Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Have been looking for information on the situation in Japan. The Internet has helped alot. Videos that I could see while the networks were sleeping."

Hugs and prayers to the folks affected by both the earthquake and tsunami.


Friday, March 11, 2011


"AAWWWWoooooooooooo", said the wolf.

"Sheez Louise" said the guy who shelled out 40 buck to take his date to see this film.

"Franchise" said the producer.

"We  can only hope." said the investers.

"So did you hear the one about the two Scottish actors on tv?"

"That's an awkward pause." said the RSA.

The moral?

If you're gonna watch a movie about werewolves and talk about good lookin' Scots who you can't hardly understand but don't care because well listen to them, sex, and staying on the path at night?

I'm thinking last night's tv's craig ferguson might be better.

And this?

Huzzah, how did I miss this movie?


No not Wow. ILOL I don't know why I watch these movies. I'ts like Cougar "Twilight" Nobody is like the people in these movies.NoNobody.   LOLOLOLOL
And yet we watch.

How's it going world? From what I hear we could all use a hug.


Now where were we. Ah yeah, werewolves

So about the new movie Red Ridinghood

So the movie is out in theaters and the first real spoiler for the movie ending is out in all it's "Uh huh,seriously?" glory. In a way it's kind of twisted and different (from what I read) but nothing to spend 20 bucks plus gas money over.

Instead? I'm thinking of renting American Werewolf In London for cheap and maybe The Howling for good measure. At least they know they're making fun of the genre. Not this movie. This one will probably be the subject of  archtypes in film. I can just see it now:

This movie is  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too serious for me. I have enough real life stuff to deal with without adding fictional werewolves to it. LOL.

I'd like to thank the spoiler folk for saving us at least 40 bucks. I'm waiting until it comes out on video with the alternate endings and the director's commentary, and all that other stuff you just know is going to be on the DVD,  Or maybe I'll wait until next week for the last chapter of the companion book. LOL. If you don't know the ending you'll probably be surprised.  So to if you bought the book (LOL Here's a spoiler allert. Go read the Amazon reviews for the companion book. Apparently the ending is a big surprise :D)

That's it for more fun with movies reviewed by folks who've not actually seen the movie but have just read the movie review spoilers.


As for my own dad? He's doing great. Get's better everyday. Thanks for the kind thoughts.


So what have you heard about an earthquake in Japan?



Just read the news of the tsunami in Japan. Prayers to those who are involved and to those who are worried about missing loved ones.

Prayers also to those who live on the Hawaii Islands and the Pacific coast.

There is a report that the entire coastline of the western US is on allert for problems due to the earthquake that spawned this terrible thing.





Red Ridinghood the movie

Computer ate it.


Look, tonight is the opening date for the new Red Ridinghood film.

Unless you gave up television or the Internet for Lent, you've also got a pretty good idea of who's in it and what it looks like. I checke the Internet and the buzz has begun. There's spoiler's a plenty and talk of a plot twist at the end.

Now if you are like me and the prospect of spending 20 bucks a person for this movie has you avoiding the Internet movie sites? Breath easy.

This post isn't about a spoiler for this movie.


This movie is about what I hope happens.

Big difference.

First hope has been dashed already.

With the coming of the lunarperigee next Friday, it would have made excellent sense to have openned next week. The lunar perigee has got folks underwear in a twist over what supernatural things might happen. How interesting would it be to open a werewolf movie the night the full moon is at its closest to Earth in 18 years. Already there's speculation on what havoc this will cause in the natural world so why not add a mystical element to the event?


After looking at the trailer and the Internet. I'm seeing all kinds of speculation of what the plot twist will be. The movie's already being compaired to M Night and Twilight. There's folks saying that Red Ridinghood is the werewolf or maybe the grandma. They've already said that here sister get's killed and that Ridinghood is betrothed to one fella while she's in love with another. We know this story from childhood so what's left?

I dunno. Will have to see the movie.

What I hope will happen is this.

We find out that the man that her parents want her to marry is actually the werewolf AND that her boyfriend (the one that her parents DON'T want her to marry) helps Red Ridinghood catch the werewolf. That way the story honors the original fairytail and all the folks who LOVE the Twilight movies will be very happy.

Closing credits.

The end.

Well not quite.

The folks who are thinking that the wolf is actually her boyfriend in this moving and that first the towns folks are thinking that it's her odeous betrothed but you find out it's not. Or maybe it is and that causes Red Ridinghood to dump the boyfriend and fall for the rich guy that mom picked out.

Whatever. I just don't think it's RedRidinghood.

Then again maybe the movie will go the allegory route and it's all about PMS.

And "bad boy" boyfriends vs the one your momma picks out.

Guess we'll know tomorrow night.


Thursday, March 10, 2011



"With every fiber of my body and every thought, I am willing this day to be happy."




"Hope does what will cannot.

But with out will?

How can we hope."

c anne ford




My nick is Iron.

This is a world wide call.

I am trying to find someone.

My writing friend.

They will know who they are.

Come out from the clouds.

Come and talk to me.


Note from Author Ann.

There is only one Writing Buddy.

Hugs and peace.


Got to go take a bath and go visit a bit.


If UR writing buddy?
email me




Just stay put for a bit.



Laughter!  Happy jumping for joy!  Yay!  Hurray!  

Guess what Gentle Readers.

Someone from Australia (or there abouts) has read my blog.

Now here is the thing.

At this point?  Someone from ever continent (except  Antartica) has come to visit this blog.

I am beside myself with happiness.

Hello world! This day I am sending my hugs to the world. If you are reading this? Would you send those hugs to the world too. I am here to tell you that the hug, next to love and curiosity, is the most powerful thing in the world.

It really is.

Now I can't travel the world like Matt did.

But I can send through the Internet all the happiness that is possible this day. We all know how much trouble there is in this world.


In this world there is happiness too.

All over there is someone who is waiting.

Someone who needs to know that someone cares that they are alive.


From my kitchen where I'm sitting next to the sleeping dogs, the chirping bird, and the people I care for dearly?

From the happiness I felt from the hug my father gave me?

I give to you a great big virtual hug.

I am dancing.


Smiles, smiles, smiles, smiles....

Does anyone know someone in Anartica?


Author Ann


And I tried

sitting beside myself,

sitting next to a stranger,

sitting beside someone in trouble,

sitting beside someone in happy ever after.

At the end of the day

All I found was a voice inside saying,

" I miss you. I miss you. I miss you."

No way to understand it.

"I miss you. I miss you. I miss you."

No way to deny it.

I told the voice to run.

Runaway from me.

Then the sound of laughter.

Music filled my head.

And love filled my heart.

c anne ford
all rights reserved by the author

I'm sitting here eatting butter, biscuits, and strawberry jam. I'd be drinking a cold glass of milk but we ran out of it this morning.  It's too warm for tea. Water would delute the sweet. So I'm not drinking anything. Just munching.  It's quiet outside. The rain is gone and the sun is trying very hard to shine. It does in turns. Then the clouds muscle in and the sun is gone for a bit. what sun is out has the clover growing. Fitting for this month the yard is covered with emerald green. It reminds me of Irish David for some reason. I can't imagine that it's because of his jovial personality. He was always a bit on the business side. I think it's just because he was Irish and well that's a clover.


Music for a spring day...

Even if the snow is falling?
There's just something in the air that's whispering , "Spring..."


My nick is Iron.

This is a world wide call.

I am trying to find someone.

My writing friend.

They will know who they are.

Come out from the clouds.

Come and talk to me.


A quiet heart.
Like a seed in the frozen ground.
The sun waits alittle longer.
Like a mother expecting.
It warms the air.
The breezes lift.
The heart stirs.
The sun,
Encouraged by this
Stays even longer.
Each day filled with love.
Til one day, the seed bursting with courage
Breaks from its dark room.
Into the light
Its fragile leaves lift
And then turn.
Like the face of a new born turns,
Eyes blurry,
For it's mother's voice.

A Quiet Heart

c anne ford

all rights reserved by the author

I miss you.




Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"I don't understand how to live out loud. I see people on the Internet and their lives all out there. Complete strangers are reading their conversations with other people. I'm not all out there like that. I turn out the lights to take a shower. No on second thought it's not that bad. I just have lived my live kind of well -- invisible."  c anne ford  9:35 pm  9 March, 2011.

"I want to write for people to read. 

I want them to read the words and get caught up in a world of all their own. The mind is the ultimate virtual reality game.  The best virtual theater. I remember reading Steven King and then talking to others about reading his books. All of us, to the person had the same experience of being immersed in his world. That little child fear of what might be under the bed or a hand suddenly flying out of the storm drain and grabbing hold of you. Dragging you down into the sewer with all the leaves and the darkness.... Yep see what I mean.  The main characters get you to feel - something. 

It's the stories that should catch hold of your attention.

I want you to read the stories.

That's what should be out in the world.

Not me.


I should be walking around in my invisible life.

It's better that way."  9:45 9 March, 2011 caf


Who are you?

I can read the stats and it's not just my clicking here. Honest.
I'm glad that someone is reading my blog but I've just got to ask?
I'd be really interested in know what your life is like.
How did you get here?
What is the first thing that you see when you open your eyes in the morning?
What made you smile today?
When you were walking along the street what caught your attention?

What's the last thing you do before you fall asleep.

I'm hoping that you might tell me about yourself.

Comments on.



PS  Talked to my dad today. He answered the phone and seemed like he was "fit as a fiddle". He's much, much, much, much, much, much better.
That is a very good thing.

Tonight I'll have a lovely dream.



Now THIS is an awkward pause.


"That uncomforatble feeling became unbearable. It distorted the room and everyone in it. We became characatures. Big heads and small hearts or big hearts depending. There seemed to be no limit to the bizzare. I think it was the determination to hold on to those biases that we'd each cultivated for so long.

Then something changed.

The notions found there limit and the preconceptions suddenly shattered.

All around us the pieces, like a shattered mirror, reflected what was left of us.

Mathew walked over to me and hugged my neck.

His big big heart somehow undamaged.

"Let's go home. " he whispered."



I don't know yet.  Was just imagining the situation. Was trying to remember a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

As for who wrote it?

Why it was written by c anne ford

Poet, writer, but mostly Mom

Going to find poem.

Then post it here.

But first I'm going to the bathroom

Pretty good interview to watch while I'm gone






March 9th, 2011. Afternoon.


"What if my words were so spare that they would fall through time unnoticed."

3-9-11, C Anne Ford.

Perhaps I should speak louder.

Or whisper?

I was in a shop the other day. Was asking the person at the counter a question when all of a sudden, from the back of the store, the manager came out with the answer to my question. Deep breath. That was a long sentence but it was a true one.   He answered my question and then he said. "To get your question answered, you must speak loud."  We'll he didn't exactly say it that way for me to quote but the words were durn close and the meaning was exactly that. Then he turned around and went back to work.

Finally got some sleep but still woke up tired.

LOL I think my dad is much better. He got on to me for not coming to visit. LOL

Weather was raining buckets this morning  but has stopped. It's getting colder. I can drive in cold.

Road trip to visit my dad!!!


God if you could be so kind?  I need to hear from Writing Buddy or  maybe IrishDavid or Billy.  I could a hug and a good story to pass the time.  I know. I know.  To talk to Billy I'd have to talk to angels. Irish David said goodbye and went on his way along time ago.

And I've got no idea what Writing Buddy's name is so finding them would be a miracle.

Last night I read something asking if a person had only 5 minutes left in there life what would they do. LOL WB laughed and said that he'd run outside and yell, "I'm mad as hell." LOL

I told him that I'd give he and Pup a hug and tell them that I loved them.  He laughed again and told me that it would take longer than 5 minutes.

Not to worry Gentle Reader. Won't be long untill the sun comes up again and I can sleep.


2 30 am

If only
If only I had
If only I had someone

I would
I would curl up in their lap
And beg them not to sleep till I woke up

Please don't go
Hold my heart in your lap and keep it safe until tomorrow.

I need that place to sleep
I need your heart to beat in time to mine
So that I can get some sleep
My heart, it will be save inside your mind

So don't go
Please stay
Don't fly away

Good night.

2 27am
by C Anne Ford

all rights reserved by the author

I've got to get some sleep.

" I had a sculpture teacher tell me that if you were working on something that it might be good to work on it as a series of evolutions of the same theme or image. She didn't say it exactly like that but it was pretty close.  I'm thinking that's good advice for what I'm writing now. Maybe I should copy them each with the changes that the previous written one had inspired. Then print them. Hang them on the wall like rays of the Sun coming from that very first poem. Would be interesting to see how it evolves.

Or stays the same."

me @ 2am, 3-9-11

I'm having trouble sleeping. Part of it's the weather. It's starting to get "blowwy" outside. The wind is really picking up. Rick told me tonight that it was supposed to be bad weather again. Later today maybe there'll be tornados to watch for. Then there's the dreams. I haven't talked to mom and dad since last Thursday evening. I left them there in a kind of strange place. I don't know - I dread - the possibilities of later today. I've been sleeping trying to rest incase the news isn't good. Incase there's a part of something sad coming. But when I try to sleep, I dream. They're telling dreams. Telling me this or telling me that. I don't rest in those dreams and when I surface from them I'm exhausted. It's as if I've not slept at all.

So this morning I'm just fighting sleep and writing. 

I so wish that Writing Buddy was here in someway. Writing Buddy used to tell me that they read my blog to be calm.  I made them a Zen Garden. A place to be and to write in peace. Funny but I'm thinking that I could use a Zen Garden of their making. I miss the hellos and that feeling that there was someone in the world who was true to their word.

I need that right now.

I need someone to talk or not talk to about what's going on in my life.

Someone to hold my hand or be there in someway so that I wasn't alone.

Someone to care and notice if I was gone.



Writing a bit


I don't know if I like the last three lines.  Apart of me wants to take out the  word/line "Itch". I want the words to be spare. I want them and the sentiment to be plain. Like a shaker chair. Their beauty would come from the simple nature.  Nothing coy.

I'm just worried that if I'm not careful the words will become so simple as to lose their worth.

Will let this one sit a while then come back and see if it's better.

"Would you miss me if I died?
   If I cessed to be?
   If like some antique clock,
   My ticking stopped.
   Would your ears prick up?
   Would say to yourself.
 "That's odd."
   And then go back to the business at hand.
   It would be arrogant,
   I know,
  To imagine that my every breath would make you smile
  And my going might make you twitch
  Or itch.
  But I just wondered?
  If my breathing stopped?
  Would it take a breath from you?"

  Title of this poem



  Stopped Clocks, Watched Pots, and Other Annoyances

  by C Anne Ford

  all rights reserved by the author.

Something else

" I was watching you.
   There in bed
   For a minute
   Just for a minute
   You were young.
   A young James Dean
   Lost in your own thoughts
   (Or maybe just asleep)
   Something in the way your head was turned
  And your eyes
  The look so faraway
   I was in love with that face
  Along time ago
  I'd forgotten.
  Then this morning I looked at your face..."

Title  4am Sunday Morning

written by C Anne Ford, 3-8-11

all rights reserved by the author


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear Gentle Reader,

You cannot imagine what changes have happened in my life over the last couple of years. Some of it I could see in the distance and some of it was over a horizon that I couldn't yet imagine. Not sure why you are here reading along with my life.

You know who I am.

Who are you?


Comments on.



OMG.OMG..OMG ahahahahaha (and ouch)The Volvo Race.

Meanwhile back on the mainland a certain exScot makes fun of beavers...


"Come on Scotland. Show us your beavers."


Oh and did I tell you that it's the 100 th anniversary of the International Women's Day?

Well - it is.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Last post for today


It's the day before MardiGras people and here I am sitting in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers in a funk.

Fruit cakes and fruit bats people, that aint good.

You know something. This morning someone had the nerve to insinuate that my sailboat was a money pit.

The nerve. '

So I thought about it. Then I wrote stuff and I surfed the web and read emails surfed the web somemore and read the Nerdist (see next post) and I laughed and then I wrote some more stuff and then I got to thinking,

"Hey, I own a sailboat. What's more? I can live on that boat for cheaper than rent. Hmm. And? It's cool to live on a sailboat. Heck Technically according to the boat rules the thing's a yacht. Now that is even more cool. And I'm not just money challenged. Oh no. I'm a disinherited writer. I write stuff, send it to publishers to be published, hopefully get paid, AND I get to whine about the being disinherited thing. It's kind of like having a tattoo. sure it's painful at first but after that it's all about the , "Hey are you looking at my cool tattoo?" Even if I don't leave the dock? People will say, "Hey. There goes that cool writer person who lives on their yacht."

And you know, my dad did say to stick with the boat thing. (the fine print)

And very most important?

They have cable at the marina.They have the sports stations. I can sit out at the lake and watch baseball and tell folks that I'm doing research for a friggin book. Call it a tax dedution cause it's a work expense.  I can't do that here because here ? Here I don't have cable. Not out here in the middle of the woods known as Nowhere.

Why am I still here in the land of dark getting yelled at by people who frankly don't give a spit.

Feck all the grippy people who want me to be unhappy.
It's spring and I've got a boat.
It's time to sail the boat and have fun. These people want to take away my fun and replace it with a frigging answering machine. I got rid of the answering machine and got a junk email addy to get away from these people. Ah no No more unhappy people..
Let's dance.

This time it's really good to go to the light.

I heart The Nerdist.


Sailor and  AuthorAnn

Yee haw.  :D


Dear Nerdist, About that super hero liar...


People, I <3 The Nerdist. I really do. When my day turns crappy? I know that somewhere there's a land of whimsy, light hearted fun, and sanity.


hmmm i dont knooowwwww
what with the new super hero zoning ordinances and the crappy housing market

what do you have for apartment dwellers or folks living in their folks garage or their cars
im keeping my super hero lair on line until i get better data
its easier that way

yours in superhero nerdist spendor
author (i cant live by your stupid grammer rules) ann


Well what I actually wrote was

hmmm i dont knooowwwww
sure these are coool
what with the new super hero zoning ordinances and the crappy housing market what do you have for apartment dwellers or folks living in their folks garage or their cars
im keeping my super hero lair on line until i get better data
its easier that way
yours in superhero nerdist spendor
author (i cant live by your stupid grammer rules) ann.


12dots and a blot

We are

#200WattsOfSunny over on the Twitter.

love ya.




Happy (insert March holiday here)


Hey ya and happy whatever holiday is in March this year.

Happy Mardi Gras, Happy St.Pat's day (kiss me I want to be Irish), happy whatever.

Now that's the perfect March video.

Guys in green costumes shakin' their tail feather. Somethings just never get old.

Let's dance and while you're at it? Throw me some money, Mister.

Hey ya.


Guess it's time...


...for the ever necessary 12dots disclaimer.

Okay, Gentle Readers here goes-

This is 12 dots and a blot.

A writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Means I'm writing believable fiction which for a fiction writer is a good thing.


I'm a writer not a jerk.

So if what you read worries you? You're welcome to comment.

As I said on my old blog?

Don't assume.


If I can I'll explain.



writer of 12dotsandablot.


The FU moment,,,


God bless Aretha Franklin.

There are moments in life that I like to call FU moments. These are the times in life when someone suggests something so outlandish and not in your best interest that you just have to tell that person, "FU."

You just have to. There's no other choice.

This morning I had a "FU" moment. It was about the sailboat. I'm not going to say exactly what happened but I will tell you that the only answer is, "FU" with a possible "Heck no" added for clarification. Just in case the receipient is unclear of what you mean.

Since my dad's been sick there have been some really breathtaking "FU" moments. Two of them came from my brother and my mom. But this one this morning was in a class of it's own. It would have made anyone mad.

For many, many years I lived a very "frugal" existence. I remember those years. Those where the years where everybody else had more important things to do. It was my job to help them because their life was more important. I still have the shoes and the clothes that I bought at KMart when it became clear I not only didn't have space in the closet, I didn't have clothes to wear. I'm not talking about "Oh deah, I've a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear." I'm talking, I had to go buy a shirt at the Kmart inorder to have something to wear to the lawyers office. I finally said, "I've got to have something to wear please." I was so happy to have those pants and sweaters. The thing is that it gets easy to build a world around that type of idea. Slowly the people who you tell, "Don't worry about me. You're stuff is what's important." begin to believe that you aren't important at all. You become invisible. Or, as I heard Geoff Peterson say, "I'm you emotional dumpster." All those years that I listened to folks? I wasn't their friend. I was their emotional dumpster.

Not anymore.

There are just some ASSumptions that only deserve one response.


Thanks and have a great day!