Friday, January 6, 2012


"I don't make New Year's resolutions. Instead? I leave the bad with the old year and bring the happy good into the new. Works better."

C Anne Ford, January, 2012

It's busy now. Have things to do inside and outside. Going to bed early because I'm getting up very early. Not much time on the computer.

Wishing you, Gentle Reader, a happy day and good new year.

Since I'm not a practicing Mayan? I'm not really worried about 2012.

Same to you and yours.


Note to readers. I had posted the YouTube of Trace Adkins' song Day Like This on my blog post. Apparently this displeased someone and instead of just saying that we couldn't post the song here, someone fixed it so that you couldn't read my blog at all. So I've removed the video.

I will no longer post anything by Mr. Adkins on my blog, no longer buy his music nor watch. I WAS a big fan of his music. I liked the message that it sent. Since I don't get a financial gain from posting his music on my blog and he get's free advertising, I'm not sure what I've done wrong.

It's not like the person who up loaded my entire blog (2 years of work) and then got a job out of it. I was simply posting music that I thought was pretty good in an age where women tend to be treated pretty bad as subject matter.

Anyway, I can post the next part as it is my words that are now on this post.

From Winter Solstice a story that I've been working on.

And folks who not only banned Mr. Adkins's music but also blanked the words that I own?

I'm a writer. The great thing is I don't need your words for my blog. I can write my own.

"Finally, after what seemed like weeks with no smile or even a word, she looked and him and said 'I love you.'

He never really knew why she said it. They were looking at letuce in the Kroger. He'd picked up a head of romaine, shook it and said to himself, "Looks like your brother"..."

From Winter Soltice

C Anne Ford

And from the comments

LOL I almost forgot. A riddle. What cannot be bought? What cannot be sold? What is worth more than silver? What is worth more than gold? What cannot be seen but is visible to all? What is constant but changes all your life?


LOL. I just marvel at people and then? I go find a friend to sit next to. Last night I hugged WB's neck. I meant it. He and I have been through alot together, so when I hugged his neck and he hugged mine? Something clicked. I was grateful to have that hug from him. . .

Not sure what the problem is about this post but someone doesn't want for me to  attach the video and two post comments. Nor do they want you to see the comments on this blog post OR comment.

You can post comments to this blog post on any of the other blog posts. I'll see it.


Again I'm not sure what the problem is because the words to Winter Soltice are mine AND? I've gotten no financial gain from Mr. Adkins' video.

I"ve always given free advertising to the songs on this blog but I can stop right now.

Although I do hope to get financial gain from being a writer.

C Anne Ford

Jan 23 2012