Monday, April 26, 2010

Livin' the dream...

As many of you know by now, I've been kind of disinherited by my folks. They've kind of informed me that perhaps I might need to suppliment my income with -- a job.

Their suggestions?

Doing yard work. Working in the restaurant. Pool person.

Pool person?

I'm unfortunately over qualified for these jobs.

I'm a writer. I've got a friggin' college degree.

I was worried.

Then? I talked to my friend that sells mild mannered milk goats.

I can follow this dream of being a "couch anchor", goat herder. But still there was so much self doubt.

So I talked to my friend the musician..

She's not afraid to follow her dream...

Be strong, Goat Herder Boy. Be strong and follow your dream of writing a successful blog about raising organic happy goats and making artisanal goat cheese for you parent's yuppy foodie friends..."

"The morning sun is shining like..." --

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diary of Goatherder Boy...

Day one:

Contemplated belly button lint.

Found new species of mold.

Thus sayeth The Goat Herder Boy.

This day 25 April, 2010

Sayeth his long suffering parents?

"It's gonna be a long summer."

Our son.

The one who has his college paid for.

The one who has a plot of land all paid for that will someday be his.

The one who is at this second practicing being a "couch anchor".

Is going to be a goat herder.

No scratch that.

He wants to be a fish wrangler.

That's his diary up there.

I want him to keep a diary of this year.

That's day one.

His father and I are going to be supportive. We're gonna buy hims a 39 dollar tent and put him out on his parcel of land. We're also giving him a sleeping bag, bottled water, ice chest, and a flash light.

Don't worry. He'll also get 20 dollars a week allowance and he's right next door to us.

If he's lucky he'll get to look at the car and can come eat supper with us.

I'm secretly hoping that this really is a phase.

My stomach hurts.

I woke up craving this song...

Uh not exactly.

This morning I woke up from a dream about having sex with someone I'm currently NOT talking to. We've never (incase you're wondering). Could have but didn't. Probably a good idea. Then I laid in bed paralyzed because of this question, "What if I can't anymore? What if the sum total of my sexual experiences were already over?"

Then I craved the song.


LOL "Rosebud. Rosebud."

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White jeans before Memorial Day?????

Ooolala yeah.

Now if we can only we get "casual Fridays on the LLShow"

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