place and were in the process of finding financing when Katrina hit and there plans when poof.  After all the excitement and then the let down, winter with snow and ice up your arm pits was too much.  As soon as the call for teachers to help rebuild the NOLA schools came ,  Sam  packed a bag and left.

'It should be easy.'


again from Call Me Alice, I'm Looking for Moby Dick

by C Anne Ford


all rights reserved by author

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Why am I doing tai chi now?

So that I can try this


<br />

Dear Newt,

:) Have finally after years of wanting to found money and time to take a tai chi class. It's like water and for some reason makes me laugh.




How do you master the 108 movements?

Practice, practice, practice.


A good nights rest.





Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Auntie Slacker,
I volunteereed to help with a social event and now I don't want to.
I'm trying to come up with a really good excuse for not showing up?
Got any ideas?
Love Slacker.

(What am I doing while trying to come up with a very good idea?.)

Watching cute puppy videos!!!



In an epic battle between good and evil, James Bond, once again saves the world.

(I still like Sean Connory better.)



Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sitting here reading my own mind.
And minding by own business.

(insert Smilie Face here)

This is serious.
I found this blog  And thought to my self, "Wait a minute. I'm not alone?"

This is terrible. In order to be different, I'm going to have to get a real job, a retirement/health benefit, go online pretending to work when actually I'm just updating tweets, facebook, or my blog, get an on line honey, get married to online honey complete with virtual shower and virtual gifts, get fired for updating tweets, fb, my blog, having virtual sex on company time with my on line honey while simultaneously sending out virtual thank you notes for my virtual wedding gifts, stay home all day and update my tweets, fb, or my blog because I'm at home all day with no job so I'm depressed, get divorced because I'm speeding too much time tweeting my new online sweety and not enough time texting real wife.

I'm way behind the curve.

Good thing I opted for the chia pet.

But not the Obama chia pet. It's the Dick Chaney chia pet.  Looks weird but it's oddly comforting  when I water the top of it's head. 

(Note to parents. Dear Mom and Dad, (I'm going to go ahead and write this now because I KNOW that this is going to come up and it's easier to do it now and just get it over with.)  The chia pet line above is an attempt at a one line joke. You'll be happy to note that inorder to be different, I'm going to have to get a job.  Yep, I thought you'd be "...pleased as punch..." to over this. Thought I might get a job as a joke writer on The Daily Show. No, I wouldn't expect that you'd  know it.  I'm sorry if the Dick Chaney joke sounded mean. You do have to write for your audience. No I'm not going to write for Fox News. I could send it in to Prairie Home Companion. NPR.  No, they're not Comunists, they're Lutherans from Minnisota. Nice people. They make the green lime jello mold with the mini marshmellows that you like. Yes, those people. You like them because they're nice. Thanks for the suggestion. Since this is about growning plants I could send it to The SquareFoot Gardner. Of course I could put some seeds on it and send it to High Times. They might like the joke. Okay. Take care.)

Do you love to read a short story?  Do you write short stories?

You might want to check this out.



Song today?

Beach Boys * Pet Sounds

(for GoatHerderBoy)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I read something.

Gonna put it here and think on it some more.

Tracey Pakosta, who used to work at Craig Ferguson's production company, leaves Green Mountain West to go to NBC Universal as head of comedy. (According to the Internet this is true.)

NBC owns Showtime.  At least I think so.

There's a new woman at Showtime.

Now I'm going to play a game of  "What if..."

What if?

Craig Ferguson goes to Showtime and does something very much like Bill Maher only without the politics but with the unleashed "oolala"s and probably seasonal or once a year showing of his stand up as "pay for view"

Does This Need To Be Said?

With dvd or other rights.

What if?

He gets used to the culture of NBC while playing over at Showtime and producing comedies for Ms.Pakosta over at NBC. He's out of the 12:30ET basement over at CBS. The switch doesn't look cold hearted. He's not a Benedict Arnold. Nope. He's America's sexy Scot unleashed over at Showtime who'll love him.

Time ticks and tocks and then?

There's an epic battle between the sweetness and light of Jimmy Fallon and the very sexy, devil-may-care Craig Ferguson.

Who will win Leno's spot and Late Night America's heart?

Do I believe this  stuff?

I dunno. There are a few plot holes and maybe even a plot twist or two or three. Depends.

I do know it is time for the game show that everyone loves to play ,

No, not the Price Is Right.  But you're close.

It's time for spinning that Wheel of Fortune --

"Contract Negotiation Fun Fun Follies"

(CF and DL's contracts are up for renewal in 2012. This start must start early.")

LOL. Nuff guessin' Gotta go.

HUrray for Hollywood !


Read this.

I'll be back later.


"What? Hang on. Just let me turn down the head phones."

Love this video and the music. Dunno' why but it's just great.

I'm getting lectured about the functions of the bladder.

Now I've got the -


Getting lectured about something. It's kind of like that hissing of white noise or summer lawns...Would be annoying but lucky me? I've brought music.


Got something to do.



Made a great discovery this afternoon (please note that I said afternoon. My afternoon.)

I found out that there are people who I just don't like.

And some folks who I do like.

That was an important discovery.

Like crossing the Rubicon of personal relationships.

I used to dither. I use to dather about this person or that but now?

Not so much.

And even more important?

I've learned something nifty neat.

I don't have to speak to them if I don't want to.

I just smile sweetly and whisper something like,

"I'm resting my voice."

WB actually answered the phone and told the person who asked, "May I please talk to WB?"

"No you may not."

That's what he told them.

It was brilliant in it's honesty and simple construction.

I've added to this the phrase, " I'm not talking because I'm saving my voice." 

That discovery was wonderful.

Can't wait to try it out.

Know the perfect time.

If you know me keep watching.

I won't lose my voice if I don't speak.


I'll increase it's power when I do.


This is good.


Wonder what I'll learn this evening?

Man looks intense. Here's an idea. Just listen to the music. LOL.

(I'm sober. Imagine things drunk.)

Or maybe not.