Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunshine for the Tweeties on Tweety


LOL @CinamonWaffles this song is for you.


Catching the Sun


You'll probably want to read the comments...


... in the next post entitled Hello world.

First there is the second and final version of the poem (cford - Pup's Smile) in the comments.


Well there was lots of fun with tranlations of that poem!

Worth the read if you're interest in writing and how it's translated into other languages.


Regards and I'm outta here.



Hello world.


Now this is pretty good.

Hello Gentle Readers who are reading this in other parts of the world. (Who knew?) Uhmm I'm hoping that you aren't having to translate this with something like an on line translater. It's hard enough to read the "country slang" for someone who lives in the US. I can't even imagine what Internet tranlater programs are showing.

Because I love to write poetry, please get someone to translate who is familiar with Southern slang.

Or even better?

You are welcome to comment here? I'd love to see the English translation of the poetry.

(Note: translation poetry from one language to another is a difficult thing. Take Haiku. Because of the problems with translations and the nature of Haiku? Haiku written in English vs Japanese can be completely different.

I was writing Haiku for a while and reading about the format. Haiku has a specific format for the poems subject and structure. That's problem enough but it also seems to be nuanced. The words are very powerful because the author must limit the number of words used present the idea. The words chosen are very specific to the image or sensation that the author is trying to express to the reader. Abstract ideas and feeling are whispered or shouted. The feeling of the wind on your cheek or the vision of a newly sprouted seed in the warm earth. It was difficult to choose the words but to have them handed to a machine to be translated???

Ah no.

The prose and the antidotal posts aren't so difficult to translate but the poetry, because I've worked to find those words which will show you the ephemeral emotion in my heart? Please find a human "heart" to translate the "human nature" of the poem.

Or ask me.

I'd be delighted to talk about it.

At the very least, I'll mark the posts were actual writing (rather than just prattle) is being posted.

Happy day and warm thought to you.


"What is this thing I hold here?
Neither living nor dead -
And yet?
It is radiant.
And bursting with an energy that is not seen with the eye
But felt with the heart.
Words like "peace" or "love"
"Hope" and "change"
Are like the wind.
Yet combined with "Faith"
They can move mountains."

Pup's Smile

by c ford

all rights reserved by the author.

I don't know how this poem translates but I think that the "feeling" is universal.

To me?

It's the promise of springtime on a cold winter's night.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Gentle Reader


Hi ya.

Okay it's official. I actually have folks reading my blog.

I kept thinking that it was just my posts showing up but after looling at the stats I know that can't be it. So welcome, welcome, Gentle Reader.

So so you chat back?

I'm curious to know who you are.

Could you at least say hello?



Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Happy List?


For the people I've met and the ones I've yet to meet.

And all the people, places, and things on my Happy List.



The Happy List?

The Happy List


The Happy List

Ya'll the world's just gone nuts.

People are angry and Mother Nature is just menopausal,.

It's cold and the washing machine just gave it up.

All seemed lost.

Then I found The Happy List.

I've been writing mine this morning. Actually I started last night when I decided to go to bed early. Sleep or not, I was going to be bathed. clothed in warm clothes, and under the covers before midnight. So I did.

Saying a thankful prayer that I had a roof over my head and folks who gave a dam that I was still alive.

Then I got up this morning to see what the world was up to.

What a difference.

I wasn't so tired and there was this same determination to take all this UNhappy, grab it by the "horns" and then kick it in the nuts. Yeah, I know that there are some who may say that this is harsh but I did it. I grabbed it, shook it, kicked it in the nuts, and then hugged it.


I started writing my Happy List.

This is the fact part of 12dots not to be confused with the fictional part.

Just so you'll know.

I think that tractor is sexy.

Whoo boy.

A reminder that there's still a sense of humor in all the crazy bad of life.

.And now?

The Happy List

My family, even though they aren't really happy to see me coming.

My PawPaw and MawMaw. Two people who lived their life together for over 60 years and who loved each other till the very end. Thank you so much for telling us "Ya'll come on. Key's under the mat and there's food in the fridge.

We'll leave the lights on the porch for you."

And you did. I can't think of a time when I wasn't welcome.

Same to WB's grandmother and his brothers. What a calm in that storm. We all miss you very much.

My mother and father. You're still here. There's still time.

(I dreamed about you both last night. Thank you. I love you too."

Billy and David and Newt and Aunt Elsie and...

(lol this sounds like some award's show thank you. It's not. These are the people and experiences that have made me smile. The ones in my real life who've made me happy.)

The time Daddy and Momma took us in their sailboat out to Ship Island. I can still remember sitting on the deck with Pup drawing in the little sketch book. Tweet in her bird cage hanging from the boom. You and Mamma and WB enjoying the breeze. How hot the sand was and talking to the Math teacher while we were waiting for our feet to cool off.


LOL Tweety. Taking a bath in my hands at the sink. Sitting on my shoulder and that first time she hopped on my finger.

The Gulf of Mexico and now the Lakes. LOL When I went to see the Gulf after alot of years. There was a hurricane out in the Gulf and a the BP oil spill but I was still going to see it. It was the Fourth of July and I was feeling liberated. Nothing not even an oil spill or a hurricane was going to keep me from going in that water.

So I did.

Was it a picture perfect moment?

LOL Nope.

Gulf wave "bitch slapped me" into the water. LOLLOLOLOL Knocked me right into the water.

A gentle reminder that the as much as you can love the Gulf of Mexico? You don't take it for granted. Sometime? It's a good idea to stay on the shore and sometimes it's a good idea to hop on the boat. LOL

The first time I laughed out loud like I used to.

Decorating this Christmas and eatthing Thanksgiving lunch after years of that sad because it always seemed wrong to be completely happy after the sad. Finally I could remember what complete happiness felt like. It's good. Like a smile or a hug from a friend.

Like I used to before Pup's brother died. There was this release and then that sad part of me was filled with love.

Writing something that was indeed what I intended to say.

The nice people at the churches and the folks I've met because of them.

Yeah, I said it.

The fella who put in the drive and the fellas who put in the fence.

(Yes, you are nice. Admit it.)

And I really, really, really like my pickup.

It's paid for. It works.

We have this agreement.

I don't complain about the dents on the outside and it keeps working.

Nothing fancy but it doesn't cost me a forture like some people do.

I've hauled furniture, people, hay, compost, boat parts, a boat, a boat trailer, and pups in that truck.

If an inanimate object could love me back?

That truck would.

The moment I saw it, I said, "There's the truck." It's lasted alot longer than anyone has had the right to expect it to. It's a good ole truck. I only hope that it lasts long enough for me to take it to The Mudbog.

At the river.

We understand each other.

(Just like all the other things on my Happy List.)

Yep these are definately on The Happy List.

from my Happy List


The Happy List


The pups.

(and Atticus Finch)


My dogs have been with me through alot. They've listened to my troubles. Been hugged and fussed at.

(Rosie is looking at me at the moment and barking, "Outside! There's things to sniff and pee on!!! I named her after Rosie ODonnell. It just fit and still does.)

Each one of my dogs are different. Like humans in little furry animal suits.

They've put more smiles on my face than I can count.

Only Pup and WB have given me more.

Right now?

They're not happy.

The inside dogs need to go outside and the outside dogs need the kennels seen to.

Then I've got to go sort out the truck.

Move the flower pots.

Well there's stuff to be done and I'm fixing to get messy.

I have to get this done now because the dogs like laptime and that means I'll soon be covered in dog hair and slobber. They may smell like cedar chips so I'll be covered in that too but that's not the look I'll be going for this evening. Will need a bath before I fire up the truck and go to town.


Did I put going to town on my list?

How about the truck?

Or the Christmas wreath that I finally bought and put on the truck for Christmas?
I'll add more...

But life is calling...

You know for a disinherited, out of work, writer type person?

My Happy List is pretty good.

Lots' on this Happy List.

Thanks for the music favorite radio station. We might not know each other but you know what? We've sure been through alot.


You're just what I needed to hear.

Good nights sleep and up early.

I wouldn't have missed.

The Happy List


The Happy List


And while we're on the subject of clothes.

I am happy for my clothes.

The hiking/workboots that keep my feet warm and dry. The water proof gloves that keep my hands from looking chapped. The guys thermal shirts that keep me warm. The socks. The warm wooly pants and the bathrobe I got at the WalMart.

And while we're at it?

The polar blankets and the back pack too.

All those things that are "fashionable" here because it works.

Trust me. The thing you learn pretty quick is that being warm and comfortable trumps strappy shoes.

Unless of course the person is your idea of "fox" in that case the strappy shoes are a must.

I should add that there's no way I'm giving up the thermal shirts. Those guys who hunt are right besides with the right foundational garment? I can rock that shirt.


The Happy List


This next part of the list is funny.

We live out in the country so like it or not we get to get messy.

It's not on purpose.

I remember one particular Sunday when the plumbing went wonky and we were knee deep in the overflow. Not fun. A Sunday call to the plumber was going to cost a fortune so out we go to unstop with "plumber's snake". I never worked so hard. The whole time WB was telling me that if it didn't get fixed soon we were going to have to make "the call".

Then we heard it.

The lovely sound of running water.

You might wonder what I could be adding to the Happy List.

After all I've already added WB.


I'm adding what I've learned here and on the boat. That's the realization that a person can be self reliant.

For that I'm not just happy but also relieved.


The Happy List


I know.

Haven't talked about the sailboat. It's there. Last night WB read Living Big On A Smallboat to me. Now I'm crazy happy about my boat but I'm not "boat crazy" and after all I was trying to find out why that one character was asking the other to pose nude for her. It was just getting interesting when he started reading outloud from the "living big" book.

I can't decide if he was trying to impart knowledge or just showing me that he was actually interested in the boat. It's been questionable in the past wheither he cared about it or not.

Anyway it was actually annoying.

So add my boat (WB to the list)

And Pup.

He can annoy me like nobodies bussiness but even then he's on the list.

That's a given.

For them?

The perfect song.

Cause they are .


So how's your "Happy List"?

What's on your list?


The Happy List ...


I heard this singer on Prarie Home Companion talk about how he listens to the show while he drives his truck to the local "Sanitary Landfill" aka "the dump".

You have to call it the "Sanitary Landfill" because it's no longer just a place to dump stuff. Now there's something pretty amazing about this. You should try it. It's actually interesting and kind of fun. WB took me in the truck. No air conditioner. It's hot. You're in your tshirt and shorts bumping along the road.

Country music on the radio.




The Happy List


I can't leave this off The Happy List even if I don't have a song for it ...

The local hardware store.

It happened along time ago when I was making jewelry in Southside, Birmingham, Alabama and it's just never changed.

I love the hardware store.

Big box or local.

Also known as the "feed and seed" (well that started before the jewelry making when I had the horse but...")

Yeah, I don't think there's a "feed and seed" or hardware store that hasn't put a smile on my face.

Add the local one to the list.

While it used to be jewelry and horse feed, now it's baby chicks and house/boat supplies. My current passion is the one run by the family up the road. I love that place. Maybe it's because the lady behind the counter and her cat. Or maybe it's her son and his dog. Or the folks who go there. They're interesting, smart, and well nice. They know about all kinds of stuff. The can birth a cow, fix a sink, or in my case help me find stuff for the boat or the grow table or the dogs or plants for the garden or well just a smile.

Add it to The Happy List...


The Happy List


A love song LOL

You know if this is a "happy list" food is eventually going to show up here.

But not for the reason you may think...

My "luxury treat" is going to the local "meat and 3" restaurant. First off you'll have to know what a "meat and 3" is. It's common if you live in a small town to find them. The menu has a special where you get one meat and three vegetables for a fized price. The one here is great because they also have a salad and a dessert. The food is really good. Homey. There's one that only serves turkey and dressing on Sunday and they're always packed.

The food is good for everyone because you can get a vegetable plate if you're a vegetarian.

There's another reason why I like the place.

It's the people.

Like the "dollar store" this is a cross roads. All kinds of folks eat here. After church folks, hunters, families, tourists. It's great. One day I walked went there after cleaning the dog kennels smelling - ripe. It was my treat for the trouble. I apologized to the person who rang up my meal and she said (I'm not kidding) "Not to worry. Hard work isn't something to apologize for."

Same thing happened at the "dollar store".

Also there's folks you see there that you don't see any other time.


The Happy List


Hmm lemmie think...

(this is working)

My local (kinda' local. I live out in the middle of the country so "local" is what they call "a relative term" )


I love the local "dollar store".

LOL I don't know what better the nice folks who work there or the fact that I can buy things without costing a fortune. It's the people. The place is a cross roads of people. All kinds of folks shop there because it's closer than the big town up the road. Doesn't matter how much you have in the bank, if you live here you're going to end up at the "dollar store".

Only place I like as much?

Lemmie think...


The Happy List...


Smiling yet?

(I am. I lived in a "dry town".)

I looooove to listen to country music and country music stations.

Especially like the small town local ones that give the school lunch menu and talks about what's happening at the local nursing home.

LOL I spent my teenage years working at a store that used to play one of those stations.

Oh and the swap shop.

And the local hunting forecast.

There wasn't an Internet them but now you can hear alot of really good country on the Internet.

Why country music?

Because I also listen to opera.

LOL Yep. I spent part of my college time listening to the Metropolitan Opera on Saturdays. It was an art gallery.


My favorite country music that reminds me of opera?

That's easy

Lorretta Lynn

Go youtube her music and listen.

Try to find "The Pill" and think about when it first came out on the radio.

Can you imagine?


The Happy List...


One other thing on the list?

I collect college lit textbooks and Norton's Anthology books. LOL I don't know why. Guess I always wanted to take the college lit courses but wasn't able to because of all the science courses. Just never seemed to be time.

And then?

I like to read the lessons and try to answer the questions.

Yeah, to some folks it seems lame but I'm happy with it.

Add it to the Happy List.


Some folks have a "bucket list"...


I have a "happy list"

Things that make me happy?

I read poetry. Honest.

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

I don't know about you Gentle Reader but I'm starting to smile.




Sometime you just got to


... take this "unhappy" by the horns and shake it.

Things I've done right during the last 24 hours.

Got a good nights sleep.

Honestly, if someone had told me the difference getting sleep would make to my life.

That and the blankets.

And the warm pjs,

And well good company is good too.

The dogs are happy. I'm happy. I thought to myself, "Self, we got a good nights sleep. We aren't cranky. What happened? Ah yeah, I got to bed early. Yeah."

And I smilled because even though I'm still a bit sleepy? I woke up happy.



I made biscuits and I'm gonna eat them. With butter.



Even though it's cold? I'm gonna do something that truly will make me happy. I'm gonna hug the people who I love.

And think about this Spring and the boat.

I finished reading The House of Mirth this weekend so started reading another book, LOL the main character in this book was trying to finish reading The House of Mirth. I'm not sure what's going to happen, yet, but another character has approached him to pose nude for a painting. (Wake up the post is almost over.)

Well that's it.

Tonight I'm going to read a book under layers of blankets, listening to the dogs snore, AND with my head on the biggest stuffed dog I've ever seen. Lovely. Oh and there's one other thing...


I'm truly sorry if your life is crap. I really am. I can offer you a virtual hug and a shoulder, an ear to hear your troubles, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't cause your troubles. If you're angry? Here's a hug. Lord knows I've had my troubles too. It's pretty awful. Not sure how to help but this "taking troubles by the horns and giving them a good hard shake?" thing is working.

Come on. Give it a try. (Oh and a good swift kick to the nuts while you're doing it works too. :D )


Well hugs to you Gentle Reader. This "Early to Bed. Early to Rise." thing is really working out.




Hey now.


Come on lemmie see you shake your tail feather.......

Hey now, how's it going?

Heard that today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Can you imagine? If your birthday is today and you're maybe turning some mile stone like 50 and it's on the most depressing day?

Ah no. that's not going to work.

Yeah, I know that bad stuff is happening but I'm hear to tell you how to take the sad off the day.


Find something happy in the world and smile.

And then shake it like Frosty.

Yep dance.

We might have to go looking hard for a reason smile but it's there.

If you can't find it? Not to worry.

Do something nice for someone and then watch them smile.

Teach someone to dance.

Tell them a joke (even if it's lame it'll work.)

Give them a hug.

Then think about it. What you did caused someone to smile.

Or even better? Taught them to sing and dance through their troubles.

That's reason enough to smile.



PS So much trouble in the world. Austrailia to Arizona. Sometimes the best thing you can do is pray and then try to get the person sitting next to you to smile.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dear Gentle Readers,


You may have noticed that there's been no mention of the Arizona shooting in my blog. If this were the old 12 dogss I'd have talked about what happened. I'm not going to do that in this blog. I will say onlly this, "My condolences to those families who lost loved ones in this tragedy. Hugs. I'm happy for the families who have survived. Prayers to all."

That's it. I know that there are politicians who are trying to use this terrible thing for political advantage. I'm sorry but that's wrong. This is not the time to be taking advantage of situations or people. It is the time for healing. There is time later to with calm hearts and minds look at what has happened and find out why it did but not now.

Prayers to everyone.

Love and hugs,



Well. The washing machine is broken.

I'm going to be very busy for the rest of this week. Might not post until the weekend. But before I go...

Because this has come up on other blogs that I've written. Please note that I am a writer and this is first and foremost a writer's blog. That's important to note. I create characters because I write mostly fiction. I test them here to see how they sound and work. When you are a writer, you step outside of yourself into a world of fictional characters. Some of those characters are based on my real life and some aren't. If I'm good at what I do you forget that the characters are fictional creatures and instead treat this world and it's inhabitants as a kind of fictional reality.

As I used to say on my 12dogs blog?

Welcome to 12 dots and a blot.

Fact and fiction exist here.

If you don't know which is which.


Don't worry or ASSume.



Again I am glad for the survivors of the Arizona shooting and I pray for those who lost family members in this tragedy.

That's not fiction.




Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter storm 2011. Well the good news?


Yay. Auburn won and are BCS champs. I'm not sure what that means exactly but the folks who are Auburn fans are really happy. Great interview with Cam on The Tonight Show.


Now for the storm watch.

Look this is boring. I'm not kidding.

It would be nice if it weren't but it is.

Do something.


I'm going hop in bed and get some dancing done.

LOL, I'm watching the LLS Paula Abdul interview.

Oh and the washing machine jumped and then broke.

I'm ignoring and hoping for the best but I'm thinking that it's nolonger functioning.


Could be worse.

I love watching the Paula Abdul interview.

"What did I learn?"

I learned that I should have gone to bed earlier and how to unplug a malfunctioning washing machine.



Winterstorm Watch 2011


Day 3

I learn the value of online retail therapy.

WB cleans the fridge.

Pup lectures me about leaving the lasagna in the microwave.

Good news?

There was homemade chocolate and I finally finished reading The House of Mirth.



Monday, January 10, 2011



WB just sat on the dog.

The movies on the tele are from the 1960's.

The movies from the rental are - well - popcorn testosterone.

And WB just sat on the dog.



Wake me up when the LLS comes on. Otherwise?


Baby it's cold outside.


Winter wonderland?


Winter storm hint #25.

In conditions where you and your loved ones are stuck together in one house during a winter storm?

Stick to the soy hot chocolate.

As much as you might think it's funny, the rest of the folks watching the movie think that fart is stupid and stinks.

And for mercy sake stay away from the chili.

Who picked this movie anyway? Could there be more testosterone? Where there noooo romantic comedies.

No American Pie is NOT a romantic comedy.

Is it over yet???


Good day sunshine...


Hello! This is AuthorAnn's answering machine. Baby, it's cold outside. Only one thing to do is keep warm. Now some folks choose hot chocolate. Some folks choose long walks.

But me?

When it's cold I like indoor sports.

So leave a comment.


Oh for the love of Pete,

I just (accidentally) farted on the dog. She was sleeping behind me on the couch and it was not something I did of purpose. LOL This is a dog who seems to love smelly smells but even she wasn't having any part of it.

Poor dog.

Add messed up digestive tract to the list of indignities we're experiencing here.

Hugs I'm REALLY out of here.

Going to bed.


I had too. You know I had too.

Oh mercy. Another day of Crockpot chili.


I don't know what they're feeding the cat but I know what's going in my stomach.




Dear Mother Nature,


Had enough of this cold weather.
I'm going on "island time".
Warm thoughts and warm hearts all round.



There is a reason why I live where I do.
While it's true that we can have our odd cold, nasty weather?

We try very hard not to make a habit of it.

Yes, I know that we need the rain and the cold temperatures. That makes for the flowers and less bugs,


This cold, icy nasty stuff that we're having now is just stupid.

The dogs are cold.
We're cold.
The heatpump is running all the time.

Yes, we have wooly socks, pajamas, sweaters, and blankets.
Yes, I've drawn the water and bought emergency supplies.

But come on. We already have to endure record heat during August, that's why there's no snow and nasty freezing cold in January.

The word is that at 6pm they closed the road because of an impending ice storm. That means an hour drive to the nearest town that is open.


It also means that we'll be here, all three of us tomorrow and one of us will be cranky.

You get three guesses who that's gonna be.

I've decided to take the day off and read my book (currently The House of Mirth) in piece. Then if it's possible I'm gonna eat chocolate and sleep. If it keeps up I'm bring the dogs to bed with me and we'll all have a nice snooze. Very much better than sleeping with heating pads or hot water bottles.

This is so stupid.

No gettting in the car and driving around to see how many trees fell over and no going to the dollar store to buy videos.