Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well they may not be throwing toilet paper in the trees on Toomer's Corner but over in Tuscaloosa there'd be a party...


Roll Tide. War Eagle.


Already done list.

Stuff self with turkey/dressing.
Supper of pumpkin AND pecan pie with glass of skim milk.
Fuss with relatives.
Go to gym and talk about up coming Iron Bowl.
Discuss likely chancces of an Auburn upset or that Alabama will be in play off for National Champion ship.
Figure odds. Go to sales. Buy self Christmas prezzie.
Go out to eat only to find out that there are three televisions with restaurant showing the LSU v. Arkansas game.
Talk to more about the chances of an LSU/Arkansas upset.
No up set.
Go home and talk about rankings. Here lecture on how the only way Alabama will end up in the play offs now is if Georgia beats LSU and how that's not going to happen.
Put up some kind of Christmas decorations.
Discuss more about Iron Bowl and college football championship.
Go with Pup to fun activity.
Come home and watch part of Iron Bowl.
Eat entire bag of potato chips and dip in nervous energy frenzy.
Stop the madness by telling self it's just a game.
Stop watching game and go outside to visit.
Then get in car and go on grocery store errand (actually it's just an excuse to get out of the house.)

Stop to get BBQ and lemonaid at BBQ place. They have the Iron Bowl on the television. Next table over father is wearing Georgia tshirt. Son is wearing Alabama cap. Crazy.

Watch more of the Iron Bowl.

Go home while listening to Iron Bowl on the radio. Commentators are doing a post mortem of the game and the game isn't even over.

I'm pretty sure that Auburn is toast for this year.

Now will hear MORE talk about the National Championship game.

Sound of post game show coming from other part of the house.

I'd say "...hurry Christmas..." but that just means bowl games and more talk about the bowl games and national rankings and how Auburn sucks or doesn't suck without Cam Newton.

Sigh, hurry Christmas.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy holidays to the US readers. Ann