Saturday, February 25, 2012


"Tooooodddayayayayayay  is the ...."

last day of fencing classs.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Note to self.

If a car dealer has a car that isn't selling, he or she can send it to the auction.

If that car dealer will only sell it to you if you buy it WITHOUT  at least sitting in that car?

Well after all they did say that they were sending it to the car auction.

There is ALWAYS another boat.

Sail on.



Life after all is in the details and in the case of this blog? 

In the comments.


I talked to my dad today. He can walk and talk and he was asking about buying a sailboat. He could sail it if he wanted.

I have tried most everything I know to replace being on the water and there's just not anything. Don't get me wrong, I love my son and WB is okay but I would be less of a person if I kept staying on dry land. Soon I would dry up to dust. I'd like to save that for the day when my soul is no longer on Earth and that thing known as my body melts into the dirt.


For someone I don't know in celbration of their 50th birthday.

He writes a pretty good Blogspot blog.

I'm not sure if you'll see this comment.

First, happy birthday. The second half of a century seems to be different. Like going from adolesent to adult, we're finally far enough over into second phase of life to be past the "average experience".


Hmm, here's a challenge.

Can you express one experience today in one word? Will that word be inclusive enough so that I, a complete stranger, would understand not just the basic emotion but also specifics of the event.

For example, I can could use the word, "wet" to describe today because it did rain but I'm not sure if it's specific enough to ensure that the response would be atmospheric. After all the word "wet" could describe a sunny day at the beach or giving the dog a bath.

So there's the challenge from a complete stranger to celebrate their birthday.

I hope that the one word for a day this year is "bliss".




Monday, February 20, 2012

My Little Pony....of death !!! Dum dah dum daaaaah duuuuuum

If My Little Pony was made for the Sky Rim crowd.

Oh wait.

"Oh look, Johnny,  you're weird Aunt Rosie gave your little sister a My Little Pony. Isn't it cute."

"Uh mom?"

"Yes dear."

"I don't spend alot of quality time with My Little Pony dolls, but I'm pretty sure that their eyes arent supposed to glow like that."


"Yeah that pony has a Rays of Death mod and I'm thinking that it's not supposed  to shoot Rainbow Skittle Bombs out of it's butt. "

"Mooooommmmmyyyyyyy, My Little Pony just fried Fluffy with a death ray."

"My Little Pony of Death" coming to a  Mega Mart near you.."

Note: It took us a couple of time to watch the first time we were laughing hysterically so all we could see was the cute little homicidal My Little Pony. Thank the Lord for subtitles.

"Myyyyyy little ppppoooooonnnnniiiieeeee."


Sunday, February 19, 2012



On Saturday mornings, I wake up, dress, drive, and then put my body through stuff.

I'm the oldest in the group.  It's possible that I'm so old that I could be the mom to one or two of the fellas who teach the class. I know that I'm old emough to be the grandparent of the youngest.  I'm writing this because of my dad. 

My dad quit smoking when he was my age.  He would tell us that the only way he did it was to say no to it. Self control.  And he did quit for years and years until his  70's when he started smoking cigars. He'd sit out on the back porch and smoke. My mom complaining about it.  I'd ask him why after years he went back to a habit which he swore to us was bad for our health.

"Because now I can."

This isn't an example of great writing. It's just a short hand reminder of what my obligations to this life are and are not.

And that life changes.

For instance?

For years I was not able to sail a boat because I worried that, if I got hurt or if it were too expensive,  I'd cause problems for my Pup.

Now like late Winter? I can feel Spring approaching and the strong strong urge to climb "mountains" that my family told me were not for me to climb.

And I left a friend.

A good friend who I could talk to at anytime.  I once called him at 3am.  I heard his sleepy voice on the other end of the line and half expected him to yell or hang up.  He never did.  Not until much later when we'd had our disagreement. Even then he didn't hang up. He didn't talk. He let me try to explain.

I tried but the obligations of my life were there.

Life chose for me.

The last time I mentioned this to my father, he told me that it was done. "The past is the past."  he told me, "You can not go back. It's done."   I know that he said that because he wants me to be safe. If it were up to him, I'd be happily puttering around the house.  I tried. I'm not good at puttering.

WB is good at it but I'm not.

I've been trying hard to explain.

What I want to do is neither illegal nor immoral.

My obligations aren't the same as they were.

Note to self. In my Great Aunt's obit, it stated that she went fishing in Alaska in her 90's.  She lived to be more than 100.   She didn't die of old age or failing body. She died of a broken heart. Her best friend in the world died. No matter how many people talked to her, she felt in her heart that she was the "last dodo".

If I've learned anything from my Great Aunt's life it's that you make the choice to live your life.  Yes, there may be realities but there are choices too.

I don't not have to ever be the "last dodo" but if I am the last of my kind?  I shouldn't waste my time complaining about it.

Not while there is so much in this world to see.