Monday, November 29, 2010

Keep the water in the tub...


I started not to write anything for a year just to see if anyone noticed but...

then I thought about it and decided to say hello.

Happy holidays and hugs.

This was a really good Thanksgiving.

I didn't cook. (We got take out turkey and dressing. It's was great.)

I cleaned. (Yup, I did. So did WB.We're organizing the kitchen.)

We didn't fuss.( I didn't secretly resent the fact that I was in the kitchen cooking while WB etal watched the parades/ball games.)

The weather was beautiful.


We both went to look at the antique store. (I did. WB followed along going quietly. He wasn't complaining and I think we actually had fun.)

Yesterday? WB cooked chili. He hasn't done that in a long time. It was great and I have hope that it will once again become a ritual of winter time.

Everything was really good until...

That evil woman in the sparkly pants sashayed out of her Mercedes right in front of our car. She had two bedazzeled snow flakes on each butt cheek and she was smiling and batting her obviously fake eyelashes at WB. Then he all of a sudden wanted to go with me into the book store.

He was just evil too.

At first, I was going to tell him to stuff it and stay out in the car but I heard my momma say, "Well that's not going to help anybody. Let him go in. Ms. Sparkly pants cant afford that MB all on her own. She's got a sugar daddy she's not about to give up. Go on and let him give it a try. She'll shoot him down in two. Then you can hug his neck and tell him about "couples" gym class."

So that's what I did.

LOL Later on in the car when I asked he he got a second look at "Ms. Sparkly Pants" and he said kind of disappointed, "No, I couldn'[ find her anywhere." So I batted my own eyelashes and said, "Ah, that's too bad. You know she looks familiar. Maybe you should go with me to "couples": gym class. I think she goes to the same gym." And I smiled and hugged his neck.


Thanks Mom. Finally some advice I could really make use of.


Hope that you have a good week.




Love, from me, WB, Pup, the pups,the finch, the squirels and that "sparkly pants hussy with the bedazzles butt cheeks" in the book store parking lot