Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Auntie Slacker,
I volunteereed to help with a social event and now I don't want to.
I'm trying to come up with a really good excuse for not showing up?
Got any ideas?
Love Slacker.

(What am I doing while trying to come up with a very good idea?.)

Watching cute puppy videos!!!



In an epic battle between good and evil, James Bond, once again saves the world.

(I still like Sean Connory better.)



Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sitting here reading my own mind.
And minding by own business.

(insert Smilie Face here)

This is serious.
I found this blog  And thought to my self, "Wait a minute. I'm not alone?"

This is terrible. In order to be different, I'm going to have to get a real job, a retirement/health benefit, go online pretending to work when actually I'm just updating tweets, facebook, or my blog, get an on line honey, get married to online honey complete with virtual shower and virtual gifts, get fired for updating tweets, fb, my blog, having virtual sex on company time with my on line honey while simultaneously sending out virtual thank you notes for my virtual wedding gifts, stay home all day and update my tweets, fb, or my blog because I'm at home all day with no job so I'm depressed, get divorced because I'm speeding too much time tweeting my new online sweety and not enough time texting real wife.

I'm way behind the curve.

Good thing I opted for the chia pet.

But not the Obama chia pet. It's the Dick Chaney chia pet.  Looks weird but it's oddly comforting  when I water the top of it's head. 

(Note to parents. Dear Mom and Dad, (I'm going to go ahead and write this now because I KNOW that this is going to come up and it's easier to do it now and just get it over with.)  The chia pet line above is an attempt at a one line joke. You'll be happy to note that inorder to be different, I'm going to have to get a job.  Yep, I thought you'd be "...pleased as punch..." to over this. Thought I might get a job as a joke writer on The Daily Show. No, I wouldn't expect that you'd  know it.  I'm sorry if the Dick Chaney joke sounded mean. You do have to write for your audience. No I'm not going to write for Fox News. I could send it in to Prairie Home Companion. NPR.  No, they're not Comunists, they're Lutherans from Minnisota. Nice people. They make the green lime jello mold with the mini marshmellows that you like. Yes, those people. You like them because they're nice. Thanks for the suggestion. Since this is about growning plants I could send it to The SquareFoot Gardner. Of course I could put some seeds on it and send it to High Times. They might like the joke. Okay. Take care.)

Do you love to read a short story?  Do you write short stories?

You might want to check this out.



Song today?

Beach Boys * Pet Sounds

(for GoatHerderBoy)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I read something.

Gonna put it here and think on it some more.

Tracey Pakosta, who used to work at Craig Ferguson's production company, leaves Green Mountain West to go to NBC Universal as head of comedy. (According to the Internet this is true.)

NBC owns Showtime.  At least I think so.

There's a new woman at Showtime.

Now I'm going to play a game of  "What if..."

What if?

Craig Ferguson goes to Showtime and does something very much like Bill Maher only without the politics but with the unleashed "oolala"s and probably seasonal or once a year showing of his stand up as "pay for view"

Does This Need To Be Said?

With dvd or other rights.

What if?

He gets used to the culture of NBC while playing over at Showtime and producing comedies for Ms.Pakosta over at NBC. He's out of the 12:30ET basement over at CBS. The switch doesn't look cold hearted. He's not a Benedict Arnold. Nope. He's America's sexy Scot unleashed over at Showtime who'll love him.

Time ticks and tocks and then?

There's an epic battle between the sweetness and light of Jimmy Fallon and the very sexy, devil-may-care Craig Ferguson.

Who will win Leno's spot and Late Night America's heart?

Do I believe this  stuff?

I dunno. There are a few plot holes and maybe even a plot twist or two or three. Depends.

I do know it is time for the game show that everyone loves to play ,

No, not the Price Is Right.  But you're close.

It's time for spinning that Wheel of Fortune --

"Contract Negotiation Fun Fun Follies"

(CF and DL's contracts are up for renewal in 2012. This start must start early.")

LOL. Nuff guessin' Gotta go.

HUrray for Hollywood !


Read this.

I'll be back later.


"What? Hang on. Just let me turn down the head phones."

Love this video and the music. Dunno' why but it's just great.

I'm getting lectured about the functions of the bladder.

Now I've got the -


Getting lectured about something. It's kind of like that hissing of white noise or summer lawns...Would be annoying but lucky me? I've brought music.


Got something to do.



Made a great discovery this afternoon (please note that I said afternoon. My afternoon.)

I found out that there are people who I just don't like.

And some folks who I do like.

That was an important discovery.

Like crossing the Rubicon of personal relationships.

I used to dither. I use to dather about this person or that but now?

Not so much.

And even more important?

I've learned something nifty neat.

I don't have to speak to them if I don't want to.

I just smile sweetly and whisper something like,

"I'm resting my voice."

WB actually answered the phone and told the person who asked, "May I please talk to WB?"

"No you may not."

That's what he told them.

It was brilliant in it's honesty and simple construction.

I've added to this the phrase, " I'm not talking because I'm saving my voice." 

That discovery was wonderful.

Can't wait to try it out.

Know the perfect time.

If you know me keep watching.

I won't lose my voice if I don't speak.


I'll increase it's power when I do.


This is good.


Wonder what I'll learn this evening?

Man looks intense. Here's an idea. Just listen to the music. LOL.

(I'm sober. Imagine things drunk.)

Or maybe not.




Dear Person Who's On a Macintosh Reading My Blog,


I just write this blog.

I don't read it.

Well - maybe-  sometimes - but not much.

Not like the old blog.

Now there? You could actually find writing that would entertain.

This one is more like upchucking or verbal diarrhea.

Not like the old blog.


Was Haiku.
Was free verse.
Actually short stories that I actually worked on.

There if I got really bored I'd write odes to the "hemmorhoids" in my life.



But  if you could actually comment?  I could be talked into writing something other than the word, "actually" in a semi literate sentence.

Here's an idea.

A challenge for us both.

I'll write one verse of a real life actual poem for every comment you post.

It's a bargain.

You type in something like "a;lslgue"

And I'll type in

uhm -

"...John has eyes.
    Not like limped pools.
    Not like jade or cinnamon or the blue skies of a June day.
    These eyes are small.
    The color of
    And they change colors like a mood ring.
    You do know what that is?  A Mood Ring? ...."

I know. It's free verse so I'm cheating a bit.  I don't think that Iambic pentameter has come from this cerebral cortex in a while. But if I look around and find that a sonnet might be better than a snore?
If there was some reason to fire off a synapse or two?
I can wake up long enough to say or write something.


Who are you behind that Macintosh?

(I'll have to make sure but I don't think that anyone has actually commented on this blog. The did on the other one but not this one.)


Okie dokie.

One more time.

This is 12dots and a blot

It's a writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

For instance,

Fact? I'm a big fan of the men and women who risk their lives to make sure ours are safe. That would be policemen, firemen, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard, ...  you get the idea.

Fiction? Well there's poetry. And I used to write actual short stories.


Anyway if you don't know which is the fact and which is the fiction. Please.

I'm really asking you.

Don't assume.



The answer?

"Because I like to listen to it."


Today started off pretty good and still is. 


One more and then I am going to sleep.

Milli Vanilli :D

"...been to the desert on a horse with no name it felt good to get out of the rain..."

Sons and Daughters of Panarchy  v.2

Unicorn pandemic and tales of panarchy?
Flame throwing tanks and nekkid peace nicks?
All ending up around the pheonix fire?
Tales of paying forward and random kindness.
While economic disaster howls at the door.
Peace nicks clutch tickets that cost more -
More than rent.
More than a weeks groceries.
More wear and tear and cost of fuel to get there only to find that the only cars allowed are in the art work.
All on a piece of land with the same name as a security contractor in Iraq.

Imagine that.

Burning Man.

c anne ford  9-13-11,  from Sons and Daughters of Panarchy. A Collection of  Stories and Poems the New Millenium



I fell asleep. Again. 2soon.

Moonlight. Sunbright. It fills the room.

Sunsilly. Sunny Billy. Fills the gloom.

I run.
I just.
I run.
I bloom.
Knee deep in slumber.
In this room.

c anne ford 9/13/11


Si iff ti bed my dear sweet one.
Smile a smile.
No be so glum.
The star horsers swim in the moonlights reflection
A pale recollection of our own  dear  Sun.

Tommy horses winny.
Impatient for sleep.
Sea stars shimmy.
In the milky way deep.

I love you.
I love you.
One million times penny.

I love you til stars
There's not a one. Any.

Close please your eyes.
Until the morn comes.
Then it's up and a ridin
With morning Sun.

Good night, I love you. Sleep tight. Little one.

c anne ford
from Sleepy Sleep Hey O

Now I'm off to sleep as well.



back to sleep.
nothing to see here

back to sleep and slumber.


Monday, September 12, 2011


"...The next day the Sun shone bright.

Brighter than the day before

The birds sang and the morning sky was blue.

How could they be so mean.

Didn't the Sun know that the world had stopped.


Hold still your voice.

There is a shadow on my feet.

A hole in my heart.

Dark cataracts cover my eyes.

I tear my hair and throw myself to the ground.

Cover my ears to the sounds of life.

How can you sing
when my heart lies in the ground with the ones I love."

c anne ford


The thing that you learn when someone you love dies is that the world keeps on turning.

People will laugh.
The Sun will shine.
The sky will be in turns sunny and gray,
It's life.

And though you might not think so?

You do laugh.

It sneaks up on you.

It comes from somewhere that didn't disappear.

Like good friend it sits with you thought the tears and anger and the frustration.

When you yell , "Why?"

It whispers, "I don't know."

When you can't sleep, it tells you stories.

When you don't eat, it says, "Just a bite, please."

And on that day when you lay there covered in dispare and you say, "I can't."

It gently says,

"Yes, you can."

Then one day  you forget a little and the sun shines on your face and somewhere you begin to notice that the world is full of laughter.

Other folks are hurting too..."

.And you get up.



You can see the pain in the world and you stop looking inward.

And you ask,

"How can I help."



We turned off the television.

It wasn't because we wanted to forget.

It was because.

The thing is.

In our heart?


Is the only antidote for the sadness of this world.

A little candle.

Sometimes it flickers in the darkness.

But it's still there for someone to see.

Just in case someone needs a hand.

So we turned off the tv.

And we went to get some ice cream.

Trying hard to block out the world of sad memories.

But life happens.

As it will.

Yesterday, I stopped trying to block out the Sun and the rain.

Yesterday, I entered the river and did my best to help.


"... How can the world still spin.

How can the birds still sing.

Did God forget me?


He taught me so that when a child cried.

When a father cried.

I could be there to help.


Thank you to the fire fighters, the police, the paramedics, and the kind souls who can see beyond their own lives to see and help others.

How lucky we are that you are in this world.

I didn't forget you yesterday.

I won't forget you today.


People are living because of what you do.

For all the anger that we see in this world?

Because of your brave kindness?

I know.

"Love's the only house big enough for all the pain in the world."



.I have great admiration for the very brave men and women who show up everyday to help others.

I can't do what you do/

I don't know how.

But I thank the good Lord above that you know how.

You are really and truly amazing.

Thank you.